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  1. Telegraph Fire is almost 86,000 acres today.
  2. Annarchy


    Thank you, Dee! I’ve often wondered whether it was just me, lol. I’ve always put any bag of carrots in the crisper bin in the frig, but, I will blow into the bag, then, twist the top. Store bought will last almost a year, as long as I open the bag, use one or two, blow into the bag & re-twist the top. They will grow roots and greens. Home grown…. (embarrassing)… have lasted 2-3 years. They get pushed to the back & I forget they are in there. Sometimes I think I am loosing my memory… at my age…probably.
  3. I certainly hope & pray the highway acts as a fire block. As long as the wind dies down and the fires don’t backtrack. It is truly a deep sadness that all our local wilderness forests are burning. Yeah, it probably needed it. Native Indians used to do controlled burns, years ago, before Fed. land management took over. Plus, as DH & I were talking, AZ is the only place on earth, our Saguaro species can live naturally. Imagine how many are gone.
  4. I’m very grateful your family is safe, May they stay that way. Truly sad part, they evac’ed Superior & Top of the World to the evac center in Globe, for the Telegraph Fire. There isn’t a route out of Globe with the Mescal Fire encroaching. We are also going into an excessive heat warning, unseasonably high temps over 110°. Today, the Telegraph is 76,260 acres & Mescal is over 70,000 acres. There’s another big one in the Gila National forest, in NM, the Johnson Fire, 45,500 acres. Then, just for the info….. yeah, there’
  5. Telegraph Fire is over 71,700 acres. Mescal is almost 66,000 acres.
  6. Telegraph Fire is over 56,000 acres, evacuations for the town of Miami, (SW corner of Globe).
  7. This is what it looked like yesterday
  8. The Telegraph Fire is on the left, now over 41,000 acres. They PTB are recommending people west of Globe to evacuate. The Mescal Fire on the right, is almost 50,000 acres.
  9. The Telegraph Fire is on the left, the Mescal Fire on the right, is almost 26,000 acres already.
  10. The winds yesterday were horrible, more wind today.
  11. Windy, gusty winds are not helping, it’s up to 7,000 acres…closing highways…. As a crow flies, it’s probably less than 20 miles from us.
  12. Two fires within 50 miles from us. 3,500, the closest & 8,000 acres already. they get them under control. Planes are still flying….
  13. Mt_Rider, the dog transporter has MS. Mentioned horse riding to him, and he said he’s heard it helps. He’s young enough he’s been doing medicine trials, said the stuff they have him on now works rather well…but the cost is over $10 g a year.. but the research people are paying for it right now. Sigh. Been preparing to go to TX next week, a week early, because I have a dental appointment the following week. Sigh. But this appointment should, God willing, eliminate all the trouble I have been having. Amen! God willing, on the way home, I will get to visit with Twiligh
  14. Usually, with the right search, you can find almost any camera feed online. DH has been doing it for years.
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