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  1. DD just texted me. They are now removing excess tubes and will remove ventilator here shortly. His lungs and kidneys are now in massive failure. She is with him, holding his hand. Thank you all for your prayers and support. She knows you are holding her and her dad up to the Lord in prayer. It means the world to all of us.
  2. Hey girl. How've you been? I'll get DH to see if he can spot their outside entry into the kitchen. Hadn't thought about that angle, but it makes sense. 2 years ago we had an infestation of gopher rats despite a very mild winter (more like Austin than what I've gotten used to here in TN). I sure don't want a repeat of that mess!!
  3. And on a lighter note, our little furry rodent 'friends' are back in the house after a year's hiatus. I had 3 nice cayenne peppers drying from my plant and the little darlins ate 2 of them last night. So the third will go in the trap tonight. Olé?
  4. It's too long a story to recount, but my DD is flying to Baltimore this afternoon to say 'goodbye' to her dad. He suffered a massive stroke after surgery to repair an earlier colostomy procedure. This catastrophic turn of events was not expected but turns out he had an undetected congenital hole in his heart that developed an infection. He is at Johns Hopkins now. His sister is making things more difficult for DD so prayers for wisdom, grace and patience would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Mt Rider! I'm here again. There's been so much going on it's crazy. I posted on Sunporch. Thank you all for the BD wishes. Turning 60 was a little weird. I had a margarita and pondered the meaning of life! And Happy Birthday to LaBella Vita and indy girl preps! Woot!
  6. Good grief it's been awhile since I was here! For those of you who remember me, my mom fell in Jan of '12 and broke her hip. She's recovered and lives with us. We gave up our bedroom for her and have been camping out in our dining room for 19 months! Do I have the best husband ever or what?! I had spinal surgery last Thanksgiving, then another operation on my neck in June. It's been a long recovery; on the first day of school in August, I fell and hit my head against the wall. Had to get a stitch in my head and had a fractured skull. Sigh. It's always something. By the way - Oxyclean works! Had blood all over my pink LL Bean polo and it all came out! My DD had her second child in August; a boy so now she has one of each. I'm still teaching high school world history and hoping maybe I can retire after next year; I turned 60 last week. Argh. Anyway, I was missing the good folks around here and some of you met my mom a few years ago at Darlene's. She asks about y'all and really loved that visit. Mt Rider! Hi! Stephanie! Annarchy! Darlene! and every one howdy! Mac
  7. It gets a little discouraging sometimes; my left leg is still numb & tingly at times. My left foot still feels heavy, too. Th doctor tells me that nerves repair at one (1) silly millimeter a month. The fact that my foot gets heavy means the damage is pretty extensive and will take months to heal. I tell myself it's only been a month, but I want to be back up to speed NOW! Lol.
  8. The Brits were dealing with this 42 years ago when I was a student over there one summer! The last time I was there was 1988 (!) and they were the same . I should visit more often - I lose weight.
  9. Howdy ho neighbors! I'm trying to be good and wear my brace when I get up (it's felt & velcro - bustier in front and tortoise shell in back!) and remember to wear my "othofix" spinal stimulator force field, whatever the heck it is for 4 hours a day. And not bend, stoop, lift more than 10 lbs or twist. Sheesh. Got the stitches out a week ago (all 37 of 'em) and all say I'm mending nicely. I'll be glad to get out of this brace but I've still got about 8-9 weeks in it. Don't know about the force field. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts!
  10. Ambergris, I was just glad I wasn't any the worse for the wear - Mt Rider, Mom is feeling a little better but this wasn't the best day for any of us. May be time to pack it all in for the night and get a better start tomorrow. Right now I'm wearing my brace and the ortho fit device (some sort of electric field contraption spose to make your bones heal faster and better). It's 4 hours a day, however you want to configure - 4 in one go, 2 here 2 there etc.
  11. Hey y'all. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I got to come home Thanksgiving afternoon. As most of you know, DH and I have been taking care of my mom. She's been doing alright, although she tries to do way more than she should. This morning, about 6:30, I heard her call to me. She sounded as if she were in trouble, so I pulled myself out of bed and in order to get to her, I didn't put on my brace - did take my walker though. Well I got to her room and she was disoriented and wasn't sure where she was or why she hadn't been fed (mini-stroke?) Anyway, I felt lightheaded so I got myself to the bathroom and on the toilet. I thought I'd begun to recover when I keeled over and landed squarely on my left cheek. I twisted my neck some, too. Mom got hysterical and DH got there fast and got me up. Called my home health nurse and put frozen peas on my neck and my icepack on my face. When I felt better, I bathed my face in warm water, applied Arnica gel to my cheek and neck. There is barely a red mark now on my cheek and my neck is loosening up as well. Back seems none the worse for the adventure, but I've taken a hydrocodone (first pain med I"ve taken in all this; there's really been no pain). The home health nurse came last night to change the dressing on my incision. She counted 34 stitches and she took a picture for me. Well that's my adventure. Whatcha y'all up to?
  12. Well it seems to have gone well. DH brought DM down as I was waking up. Had a nice visit. They put me in a paper gown at first which could be ( and was!) inflated with warm air. Ahhhhh !!!!!! So all in all successful. Just wanted to drop by and say "hiya!!"
  13. Wow! I'm 2 hours or less south of Nashville; would love to go to the expo. Maybe we could all meet up???
  14. Thanks y'all. I have to be careful with Mom on car trips (and they don't much help my back either ) . I took her for a short outing the Saturday of the gathering; we went over to Lynchburg so I could get some Diamond Gusset jeans there, and we had lunch at a neat little bistro. She did fine, ate well and puttered a little with her walker. It really isn't a walker friendly place, though! She went with me to Tullahoma to see the surgeon Friday; DH advised against it since she had a 'fade out' episode with me earlier that morning when I took her to the beauty shop. She recovered though, ate a good lunch (for her anyway) and so on we went. It's about a 40 minute trip there and although the doctor saw me right away, I was still there for almost 2 hours and had to run back to my classroom another 10 miles away to collect the papers I had my sub give my students, then we came home. She was tired and very sore. So we know she can tolerate car rides of about 40 minutes then needs to walk around some, but she's losing weight (down to 85) and doesn't have much of an appetite (never really did, unlike moi, lol ). We were both sorry to miss the gathering because we enjoyed it so much last time and everyone was so sweet to her - and it did her a world of good, but that 2 hour trip there and back I fear would have been too much. I am so blessed that DH will step up and take care of both of us for the 2 or so weeks I'm recuperating from this latest adventure. I'm so NOT looking forward to that - not one bit!
  15. There is so much angst and uncertainty in our world these days; apparently Hurricane Sandy is creating a situation for a mega-storm (I read the term "extra-tropical" on weatherspace.com earlier) which will include major snow falls, high winds, tornadoes, flooding and storm surges. A direct hit or near direct hit on NYC could shut down subways, knock out power and make life generally a nightmare for millions. Then there's the 7.7 earthquake near British Columbia last night. While the State department initially assigned blame to a YouTube video criticizing Islam for the riots in Cairo and then Benghazi, it has backed off that rationale in time for a National Geographic "documentary" showing how SEAL team 6 captured and killed Bin Laden. This show could, arguably, stir up emotions with violent consequences. Meanwhile the father of Tyrone Woods, the former SEAL who was a private contractor in Libya (the term usually used for CIA operators) is taking his questions to every venue possible trying to find out why there was no military help when his son called in for reinforcements with laser guided co-ordinates. Closer to home, the neurosurgeon has identified the source of the numbness in my left leg, "Pars defect" is is recommending surgery ASAP. Tentatively, I'm scheduled for Nov 19th and I'll be out through the first of the year. I have enough sick leave to cover all but 7 days (I've used up most of it with my Mom last winter). I'm finding out now if I will have to pay for a sub for any days not covered by my sick leave. So after catching up here on prayer requests, I offer up prayers of both thanksgiving and petition for us all - for wisdom, grace and mercy. Happily, I know the ultimate ending and the good guys win. :pray::pray:
  16. Me too. I pray for healing, wisdom and grace. Such a tough situation.
  17. What's "pocket gopher"? We have gopher rats around here which I HATE! (they got in the house last spring and ate through the hoses of our washer and dish washer, and ate the seal of the wood stove chimney up on the roof). I love these new smilies!!!
  18. DH and I were going over inventory for preps. We've got some holes to fill and one of the major areas is grid down dog food. Our dogs are really our 1st tier perimeter security (recently read an article about home invasions; the author pondered why otherwise savvy folk would not have a dog as early warning system). And we love 'em, so DH said 'get on Mrs S and ask for suggestions!' So thoughts? Don't we have a thread on this already? (I just can't seem to find it... )
  19. Mtn Rider, y'all are going to have a super great time at Darlene's!!! Everything will be great - so relax and enjoy the gathering. If I can't make it, y'all call me.
  20. Thanks Mom M She's having a really rough day; Medicare has terminated her physical therapy and she'll really miss the women who came 2x a week. My DS (right now, the 'D' does NOT stand for 'dear'... ) hasn't called her in months (not even last month on her 91st birthday) and DH told me she'd spent 30 minutes this afternoon crying herself sick. She wasn't hungry at all (down to 88 lbs @ 4'10" and shrinking) but then thought a chili dog sounded good. Made her one, she enjoyed it and it seems to have made her queasy. She really wants to come as do I.
  21. Lol, Louis, always the voice of reason!! Since I've been on Mrs S and some other forums, this time of year seems to bring out a sort of hyper awareness of world events and issues, which is probably great. It also says something about recent political election cycles; things are more tense, polarized and just down right ugly in a way they've never been before but since I remember elections back to 1964 (which was also really ugly) I think the divisiveness gets worse each time. We're in a cycle now where we are facing loss of basic freedoms: not only is the 2A under constant attack, but now speech and religion are facing attacks. Here's the thing: if Iran's anti-blasphemy laws get UN traction (or US government traction), then not only Christians and Jews, but HIndus, Buddhists, Jains and secular humanists (and all in between) will be guilty of offending Islam - because you will disagree with Mohammad and the Koran. They don't want disagreement with their prophet or holy book. You blaspheme if you believe Jesus is the risen Lord, son of God and God incarnate. You blaspheme if you follow the Buddha or Ganesh. It is blasphemy if you follow Zoroaster (just ask the few Zoroasterians left in Iran). With the Patriot Act and NDAA, our 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights are up for grabs (hence Louis' comment, I betcha). Many folks wonder about the real story surrounding the man who opened fire in the Batman movie. Operation Fast & Furious. We're under attack from within as much as from without. Then there is the whole solar storms issue of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) which could fry our electric grids worldwide. And earth quakes (New Madrid is due, apparently). There are so many fronts, its as if the enemy (the real one) has found ways to attack us at every turn and the onslaught has begun in full fury. I reassure myself by recalling that my weed eater goes bonkers just before it runs out of gas. The evil one is throwing every thing at us all at once. Fine - I read the end of the book. The Good Guy wins.
  22. It's a little over a 2 hour drive - and a lovely one at that. We'll play it by ear, but I'm not counting on it. There are nights - and tonight is one of them - where I'm not sure she'll make it through the night. It's been a real roller coaster this year and as goofy as it sounds, playing "Margaritaville Online" on Facebook has saved my sanity. Last year's students were awful and added to a tough spring. Prayers are coveted. We'd sure like to see y'all again.
  23. Well, dang. Had really hoped to make it to the gathering, Mom in tow, but doesn't seem likely now. She isn't traveling well - "fades out" on me even on short trips to the grocery store. I'm wary about taking her the 12 miles to Winchester and although she's done 2 trips to Chattanooga (about an hour) this past summer, it was tough on her. She's been having some strange dizzy spells - now mostly at night when she lies down to go to bed. CT and bloodwork don't show anything negative. Then I've got a back issue. An MRI showed a slight bulging disc and something on the root of the nerve where my left leg gets weak and wobbly. I went through physical therapy all summer; would rather go back to the chiropractor but CIGNA isn't a fan. If'n we don't make it down, y'all have a super time. Mom sure enjoyed the last visit and she was looking forward to this one. If it ain't one thang...
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