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  1. {{{Catkins}}} The BIGGEST thing DH **must** do is the side swinging exercizes. They are done lying down in bed, a simple moving the foot out to the side and back. This will assure pain-free hip movement LATER, but it's a real bear to do after the surgery. A large piece of cardboard on top of the bottom sheet will make sliding the foot outwards much easier. This is the singularly most crucial thing to do for a pain-free future. You will have to be a harsh task master dearest Cat. Know you are both in my prayers, but most especially yourself. mega hugs.
  2. Been very absent lately, but as per "Pssst", a small prayer would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. CAT!!!! STOP IT!!!! You are supposed to behave - you know, not cause major emotional trauma when one gets back online.!!! Seriously Sweetie, please, PLEASE behave and do what you know is right for our precious Cat. Maybe someone else will have to bbsit for a while, but at least if they do ..... you will be around for the kidlets for a long time. Don't scare us like this dear friend. Please, be well {{{Catkins}}}
  4. We moved this summer to a lovely rural property in southern Alberta (Canada's province just north of Montana) near a small town Fort Macleod. My brain is having a major adjustment to the fact that while I am busy canning peaches , and haven't even picked the apples yet - it's snowing!! Oh it will warm up again, but I am standing at my sink giggling - snow and peaches - it sounds like a dessert!
  5. After a couple of exceptionally horrible, heart-wrenching years, He has seen fit to bless us in a way we never expected. Out of the blue a property in another province came to our attention, a perfect section of land, located in the heart of where we wanted to live, with a house that beamed "Welcome Home" - but the price was prohibitively high. Due to it's perfection we arranged a viewing, and I was almost in tears knowing it was out of reach. As we were leaving with the estate agent, the seller came home and stopped to talk with us. It turns out he has to move due to work, and he wa
  6. A genuine kiss on the cheek to you Cat.
  7. gofish, I can honestly not say enough good things about a Hospice Team. Last October I was caring for my Mum who was in final stages of metastized bone cancer, and I had promised to keep her at home until the end. Then she had a stroke and became quite violent and was placed in Hospice. There she got care that was as loving as anything I could offer, but with regular heavy duty medical care as well. I stayed with her the entire time of the five days she lingered. The Team took as much care of myself as they did of my mother. And at the end, they supported me emotionally, physically
  8. Deepest congratulations to the whole family, but especially to yourself Grandmother Cat! She's a little beauty.
  9. 68 next Nov 6th !! Feeling every day of it, If I'd known I'd live this long I'd have taken much better care of me. ROFL
  10. My Mother needs to be lifted in prayer, and I ask your help. My Dad, her devoted partner of 68 years of happy marriage, passed away Wednesday night. Married during WW2, after knowing each other for only two weeks, they *knew* they were meant to be together ~ and committed thusly. Their love story is epic and enduring --- and she is lost. Please, pray for God's Loving Hand to begin to heal her heart. Thank you.[/font]
  11. Wishing all Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings for the following year. :: put pumpkin smilie here::
  12. Wow. That sure was a reliable tip!! Yes, it seems it is dangerous. Wonder why anyone would have planted a bunch of it in a garden??? Yes, I'll dig out the whole area because it is ideal space for strawberries, and I don't want any residual monkshood involved!! Thank you for the naswer.
  13. Told ya you are special! Thank You Lord, she's special to us too.
  14. Dear Lord, shine Your Countenance upon these loved women. Please, give them Your Love, and help them through these trails.
  15. Please accept my condolences. I can't even begin to imagine the pain. Praying He gives you the strength and eventual peace.
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