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  1. I think if you shop the ads IGA isn't too bad. I like their brands and I'd rather shop there than Walmart. I'm fortunate in that I can shop Aldis and since I'm in town M-F for work I don't have to make a special trip. If I weren't going to town, I'd shop at the local IGA and pay more. Although as I said, if you shop their specials and buy enough to last until the next special, you should do okay. I know my mom shops 100% IGA in the small town she lives in. Its a co-op store and she has stock in it but that isn't the reason she shops there. They lost their grocery store and didn't have o
  2. There was a man killed earlier this year or late last year stealing copper wire from HOT electric transmission lines!
  3. We bought a small Rubbermaid shed and put it on the lot line in the hedge (for shade)and have kerosene and gas stored in it. We live in town so do not feel it safe to store large amounts of gas. I'd guess we have maybe 12 gallons gas tops and about the same of kerosene and 2 or 3 cans of Coleman fuel for the camp stove. Enough to make a heck of a fire and/or explosion but not enough to take out anyone's home. We also include several fire extinguishers in our preps. I do have lamp oil stored in the basement, maybe a gallon all told. I'd much prefer to have a wood stove & cook stove, b
  4. I had the first memographed edition and loaned it out and never got it back. I bought the last version (before the 10th) directly from Carla. Its one of the first places I go when I want homemaking, gardening, or canning information. Her death was a huge loss to the homesteading community. I noticed today's Aldi's add has menus with foods needed all priced out. The Parade magazine has an article on furnishing your home with pre-owned stuff. Slowly people are catching on. Unfortunately, so many people buying used is going to put a lot of pressure of competition on those of us who hav
  5. Aldis has been out of various items for weeks on end. I was told their warehouse is out. I don't think it is shortages rather more people are shopping Aldis to save on groceries and more people stocking up so their inventory is turning over faster than expected. I do think we could have shortages for several reasons. One we have no backlog of food. A widespread crop failure could lead to shortages. The floods in the Midwest will impact food supplies this year. Corn crop is estimated to be 20% less than expected. Producers of cattle, swine, poultry are being squeezed by high feed pr
  6. A couple of years ago a lady from church saw my storage room. I never made much of it except to say I liked to be stocked up "just in case". One day at church she commented in front of a bunch of ladies that they ought to see my storage. I just said that I was very thankful that we'd had that after the last year it had been very, very useful. Everyone knew we'd had a bad year and assumed our storage was gone. The fact is we do use our storage regularly ... its called rotating ... I just didn't feel the need to tell them that I always put what's used on my shopping list for replacement. T
  7. All of my preps are stored in my basement pantry which will be underwater if the sump pump doesn't run which it won't if the electricity goes off. I'm major stressed. DH and I just had words on the subject. I've wanted to get a new generator last year when the old one died but procrastion champ hasn't done so and we need it like yesterday. I shouldn't blame him cause he's not been well but he would be even more upset if I took over his territory! Weather forecast tonight is for not 'much' rain until mid week then 40%, 50% chances of more heavy rain. I'm wondering if the highway will be c
  8. I think 24,000 gallons would be an under-estimate just for last nights rain not to mention yesterday evening, the day before that, the day before that, etc. etc. and predicted more for this week. I could have used a rain barrel a year ago but this year I need drainage to get rid of water pond standing in my yard and garden! Still I should bookmark this just in case we ever dry out.
  9. We saw so much flooded farm land today on our way to church. Acres and acres of lakes. I don't think the crops will survive. Half my yard and half my garden are under water and my sump pump is running pretty much non-stop (for which I give thanks!). You could easily canoe across our local golf course today. If we get any more rain the situation is going to go beyond disaster. Have you heard of any of the highways being closed yet? I'm wondering what all of this is going to mean when it hits the Des Moines area as Saylorville Lake is already close to going over its emergency spillway.
  10. I don't use wide mouth jars any more because the lids cost so much more than regular. I've never canned anything in a wide mouth jar that I couldn't do in a regular jar. If I were selling my wide mouth jars at a garage sale, I'd ask $2 a dozen and would be very lucky to get that. Location is everything.
  11. Prices of ammunition is skyrocketing. Partly due to the war and primarily due to metal prices going skyhigh. Dh was going to buy shotgun shells and I said not until you get the safety fixed on the gun. He said if I'm using the gun I'm not going to care about the safety. Yikes. Dh is disabled and no longer able to hunt so shotgun is for home security only. Living in a trailer doesn't sound safe if there is shooting going on. Even a 22 will go thru the wall and out the other side. I'd be looking at doing some serious bullet proofing of a safe area.
  12. I have purchased from Extension Service or downloaded off the Internet from Extension Service web sites all canning information and made my own canning book. I slide the printed sheets into plastic page protectors. And use a 4" 3-ring binder. I also have older canning recipes that I've taken to the Extension Service to find out if they were safe in my binder. All canning information was updated around 1989 after exhaustive re-testing by the Extension Service so any instructions or recipes you use should be from after that date. I also have Extension Service information on freezing,
  13. Last month I did a big grocery stock up, stocked up on personal supplies, household items and linens. This month I've organized my garden seeds and made a list of new seeds I need to buy and listed plants to look for, but I'm "stocking up" on money this month by not spending. The best all around how-to book for gardening, canning, country living in general and well worth every penny is Carla Emory's "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" which is described as An Old Fashioned Recipe Book but its much much more than that. The Ball Blue Book is also a necessity. I have a 6" thick noteboo
  14. I prep because I believe it is the right thing to do. I don't discuss it with people outside of my family other than online. Its sort of like the Bible...God said it, I believe it, that settles it. I won't argue Scripture and I won't argue prepping. If someone is so foolish to disbelieve God's word nothing I can say will change their minds. Same with prepping. If someone has convinced themselves its foolish nothing I can say will change their minds. However, if I spend time arguing with them on the subject, they will remember me SHTF and come looking for food at my house. That would be
  15. My dh is disabled with his back and not too steady on his feet. I've asked repeatedly that he wear his cell phone when he goes out to the yard or garden so he can call for help if he gets down. Sometimes he gets down to do something and then can't get back up and sometimes he falls. We've made a rule that no one goes down the basement stairs without holding onto the handrail. I'm steady on my feet and no disabilities but you can't be too careful. I also double check that I've turned off the oven and all burners because I've occasionally forgotten one. I have for years and years
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