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  1. just stopped by to say :Thanks!

  2. Nini, make sure your step dad gets checked for B12 deficiency. It's common in older people and the symptoms look just like you said, like the person is "checking out". The remedy is B12 shots. The change can be dramatic!
  3. One of the local propane companies called us today, which they have never done. They offered us propane for $1.55 a gallon. Last summer it was around $3.50 a gallon.
  4. CGA, I don't know if you've thought of this, but sometimes I put a couple of frozen bottles of water in thin backpack and wear it. Cools you off some. (And gives you something to drink when it melts!) If you don't want to do that, a couple of those little freezy things in your pockets are a help. NMChick [heading out to the garden with freezie things in her pocket]
  5. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed this thread which I always read as "Kitchen Floor Map". I don't need a map for my kitchen floor, but I sure could use one for the living room. Might be time to get those eyes checked.
  6. Could you be celiac or otherwise gluten intolerant? Just a thought. It's hard to take all the wheat, etc. out of your diet, but might be worth a try. My son had had poop such as you describe his entire life. When we took gluten out of his diet, he started producing normal poop in three days. His blood test for celiac was negative, BTW, but he definitely has a reproducible problem. He does a gluten trial every once in a while and regrets it.
  7. I've been thinking. (Gasp!) There are a few crises where you might be able to "stack the deck", e.g. pandemic or maybe even some economic things. Anyway, I found the blog to be a very useful read. And if it's what you are ready to try, it's a good exercise. Then if you really have to do it, you'll have a least a few more clues. Now, off to buy activated charcoal.
  8. Cat, we sprout sunflower seeds in more or less the same way as the blogging lady. It's actually a great preschool activity because once you take off the newspapers (or whatever you're using to keep the seeds dark), you can let the kiddos mist the seeds as often as they want. You need to make sure they get misted a couple times a day, but if they get misted 50 times, it doesn't seem to hurt. Then the kids can use round tipped scissors to harvest the sprouts. Kids who don't using think of salad as food will eat the sprouts they have have cut for themselves. Oh, and they are good! Th
  9. I bought the Sal Suds at Trader Joe's. I've seen it at the more "natural" groceries too. Don't think it's in the more mainstream groceries, at least not 'round these parts.
  10. Hi Ya'll, I've been watching out for dishwasher detergent recipes without borax and finally found a credible one. Here goes! 1/2 cup vinegar 1/2 cup Dr. Bonner's Sal Suds (not castille) 1/2 water couple drops of tea tree oil (optional) Use 1 tablespoon per load. We have hard water and an unspectacular dishwasher that is on its last legs. This mixture works as well or better than anything else we've bought, is biodegradable, and much cheaper. We've been using it for two weeks now with good results. The build up on the dishwasher is slowly disappearing. N
  11. ((((((((((Ambergris))))))))))
  12. MtRider, it's not quite what you wanted, but I found a lot of good ideas in this blog on how to be homeless. http://guide2homelessness.blogspot.com/200...to-project.html
  13. MacKinnon, PCS lives in the mountains somewhere, not in Louisiana any more. I used google on PureCajunSunshine and found some of her posts on other forums that state that she lives in the mountains and in Tornado Alley. Her first name is Sharon, so you can add that to your searches too. So, which states are in Tornado Alley? If ya'll have a few minutes, maybe you could google PureCajunSunshine and find some details from her posts elsewhere. How about posting them as you find them? Maybe we can find her. I am hoping for the best.
  14. We've still have friends in DC and have been monitoring the snow storm there. If you go to www. washingtonpost.com, you can see lots of pictures. Most are of snowmen, children, and dogs, but the ones of the empty store shelves made an impression on me.
  15. I think the rule for any bulb is as deep as three times the size of the bulb. These folks say 5 inches deep. I think I do about 4 inches. http://www.boxcarfarm.com/id33.html
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