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  1. It got hot again. We had 3 days at 100°, but, now we are back above 105°. My vehicle said 112° yesterday. Watering the yard & garden in the evenings, otherwise, it evaporates in a couple of hours and turns the ground as hard as a rock. The birds spend a lot of time in my garden, under the trees, and in & around the water dishes. Last night, Storm started barking in his room (my office). DH let the boys out and they, and all the dogs in the neighborhood were in an uproar. DH said it was a Cougar wandering around the neighborhood. Still waiting for the bed frame to get here, so I can finish re-organizing my room. It’s been a major challenge... (“I’m NOT a hoarder!”, nope, nope nope... well, maybe a little bit with paperwork and receipts.... but I’ve been audited... they want to see & prove you have the receipts.). I really didn’t realize I had paperwork as far back as 20 years. I did keep a couple things dated in the 1970, just for giggles & memories. Managed to get all the paper down to 5 filing cabinet drawers. Time to get back to work.
  2. I still hear almost every word on that list. That’s funny.
  3. Cast iron requires more work to keep it seasoned. If I leave a liquid in it after cooking, it will rust and need to be re-seasoned. I have a couple stainless steel pans, and a stack of cast iron. If properly seasoned, the cast iron pans are better than a non-stick pan. Comparable to the ceramic & copper ones that are trending now days. However, cast iron sometimes has a flavor, from seasoning. I use the stainless steel pan for browning rice, quick & easy, gets hot fast, cools off quicker, when removed from the heat. Like Mt_Rider mentioned, cast iron takes longer to heat up, but, it stays hot longer, especially in the case of a Dutch oven. Most recipes I’ve seen, seem to need a consistent temp, and longer cooking times. Here’s a lot of info on cookware https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookware_and_bakeware
  4. Nope, not at all. We used them for the ferrets. Never a smell and very absorbent. Plus, as sensitive as ferrets are, and me, they, nor I, ever had a problem with them. They kept the poop smell to almost nothing and dried out very quickly. I’d use them, in a heartbeat, if I needed to. Plus, they are slightly cheaper than the human versions.
  5. Kappydell, have you tried fried zucchini spears? https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1015255-fried-zucchini https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/fried-zucchini-recipe-1916114 Thanks Jeepers & Ambergris. For $75. we got a nice one. We will need to get one piece of hardware for one side of a drawer, and maybe change the lower file drawer locks, not a big deal. The dark part, is a thick beveled piece of smoked glass to protect the wood from, staples, paper clips, and ink marks. AZ only has one major recreational water system that goes through the state. And, when the temps exceed 100°, people flock to it. Roosevelt Lake, flows into Apache Lake, flows into Canyon Lake, flows into Saguaro Lake, flows into the Salt River, where the people rent inner tubes & bus rides, then, into the Tempe Town lake. By the time it gets to the city, not much water flows past. Plus it’s tepid, dirty water, from all the people.
  6. Happy Birthday Jeepers! We needed to go get the roll top desk for my office/MIL’s/ guest bedroom. DH said pick up time, was moved up to noon. Filled his truck, washed his windows and left the house around 11 am. Took our normal road. Got to the base of the mountain, and the police had blocked the road. There were a few small signs about an accident. After navigating the crawling traffic, a U turn, we were headed for the next road, we know, that goes to the highway we needed to get to. After, traveling another 10 miles, we got on that road, only to run into another road block. We guessed, maybe the accident had been on the highway, not the joining roads. So, that left one road to use. 25 miles of city driving, and we were finally headed there. By then, it was after noon. DH pulled over to look up driving instructions. An hour later, we were there. They said they had gone to do something in the morning, but got caught up in slow traffic and had barely gotten back, before we showed up. We decided to go home, the way we originally wanted. Oh my! What a mess! No, it wasn’t an accident, at all. It was Saturday. The lake was full to capacity, law enforcement had stopped more traffic from trying to get there. The people were parked along the road, walking over a mile or more, to get to the water! Then, as we approached the river, the same thing! Hordes of people everywhere, parked along side the road everywhere, and almost all of that part of the road has No Parking signs, about 30’ apart, on both sides. At the bridge that crosses the river, I looked down, it was overwhelmingly crowded/packed with people, even in the water, floating on tubes and rafts. That’s the reason we quit going on weekends, but, after seeing it yesterday, we won’t be going back, not even to fish. As we passed the road block, around 2:30, cars were lined up waiting for the road to open. I really doubt they opened it back up. Plus, there wasn’t any evidence of an accident, that we could see. Got home safely and moved the solid wood door, I’ve been using as a desk, and the wooden boxes it was sitting on. Brought in the top of the desk, and got the bottom in the house, only to discover, it wouldn’t fit through the kitchen door. We had to take the drawer handles off, then, put a silk parachute under it and slide it to the hallway into my room, where it almost got wedged. DH got a box cutter and pry bar, handed them to me, since I was stuck on one side and he was on the other side, I cut the paint around the door moldings and removed 2, and took the door off... we finally got it in. Tomorrow we will go get new molding and paint... It’s in that room forever now. I am still trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff in my room, because, the bed frame is supposed to be here this week. I’m glad they had the key, the top locks in place as soon as the top closes.
  7. Oh my, what a beautiful day it was. 80° when I got up around 4 am. Decided to drain the ‘hot tub’. Hot tub in AZ in the summer. We turn it off. When we first got it, 125° + in the summer. Anyway, it still had a thermocline, cool on the bottom, but warm on the top. Added chems to cycle thru the hoses & drained it, then, cleaned the shell. Next time we want to use it, I’ll add the natural bio cleaner as it fills and we will be cool, for about two weeks. Typical city water is still only 80°, but, is nice for a soak. The lakes & rivers are already overgrown with algae and weeds. A lot of kayakers are complaining about the fish dying off and the weeds clogging the areas. We wanted to go yesterday, but DH got a “meh” feeling, and we don’t go when either he or I feel that way. Not worth it, plus we usually see something on the news, that affirms it. No need to temp fate. It got up to 95° most of the day, light cloud cover, with dark clouds around the mountains, most of the day. Then, the sun came out, and we shot up to around 100°. Sigh. Yeah, no extra covid around here. Did a couple loads of laundry, customers, training Storm, he likes to chase cars and kids. I haven’t used the shock collar on him in a couple of months, battery died, but, when I put it on him today, he was my best friend and staying really close to me. It even worked to calm down his barking, “bark, bark, bark”, at the UPS delivery person. My goodness, he’s gotta make a scene any time they go by, even if they don’t stop. Shock collars are a good thing, even if I only use the beep sound. Lol Made barbecued, hickory smoked lamb chops & bread sticks, cauliflower and long grain & wild rice for dinner. Tomorrow we need to be in Fountain Hills by 10 am., to pick up a solid wood, roll top desk, DH found for $75.00. Normally $1,500. on Amazon. I hope it is as good as he says. So, in the mean time... I spent a week sorting out old business records, from our closed businesses, going back to 2005, shredding the old stuff, boxing up the records that can still be audited, until next year, and condensing the current records. My poor shredder got hot! And, the roll off dumpsters are full and heavy! Oops. I’m actually down to 4 drawers of company paperwork and if, the roll top has file drawers, I will be able to get rid of the two metal filing cabinets I’ve used for 30+ years. Hopefully. Stacked & organized most of my art & sewing supplies, still hoping there will be enough room with the new bed, supposed to be here today, but wasn’t, the new desk, filing cabinet, my art desks and supplies. I’m really pushing it in a 10’ x 10’ room. plus, I have my old fashioned typewriters, one from the 1930’s and one from the 1990’s.... printer, computer, and... all my clothes... and .... Need to can the tomatoes I’ve collected, before the birds got at them, probably only get 3-5 pints, God willing. So, yeah, I have been busy, and hoping everyone is hanging in there. Oh, our high, highest high, according to my vehicle, has been 115°F. And... it isn’t Summer yet.
  8. ...and,” they“ EXPECT you to give them something for nothing.... and...employers get sued for firing because of incompetent work, “they” always have an excuse why you were so mean to them, you hurt their feelings and caused them emotional damage.....
  9. Glad you have your mom with you now, Homesteader. It must be a relief.
  10. DH is concerned about “them”. PTL, they haven’t done anything in our tiny town. He took my thin blue line off my vehicle, said cause of “them”. I respect our LEO’s. Not all of them are bad. They protect us from “them” and put their own lives on the line, and rarely, does anyone thank them. Sigh. Books balanced, bills paid, and dinner was cooked, not before having to go to WM to get another air frier. Mine died completely. One year warranty, two years later after constant use. We got our moneys worth. This one is the Pro, but only has a 90 day warranty, and the paperwork says, when you buy it, you relinquish any right to sue? Really!? I don’t care, it cooked dinner tonight, and that was worth it. Lol.
  11. The rain was a blessing, however, we watched several fire planes fly overhead, heading towards the south east mountains, the Sonoran Ntl. Forest. Sigh. Restful day, yesterday. We sat in the spa for a bit, when the temp exceeded108° in the shade. It’s cold water, no heat. I will need to drain/refill some of the water, to cool it back down. We talked about getting a replacement, with one of the new ones, that does both heat & cold. Ours is over 25 years old, but, is in perfect condition, PTL. Then, barbecued a couple steaks, made a salad, & microwaved a can of ranch beans for dinner. Today, it’s going to be busy. Need to gather tomatillos, tomatoes, and jalapeños. It’s the first of the month, book work and bills. Later today, a customer is coming over to learn about starting his own business, what the necessary requirements will be. Oh, and it’s house cleaning day. Time to get at it. Hoping everyone has a wonderful day.
  12. We got rain yesterday evening!!! Enough to water the yard. It was 112°F around 3 pm., got humid, clouds, thunder and a bit of distant lightning. Very refreshing. AZ rain dance paid off. (Just wash the vehicle.)
  13. Jeepers, can you do the drive through window at the bank?
  14. Yikes, Kappydell, dealing as a peace keeper in riots... DH did the L.A. riots, full gear. Had me on edge every day. Scary stuff. I’m glad you are out of it now, and, if you don’t mind, “Thank you for your service”. The closest I was ever allowed to work in the service, was giving the SO their tests, to be considered for the positions, prior to employment. (Shucks, I still remember the contents. Lol.) And that back brace looks uncomfortable. I wore a plaster cast, from my armpits down to my bum, for a year, when I crushed my spine, back in the early ‘70’s.
  15. NOT! We broke a heat record, dating back to 1910, we hit 112°F in Phoenix. Our thermometer said 110° in the shade... the car said 115°. Yeah, it’s hot. I did an AZ rain dance, I washed my van. And guess what? The clouds are building and there is dust storm warnings. Then, the elderly lady called and asked me to take some food the food bank stuffed in her car. They put 2 unopened cases of hash browns and tater tots. Yikes, I will be vacuum sealing all the 5lb. Bags into meal sized packages. Then, I managed to empty one paper box. That leaves 5 boxes and 6 drawers. Working on it. oh, did laundry, refilled the dog, chicken and bird water, picked 10 tomatoes, cleaned up dog puke-he ate too much, played and got too much heat. Poor baby. DH turned on the news,first time since MIL left. Oh my, why are people here in AZ rioting, destroying property, businesses, government buildings, because one person was treated wrong in Minnesota? I know, because they can,and they think they all are treated that way. Sigh! The person who did it has been arrested and formally charged with manslaughter, so why the riots? Justice is being served. Do I wanna riot cause my friend died, because the hospitals wouldn’t take him? Oh, never mind, he was white.
  16. Littlesister, left over steak is great for French dips. Thin sliced French bread, buttered & baked until just crisp. (Or bolillo bread or any bread for that matter.) Thin slice the meat. In a bowl, mix a Tbsp of minced onion, a tbs of beef bullion and a tsp. of pepper, heat til boiling, microwave. Then, pour it on the meat. If desired, spread mayo on the bread. Fork the meat onto the bread & use the left over juice for the dip. DH loves ‘em. That’s what we are having tonight. oh, my...Mt_Rider, did you see perslane on the list. Mmmmmmm.... I might harvest the pods, leaves and stems, just because. But, I don’t think I need it growing in my garden.
  17. Oh my. That’s it! Thank you, euphrasyne. An invasive species in the US...
  18. Robo callers, is my first impression. I have gotten calls on my phone from my own number. How does that happen anyway? Worst part is I can’t block my own number.
  19. Good Morning, Sunny and hot here, as usual. We were 109° yesterday. Probably be that hot for a while. I harvested the carrots, we got 8 vacuum sealed bags. DH likes them fried. There is a plant in the garden I cannot identify. It sprouted in the cow pea row, even though none of the cow pea seeds grew. It is about 3 foot tall now. Here’s a closer picture of the flower and pods it’s making. Ignore the tomatillo plant, sprawling out under it. The first pod to fry/dry out, has small black, heart shaped seeds In each of the little sections.
  20. Definitely! That’s the next big project on my list. Several years ago, I cleaned and cleared the shed out, installed insulation, drywall and peg boards. Re-did all the electrical, with the over-seeing help of a licensed electrician, put in a window AC unit, work bench, and shelving, and re-shingled the roof, for DH. He used it, until... it got too cluttered... I’d put things back in their place.... but... you know... stuff gets put in there, out of the way, and before you know it, it’s spilling out the door... Then, we had the huge Palo Verde tree fall, over on to it, during an extreme wind and rain storm, which took shingles off, causing the shed to leak in a couple of places. BIG project to tackle... after I get mom’s room done. As for her coming back here, IDK. She made a passing comment, ‘never’.
  21. The CG, after sending him my preliminary break down of the requirements, forms, & reports, he said “never mind”. And, I still didn’t get into his state’s requirements. My brain hurts. Homesteader, I pray all goes well with the transition and she adapts well in your household and you do too. A friend of DH’s had a heart attack & deceased, because the ambulance & hospital refused to take him, because of the covid. I guess I will be busting it on my office tomorrow afternoon. A lot more paper to purge, sort, shred and throw out. My goal is to make room for the bed, that’s being delivered tomorrow. Then, whittle down my clothes to make room for her stuff. Yeah, my head hurts, trying to figure it out. And what to do with my office, art supplies, computer and desks. If I can work it right, I may leave my office in half of the room. She will have to deal with me being in there off & on to do my work. Sigh. Small house....
  22. Today, I pulled and washed carrots. Pulled most of the cabbage, one good one is 8-10” in diameter. Wow! Left 2 in the ground and gave the hens a couple that were overly munched on by aphids. They loved it. Then, cubed 2 half loves of bread from the refrigerator, that was left over from when mom was here, and sun dried it. Got an half pint of panko and a pint of plain breadcrumbs that can be made into Italian crumbs or whatever we choose. Tomorrow, I need to process the carrots. I’ll probably slice, blanch and freeze them, to be able to fry or just boil them. Got the first tomatillo, it’s as big as store bought. And, have been picking tomatoes almost daily. Not quite enough to can yet, but, there’s more coming soon. With our heat, some of the bottoms have heat burn. We water every day now. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer, researching the steps, forms, & reports necessary to start a non-profit business for DH’s friend. Yikes!!! I never would have even imagined how labor intensive it is. Good grief, the annual tax form is 14 pages long! Nope! I wouldn’t do it without a lawyer and a CPA.
  23. for your DH, Littlesister. for your parents, Mt_Rider. for your Mom, Homesteader. Life is tough sometimes, especially on the heart, for those we care so deeply for. MIL is doing well. The store is going to bring her makeup to her car so she can buy it. And she is eating the food I brought her, so she doesn’t need to go to the store.. We took yesterday off! Went kayak fishing on Canyon Lake. Caught 6 Sun fish (perch)... one got away, and one was less than 2” long. Lol, DH couldn’t see it when I held it up. We enjoyed the time away from everything. Then, the shore filled up, cramped, with people. AZ is back in business, and with the holiday, they were packing in. I had fish & rice for lunch today. We saw 3 does in the parking lot, when we got there around 6am. That was awesome, and saw a golden eagle, sand wren, & loons. It was so relaxing. I’ve been spending most of my time, going through old paperwork and pitching the unnecessary stuff. So far, I’ve trashed 50 lbs. of it. Good grief, I didn’t realize how much was there. DH got me a filing cabinet... IDK if it’s gonna be enough. Then, he got MIL a twin bed. The mattress is here, but, the bed is coming next week, I am busting it to make room in my “office”. I will still need the small cabinets, stacked on top of each other, in order to file it all What a challenge. OMG, it came in pieces and I had to put it together, with glue, dowels and screws. That took a whole day. Then, yesterday,DH sold his 95 Chevy Tahoe. It went to a young man that has always wanted it. Plus, he has 3 kids now and needs the extra vehicle, because they both work. I hope it lasts for him, as long as it did for us. God willing. Next weeks schedule, includes, harvesting the carrots and cabbage. They are about ready, plus, with our heat, it’s time. The temp. was 90° yesterday and today, but, we’ve been above 105° for a couple of weeks. Time to get some sleep, tomorrow is my day off, and I’m really looking forward to it. Keeping everyone in my
  24. Need to do more research.
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