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  1. We backpacked for years. Most of our emergency supplies are backpacked ready. Except, IDK if I’d go far with a pack on.
  2. Excellent post! Most people don’t think about that.
  3. Mmmmmmm........numnumnum....sounds delicious Mother, thanks!
  4. Glad you liked it. His “duck”... I found it while diving the river. It had a water bottle in the back, but had holes in it, so, I cut up a bunch of corks & filled the bottle, stuffing the last one in so it wouldn’t come out. Gunny only gets to play with it when he is in water.
  5. He has a very expressive face! Except today, he’s depressed & down because DH left and hasn’t come back yet...! This is Gunny’s first time alone without DH.... Time for some major spoilage.
  6. Granola? What’s the recipe? Our BBQ is registering 250*F daily. Aluminum and plastic sheeting registers 200 *F. Seriously, I really don’t need to use the dehydrator in the summer, but would like to make some stuff. Hopefully, I’ll process the deer meat into jerky this week while it’s still extremely hot outside. Kappy, as long as it has minimal chemicals in it, it should be fine.
  7. I was trying to work on it. Got overwhelmed, looking in ancient threads, remembering people, long gone, distracted, and such. Duplicates, trying to make sure I gave credit to those who posted the recipes, then, no one seemed interested and I put it aside. It’s still on my computer...... sigh...
  8. Sorry, Ambergris, neither do I. If you are having trouble logging in, send a “Contact Us” note, and I will get it via e-mail, reply, & might be able to help you log back in.
  9. He certainly didn’t mind the heat after all that. We gave the small wading pool to the neighbors dog. He likes it too.
  10. In... and ...out... and... in... and out...
  11. “.....duck, duck, ....whoa! That worked!... got dad soaked....” He is the most playful and loving dog we have ever had. E73DD019-6946-4CE3-B19C-3FCE2250CCDC.MOV
  12. Coming in full tilt.... 99BF0B4A-F3E1-4D0B-8AE3-5FE483792757.MOV
  13. Gunny found the joy of the larger wading pool. He’s playing catch with himself & his water “duck”. 7FB5F852-098A-44AA-A496-DF37D018B064.MOV
  14. It is hot. 108* by 10:00 am. by noon above 110*, then, when the afternoon sun hits the thermometer, it pegs out above 120*. Gunny lifts his feet when he stands on the cement. We got him the bigger wading pool. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have to empty it after he’s finished, mainly because the honey bees discover it and also because of all the grass & dirt in it. I worked, most of the morning, cleaning the shed, again. It seem to collect stuff. Filled the recycle bin and the garbage can, before they picked it up, then, I quit for the day, because, my sweat band started dripping in my eyes. By then, the spa was empty, so I wiped it down and refilled. It was nice to relax in spotlessly clean cool water last night. DH will be packing tonight to visit his Mom. IDK what I’m going to do while he’s gone. Probably too much, lol. I’ve finished preparing her mini-meals, even though she said she has too much now. Maybe I’ll keep 1/2 here in my freezer until she uses her supplies up.
  15. Not yet... That info was from July 4th... they haven’t updated the site since, that I know of.
  16. Glad you were able to fix it. This house had an in cabinet oven. One bottom hinge was broken. I tried using it several times, by bracing a broom handle against it. Horrible results. I gave up and got a toaster oven, which we used for 30+ years, before being blessed with a real stove/oven. When removing that old 1950’s, pink oven, it was amazing how it was designed and how many screws it had. Funny.... we put it out next to the sidewalk & it was gone in less than an hour.... good luck to them... lol.
  17. Kappydell, your garden results sounds bountifully blessed. Congrats. Mine, however, has been growing, but the results would leave us starving. Of course our temperature yesterday was 113*, it’s been above 110 here, all week. 3’ x 8’ area of fava beans produced a handful of pods, hopefully enough to replant next year, and now they look like dried weeds with some greenery at ground level. I’m leaving them in until the monsoon rains, hoping they might grow again and produce more. The 2 butternut squash plants are vining and popping flowers daily, but no fruit. Radish seeds were a bust. Not one seed, just stalks and empty pods, the birds may have helped themselves. The mung beans produced 1/8 cup of seeds. I’m hoping the plants that haven’t dried up in the heat, will continue to produce. The tomatillo plants are 3-4’ high & wide, growing really well, but, only 1 tomatillo out of the whole area. The tomato and jalapeño plants are growing, 1 tomato, the ants devoured as soon as it turned orange, the hens enjoyed it. A bored grackle pulled up all my garlic, which had begun to wither & dry in the heat, the bulbs are now in a pot in the kitchen. I’m thinking of digging up some of the spices, pot them and grow them in the house. Even the mint is dying in the heat. (My water bill is higher than the electric.) Gunny had issues with the fireworks, Grrr taught him that. He was fine the first year, until he saw Grrr freaking out. I saw a video on line, this dog was watching the fireworks from an open window. He looked excited, glancing back at his master, as if to say, ‘did you see that one..’. The title to the video was, ‘the only dog who LOVES fireworks ‘. Due to the heat, we got Gunny a small wading pool, thinking it would be just the right size for him. We had to put him in it, to show him it was his to play with. It took about an half hour before he finally realized it, then, the fun began. He ran full tilt, several times, around the yard, then jumped in it. Ummm... he barely fit in it. OOTO, our WM seemed normal, but we never have a large variety of fresh produce. Avocados are around $1.00 a piece, due to the tariffs. Corn is 3/$1.00. It might be because we are closer to CA and the corn fields are doing well here. Miki, your regular day sounds busy. Here’s Gunny and his play pool...
  18. Wiki..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth I have always put it in the hens food. Being food grade, I know it isn’t going to harm them, but it has never failed to keep the bugs & ants out of their food and their coop. A couple of years ago, the girls had a small problem with fleas, we think they got them from the flocks of birds that hang around the yard, anyway, I dusted each hen throughly and haven’t had the problem since. When ever I add/replace the straw and alfalfa in their coop, I always dust it with DE.
  19. Happy Belated Birthday Dogmom, I hope you had a wonderful day. The oldest of my brothers stopped by Sunday afternoon. He and his wife were driving his MIL’s vehicle back to CA from NE. She’s in her mid 80’s too, fell last year and broke her hip. I guess, as often as it happens, we need to be consciously aware to be careful, and not fall, right? This week is preparing for next weeks trip to TX. I get to stay home, but, Mom called giving me a ToDo project, which I will need to get supplies for. Most of the mini vacuum sealed meals are made and frozen, however, she asked for more pizza and lasagna. I’m hoping to make the pizza today. Trying to beat the heat, the forecasters are saying the temperature will be well over 110*F the rest of the week. I made a makeshift swap cooler for the hens, a thick tablecloth sandwiched between shade screens, draped over half their coop and spray it down a few times a day to keep it moist. The shade screen seems to help keep the sun from drying the cloth out as quickly. I suppose it is working well enough for them, thank God, because, they are spending most of the afternoons in that area of their coop. We are finally hearing a few cicadas, “...30 days...and rain...”. I sure hope so. The ants certainly are busy. I had to powder a thick line of harvester ants crossing the porch and into the yard, with DE, then, I discovered another line of big red/black ants harvesting stuff from the coop. No wonder the hens kept complaining whenever they saw me. I followed the ones heading “home”, all the way to the street, where they crossed over. They got Amdro on my side of the street. This morning I haven’t seen anymore. God willing that will stop them. I hope everyone has a blessed day.
  20. 7.1? Right? We were sitting on the back porch, watching the birds play in the yard, when one caught our attention. It looks like a brown cardinal with raccoon eyes. A very fidgety bird, that loves to scratch erratically for bugs and seeds. It was standing on Gunny’s tennis ball, bouncing on it! At first DH thought it may have gotten its talon caught on the fuzz, but, noooo. It would hop off the ball, when the sparrows came too close, and chase them away, then, it’d jump back on the ball and hop on it. I guess it thought the ball was its personal trampoline. We watched it do that for, at least, 10 minutes. Very amusing.
  21. Annarchy

    Lose weight

  22. Flat land here. We can see the show from our back yard. We are not sure if they will have a show, with it being so dry. One of our concerns, are thieves. They figure people are at the show and burgle the homes.
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