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  1. I admit I am not as prepared as I would like to be, but all of the three things I have prepped for are unfolding. I have done my preps for 1. Personal disaster such as illness, accident, job loss or other things that affect my personal family needs. This is something that I have personally had to use my preps for in the past. I have loss jobs. I have been off work for both illness ( hospitalized for high blood pressure which had me off work for 6 weeks), injuries and carpal tunnel surgery that made me unable to work, job loss and even helping family when something like this happened to them. Next two things was pandemic ( what can I say. It is the nurse and student of history in me. ) and financial collapse. My finances aren’t where I would like, nor is my food/supplies storage as good as I would want. Due to having to dip into them and limited income it is only a few months where I easily had a year before. I am okay though, just not where I would like to be. I feel like I am a just starting out Prepper instead of one who has been on board for years. There is one thing I failed to prep for though. That is not being able to do basic things. I have an external fixative on my left arm. It keeps my elbow bent at all times. Even bathing is an issue although only washing my hair is impossible on my own. Fixing anything to eat is the biggest obstacle. I can not open a jar or can and it is difficult to open even a pack of crackers. Tried to make some bagals and couldn’t spread the cream cheese. Can’t wash dishes. Can’t lift and am limited to only what I can carry with one hand. Even opening the microwave is a challenge because you have to open then pick up what is going in it. Carrying hot food is harder with only one hand. All of this is okay right now because my daughter is here to help me. But what if I needed to make a fire to cook. What if this was a bug out situation. The main thing is how prepared are you to handle it if an injury derails your ability to do for yourself? Took me till a week ago to find a can opener that I can open a can with, but honestly one of the biggest obstacles is being unable to reach out. I even cut my hair short for the first time in 40 years because I couldn’t take care of it. Figure out before something happens what you would do if you lose use of an arm or are unable to move like you normally can. For some this is normal life and already have made adjustments. For the rest of us we need to at least consider what would you do if you are not at full potential.
  2. I know short isn’t my style. I tend to get wordy but right now I am injured and have to hunt and peck to type while holding the phone with the same hand. The situation we find ourselves in made me think of all of you and wonder how everyone is doing in all this. I was already “social distancing “ because I am not allowed to drive and as I am out of time I make it to doctors appointments. Maybe they will let me drive after my surgery on the 30th. I fell and shattered my elbow and now wear an external fixative. It is not fun. It also limits a lot of what I can do as I can not use my left arm at all. My family has as much chaos with those grandkids as it ever had. In fact one of the grandkids caused my broken arm. He was arguing with someone and I tried to stop it and got shoved and down I went. But I and my family are doing okay. About a year ago I even added a great grandson to my family. Enough for now. Just checking in. Will probably read more than respond right now because typing just isn’t. Easy and won’t be for a while. I developed wrist palsy so really can’t use my left hand at all right now. I am looking at a lot of therapy in my future. Take care and everyone stay healthy.
  3. I heard that they would probably do direct deposit since “they know all our contact info to get it to us” I also heard that they haven’t determined who would get it or exactly how much. They are debating the stimulus bill now. I admit right now an influx of money might be nice for me as I have been out of work due to an injury since mid-February. However one has to ask what would be the cost and I don’t meat financial but to our personal freedom. What will be the results to going down that road. Nothing in life is without cost, it is just a matter of what the cost is and is it worth the cost we will have to pay
  4. My daughter works at a local store and the closing shift has to make a bank run after the store is closed. They do this by two store employees ( manager and one other person) go in a two car caravan to the bank. We had to wait on the other car the other day until my daughter got out and used my scraper to clear her windows. She did not even have the basic supply of an Ice scraper. She was waiting for her slow defrost to take care of it. Sometimes it is the simple supplies that we tend to forget about.
  5. This is interesting. But then I didn't need scientists or some study to tell me. It is right there in the Bible. God did it.
  6. When i have the money I want to buy one of those quick start things for the car. I saw one in a video on YouTube that looked cool and is small when I was looking at videos about preparing your car for winter.
  7. I think the two biggest issues I have with stocking my winter car kit is money and space. I can get around the money because I may have a lot of what I need around the house. I know I have blankets and first aide kit and some tools (not that I know what to do with the tools once they are there.) I have one of those pre-made emergency car kits that has reflectors, tow chain, gloves, space blanket, battery cables and I can't remember what else. I know I also have flares in it. I have a fire extinguisher, but it is old and probably needs recharged, although it has never been used. Space is the issue. My car is a hatchback. No trunk to store things. No full size spare. No real jack, just the stupid scissor jack. The car isn't very big and if I fill the hatch with emergency supplies, there is no room for anything else. I need to find a way to organize it to fit more. I know one thing I can do. there is a console area between the two front seats. It is full of junk. I can clear it out and use it for small things. Under the seat will fit the first aide kit. After I get the car to the shop again this week, I will take everything out of the car and then put it back in organized in some way and see what I can really fit in there. Maybe with being creative I can find room to fit what I need and still have the car usable to do things like transport grandkids or fit groceries like big bags of dog food.
  8. I like that. I remind my daughter that "This is the day the Lord has made." I tell her that he made today for today's worries, not yesterday. Remember, Thank him for making it to this day and make the best of it. I know that God is always there whether I notice Him or not. I just have to take time to notice Him and lean on Him. He will help us through. It is hard to remember that in the midst of something going wrong, but I try to.
  9. I don't carry a purse most the time. When I do it has my meds, lighter, phone charger, tissues, hard candy, phone, money and id, lip balm and bandaids and antibiotic ointments. I used to carry a bigger purse that had more in it, but with back issues it is hard to carry much. I do have more in my work bag, including all my nurse supplies. When my kids were younger I had snacks and drinks, scissors to cut straws down to size for the smaller kids to drink and kid occupiers such as a mirror, small toys and books. Now I travel lighter and most of my supplies are in the car, not on my person, including a walking stick and some of those slip over the shoes ice grippers, but most of what I carry ends up in my pockets, not a purse. Besides, when I carry a purse everyone adds their stuff to it for me to carry and it gets heavier.
  10. These lists are a good idea. I need to copy them and update them to my needs. I also need to get more organized in my storage. For instance, important papers and pictues are spread all over the house. I need to organize them or maybe make sure all of my pictures are scanned along with the important papers and keep that in my fireproof box easier to grab. Living in a trailer my two greatest fears are fire and a tornado, almost everything else I think I could shelter in place. In other places there are other worries. My step-mom and some of my siblings live in California. They live below Los Angeles but just because they were out of range of the recent fires, that does not mean that they aren't at risk for earthquakes or fires that are both reasons to have to evacuate. My niece in Florida has her own reasons to worry about evacuation. I guess I feel lucky that I don't have those big threats. I even live on top of a hill so that flooding although a possible worry in my area, it is most likely to mean I am cut off without electricity and not flooded directly. Even still, you never know what events may trigger you to have to leave. It is the every day have to leave the house unexpectedly that catches me off guard. Take yesterday for instance. I left to take my daughter to work. It was cool, but not cold enough for my winter coat when I took my daughter to work. I just wore a fleece lined sweat jacket. The weather turned before I got to town and then I got stuck in town till my older daughter got off work because my grand-daughter couldn't be left without supervision. So here I was in town, no proper coat, no charger cord and didn't even get the dogs out before I left since i was just going to be gone a half hour. And the weather turn. We got snow. Another reminder that my preps are lagging. During the winter I keep an old coat in the car. It and the blanket and other winter car preps got removed last spring. They are going back in the car today. As disorganized as I am half the time, need lists like this to keep me on track. And regular review to make sure everything is kept up to date.
  11. I swear so much seems to go on everyday, that i just haven't been here in a while. Of course it doesn't help that I am sharing a computer with my daughter again. I can't even remember what was going on in my life the last time I got on here. I know a lot of it has changed. For instance, I semi-retired last April. You would think that would mean I had a lot more time. Not a chance. It seems that as soon as you aren't working, everyone needs you to help with something. My younger daughter has a part time job. She has had it for a year now, but still has no license, so I have to get her back and forth to work. Part time does not mean less days. She works retail so she is working 4-6 hour shifts. My brother also got a job and is working full time now. He and my other brother moved out a little over a year. I was very happy that they got their own place. It is in town, so that means they can get to most of what they need done without me taking them. That helps a lot. Another bit of big news that I have mixed feelings about is I am going to be a great-grandma. It is mixed feelings because my granddaughter is not only unmarried, but she has mental health issues that make this very complicated. She left home as soon as she turned 18 and has been back and forth and on the street and with friends since she left home and off her medications. Her being a single mother worries me. I don't know if she will gain maturity being a mother or if she will only endanger herself and the baby. Part of this is reinforced by her actions Sunday night. She stole her mothers medications and tried to kill her self. Luckily she and the baby are fine. Can you believe the hospital first pink slipped her as a danger, then released her because they have no beds. So along with coming back on here again, I am going to ask for prayers for her and the baby. I am looking forward to my first great-grandchild, a boy if the ultrasound is right. I have had it with my car. It is now giving me trouble again. I have had this car for almost 2 years now. It has needed breaks, a transmission, new engine, and a bunch of little things. Now it is something with my front tire. The car makes noise there when ever I try to drive it. It had me so tense when I got home from work Sunday night that my back tensed up so much it completely seized up on me. I couldn't move. So back to taking it slow again so it can heal. I will try to get on here more. I am so far behind in my preps. we had mice destroy a lot of the dried goods, my freezer broke and I lost everything in it, so at least as far as food preps go I am starting from scratch. Between that and my car and finances being as tight as they are adjusting to less income, I am slowly trying to work to build it up again. Glad to be back again and as I said I hope to find myself getting back on here and getting to know all of you again
  12. Oh I also suggest supplies to make a ramp if needed so someone who can't use stairs easily can get up and down and I have added a portable hand dolly and a wheeled clothes basket so I don't have to carry loads. I even can pull the wheeled basket across the lawn to hang clothes.
  13. You know looking at the list everyone has here made me think of something and not being prepared. Years ago my daughter ended up in a wheel chair for about 6 months. I don't think she has the wheel chair anymore, but could be wrong. She got it from the local Hospice store for a dollar, but was supposed to return it when done with it in case someone else needed it. From there she moved to a walker. I bought one of those nice wheeled walkers with the seat and a basket to carry stuff for her, with the understanding it went to me when she was done with it. About 4 years before that I bought a cane because my knee sometimes doesn't work right. Fast forward about 6 years. Walker is in the shed and who knows where the cane has disappeared to. I hadn't used it in 5 or 6 years. My knees and one hip are getting way worse. My chronic back pain has started to interfere with daily activities on a daily basis. I can no longer lift a lot or do a lot of the work I usually could. I have even given up kneeling at church because I just can't move and have severe pain if I Kneel more than about 5 or 10 minutes. ( Face it, I can't after sitting too long either. ) Well one day I had to reach to the other side of my bed for something. Instead of going around I knelt on the bed to allow me to reach across. When I went to stand up I could not put any weight on my left leg. For the next week, I could not go to work because I could not even stand unassisted. That first day, I was there alone. I couldn't find my cane and it wouldn't have done a lot of good because the bad him is on the opposite side so I needed support on both side. I could put no weight on the left and only partial weight on the right. I ended up using two walking sticks to hop around the house until my daughter was able to go to the shed to dig out the walker. Not only would I have not been able to stand to dig through the shed, I needed to get down 5 steps to even get out of the house. I bought another cane that is one of those ones with a wider base than a normal cane ( but not a quad cane,) for when I could get around a little better after a day or two. So the lesson is, not only to have supplies that you need but to also make sure that you can access them if needed. I live in a trailer so it wasn't practical to store the walker in the house due to space. However, it is now kept in the house. I no longer trust my legs to get me up and down. The cane usually stays with me just in case I need it. Of course, I could have used it yesterday, but is it with me. Of course not, I went out of town and left it at home. I have another item to add to the list. After my daughter's injury, I started to keep a gait belt with me. I have one from work, but also found they have something similar in yoga supplies to help maintain position. pulling on clothing to assist someone to stand is not good. Lifting up under the arms can cause damage and a gait belt allows you to help someone balance when the walk on their own. My daughter lives in a split level, so once she could walk we needed to be able to get her up and down stairs. A gait belt is invaluable and can be used as a binding strap as well to keep a stack together when carrying something. A very practical item. I have one in the house and one in my car.
  14. Haven't been on here in a while. My preps are definitely changing. I have gotten so far behind, that I don't feel I am prepped at all right now. I had been out of work for about a year and used my supplies and emergency funds. My brother hit hard times and moved in and my income decreased and I had twice as many to support just when the price of everything went up. It did not allow me to rebuild my preps. At best I have about 2-3 weeks of supplies right now. My household has changed. My one brother got a full time job and moved out with my younger brother and my daughter also got a part time job. I no longer am the sole support for everyone. I ended up concentrating on knowledge at the expense of supplies and did not do as well as I would like with that. However, now that I am restarting my preps, my focus is changing. One reason is I have developed more physical issues. I have had back and knee problems for years, but this past year and a half I have added a bad hip and the knee has gotten so bad, that I spent almost a week out of work because I couldn't even stand, let alone walk. I have started to worry about what I could handle. A 92 year old lady that my daughter runs errands for and helps where ever she needs has added to this. She lives alone an has health issues and has fallen several times. We constantly worry if we don't hear from her that we will find her dead. Add to that last year I fell and hit my head. I ended up with 12 stitches. Although I was not home alone, I was the only driver out of 4 adults and could not drive myself to get stitches. My older daughter's car was in the shop. We ended up calling her and she got a neighbor to drive her out so she could use my car to get me the help I need. All of that has contributed to the other big change, I have semi-retired. I can't handle a 40 work week anymore. I now work 3 days out of every two weeks. I find it is much better for me health wise. This has led to me changing how I look at prepping. First of all, I am considering moving to town. I currently live out of town with my younger daughter. She doesn't drive, so if I was unable to drive us, we would be stuck. Half of me would love to get a place near my older daughter so we could help each other out. She is recently divorced and as she is now a single mom, having help available would be useful. ( I am not sure I want to live that close to the grandkids. Full time around them might drive me crazy.) Because of my physical limitations as I have gotten older and my body has started to fall apart, I am looking at prepping differently. I am never going to be able to carry much with me if I had to bug out, So I have to focus at shelter in place. In fact just yesterday a simple thing of an escalator defeated me. I am stiff and unsteady every time I stand up. The escalator was moving so fast, I couldn't safely step on to it. They have never been a problem for me before. Mowing my lawn took me 3 days ( about an acre) and left me so sore I couldn't move afterwards. So physically, what will I be able to handle. I am looking at step saving methods that limit my lifting, bending over or stooping to long and realistically, I would have to figure where to hide until danger was past rather than flee. I wouldn't make it if I have to bug out fast and would slow everyone else down. So as I have gotten older, I know I need to do the following: 1. associate with a group with varied ages so that there are people that can focus on the more physically demanding job. Develop a better support system 2. Allow more time to do everything. That mowing job would have taken much less time for a younger more physically fit person. 3. Concentrate on staying put safely instead of bugging out. Bugging out is definitely a last resort. 4. Develop useful skills so that I am an asset to any group I am with. 5. Encourage others to prep so that more people near me are ready if something happens. 6. Accept that I might need help and will not be able to do it all on my own. 7. A big one is to concentrate on areas of weakness and find ways to compensate for my physical limitations and find a better way to accomplish tasks that needs to be done. That means looking into ways I can keep use of power so that I have the ability to keep doing everything from cooking to cutting wood without the expense of my energy. I know I do not have the ability to do a lot of the things necessary to survive on my own. I have to improve my physical ability to my maximum potential, but to find ways to adapt and survive with my shortcomings that I can not change. I can not magically make my knees, back or hips work again. I have to accept that I may have to carry a couple or even one thing at a time because I no longer have the strength, physical dexterity or even the mental acuity that I had when I was younger and before my job did the damage that has been done to my body. I need help, can not do it on my own and need to focus on the most efficient use of my time and abilities. Now, how I am going to accomplish all I need to do is another matter. I am now on a fixed income and realistically have to accept that I may become a dependent with in the next 10 years or I could be one of those 100 year olds someday that people are amazed by how well they are doing. I think in shorter terms now though, because I know there will come a day when I won't be able to do as much as I want. I is just that I need to think about health and physical issues more now and make plans to how I can be the most useful with my current abilities. On the other hand, being older does not mean helpless or useless. I still have a lot to contribute to a group and need to concentrate on where I can and not on what I can not do.
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