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  1. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    we have 2 of those lanterns and a supply of the mesh mantles.
  2. Pretty. Now I want to go fishing. I am concerned about MIL’s heater/AC unit. It kept me awake, last night, past 1am, watching the minutes. Heater on...average 7-10 minutes, off...3-4 minutes, then, back on. All.night.long...and still going. It certainly isn’t that cold, maybe mid 50’s. And, the air blowing up the vents in the kitchen and den, is cool, not hardly warm, even in my bedroom, which is right outside the thermostat. I did mention it to him, while he was here, about the cooler air, however, he said it was because he’d just turned it on, he did check the burner fire and showed me that it was on. Still, I think there is something seriously wrong with it. That is too much off & on, IMHO.
  3. Today’s forecast was right, 50* this morning and only got up into the 60*. Mom turned on the heater and it didn’t come on. Waiting most of the day for the company that installed it. His bad. Apparently, mom didn’t like the new thermostat that he installed, had him put the old one back on and he wired it wrong. I went to the store for Lime-Away, then, worked on removing the lime scale on her toilet. I wasn’t able to get all of it off, but, it looks better than it did. DH said it was 55* this morning at home, warmed up to 72*. Ambergris and Mt_R, I hope you both are feeling better soon.
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, one of our very active members, turns 100 next month! A big party is being planned.
  5. Oh my. I forgot what board & budget meetings were like. After being in finance & business for so many years. Still, 4 hours of conversations, interjections and such. Wow, I certainly don’t miss it in the least. “...All in favor.....all opposed....”. Yikes! Funny thing, I wrote down observation notes, during the meetings and mentioned my observations to the Director, then, folded my notes up and put it in my purse, she stopped me and asked for my paper. Uhmmm, OK. All it was, were ideas from the various conversations I heard. She seemed really interested, I interjected, saying, I’m not a board member & couldn’t comment during the meetings, she replied, “...but you are a member...”. I do hope they can resolve some issues, with or without my input. I really enjoy my friendship with all the Ladies. My main concern, is, most are in their 80+’s. I can see age taking its toll. Heavy *Sigh*. Came home, after dropping off my riders, and took it easy the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I get working on my ToDo list. I love MIL so much....
  6. The evening weather forecast here, was saying the cold front is coming from Mt_Rider’s area, which is probably why you are getting it before it hits Mom’s house. Stay warm & healthy Lady.
  7. I tried a very small dish, I used a store bought jar lid, made a mixture of 1/2 borax & 1/2 sugar, using a cotton ball, mixed in some water, enough to desolve the dry stuff. Then, put it in a couple corners where the ants were. A couple days later, I didn’t see any more. I’m not sure if I got the ingredients or amount right, but we haven’t had them inside the house since. Thank God. Those little buggers are relentless.
  8. Mmmmm, apples. They don’t go on sale here until around Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are still over $2/lb. sigh. Made it to TX with out any incidents. Did see a lifted pickup truck, one car in front of me, blow a back tire. The car in front was tailgating and almost crashed, when it blew. Don’t people understand leaving space enough to stop in case of emergency? Meh, no harm, no foul. They sure slowed down after that. Be glad you have MS, Mt_Rider, not that it’s a good thing, I worry about you too. My Papa and my twin brothers have MD. It does effect the internal muscles. The Drs always test their hearts, lungs, and other internal organs. Papa’s effected his lung muscles, in the end, but 99% of his primary muscles while growing up. He constantly stressed learning and practicing, using secondary muscles. It helped a lot when I messed up my back. I’m beginning to really be concerned about my little brothers, they’ve mentioned certain things that are directly related to MD. And they are only in their 40’s. Jeepers, what is your time frame for moving to your new house. Maybe you won’t have to be concerned about your lawn guy. Time for me to get some sleep. Mom has a CoC meeting in the morning and has volunteered me, again, to be the designated driver. Lol.
  9. Well, my washer broke yesterday. It’s always had a problem balancing, since day one. Even a small load of just socks, has been unbalanced. At first, it would stop itself, refill, and try again to spin. One load actually took 5 hours to wash & spin. Then, it decided to just walk itself across the porch, until I could get there & push the button to stop it...wait 10-15 minutes before it released the locked lid, readjust the load & try again. I’ve been finding small pieces of broken plastic around it, for about a year. I knew this day was coming. It scared our gardener when he was mowing, when it went off balance. Lol. Our gardener texted me this morning, saying someone at work is selling one. Perfect timing. DH will have to check it out, because I’m leaving for TX today.
  10. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    I use light olive oil when DH wants popcorn. I use only enough to coat the bottom of the pan & lightly coat the seeds. Then, slowly bring up the heat, shaking the pan constantly, and remove it from the heat promptly as soon as it seems to quit popping. Thanks Midnightmom, I didn’t know that about veggie oil.
  11. Yeah, I’ve had an account over 10 years, but rarely go there, occasionally to see what the family is doing. MrsSurvival is my on-line home.
  12. Recycling.... it was a way of life for us too. Grandmother would make us unravel stuff too, to make something new. Lol! I still unravel sewing machine bobbins for hand sewing. And, have a button box, a zipper box, hook & eye box, and a Velcro box. Funny, I will be digging in the garden, and find a button... and add it to my box..
  13. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    I’ve used the virgin olive oil with good results. Extra virgin seems to work better. Veggie oil works better. Since we changed to olive oil & butter for cooking, I’m hesitant to use my olive oil to light the house. (Oh, & our health has improved greatly.)
  14. So very sorry. I hit the Update button, it began processing, asked me to log into the master account, and wouldn’t let me. I tried several variations, still nothing. I had a major interruption, shut the computer off, took care of it, tried to come back to fix it, & saw we were down! I tried all my support links and info, then, submitted a service request. They replied 12 hours later. It seemed like they took Sunday off. I made a post on FB, constantly monitoring the service request. Around 10pm. I finally crashed. 5am, I was back at it. They had to fix the glitch, and did promptly after I sent a second message to them. I probably tried to get here, over 100 times. Thank you all for your patience.
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