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  1. This is something that I've been struggling with. HOW do you know? I asked this question of my grandmother who always seems so sure in her understanding of prayers and God's messages and she replied that "you just know". The problem is that I'm afraid that I don't just know. How do I know it isn't my own ideas, desires, plans getting in the way? How do I know it isn't the 'enemy' causing me to make the wrong decision?
  2. It just seems as though one thing after another keeps knocking us down and just when we get back up and start to see the light we're hit with something again. It is really starting to take a toll on our spirits and I feel overwhelmed. It isn't anything life threatening, just life. Car repairs, injuries, sickness, lost wages, unexpected expenses, etc. Just the weight of the world pushing down it seems. Today was a particularly bad day we received notice that we would not be receiving our tax refund as it would be going to pay for dh's student loans even though we make payments to them
  3. Great reminder, we were just talking about this last week. Last year was a scary storm season and I want to be very prepared this year.
  4. My husband suffers from PTSD and I've wondered the same thing myself. Though I've seen him in tense situations and he seems to manage them well, there really is no way to know how a longterm severe shtf situation will influence it.
  5. I've done a lot of thinking and a lot of discussion on this and we've reached a decision. We've decided who we would take in and who we would turn away. I would take in my sister and her boys. She isn't against prepping but things are tight for her and she can't get a good start. I would not turn them away. We have a couple friends who also prep a bit and would be an advantage to have around. His sister's would not be welcome. It's a hard decision to make but, like many of you have posted, I have to put my children and their welfare first.
  6. We've had ours packed and in the van for a couple weeks but learned Christmas weekend that we did not have a thermometer or infant's tylenol in ours.
  7. I heard the dreaded "I'm coming to your house" comment today. What would you do in a situation like that? These are people that are not prepared at all for any emergency/disaster, not even for 48 hours. I think the odds of them actually showing up here are slim but you never know. My family is also unprepared for What would I do then? I doubt I could turn away my immediate family but then again they KNOW that we prep, I've talked to them about it and nothing. My mom keeps a full pantry but thats just to keep from shopping often. My sister has nothing. 1 flashlight and a couple o
  8. I'm thinking he sneaks up in the middle of the night to gaze at the purdy lights. You know how they can be attracted to bright shiney things. I wouldn't doubt that one bit. He said his job as a kid was to unplug the tree and it always made him sad and now he's a grown up and doesn't have to. haha.
  9. That's what I said too about the tree lights but my husband (the firefighter) seems to think it's okay. We do have LED lights and they are not on during the day. I do check them and they haven't gotten hot.
  10. Interesting to hear from someone that has used solar and their experience. My husband and I were just talking about solar power this week. Right now we don't use many lights during the day with me and th girls home. We open the curtains and let in a lot of natural light. Unfortunately my husband (and his familY) don't attempt to save electricity. I can always tell when my MIL has been at my home because lights we never use will be on. In fact we had lived in this house for a few weeks and my MIL had been over watching the girls for a minute and there was a light on that I didn't eve
  11. I haven't done much this past week to prepare. I did order a pair of winter boots last night so I guess that counts. At least I know my feet will stay warm.
  12. Glad your son was safe. My heart goes out to the officer's family. How very sad. They said he had 5 children I think. Heartbreaking.
  13. Forgive me if I bring up a bunch of stuff you all have already talked about. But is your state airing a lot of "be prepared" commercials? It seems as though they are having them a lot lately. Here in Oklahoma it's Be Red Dirt Ready and I just find it somewhat odd that our state and federal government is telling us to get supplies, have a plan and then in the next moment labeling preppers as potential terrorists.
  14. Today I picked up a new pair of winter boots for my oldest daughter, two drawers to store medicines in, and some extra canned goods. Oh and a new fireproof box to replace the one we had to destroy to get open after hubby lost the keys.
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