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  1. Farmer's market opened today so my daughter and I went to see what was there. Too early in the season for many vegetables, but I got locally roasted coffee (it is so good!), soap, eggs, and turnips. Then we hit the local farm market to get some more veggies for the week. I'm trying really hard to buy more locally. It's expensive though! Next up - helping my daughter clean her room...
  2. Anyone make kombucha? I just ordered a scoby and will be diving in in a week or so. I'm looking for recipe ideas and tea suggestions.
  3. I am totally fine with holding professionally canned goods and dry goods past their expiration, but what I wonder about are the soft-sided packages, like Tetra packs or the soft sauce packages like these - https://smile.amazon.com/McCormick-Gluten-Bourbon-Chicken-Skillet/dp/B01BNHKLIO/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=mccormick+sauces&qid=1551984445&s=gateway&sr=8-6. Does anyone have guidance about keeping these past their expiry date?
  4. Working at home today. Thursdays are almost always my work at home day, but today I have a sick kiddo here with me. My car was in the shop for two days, so I've been working at home a lot this week! Yesterday a half hour after my daughter got to school (a classmate's mom gave her a ride - she goes to private school so no buses), I got a call to come pick her up! Had to take a lyft. So $18 spent on that but still cheaper than a rental, I suppose... Then I get my car back with a note saying that my motor cover has a massive leak. Uh...they couldn't mention this on the phone? So I call my
  5. It tried to snow again yesterday! Well, actually it did snow, almost all day, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. 37 degrees and dumping snow...crazy...
  6. Swedish meatballs, spaetzle, and roasted broccoli.
  7. We had two snow days last week! Here in the Portland, Oregon area it's rare this late in the season. They're saying it might snow again this week but I'll believe it when I see it (then again I've been saying that all year). Of course our snow days are what makes the rest of the country laugh at us - little bit of snow on the roads early, gone by noon...
  8. MT_Rider - we are without any furbabies at the moment! I do have a human baby, who is in fourth grade now. We lost one of our dogs three years ago, and then the other one died on New Years' day two years ago. We'll get a cat if we can ever get the house clean. That is the compromise my daughter and I made with my hubby.
  9. Thanks! Glad to have found you all again!
  10. Hello! I used to be a regular here...not sure what happened (I think life got busy) but it's been a long time! Someone on Facebook today said something that reminded me of this site, so I thought I'd pop in and see what's happening. Hope everyone is doing well!
  11. They all sound good - can't wait to try them! Thanks!
  12. I'd love a recipe for ground cherry pie! Thanks!
  13. I was just going through my seed catalog, planning out this year's garden. I try to plant one new thing every year, and I ran across ground cherries. I've never heard of them, but they sound interesting - does anyone grow them? I read online that they can be self-seeding, so I'm wondering if I could grow them in a half-barrel to try to keep them contained from year to year?
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