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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/09/world/americas/volcano-St-Vincent-eruption-caribbean.html
  2. $3.50 when I filled up on Tuesday.
  3. Jeepers! Oh my ! Your house looks wonderful! You got that Lady. Ignore the “I wanna buy” calls. We’ve been here for over 38 years & those calls come in daily. Theives, scammers & flippers, can bite me. Not gonna sell..... unless they wanna give me a couple million. Not gonna happen, ever! Mom is doing better then I expected. We went to Canyon lake yesterday. I fed 2 ducks, mallards, bread from my egg McMuffin. Before they were done, 8 more ducks flew in. Sorry... that’s all I had. But... he named them, Sampson & Delia. Lol. They stayed by our picnic table all
  4. @euphrasyne, I’m making a couple loaves today, I’m going to add a touch of sugar & see what happens.
  5. Well.... guess what? It should be pushing 100°F tomorrow. Yeah, summer is around the corner. Harvested more fava beans & tomatillos. Gotta do the beets. The tomatoes that grew in January are still only lightly orange. They are rotting on the vine. Thinking of trimming them and hoping for the best, but with temps soaring, I wish they would do something, but it is doubtful. The roses & irises are beginning to bloom, and so is the camomile. Parsley and thyme are growing, looking forward to harvesting them. Mom is getting more active, she’s looking health
  6. I was raised on an 80 acre farm. Moved to a big city, then a bigger city, then, our little town. In the 35+ years we’ve been here, Phoenix is pushing closer, the town annexed land and expanded, 10 miles away. Some people still have goats, foul, cows & donkeys, but as the younger generation grows up, they don’t seem interested in the upkeep. Our newest neighbor got chickens again this year. I had to catch & return an escapee, last week. Lol. A friend made me a “chicken grabber” which worked ideally. I’ll have to post a picture of it. We turned part of t
  7. Extremely windy today. I should open my van doors, like Mt_Rider & blow the dog fur out. Except it is carpeted and even the vacuum doesn’t get it out. After another dentist appointment, took it easy yesterday and made another skirt. Mom wanted to watch me put in the side seam pockets...gotta have pockets. Did laundry, reading, swept up the dog fur, finished the pull out side shelves for the roll top desk and a new cutting board for the kitchen, and now, we are waiting for a customer. Then, I will do the monthly bookkeeping, make the post office run, figure out ‘
  8. Good Morning! A moment of quiet time to read. Hope everyone is staying safe. MIL is doing good. We managed to find a few of her TV shows to watch, including her local news-on line. Love it or List it, has become a favorite of hers, because she is binging from season 1 episode 1, laughing how young they look and how much building styles have changed. Back to work here today. Harvested & processed the fava beans, last week, need to get out there & pick again. Finish the laundry from Sat. cleaning day, get DH’s fishing license, and, and, and, whatever else tha
  9. Flowers from the fields... in the Valley..... ..... plane?.... good grief, now I HAVE to re-read it.... Edited to add: Things of Wagons Ho, that pop up daily.... I remember writing, we found some alfalfa in a field.... well, collecting manure from the cow pastures, here, for my mulch & garden, sprouted a couple of alfalfa plants. Remembering our adventure, I harvested the seeds and replanted them, every year. Last year, there was enough to share with DH’s gardening friend. This year, it has spread 10 fold. Every day, I see the
  10. https://apple.news/AbeH11pZ0QTmhxRGQpuUjXA
  11. Annarchy


    https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/24/middleeast/suez-canal-container-ship-intl-hnk/index.html My friend mentioned that coffee is waiting in containers...
  12. Happy happy birthday to up you!
  13. This was sent to me with the comment, “ Is this a joke?” IDK... but, it scares me.....
  14. Littlesister, please give yourself a little break from all you have been doing. Yes, tons of paperwork, tons of phone calls, tons of dealing with everything and stuff that has to be done... but, take a moment or two, sit down and just forget everything for a bit. All that stuff will still be there to do, after, you get a brief moment for yourself. I’ve watched my mom, MIL and countless others, deal with loosing their loved ones. Everyone outside, think, you gotta do it right away, all the this & that, however, when you take the time for “you”, things focuses. 1st, most impor
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