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  1. I shred it, freeze it and use it in BROWNIES!! Just mix and 1 cup of the thawed zuc. Mix it up, bake it. Kids never know the difference!
  2. We've got chickens, but they can't keep up!! Can't free range them there cuz of preditors. Never mind the calves would stomp on them!! There's 10-12 bull calves a bull in the barn being fattened-never thought they could cause so many flies. I hate to admit it but we broke down and sprayed residual fly spray on all wooden surfaces in the barn the other day. The next day I couldn't tell we had done anything. Wonder how many Venus fly traps I'd have to plant to take care of the little pests?!! Maybe invest in a truck load of fly strips--I can see the kids now all wrapped up in them--no good
  3. Planning on getting started this summer with dd (6) and ds (4). I have looked at www.time4learning.com for ds. He's such a reluctant guy but loves computer time. Has anyone here had any experience with this site?
  4. Help, please!! They may carry us away at any time now!! It's so bad that dh, me, and the 3 kids were all swating yesterday afternoon. We agreed to pasture some calves for our neighbor in return for free beef and they are the source of all this. Any ideas on how I can control them to a degree?
  5. I was counting on you Westie!! (As she takes out her trusty notebook to makes sure she remembers everything) All four kids are mouthing grain and hay. So I hope they are gettin' the idea. I need to go to the feed store tomorrow so we'll try the new mixture and see if it helps. I've got a small milking machine and I've been finishing up by hand to make sure I've got every last drop. I do appreciate your help!
  6. Does anyone have one? Would you consider one? What makes me consider it is 'cuz they say that it grinds grain too. Thoughts please!
  7. We had a nanny that dropped 4 babies last week. It's a wonder that all survived. But we found them all just before it was too late and everyone is doing fine. I'm milking the mom twice a day and having to supplement with evaporated milk (diluted times 4) Even doing what we are it's still getting expensive. And mom's milk supply seems to be dwindling already. Anyone have any suggestions? Mom won't let them nurse although she licks and is protective of them.
  8. OMG--THEY ARE HERE!!! Life has been nuts here and I haven't even been able to check in with you ladies for quite a while. And today I came home to my wonderful box!! The whole family gathered around to check out all the goodies and ooh and ahh over everything. Dd wants to know how everything is made so she can make some too!!! They are all so different and beautiful!! Got to get a tree up soon!! Thanks everyone!
  9. ROFL!! I had to have someone else bury them!! My pet nanny had triplets. She rejected them, I took them in and slowly they all passed. 7 days later "slim" was the last to go. I usually try not to get so involved but.... That was my first attempt at milking. I enjoyed it and enjoyed my attempts at making cheese. My nanny became obstinate with me and I dried her up. Never mind the over 100 degree temps and not the best set up, and the horse in the barn who thought the goats feed on the milking stand was hers. Anyway hope to overcome those obsticles this time! I def. am in need o
  10. I'm such a weenie, I bought stuff to make it and I'm a little shy of the whole lye -chemical reaction-stuff that I still haven't tried it. I would be more apt to try with a friend. Lucky you!!
  11. Finally, they are beginning to drop. Came home yesterday to 3 new arrivals. One set of twins (male and a female) and a singleton (female)!! WhooHoo!! Not only are they fun to watch it means that we will have free milk again!!! Still on watch for 2 more mamas that look like they will blow at any time! We lost a triplets back in the spring and it killed me! Hopefully we won't have the same problems this fall!
  12. I just need to add a hanger to mine! Anyone want to borrow my dd??!!
  13. Hi, I'm Carole I just turned 40 (where does time go). Born and raised in the center of the state of NC, although I have always dreamed of living in Texas. You will notice that I still haven't figured out the siggie or avatar thingys. However, I do know a little about cookin', clean' and kids. I'm stepmom to one married dsd who made me a grandma 3 mos. after I became a mom for the 2nd time. Confused yet? Ds is 16 and live with his dad cuz' he can afford him-yep he's not a farm lovin' kid. Dd will be 6 in Dec., and youngest ds just turned 4 in Sept. We have a little less than 90 acs. Dh
  14. I've gotten started on mine. So maybe I should say "we" have gotten started on mine. Dh had back surgery and needs something to do with his hands and the kids see me and ask to help. So--my question is --Who is opposed to getting an ornament that my 5 yr. old and my dh may have helped to make?
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