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  1. for all. We got rain Monday evening. Clouds Tuesday. As the storm moved east, it turned to snow through NM & into TX. MIL got snow yesterday. Storm is finally settling in a bit and gaining a little weight. He follows me every.where I go! Velcro is his nickname. Lol. Your conversation about WM... it’s my go to store 99% of the time. Safeway and the little markets are usually .50 cents to a dollar more, per product, unless I decide to drive 100 miles round trip, then, the gasoline eats any savings I might have gained. One thing I have noticed, WM does online shopping & the customer come & pick it up in their parking lot. The employees fill a cart with their orders... etc. They get in my way and annoy me. Lol. The stockers are having a hard time re-stocking the shelves quick enough. I know several of the people who work there and they like to talk... Small community life. Frosty this morning, around 40* on the house. I have the gardening bug. Re-planted tomato seeds in my starter cups inside. Hopefully, they will grow quickly. We were able to have beet greens the other day, the beets seem to like being trimmed. I also am planning to plant more beets in the big garden. Keeping myself busy, as always, too much to do, not enough time or energy. Storm is smiling .....
  2. https://www.thebigshow.com/vod_html5/videos/20190102/high.mp4
  3. Mmmmmmm....spices. I am a spice hoarder... 99% of the time, I make my own blends. The hardest blend, for me, is KFC’s. They use MSG, we are highly allergic to it. For tacos, the Mexican oregano seems to make it taste exactly like Taco Bell, that’s the reason DH insisted having it in the spice garden. I’m still trying to find more recipes for Greek oregano, that one plant is now 2’ wide & tall, and looking for Italian oregano seeds or plants. Ambergris, thyme seems to like the heat here, seems to like not getting water occasionally, but, dislikes direct sunlight. (It’s a dry heat. ) One year, it was in a planter, shaded in the spring, but, half the area would get direct sun in the summer. The sun side would die off. (That would have made a good time lapse video. Lol) Last year, I planted it in the part of the spice garden, that is shaded, most of the time.
  4. Possum stew! I am eagerly awaiting your full recovery Kappydell. Wow.. cold weather, stones, liver, doctors, etc. what’s all these trials we are dealing with? We dropped to 28* this week. Froze a few spices, and the tomato sprouts. Spent a day trimming the Mex. oregano & basil, to dry & save as much as possible. Praise God, I had transplanted one of each plant into pots in the house, just before summer last year, JIC the heat fried them. I will be starting more tomatoes and try again. The beets, carrots, onions and cabbage seemed to enjoy the cold. Storm is settling in, calming down a bit, and learning our house rules. He rarely lets me walk anywhere without being right next to me. Cutting & stacking all those pine branches, left my right hand knuckles & fingers swollen, arthritis bites. Drinking honey & vinegar twice a day, seems to be helping, a lot, to reduce the swelling & pain. Mowed down the weeds in the alley, and around the outside of the yard. Bundled junk branch trimmings, and stacked up bulk junk for pickup last Wed. Half emptied one of the mulch bins into the area turned for the tomatoes, 100’s of earth worms. The hens have begun to lay again. Figures, I bought a dozen eggs on the 3rd, for the first time in 5 years. Lol. And, on the brightest side of life, the house across the street from us, that burned up, 7 years ago, has been reduced to a crushed adobe field. No more eye sore or stink. The young couple have a baby about a year old. They are Canadian “snowbirds”. They bought the lot for a winter home. Probably quiet cheaply because of the burnt house. We watched ‘daddy’ on the tractor, dismantling walls & filling 2 large dumpsters, and, as the last piece of the wall came down, we cheered, clapped and hooted. We, as in the whole neighborhood. He looked up, smiled from ear to ear and waved. It’s kinda odd to see more houses in our hood now. The house with the surveillance cameras, now has visual access to my back yard. She came over the other day, to tell me, her motion sensor went off, on my front yard. Why? Because our neighbors Argentine tortoise had escaped and was happily munching the grass in the front yard. We got it back home & secured their gate. Yeah, you never know who’s watching...... I must keep her entertained. Time to get back at it.
  5. I am working with him every day, now, he lets me brush his tail, kinda, touch all his toes, and let’s me mess with him when he’s eating or chewing on his toys. We had a major issue with the steak bone, a couple days after he got here, he growled and snapped at me when I went to pet him & tell him he was a good boy. I grabbed him, turned him over on his back and grabbed his neck while growling at him. Ever since, he has been submissive and very kind with me. We went for a leash walk this morning, just around the yard, with the shock collar on vibrate. He did sorta good, still pulling, but shock shut that down. Tomorrow is another day. He played tug-o-war with Gunny, want to see?
  6. Annarchy

    New Miles, 2020

    Wow, Miki, you are doing so well! I agree wholeheartedly! And 13-14 miles! That’s impressive also, way to go! 1/20..... .07 mile 1/21.... It gave me my steps... 34. Could be I didn’t have my phone on me? Good enough excuse. Lol 1/22.... .44 mile 1/23.... .03 mile 1/24.... .55 mile I didn’t have my phone on me, the 25-26th. The 25th I had worked hard the day before & woke up gimping. 1/27... .47 mile 1/28.... 1.5 miles. 1/29.... .47 mile. 3.5 miles. I know it isn’t much, but I am moving around.
  7. SouthsideSlim, the person that drove Storm across TX, stopped by and visited on Tuesday, for a few minutes, on his way back to San Antonio, TX. Storm was excited to see him. It was nice to see Storm allowing someone in the yard. He snapped at the first person that visited. Poor DH was shaking from the adrenaline. Then, the water delivery man came. Again, Storm did well on the leash and I was able to unleash him, without an incident. Yesterday, DH’s friend came over, Storm was OK at first. Then, out of the blue he barked at him, but nothing else. Before he left, Storm was all over him, for petting. With the exception of following me around any time I moved. Probably being nice, because he wanted treats... I was cooking in the house & barbecuing ribs. Lol. Here’s the boys loving on SouthsideSlim...
  8. Everyone tired of the pics yet? This happened when I tried to water the yard with the sprinkler.... bath time just got simpler, turn on the sprinkler, soap him up, and let him play.
  9. Looking great, Homesteader! Inspiring too. Happy anniversary Littlesister. DH & I are working on 38 years, doesn’t seem that long ago, lol. Our neighbor, that had that pine tree cut down, came by yesterday and offered us a bunch of wood. We have to cut the branches, but it will give us enough for the fire pit for, at least, a year. Yes, God IS good. We filled the back of the UTV twice yesterday, and will go back today & the next day, until we finish the pile and clean up the area for them. Ack! I can’t believe how out of shape I am! My hands are arthritic swollen this morning. Nuts! Just gotta keep on, keeping on, we need to get it done. The boys (Dee-oh-geeze) are out playing. Storm is learning “Shhhhhhh” means quiet! We will need to be extremely vigilant with him around other people. He almost bit a customer yesterday. DH said he missed by an inch. With all he has been through, we think he was afraid we were going to give him away. Sigh. The water delivery man comes tomorrow, I will have him leashed and introduce them. Then, later, the person who drove Storm across TX is scheduled to come for a barbecue. (Ribeye steaks, as a Thank you for going out of his way, to make sure we got the dog.) Then, Wednesday, we’ve scheduled DH’s friend to come over. He helped Gunny acclimate when we first got him. Hopefully, that will settle Storm down, God willing. We don’t need the liability of a vicious dog, at all. Time for me to work on my ToDo list. Hoping everyone has a Fantastic day.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novel_coronavirus_(2019-nCoV)
  11. Bathing Storm was a challenge, he was yanking around, then, drying him added extra stress on my back. but, the spasms, all night, kept me from sleeping well. Trying to keep myself from doing too much, until it eases up. DH got me a small heating pad, I used it yesterday evening and it seemed to help. My ToDo list is growing. Spring is definitely here in the desert. Weeds everywhere and I need to turn the mulch bins and get the mulch turned into the garden. The tomatoes are sprouting and doing well. 6 homesteads and two beefsteak already. I had to put a rope around my spice garden, because Storm decided he wanted to smell the garlic chives, mint, & thyme, before I chased him out. This is only day 6 with him, so, I’m sure he will learn, ....eventually. Lol
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