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  1. AZ doesn’t have any tax free dates in 2020. One reason I get a lot of groceries when I go to TX, they don’t have state tax on food. Writing... I write letters, in cursive & mail them. Even use cursive on the envelope, because I am mean spirited about so many people who don’t know how to do it. All my book work is hand written, mostly in cursive, on accounting ledgers (IRS inspected & approved.) Grocery lists, ToDo lists, etc., cursive, (unless it’s very important not to forget, I print it out.), checks, cursive.... I do not use computerized stuff very often. At.All. It gives me anxiety and confusion, because I always forget to look at it and miss a lot. Old school... DH got me a new old fashioned pencil sharpener for my birthday this year. I love it! It has a manual tightening suction base. I use mechanical pencils for book work and old fashioned wood & graphite for my art work, notes, messages, etc. Now they are sharp, not a carved tip with a knife anymore.
  2. Sorry Mt_Rider, I didn’t realize you had already posted it here: https://www.mrssurvival.com/topic/55266-unpopular-topicviolence-sigh/?tab=comments#comment-468854
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/oz8JdVQ
  4. Chemicals stored in port warehouse for years to blame for deadly explosion, Lebanese officials say The latest: Nearly 80 people dead, 4,000 injured Highly explosive materials were stored at port, says minister. Blast felt as far away as Cyprus, more than 160 kilometres away. Lebanon's Red Cross chief calls it "a huge catastrophe." Former Montrealer confirmed among the dead. Lebanese president recommends two-week state of emergency for Beirut. Israel says it played no role in explosion, ready to help Lebanon. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/lebanon-beirut-explosion-1.5673644
  5. Happy Birthday Koa. Rain is something we really need.
  6. Save it, might be worth something to a collector.
  7. Tax service sends out checks with 'Mickey Mouse,' 'Walt Disney' signatures.... https://apple.news/AMA71RBAHTsOSF-WWm7ECEQ
  8. Cooking extra eggs, make “Angel” eggs. Nice cool snack. DH’s recipe. Mash yolks, add, Worcester, mustard, & mayo. Sprinkle with paprika.
  9. Oh, and I’m using the pressure cooker. A fraction of the time to cook. My Mother’s potato salad: Boil eggs, 2-3 for 2 potatoes, save the water, water rationing, to boil the potatoes. The batch I make, 4-5 eggs. Diced, then, boil the potatoes, as much as you want to make. 1 potato, two potatoes 3 potatoes or more. I use about 4 -5 cups of diced potatoes. Remove the yoke into a bowl, dice/slice the whites into the drained, cooled taters. Smash yolks with a fork. Add, same portions of, catsup, mustard, mayo and dill relish. DH likes double the mustard and dill. Mix and add to potatoes. Let cool & set in the frig. TaDa!
  10. I only got one, before the heat set in. If they survive until we get some rain, we might get another one or two, hopefully... Anyone else think of all the recipes you could do with them?
  11. I’ve been using the air fryer because it doesn’t give off a lot of heat. The stove fan is sufficient enough to keep it from heating the kitchen. That has given us a variety of options. Sandwiches, from sliced frozen meats, cooking later, vacuum sealing meal sized dinners, and cooking outside.
  12. Really? That’s despicable, in all aspects. God help us.
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