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    Thyroid Help

    I quit taking prescription meds for thyroid when I found an OTC replacement that actually works. I get it online. One pill a day and my levels stay normal. Since this stuff is bio-identical, my body likes it much better than the synthetic meds. Look for Porcine thyroid replacement (or bovine if you prefer, porcine is more human-like).
  2. Try to keep some looseleaf smoking tobacco around...something about the chemistry of tobacco sucks the poison out pronto. Also, keep some caffeine handy...it simulates an adrenaline response, keeping airways open a bit longer and makes time when dealing with an allergic person who doesn't have an epi-pen handy. I do this because I am allergic enough to have to be careful, but not enough to warrant an Epi-pen (stupid red-tape). It works! What you do is when stung, take a pinch of tobacco, put it in the palm of your hand, and spit. Then rub it around, making sure to totally soak and bruise
  3. I got up and it was 45 at 6am. Wore a henley under my polo shirt to go to school, but still wore shorts. Houston never stays that cold throughout the day. I have enough winter clothes for the area, but if I move north even a little bit I'm up the proverbial creek.
  4. rifle is no longer available, and I have no idea how to delete this thread. Sorry.
  5. One thing we learned today that is really good to have on hand after the hurricane is a chainsaw. Our neighborhood had more tree damage than anything else, and I would have been really up a creek had I needed to use my little hatchet to shorten some of the limbs that fell in my yard. We're just thankful they didn't land on the car (came darn close, though!)
  6. That's really great that pets were allowed in that shelter. I know in Houston they most certainly are NOT allowed...but since my dog is a Service Dog, a hotel or shelter would HAVE to accept him (and no extra charges allowed, either!) I think everyone should have a place to go with the animals...they do so much to help relieve stress and they really are as much a part of the family as other people.
  7. That article is very good, full of reminders that WE are responsible for the well-being of our families, and not .gov. The only thing that bothered me about that article is those (like me) who are allergic to wheat, corn, and soybeans. Also, that diet would send a diabetic's blood sugar soaring. I couldn't eat one meal of just those grains and feel good, let alone survive off them. I'd balloon in size, my thyroid would cease to function completely, and there would be no resistance to anything that happened. That's why one should always keep their own situation in mind and prep accordingly
  8. I just found a book at Sam's called "Country Wisdom and Know-how", put out by Storey Books and has info on everything from animals to home repairs and renovating out-buildings. There are also recipes galore in crafts, pickling, and home-brewery. My other faves include: How to S*it in the Woods (great bathroom reading, but not for kids) FM 21-76 (Army survival manual) Wilderness Living by Davenport The Pederson Field Guides (Edible plants and Medicinal plants) Home tanning and Leathercraft There are plenty of others in my bookcase, but those are the ones I couldn't do withou
  9. The sheepleness of the young is especially depressing to me, a young prepper. I'm 25, single, still live w/ my folks, and I'm the only one interested in prepping, although my mom is coming around and my dad and brother like firearms. I get so mad when the kids around me talk about such shallow stuff, and aren't able to tell me WHY they want to vote for Obama (GAG!!!!) I get very concerned about the future, as I realize that the kids around here are HELPLESS and don't want to change...yet. But I also know that if I have become aware, then there are others out there, I just haven't found them ye
  10. I'm going to have to ride a bike the 12 or so miles to college in the fall, because we can't spend that much on gas for a 6x trip (back and forth, 3x per week). Our fuel bill for the car last month was $500...talk about shock and awe!
  11. Something that might be added to the medicine chests is inositol and 5-HTP. Inositol is a member of the B-vitamin family and helps calm nerves, but in huge amounts, it gives gas too. The 5-HTP was a God-send however...its an herbal anti-depressant/sedative w/ no side effects. It kept me going, and mostly calm while going through normal life. When I didn't need it anymore, i quit taking it (no dependency). Great stuff.
  12. A really good website to find info on is PTSD.org (i think that's what it is...haven't been there in a while). Its a site dedicated to PTSD sufferers and giving them a place to vent and heal online. Hung out there for about a year before finding in-the-flesh help.
  13. I have a Marlin 982S for sale. It comes with 3 mags, a leather-padded camo sling, cable lock, hard case, and about 250 rounds of ammo all for $250 OBO. Will also trade for .22lr semiauto rifle. This baby's in near-perfect condition, barely had 2,000 rounds through it and always meticulously cleaned. Shoots good groups, but was never properly sighted in. Makes a great small-game rifle, also good for plinking or for kid's first full-size rifle. FTF only please.
  14. I've been looking for that myself...started taking the free classes offered by the EMI on the FEMA website just to get some certificates for the heck of it. Good info so far, but definitely political overtones. If anyone hears about a CERT class on the West side of Houston, I'd appreciate hearing about it...or just tell me where to look. It's not on the FEMA site.
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