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  1. Good Morning everyone. Crystal clear stars out, a cold 40*. I will try to get the frames in, to be able to cover the gardens. Nothing special, just some tent stakes, to hold the sheets off the foliage at night. Even in the winter, most day time temps are in the high 60’s to low 70’s. I usually remove the sheets during the day. I hope I didn’t wait too long to plant the winter garden, we’ll see. The jalapeños and tomatillos are producing a lot. Not quite ready to be picked yet. Oh, and there are 3 cantaloupes now. Luna definitely knows the command, “Go pee”. Yet, she is still having a leakage problem when she has to go. I’m going to mention it to them, about having her checked for an UTI, it’s starting to develop an odor, and she’s drinking a lot of water. I doubt she would if she didn’t have a problem. They should be here, tomorrow afternoon, to pick her up.
  2. I’ve been collecting spice leaves and drying them. I doubt I will need to buy those spices, anytime in the next few years.
  3. Yesterday it was very windy again. I noticed that kite had fluttered down the tree branches more and the tail streamers were within reach... so... I now have a huge kite. It only had a couple scratches in it. I was almost sure it would be really torn up, but it wasn’t. It’s made out of tent type material. It is 6 foot wide by 4 foot long, and the tail streamers are over 9 foot long! DH said, “Now, when someone tells you to go fly a kite, you can.”
  4. I’d believe that. Especially since some new phones can only be unlocked using that tech. Plus, IMHO, FB has a part in it too. Can you imagine how many people are in the face recognition databases? I don’t like the idea, at all. Too many to maintain and protect from vandals. The thieves have already found ways to hack credit/debit cards, it won’t be that hard to hack that system.
  5. I’ve been working on a project for 3 years. Getting it done, all of a sudden, become a desperate need to finish it. IDK why, but a lot of things are making me feel like this———>
  6. Turned the soil in a section of the big garden. Planted both plots, Detroit Red beets, Chantenay Red Core carrots, All Season & Copenhagen cabbage, Scarlet Globe radishes and Blonde de Paris lettuce (-Thank you, Christy for the lettuce seeds from 2011 Spring Fling Exchange.). Time for a break, then, back at it... And... I hope NOT, but, Luna might have a bladder infection..... mine is bothering me today.
  7. Thanks Jeepers, for the info, I vaguely remember hearing about it too. I will be checking my jars.
  8. Jeepers, that’s exactly how we thought and feel. She’s not our dog, but, I am going to be the best dog sitter I can, and give her the best care I can. She did good yesterday, she ate a whole bowl of food, and drank normally. Gunny played with her for almost 2 hours, before they both got tired and went to their beds. Even though we’ve moved cleaning day to Monday, we will be cleaning anyway today. Wow, 2 dogs shed a lot. Hopefully, when I wash her blanket in vinegar today, it will remove that intense laundry soap smell. God, I hope so. Then, what’s up with taking a mouthful of food out of the dish and dropping it on the floor, before eating it? She doesn’t eat the little balls in her food. (Blue Buffalo, lamb & rice.). She does not like Gunny’s food, at all. Last night I soaked a couple handfuls of his food in bacon grease. She licked it a few times, spit out the food and walked away. Gunny reaction was like, “.. I don’t mind her now...I get two plates.... “. Lol. The “...very breezy...” day yesterday, Santa Anna winds, was a very windy day. The night before, I heard a noise, sounded like a large garbage bag flapping in the wind. When the sun came up, I went out to the edge of the yard, to see what it was. WOW, it turned out to be a large kite caught in the neighbors tree. Half of it has to be 3 foot wide. During the day, it managed to flutter, (pun intended) down the branches. It’s still about 15 foot high above the ground. Later in the afternoon I heard the little neighborhood kids get all excited about it, saying they wanted to get it. I managed to turn the soil in one of the gardens, but, with the strength of the wind, I didn’t plant. I was concerned about the seeds blowing out of my hand, before I could plant them. Hopefully, I will be able to plant today. Picked a dozen jalapeños, 2 dozen tomatillos and a butternut squash. The squash plants are dying back now, but we might get one or two before they die completely. It’s dawn, the pups are out playing, running circles in the yard and I need to get motivated.
  9. Homesteader, I hope you are able to get your projects done before you get snowed in. It is still in the mid to high 80’s in the day, but, has been dropping into the low 50’s at night. Such a relaxing relief from a month ago, when we were still above 100. Luna is beginning to settle into our quiet routine. She is a very active dog at times. She has had 2 baths. One, a sponge bath, because she peed herself while sleeping. They mentioned she had just started doing that. If she was our dog, I’d have her at the vet, in a heartbeat. The second, was a full soap scrub down, for the same reason. IDK what they or their groomer uses, it seemed like a perfume powder. Plus, she was constantly itching, and her poor tummy was brilliant red. I put baking soda in a 5 gal. bucket and scrubbed her down with the “sensitive” shampoo we have for Gunny. Then, I had to put some medicine on a rash she had near her private area. Poor puppy. I have washed her blanket twice, but the detergent smell they use is still loud enough, I can smell it every time I come into the room. I will wash it again with vinegar, maybe tomorrow. The stuff they use on her, caused DH & I to start itching and dried our hands out, to the point of cracking our fingers. I was surprised to notice, after her bath, she has a lot more black markings and her scratching has discontinued drastically. I’m hoping they won’t mind, we give her “at will” food & water. They gave us an instruction paper, titled, “Luna 101”. Lol. It said to give her food & water 2 times a day. She has quit guzzling water, every chance she got, and munches when she decides she’s ready. Then, I’ve been constantly cleaning fuzz balls in every crack & crevice in the house. I got my replacement pressure cooker from Presto. The first thing I did was, took a wooden spoon and removed the over pressure plug. To my horror, the hole shaved the spoon handle. DH, being the sweetheart he is, took the handle off and gently smoothed the metal burr off. I will never, ever, ever, use my finger to remove that plug. Lesson learned the first time. My finger is still healing from that. It’s very breezy this morning, hopefully I will be able to prep and plant one of my garden beds. I transplanted all the iris bulbs around the edge of that plot, about 3 weeks ago, because they certainly were not growing where they were, and they are growing really quickly.
  10. DH doesn’t like pickled beets. He got me a huge canister of non-GMO heirloom seeds and it had several varieties of beet seeds. I take the leaves, cut most of the stems off & blanch them in salted water, 2-3 minutes & serve them with butter. He says he likes them more than spinach. I take the stems, cut in 2” lengths & sauté them in butter. Tasty crunches. The beets, I either slice thin boil till semi soft and add a touch of butter or Julian them & sauté. We had a lot of beets. I left about a dozen in the garden to get seeds. We ate greens for 3 years, before they bolted. The beet bulbs got huge and woody, however, the chickens loved them.
  11. Jeepers, my DH told me to try a shot of Worcester sauce, (tsp or two), for the hiccups. He said Bitters works too. It’s now my ‘go to’ when I get the hiccups.
  12. I go to TX every month. I found a store selling grass fed beef, never frozen meats. Outstanding! We’ve felt a huge difference in how we feel. Around our area, most meat is frozen several times before it is put on the shelf.
  13. Same here, Littlesister. The white ones bolt very quickly. Have you tried beet greens, as good as spinach, but less bitter. Non-gmo, heirloom beets seem to last two years in the ground before getting pulpy. That’s two years of fresh greens.
  14. Jars don’t go on sale here either. Holiday season, they disappear from the shelves. Sigh.
  15. Big male dogs... I’m really not looking forward to that. Gunny is pouting, because Luna has confiscated one of his tennis balls. However, they brought 2 leather baseballs, Gunny took it and almost destroyed it before I took it away. Sigh. We have extra tennis balls, I’ll put one in Luna’s stuff. DH started itching, I had been, but I’m extremely sensitive to scents, washed her laundry soap, smelly blanket, probably Tide. Yuck! and will give her a bath tomorrow. IDK what she’s been washed with, but it’s very obtrusive. I’ve got a continuous headache. Ack! Since we will have her 2 weeks, I don’t care, I know I won’t be able to deal with it that long. I’m hoping it will stop her constant scratching, too. She is not used to having “at will” water & food. She guzzled water until today, now, she is starting to control herself. The food is another matter. Gunny likes it, sooo... watching him, and allowing her to eat has been a slight issue. However, she won’t touch his. Then, he doesn’t like the treats she came with. Lol.
  16. We are dog sitting Luna, while her owners are on vacation. They will pick her up on the 31st. DH helps post on the net for Semper Fi dog rescue, and he just couldn’t resist saying yes. I think he said, they have 25 dogs right now, up for adoption.
  17. No, Mt_Rider. For years, we didn’t keep rubber bands, potential ferret danger, deadly blockages, if they eat them. The ones I kept in a sealed box, inside the house, crumble after about a year. I don’t find many uses for them, because of that. Plastic bags crumble, after about a year, less than 6 months if they get sunshine. Plastic storage boxes take about 2 years to begin to crumble. Bandages, medical tapes, and such, we keep in sealed metal ammo cans, but, we have to inspect/replace of them, periodically, because they loose their stickiness. I also don’t use duct tape, for that reason. The adhesive sticks well enough (too well, very hard to remove), on what ever it’s on, but the tape will peal off rather quickly. Learning to work with dry heat was a challenge.
  18. Your garden looks awesome, Kappydell. Luna is adjusting. She arrived Friday and played hard with Gunny. When her owners left, she didn’t seem to mind much, but, was extremely active, unsettled, hardly sitting down for even a minute. Gunny took her Kong toy and she took his Kong ball. She seems thrilled it bounces and rolls. Gunny’s poor tennis ball was so soaked with saliva, it wouldn’t bounce. Yesterday, thankfully, they calmed down, much more. She freaked out when I hand watered the yard, running circles around me, through the mud! Neighborhood sounds made her bark in the house, I had to “shush” her and tell her it’s ok. This morning, she seems to be figuring our schedule out. DH went to bed when I got up. He told me to be careful going outside, someone in the neighborhood got skunk sprayed last night. The pups curled up on their beds and slept for about 3 hours. They are still napping. Here’s the pups sitting pretty for the morning treat. You can see the garden, tomatillos are taking over. And, I’m excited to say, the volunteer cantaloupe plant now has 2 cantaloupes. The carrots and onions don’t seem to mind the shade from the tomatillos. Luna, This is the German Shepherd DH has agreed to rescue. His current name is Storm. He’s still in KY, getting his vet work done, neutering & shots.
  19. Our tomatillos & jalapeños are beginning to produce a lot. As soon as they ripen, DH wants me to can green salsa. I will probably use the 1/2 or 1/4 pint jars. I’m looking forward to it. We were able to get 16 pints of tomatoes before the plants heat stroked. Then, I canned 10 pints of chicken bone broth in August. I’ve saved enough chicken bones to can another batch soon. I’ve been air frying the fingers, of chicken wings, and freezing each batch, until I have enough for a batch.
  20. 7 Ferrets, is a handful. We had 13 at one time, a total of 26 through the years. Keeping our supplies out of their reach, was a task. We’ve ended our rescue, so, I am able to store our supplies, now, in the areas I hadn’t been able to. Hopefully, you will be able to get all your renovations & repairs done, relatively quickly. Sounds like you have a great plan. I’m in AZ, and the window AC in our shed, doesn’t cut the heat when it’s 110*+ outside for months. Everything perishable, has to be stored inside our house, including, plastics & rubber items.
  21. Littlesister! We enjoy helping. There is a lot of great people here willing to share their experience.
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