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  1. Thoughts I'd report in . I am replying to Drumrunner. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. My Hubby was also diagosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery in OCtober He did the hormone theraphy , the radition also. We started this journey last spring,and we continue on now . He is still doing the hormone therapy Some days are good others not. I will try to post more often, Lauraleah
  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers Lauraleah
  3. Just read the update on MotherEarth, I will keep you in my thougts and prayers Lauraleah
  4. I got the book from our library and read it , It is a great book with a lot of information Lauraleah
  5. Thanks for the preview of this book. I called our library and they have 2 copies in our system . I had them put one copy on hold and they will call be as soon as it gets in Thanks again Lauraleah in Missouri
  6. I had read somewhere that eggs were going up in price , so one of our small local grocery stores had 4 dz large eggs for 6.00 When I went to the store they were out of the large dz size and were subbing the 18 size cartons with no limit so I got 4 of them for the 6.00 so It came out to 6 dz total for a dollar a dz, Lauraleah in Missouri
  7. well we got ice but it wasn't as bad as the one in January. We lost our power , but we had preps, water, food, for us and the animals, kerosene for heaters , and for the lanterns in the barn and sheds when we do the chores. Also had lamp oil for the lamps in the house We have some weather approaching but maybe it will miss up tonight but snow is forcast for Friday night and Saturday but better snow then ice, Lauraleah in Missouri
  8. I live in the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri. We have a farm and love it.
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