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  1. We are still waiting, but I don't want to do the "check it online". Don't like the idea of entering a SS number.
  2. Jeepers, I don't post often, but try to read most days. Do you ever have any real success with your dizziness problems? It seems to run in my family, and none of us can really get any help treating it. My brother even saw a chirop. that said she could cure him. She could not, and told him to never let anyone do the spinning procedure on him ever again, ever. Docs can tell if you are really dizzy by watching your eyes. I think they dart back and forth when you REALLY get dizzy. I take meclazine almost daily, helps some but not much.
  3. Our State had very low case counts for quite some time, then the count started coming up. Our own small town of 10,000 folks is increasing as well as several small towns around us has it climbing too.
  4. Bio Freeze is very good stuff. Comes in cream or roll on here. Chiopractor first gave it to DH and we have kept some around ever since.
  5. Several years ago, a local Church would take regular folks to Brazil to serve in the bush and help build churches and other building. The MD that headed it up told all people going to get the animal antibiotics from local farm stores for their own use and to leave with the folks in the villages they served. They had makeshift medical clinics as well as putting up buildings.
  6. Oh, Dee, my heart hurts for you. I, too, watch all the madness going on and wonder how did we get to this place in our country/world. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones, be watchful as you go.
  7. No Aldi here, but they keep saying there will be. When I shop one a ways from us, there is usually someone with a quarter in their hand and they will give it to me and I give them my returned basket. Don't have to deal with putting it back in the basket lines in the rain. Good way for both of us.
  8. Littlesister, I am feeling the same things you mentioned, plus a few more.
  9. Terro works great here for ants, inside and outside. The small black ants that is.
  10. We are only 15 miles from the MO line, and about middle of our state. I have often wondered how far apart we are from y'all. WE2ers are much more active and productive than we are.
  11. Once upon a time long ago, we wanted to move to the area we now live in, Ozark Mtns, from the big city of Memphis area. We finally decided to pray that God stop us if we should not move, because we never got a definitive answer. He did not stop us, and blessed us with a very easy sale, and basically an easy move. We are thankful.
  12. I have always heard aspirin is good until it starts to smell like vinegar. Now using a bottle that has exp date of 6/13. Still works fine, and is not crumbling.
  13. Have any of you eaten wild strawberries? We have a small crop each year that just keep coming back. They are larger this year and growing more plants. The flowers are yellow.
  14. Bless you. I heard a song on radio that the man was singing to his wife. He was saying, if I get to heaven before you, when you come too, don't look for me at the pearly gates, don't look for me on the streets of gold, because I will be at the feet of Jesus. I may not remember the words exactly, but I sat in the car and cried it was such a sweet song.
  15. Dee, I have been wanting to grow a few things in pots, since DH is not wanting to grow ANYTHING and I can maybe sneak a few pots in. I will visit our farmer's market on the town square, but some folks truck in veggies from outside our state. Not what I want to buy.
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