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  1. Happy birthday

  2. A friend of me me gave me 2 jars of spaghetti sauce one dated 2012 And the other 2013 are they still save to use Also the jelly's are strawberry and blackberry dates2013 are they still good I now nothing of can goods
  3. Hello everyone just wanted to say hi my computer broke been threw 2 surgery's and stuff glad to be back
  4. i am feeling better nose test said was flu dr said i was lucky since i did not have the throwing up diarreah and high fever i am glad i had what i did never took tamaflu did 2 does of the other thanks for all the replys
  5. did you reverse the image before you filled it in or do you just reverse the writting i want to try this looks cool
  6. i have had a bad cought and finaly went to dr thught it was broncitus again he did strep test and flu test well flu test came back said it was type a the one like a cold well I dont have that bad of a cough know he sent me zpak antiboitic and tamflu (not spelled right) any way my husband said to just take the oscillococcinum that we have at home its the same kind of thing plus I did a search on tamaflu and the side affects are nausea and diarreah well I dont need anyone of those as i have to work,. my question is will the oscillococcinum work just as good i have used it before and it w
  7. ok i have been sick with I thought was a bad cold going in to broncites with low grade fever on and off, well the cough part is getting better went to dr today been sick since sunday he called me in tamiflu (not spelled right) to help but and a zpak antibiotic. I have oscillococcinum at home which I have took before and got well fast I seen where a side affect os tamiflu is nausea and vomitting I dont need that will oscillococcinum work the same not sure if I posted this in the right place if it will work just the same If my kids start getting wht i have i have childrens osc
  8. ok my husband helped out a friend and they killed their big and but some in the frezzer fresh and cured some well they gave them a piece of both cured and not so I want to cook them and would like them to taste good but i have never worked with fresh ham like this just store bought ones that have the spiral ones. Please help me how do I cook it and for how long for the fresh one and what about the one that was cured not sure what they cured it with do I soak it then cook it. PLEASE PLEASE help me thanks
  9. I loved it just as much as the fist time
  10. what a pretty couple weddings never go as plan my niece got married 3 years ago in december groom was 2 hrs late and top it all off it started snowing heavy so glad everything worked out in the end
  11. hep please i have been taken claretin and 12 hour nasal decongestat and still have the presser what is it going to drs today if i bend to fast i get a headache that dont last to long but there and other thing like coughing help please
  12. my friend said to drink this i am having some female issues and she said that this helps you my dr thinks i'm starting to go thru premenopouse which i just turned 39 does this stuff help and can i drink it with being on thyroid meds she also said to take evening primirose oil but no where does it say anything about period help me please
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