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  1. Why would you can tater tots, and how?
  2. We have a Berkley, but it is not large, maybe 5 gal. I haven't even looked at it lately.
  3. We had a very small earthquake one county over yesterday. This happens every so often here in the Ozarks, and further north, covering the New Madrid quake area of many years ago. They do warn there could be another very large one some of these days.
  4. So sorry. Life gets very difficult these days.
  5. Little Sister, you do more canning than anyone I know. Don't over do and be sorry. Hard year for you we know. We have lost several dollar stores here in recent years. Seems like Dollar General is the only one to survive, and its stock of canning products is only the jars with lids enclosed. No lids to be found in our town of 10,000. Our Dollar Tree was out of the small plastic bottles of prune juice for several months, and no other store here carries those. We only get expensive pack of 6 very small cans. From the bottled juice I pour small servings into smaller jars and freeze. Don't want too much prune juice at once> I was in the store one day and they were unpacking a pallet of the small bottles and the stocker and I rejoiced together that they got another load in. One grocery store here has limited number of jars and other canning items, but no lids. Same with Wal Mart.
  6. If you have Dollar General, I see they are well stocked on jars, just no boxes of lids in yet. I read somewhere that DG has well stocked the jars all over. Who has all those lids???
  7. Virginia


    We can't grow carrots here, rocky ozark mtns, but I have often kept them in the frig as described above, and they do keep very well. I look for bags at the grocery store that have not started growing "hair".
  8. North Arkansas, 2.79 gal for regular.
  9. Strength for Mt Rider and her family. God knows what is best and will hold them in the hollow of His hand.
  10. Thank you! Blessing to all of you.
  11. Little Sister, you are such a wonderful example of a good and faithful wife. A few years ago I was in my car with radio on. A song came on that basically said, if I get to heaven before you, don't look for me at the pearly gates, don't look for me on the street of gold, don't look for my mansion. You will find me sitting at the feet of Jesus, worshiping Him. I cried and cried right there in the car.
  12. Years ago, we had 2 men we knew who went hunting in the cold. Got in the vehicle to warm up and died from carbon monoxide poisoning, in north Mississippi. Please don't go to sleep in a running vehicle.
  13. Living in the Ozarks we have several big dams. Guess what, they sell the power to other areas, not sure where our power comes from, but probably another state. When there is too much rain up rivers from the dams in our area, they open the "flood gates" and let water pour from the lakes to the rivers below. It is quite a site to see, and they even announce when they will do it so folks can drive out to see the tons of water flowing.
  14. Lil Sis, you are the most patient and dedicated wife I know of. You must be so full of energy when you have just a normal day, and may you be blessed for all you do.
  15. 15 oz can, store brand. Duncan Hines cake mix, but just a standard box. I did add a couple of tablespoons of apple sauce I had simmering. I can't believe how good and easy this was.
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