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  1. Heading back to AZ today....
  2. DH said last night, according to the social security administration, they say, in their numbers study they just completed, the death amount for 2020 is only 1% higher than in the last 10 years. There is hope.
  3. Dee, so nice to see you here, I was concerned because you faded away for a little while.
  4. Definitely! And Dee, and .... I could make a long list....
  5. I did find a few recalls: https://www.charbroil.com/recalls
  6. I’m not a smoking expert. And, sorry, I have absolutely no experience with electric smokers. After reading what you wrote, IDK if I really want to try. Yikes! I do all my smoking on offset WM smoking barbecue. I start with charcoal, layer some crushed paper, topped with sprigs/twigs of mesquite, then, light the paper. The twigs are enough to light the briquettes without using lighter fluid. My DH can always taste the fluid no matter what. Depending upon what wood I’m using to smoke with, it’s soaked, to enhance the smoke. If I’m using mesquite, I skip the charcoal and just use m
  7. BTW, mammato3boys, don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. 6 year old... ha! I’ve seen things they “say” a 2 year old can do, and I can’t figure it out.
  8. Pauline’s came today, it’s adorable! However, the envelope was open, but, it was just fine.
  9. Winds are supposed to be in ramping up to 50-70 mph through NM, from 11 am - 5 pm. DH & I have decided to wait another day. The dust storms in that area are deadly. I’m hoping to make small Dutch apple pies & a couple loaves of bread.
  10. I was looking for a smaller turkey and almost got just a breast, until I didn’t see the bulges for the legs. The store had both in the same area, mixed together. The 7.8 lb. one I got was hickory/apple wood smoked Saturday, then, wrapped & frozen, for the trip to MIL’s. Been busy preparing for that. House sitter is set up, most everything is packed. Then, the burnt house next to her house, is finally being torn down. Finally!!! But, mom said there is a lot of debris ending up in her yard, so she wants me to bring my leaf blower to blow it back in their yard. Ti
  11. I’m unable to listen, volume off 99% of the time. If I can in TX this week, with head phones... DH read something in May about Vit. D being good. Of course there is no shortage of Sun in AZ. Lol. I have to take it daily anyway, but, he is also taking it.
  12. Mt_Rider, don’t get stressed. When I went to the optometrist, I checked in with the receptionist and sat down. MIL got there about 10 minutes later. We looked at pictures in a magazine, waiting, people came in, a couple left, because they already had walk-ins waiting. Two behind me. The Dr came out, frowned, & went back to the exam room. The phone rang, receptionist transferred the call... 3-5 minutes later, the dr came out, quietly said something to the receptionist, then walked back into the exam room. The receptionist, cordially picked up her stuff & headed for the door. We s
  13. Out roof is done! 2 men, 3 days, including replacing some boards. Now, the cleaning the dust & such, begins full force. They did a wonderful job cleaning outside, but, all the thump & bump on the roof.... well, you know. Jeepers, I have a nice sized box in the vehicle, I put most my groceries in. When I get home, I slide it out the door onto my hand truck, unless it’s too heavy to move, then, I transfer everything to a milk carton crate on my hand truck. I’ve been using it and a small luggage cart for years & years. Being ordered not to lift or carr
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