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  1. I had a Kitchen Aid 250 watt for years- since '97- and then bought a Jenn-Air 400 watt a few years ago. Loved the KA but was always concerned about it getting warm if I ran it too long. It made bread just fine but I wanted more wattage. Gave the KA to my oldest daughter a couple of years ago and it's still fine. If the KA he's looking at is 600 watts, I'd jump at the chance! A refurbished unit has the same warranty as new and KA has a great one year no questions warranty. Besides,; most refurbs are really just open box returns that have been completely tested and tweeked by a technician.
  2. I almost hurt myself laughing at this! I used to breed Persians but then developed allergies and haven't had cats in the house for many years. As I wiped the tears from my eyes I thought, how bad can the sneezing and runny nose be? I think we need another cat! Still here, still Nana
  3. WOW! I can't believe I found this here! Just yesterday, someone I work with told me I couldn't say Merry Christmas! Needless to say, I just about flipped out! "You may offend someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas," he said. I snapped around and told him to NEVER tell me what I could or couldn't say! I will NOT be censored! If my saying MERRY CHRISTMAS offends someone, then obviously I wasn't speaking to them! I am offended when people speak a language I don't understand while near me but, I don't tell them to shut up! Obviously, they are not speaking to me. I will NOT be muzzled, I will no
  4. I've been looking around, trying to figure out where to jump in, and found that the marshmallow peeps recipe seems to be missing. I found it in my files. For anyone interested, here it is; Marshmallow Peeps makes about 65 1 inch peeps *vegetable oil, for the pan 2/3 cup cold water, divided 2 envelopes (2 tablespoons) unflavored gelatin 1 + 1/3 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla *colored sugar, for decorating) (see note #1) *tiny amount of melted chocolate, for decorating *chick shaped cookie cutter (see no
  5. One of the reasons I came back is because my husband and granddaughter were putting up the Christmas tree as I was busy doing a million other things, and my granddaughter said, "Oh, Nana this is cute! It has a little piece of paper in it that says Flagirl. Should I take it out?" My heart almost skipped a beat and I said, rather loudly, "NO, don't touch it!" Then I calmly told her to put the paper back in the adorable little plastic canvas mailbox and put it on the tree, in the front where it could be seen. That little ornament was one I'd received from Frannie -aka Flagirl, in one of our f
  6. Why my key didn't fit the gate anymore! I could see the porch, way off in the distance but, I just couldn't get the gate open! So, what did I miss? How is everyone? What are y'all up to, these days? Where's the plain tea? I can't stand all that sugar Cat puts in the sweet tea! Yuck! On a serious note; I was so sorry to hear about Linda. She was crazy & fun & sweet & outrageous & loving & intelligent & wise & so many other things to so many. She will be loved & remembered & missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her, both on & off
  7. it's been a tough year but, we're surviving... Maybe someday I'll try to explain; just not now. Everyone's healthy, reasonably happy, and safe. I guess that's all that matters. I have to get ready for work. Take care and thanks for thinking about me. Love, Nana
  8. Thanks, everyone! I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow morning with the next installment. Right now I have to do some prep work for baking 30 single serve desserts- 10 pineapple upside down cakes, 10 peach cobblers & 10 sweet potato pies. When I get those started, I have to touch up the stain on 2 beds, finish sewing the bedding for 3 beds, & build 4 dining chairs, 2 side chairs and 3 nightstands. Fortunately, these are not people size- they are 1:3 & 1:5 scale. I build doll furniture and make all accessories for them. As soon as I get a display finished, I'll po
  9. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consider the shipping charges as you would gas for your vehicle when doing a local grocery run. If you create a budget of $50.00 for groceries, you wouldn't fill your tank out of that budget, would you? It's really the same principle. don't you think? This time we're going to shop at http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/ You may also call them at 1-888-810-3213 ext. 121 They have a fixed shipping charge of $4.49! It doesn't matter how much you order, the shipping charges are they same. $25.00 plan (plus $4.49 shipping) (1) #10 can banana chips $7.29 (1)#10 c
  10. Thanks, ladies! Your confidence and encouragement is always heartwarming. Our first shopping foray will be at EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS @ http://beprepared.com/ Remember; any leftover funds should be put away - just as though it was spent - so that extras may be purchased now and then. This will be your 'kitty'. $25.00 PLAN (plus $6.00 shipping) (1) #10 can creamy wheat cereal item #FSG170 5.7 lbs. $7.25 (1) #10 can buttermilk biscuit mix item #FSC250 4.84 lbs. $7.50 (1) #10 can potato slices item #FSV155 2.2 lbs. $5.95 Total = $20.70 Kitty gets $4.30 Total w/shipping = $26.70
  11. Okay! Here I go again... I'm going to attempt to pull a rabbit out of a... no, wait. That's not it. Got it! I'm going to saw Darlene in half... that's not it, either. Alright, alright! I'm going to try to put a few plans together for long term food storage. We'll use #10 cans & pre-packed plastic buckets in 5 or 6 gallon sizes. I'll list items according to total cost for each budget. They'll be done for $25.00, $50.00, & $100.00 budget allowances. Each plan will list the online store where these items can be purchased, and the cost of shipping for that $$$ a
  12. Hi btupper... it took me a minute or so to understand what was happening here and now that I'm pretty sure I figured it out, let me try to explain it to you. These posts were written last year by someone named Carolyn - who was registered under the name of TR or something. She came on like gangbusters and since we weren't sure of her intentions, we had this discussion with her. She, to my knowledge, never posted after that. We had a major technical change- the board server - and somehow, in the changeover, some usernames and posts got scrambled, some posts disappeared completely, a
  13. D, I will be praying for you and your surgeon. Things will be just fine, I'm sure! {'cept for the drug induced conversations, that is! ) And Cat?
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