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  1. I admit I am not as prepared as I would like to be, but all of the three things I have prepped for are unfolding. I have done my preps for 1. Personal disaster such as illness, accident, job loss or other things that affect my personal family needs. This is something that I have personally had to use my preps for in the past. I have loss jobs. I have been off work for both illness ( hospitalized for high blood pressure which had me off work for 6 weeks), injuries and carpal tunnel surgery that made me unable to work, job loss and even helping family when something like this happened to them. N
  2. I know short isn’t my style. I tend to get wordy but right now I am injured and have to hunt and peck to type while holding the phone with the same hand. The situation we find ourselves in made me think of all of you and wonder how everyone is doing in all this. I was already “social distancing “ because I am not allowed to drive and as I am out of time I make it to doctors appointments. Maybe they will let me drive after my surgery on the 30th. I fell and shattered my elbow and now wear an external fixative. It is not fun. It also limits a lot of what I can do as I can not use my left arm at
  3. I heard that they would probably do direct deposit since “they know all our contact info to get it to us” I also heard that they haven’t determined who would get it or exactly how much. They are debating the stimulus bill now. I admit right now an influx of money might be nice for me as I have been out of work due to an injury since mid-February. However one has to ask what would be the cost and I don’t meat financial but to our personal freedom. What will be the results to going down that road. Nothing in life is without cost, it is just a matter of what the cost is and is it worth the cost
  4. My daughter works at a local store and the closing shift has to make a bank run after the store is closed. They do this by two store employees ( manager and one other person) go in a two car caravan to the bank. We had to wait on the other car the other day until my daughter got out and used my scraper to clear her windows. She did not even have the basic supply of an Ice scraper. She was waiting for her slow defrost to take care of it. Sometimes it is the simple supplies that we tend to forget about.
  5. This is interesting. But then I didn't need scientists or some study to tell me. It is right there in the Bible. God did it.
  6. When i have the money I want to buy one of those quick start things for the car. I saw one in a video on YouTube that looked cool and is small when I was looking at videos about preparing your car for winter.
  7. I think the two biggest issues I have with stocking my winter car kit is money and space. I can get around the money because I may have a lot of what I need around the house. I know I have blankets and first aide kit and some tools (not that I know what to do with the tools once they are there.) I have one of those pre-made emergency car kits that has reflectors, tow chain, gloves, space blanket, battery cables and I can't remember what else. I know I also have flares in it. I have a fire extinguisher, but it is old and probably needs recharged, although it has never been used. Space is the i
  8. I like that. I remind my daughter that "This is the day the Lord has made." I tell her that he made today for today's worries, not yesterday. Remember, Thank him for making it to this day and make the best of it. I know that God is always there whether I notice Him or not. I just have to take time to notice Him and lean on Him. He will help us through. It is hard to remember that in the midst of something going wrong, but I try to.
  9. I don't carry a purse most the time. When I do it has my meds, lighter, phone charger, tissues, hard candy, phone, money and id, lip balm and bandaids and antibiotic ointments. I used to carry a bigger purse that had more in it, but with back issues it is hard to carry much. I do have more in my work bag, including all my nurse supplies. When my kids were younger I had snacks and drinks, scissors to cut straws down to size for the smaller kids to drink and kid occupiers such as a mirror, small toys and books. Now I travel lighter and most of my supplies are in the car, not on my person, inclu
  10. These lists are a good idea. I need to copy them and update them to my needs. I also need to get more organized in my storage. For instance, important papers and pictues are spread all over the house. I need to organize them or maybe make sure all of my pictures are scanned along with the important papers and keep that in my fireproof box easier to grab. Living in a trailer my two greatest fears are fire and a tornado, almost everything else I think I could shelter in place. In other places there are other worries. My step-mom and some of my siblings live in California. They live below Los Ang
  11. I swear so much seems to go on everyday, that i just haven't been here in a while. Of course it doesn't help that I am sharing a computer with my daughter again. I can't even remember what was going on in my life the last time I got on here. I know a lot of it has changed. For instance, I semi-retired last April. You would think that would mean I had a lot more time. Not a chance. It seems that as soon as you aren't working, everyone needs you to help with something. My younger daughter has a part time job. She has had it for a year now, but still has no license, so I have to get her back and
  12. Oh I also suggest supplies to make a ramp if needed so someone who can't use stairs easily can get up and down and I have added a portable hand dolly and a wheeled clothes basket so I don't have to carry loads. I even can pull the wheeled basket across the lawn to hang clothes.
  13. You know looking at the list everyone has here made me think of something and not being prepared. Years ago my daughter ended up in a wheel chair for about 6 months. I don't think she has the wheel chair anymore, but could be wrong. She got it from the local Hospice store for a dollar, but was supposed to return it when done with it in case someone else needed it. From there she moved to a walker. I bought one of those nice wheeled walkers with the seat and a basket to carry stuff for her, with the understanding it went to me when she was done with it. About 4 years before that I bought a cane
  14. Haven't been on here in a while. My preps are definitely changing. I have gotten so far behind, that I don't feel I am prepped at all right now. I had been out of work for about a year and used my supplies and emergency funds. My brother hit hard times and moved in and my income decreased and I had twice as many to support just when the price of everything went up. It did not allow me to rebuild my preps. At best I have about 2-3 weeks of supplies right now. My household has changed. My one brother got a full time job and moved out with my younger brother and my daughter also got a part time
  15. I was really upset last night and so I said my nephew when it was my grandson that was missing. He has been found. I am not sure about his emotional state. What has led up to this is a long story. My daughter and her husband separated last summer. It was due to the children being removed by CPS because of her husband. The kids are back now and at this time their is a temporary restraining order against him. The abuse was mostly emotional and mental abuse, with some physical. They also believe sexual against one of the girls but they haven't been able to get any proof. However this is what drov
  16. My nephew is missing. He has been depressed lately and disappeared today leaving his phone and wallet behind. He left a note saying that there is no point anymore. He recently broke up with his girlfriend.
  17. might be an effective ploy if they are really staying aware to change tactics if necessary
  18. Thank you for all the prayers. I think that this past year is one of those that shows how much your world can change quickly. I can see post be in alot of this, for instance my daughter is now seeing that she was in an abusive relationship and is trying to change it. It has been hard convincing her that just because he didn't beat her, that does not mean she wasn't being abused. He was physical and has had her flee the house for the safety of herself and the kids a number of times but made excuses that it was because he was drinking or under a lot of stress. The fact that she couldn't go or do
  19. I would love to have a spinning wheel. I have read a little bit about spinning flax. It would be another source to have for material to spin and possibly to weave. I have a small lap loom and weaving is the next thing for me to learn.
  20. There has been so much happening in my life since last summer, it is hard to know where to start. My whole family needs prayers for many different things. I will start with the most recent because in a way they are the least complicated. The most recent thing that has upset our personal world is that I lost my job. I am looking an am confident that I will find a new job that is better for me, but in the mean time I am looking at only my final check. Since I was fired for what I feel was unjust reasons, I did apply for unemployment but who knows if it will come through. After all, they did
  21. Ok, this may not seem like much, but what I have done this week is to start learning a new skill. I have always loved knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, etc. Well my newest skill that I have then turned around and taught my oldest daughter as well is to spin my own thread. I bought a hand spindle and a bag of wool and am working on spinning enough for my first project of a shawl. My brother saw my progress and asked when it was going to be a hat. I told him wait your turn. When I saw this bag of brown wool, I knew it would be a shawl and I love shawls. I chill easily but due to hot flashes can
  22. This a good skill to have. Will give it a try. Found a book on knots called The Klutz book of knots by John Cassidy.
  23. This is a good exercuse. I will have to give it some thought. If we nly had the $60 cash, that would be difficult, but more manageable if electronic banking is still posible. Would I still be able to deposit my paycheck to pay bills. If not, what would be the point of giing to work? I would be better off staying home, limiting my gas use and attempt to grow my own food. So whether electronic transactions are still possible and how you would get paid are important questions to answer. I don't use much cash but rent alone would not be possoble with $60 limit
  24. I think it sometimes. you get hit with two much. News today, Niece who was just pronounced cancer free from colon cancer now had a lump show up on her mammogram. Biopsy will be done next month. Nephew who lost custody of his daughters to his ex wife is in a mens shelter and suicidal. This has been touch and go since his divorce a year ago. Finally, it will be at least a month until the first chance ti get my grand kids back. I couldn't go into the hearing, but it does seem that the judge is being fair. It is just that since the kids are in the system , a full investigation has to be done. Th
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