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  1. The cantaloupe began to split and is ripe. And I harvested about 5 lbs. of tomatillos. I used a quarter for scale. Still more on the vines. Radishes, beets and carrots are all growing great.
  2. Runs in the family. DH constantly says he told me, or you knew that... I recognize faces, but can’t recall names anymore, forget where to go, get lost while driving, maybe just age catching up with me. I shouldn’t have said anything, sorry.
  3. Annarchy

    Star Link

    At least it wasn’t UFOs or Angels on assignment.
  4. Then, there is Alzheimer’s, which is starting to plague me. Really??? Never expected that...
  5. Annarchy

    Star Link

    DH was still up when I got up around 5 am. We took our coffee outside and were gazing at the stars. Crystal clear skies from the rain we had. I saw a satellite headed NNE. About a minute later another one going in the same direction, along the same path, then, another, then, they started coming sooner and sooner, about 10-15 seconds apart. During the ‘show’ , it looked like a string of pearls cruising across the sky. We counted 60 plus several others on different paths. Apparently, they released them on November 11th. We definitely have never seen anything like that before. It was neat. https://www.starlink.com https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/what-is-spacex-starlink/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starlink_(satellite_constellation) https://broadbandnow.com/Starlink https://www.businessinsider.com/spacex-starlink-satellite-internet-service-when-available-date-2019-5
  6. What’s your opinion? https://jumpshare.com/v/z41fM8HDDhZxsLWiQLxu
  7. ....and it’s still raining.... Wow! We haven’t had this much rain since April. It’s awesome! The garden is proofing! This afternoon, I had enough time to open the washer, after that dust storm.. Yup, you guessed it, everything was coated with dirt, had to wash it over again. Did manage to have enough time to do another load and BBQ for DH, before the next bunch of clouds swirled over and started dropping water on us. It’s amazing! Rain, glorious rain! Except, we are gimping around, from the pressure change. DH is gimping from his knees & ankles & every arthritic joint on me is screaming at me. Lol, it’s worth it, as long as our water bill goes down from over $300/mo. Lol
  8. I’ve read that also. I take vinegar on a schedule. Once or twice a week, only, but I also avoid sugar, like the plague. If I have sugar, I can guarantee I will crash, go to sleep involuntarily, within about an half an hour or less. G-ma, mother & dad, were/are, insulin dependent. A friend of DH, brought a cheesecake, made with mung bean extract, that didn’t have any effect on me. I want her recipe. Sweet without sugar?!?!? Nice.
  9. Ouch, we had two with renal issues. They cathed them and dosed them with antibiotics, they lived 5 more years. Franklin & Jung were sweeties, then, both went bald with adrenaline cancer. Surgery requires microscopic surgery, because the are so small creatures. Not worth the pain or suffering they have to endure.
  10. Exactly, Jeepers. I don’t wash my eggs but all the eggs get refrigerated as soon as I collect them, my hens get thyme & oregano in their food & water, natural antibiotics. The people who snatch up my extra dozens, have been told to wash them before they crack them and to wash after cracking them. And, yes, they have quit laying for the winter. I only have 2 doz. left.
  11. Oh my, Littlesister, 20 some ferrets dancing around our feet. Yes, ferrets in the US only live 7-10 years, too inbred. However, the ones in England & Australia, have a 20 year lifespan. 7 ferrets, nice! I am in awe someone else is helping the little fuzzy faces. They filled me with joy, and a plethora of other emotions. My hardest was, doing surgery...it never worked to give them a extended quality life. Once adrenal, insulinoma, & other cancers set in, the best that can be done is to love them to the end. I still have remorse for one that had surgery... the vet said, it would extend his life.... no it didn’t and he was in pain. They didn’t stop all the bleeding on something, crushed my heart. one thing with ferrets, they bond with one, whether human or another ferret. If one bonded ferret passes, the bonded one will pine away. Extremely sad, but true. All but 3 of ours were rescued, it took time for them to accumulate to our household, but once they did, they were a riot. Harmony, took Inspiration, screaming, by the scruff, and treated her like her own baby. It was hilarious. From that point on Inspire Kitty, bonded with DH, because he saved her from Mama Harmony. Lol. So many stories, so many years.... lol
  12. Nice rails, WE2. Hope you are doing better today Mt_R. Miki, it is nice to hear you were able to resolve your mortgage issue promptly. Yesterday was busy. I began preparing the wings around 2:00. While they were marinating, I cooked the fingers, for bone broth. Company got here around 4, when it started to rain. RAIN! It did not deter Luna & Gunny from their play time. Muddy, wet, soaked, muddy, everywhere....yeah, they had a good time. It is still raining today, a nice gentle soaking rain, and brrrr, for me. 60* with no humidity is comfortable, with humidity it is giving me the shivers. Hopefully, it will ease up enough for me to get a load of clothes into the dryer. I barely got the washer covered, before the pre-rain dust storm barreled through. It was so thick, it looked like fog. Sorry you have to replace your stove Homesteader. I hope you are able to get one you like quickly.
  13. Sorry I didn’t join this year. There is so much going on here, I don’t think I’d be able to send any out soon enough. Forgive me. I’m hoping to make some more in the coming year and be able to join again next year. Again, I’m sorry. Thank you, Snowmom for continuing to be here for us. I’ve really missed you.
  14. Thanks, Daniel, they are still missed. I am continuing to un-ferret proof our house. IDK if some things will ever the same. Lol I pulled out a king sized French provincial I had crocheted several years ago, and forgot a ferret had munched a section out of it. And, as I clean house, each week, I continue to find ferret fluff. Tough on the heart, but our years, have been passed onto others. As it should be.
  15. The update is done. We were only off line 5 minutes. I greatly appreciate the prompt response we received from customer support. Whew! Please let me know if you have any difficulties. Thank you all for your patience.
  16. Doing this and that, always something. Everyone sounds motivated and busy. Homesteader, your pantry is beautiful, I agree with Jeepers, I’d like someone to help with redecorating & remodeling. Then, again, there is no room to remodel anything in my house. Lol DH told me, if my back was healthy, he’d never be able to keep up with me. Last week, DH had a friend come over, early, on cleaning day, desperately needing his friendship. We’ve been trying to encourage him, daily. Since we weren’t able to clean, we had to do it Tuesday. I’ve been walking around the gardens, daily, looking at the growing progress, collecting spice leaves and drying them. Diced an handful of jalapeños that turned red and sun dried them. When I use them, I grind them into powder. Adds a nice spicy flavor. I still have 3 lbs of tomatillos to process, DH wants me to make & can green chili enchilada sauce. DH went out target practicing with Luna’s owner, while I made 4 personal sized apple pies. The boys scheduled a play date for Gunny, next week, and decided on the menu, wings, tater tots, and cheesecake. DH got motivated and disassembled the washer that died. No wonder it would never balance, several plastic parts were broken, one of the balancing arms wasn’t attached, the rubber parts and bumpers were sticky gummy and disintegrating, and the upper ring around the drum was half filled with water. I have no idea how water got in there and we were unable to drain it. We got most of it in the roll off dumpster. I am going to use the outer plastic drum for a second mulch bin, perfect size for me to handle and DH wants to use the metal drum for a red neck fire pit. We should be able to fold the outer shell and get it in the trash after the next pick up on Monday. We don’t have curb side bulk pick up any more, so everything has to be crammed into the roll off. The city used to come weekly and take anything we piled up by the road. I miss that service. Other than that, I’ve been spending most my spare time working on that painting. Which reminds me, time to walk the yard, and get working on it again. Whites turned grey, dark colors turned grey and the yellow turned green. I have managed to get the mat and frame ready for framing. All that’s needed for that, is washing the glass. The sun is getting ready to come up, birds are flocking in for their morning seed, and the wind has finally calmed down.
  17. I decided to give everyone a “heads up” for the next update. I will wait until Monday morning to attempt it. Hopefully, it will process with no glitches. I certainly do not want it to crash like it did last month. Thanks you all for understanding.
  18. Kenmore Microwave Ovens Recalled Due to Burn Hazard; Made by Guangdong Galanz; Sold Exclusively at Sears and Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2020/Kenmore-Microwave-Ovens-Recalled-Due-to-Burn-Hazard-Made-by-Guangdong-Galanz-Sold-Exclusively-at-Sears-and-Sears-Hometown-and-Outlet-Stores Recalled Kenmore Elite microwave oven Name of product: Kenmore Elite Microwave Ovens Hazard: Incorrect wiring causes the microwave’s exterior to reach temperatures exceeding 183 degrees Fahrenheit, posing a burn hazard to the user. Remedy: Repair Recall date: November 14, 2019 Units: About 700 Recall Details Description: This recall involves 1,000-watt countertop convection microwave ovens manufactured under the Kenmore Elite brand name on April 27, 2017. This manufacturing date of the recalled microwave ovens is identifiable by the first six digits of their serial numbers, each of which begins with the numerals “170427”. The model number of the recalled microwaves is “204.77603610”. The brand name, model number and serial number can be found on the data plate on the back of the microwave ovens. The brand name is printed near the bottom of the door. Model Number Serial Number Range 204.77603610 17042700001 and 17042700684 Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled microwave ovens and contact Sears for a free in-home repair. Incidents/Injuries: None reported Sold At: Exclusively at Sears and Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores nationwide from May 2017 through July 2018 for about $350. Manufacturer(s): Galanz Guangdong Microwave Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Co. Ltd., of China Importer(s): Sears Holdings Management Corporation, of Hoffman Estates, Ill. Distributor(s): Sears Holdings Management Corporation, of Hoffman Estates, Ill. Recall number: 20-020
  19. Prepping for us, is having enough squirreled away, in case of any circumstances. Traveling is out of the question, DH doesn’t want to go anywhere, at all. He traveled a lot, all his life and then for work.
  20. Harvested over 5 lbs. of tomatillos and a pound of jalapeños. They are still producing, so we might get a few more pounds. Beets, carrots, radishes and cabbage have sprouted. I’m hoping one of the cantaloupes will be ripe enough for Thanksgiving.
  21. DH’s friend in KY said it was 18* last night. Montana got a couple feet of snow, a couple days ago and Maine is expecting a big storm...., just got a text, it has hit ME 7” and coming down hard. Sunny skies and strong winds here, in the mid 60’s this morning, forecast is predicting a storm coming through this weekend, dropping the high temps into the 50’s.
  22. Even though it doesn’t say what restaurants purchase it, the first thing that came to mind was, pizza places.
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