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  1. Tomatillos seem to adore sun & heat. I missed some, last year, that had fallen to the ground, and one that got over ripe and ‘popped’ it’s seeds. I wish I had taken a pic of that, it was as pretty as a flower, lol. So, this year, all the tomatillo plants are volunteer, several, I had to transplant into their designated area. The plants start out like a tree, then, go “vining” . One tomatillo plant’s branches spread over 6 foot radius. It is hard to give advise how to make them grow, because I live in the AZ desert, and our temps are above normal. Friday, my car said 108°F. We are already watering every day, sometimes twice a day to keep the yard & garden from frying. Oh, and 2 Roma tomatoes are ripe, with a lot more on the plants. Looks like I will be canning them soon. And, beets, because they are beginning to bolt.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Annarchy

    Garden 2020

    Possibly heat? I am unable to grow lettuce, it bolts almost immediately. I might try it in the late fall, after the temps drop back into the 80’s.
  4. Got up early, sat around reading the end of the last book of a series DH encouraged me to read, 2 years ago. Done, unless they write another one. Did paperwork, got delayed. They were not pleased. MIL & DH got up around 11:30. Went to the PO, nothing there. Came home & prepped some things for MIL’s trip home to TX. That will be ongoing until I take her back. We had re-heated frozen pizza for dinner, while I watered the lawn & gardens. MIL watched the news, while DH is busy, playing games on his computer. Tomorrow is another day. @kappydell aphids & mildew??? Explain... please? I pulled a cabbage that was infested with aphids & gave it to my hens. They LOVED it. One cabbage is about a foot in diameter but, several other plants have aphid damage. Help!
  5. Annarchy

    Garden 2020

    It’s hitting summer here. 100° in the shade & my vehicle says 104-106° already. Beets & carrots are getting ready to harvest, in the corner garden. There are 2-5 more volunteer celery plants amount them. Zucchini sprouted 2 seeds, replanted, and now we have 5 plants. Butternut took over a month to sprout, sooo.. I replanted and now have 9 plants. Tomatoes are loaded, onions are full of blossoms, more beets are doing well and garlic is growing well. Fava beans are wilting during the day, from the heat, but bounce back in the evening when they get shade & water. Tomatillos are blooming constantly and about 2-3 foot tall already. The jalapeños in the front yard hedge, that survived the frost in December, have begun to flower. The spice garden is coming back wonderfully. Camomile has been harvested, and the lower branches of the celery plant, thriving in that area. Mexican oregano is beginning to flourish. Sage is doing exceptionally well along with the Greek oregano, which I whacked back, because it was taking over the area. Dried & ground it, making 2 pints, gave one pint to DH’s friend, along with some Mexican oregano, he was enthused. Thyme has doubled it’s footprint and I should be able to harvest some by mid summer. Peppermint, is surviving, it’s doubled it’s footprint, but hates the heat. I took a branch & put it in the house in my spice planter in the kitchen window. It’s doing really well. The basil died in December, but the clipping in the house loves the north facing kitchen window. Made a batch of chicken Parmesan, the other day with a snip from it, MIL loved it. Pomagranets are loaded again, hoping for a good harvest. As long as the birds & insects don’t decimate them before they get ripe in September-December. Not much I can do about that. It’s a tree that is over 50 years old, that my grandmother planted. Wood sorrow has died from the heat. It always dies after the temperature exceeds 90°. Pretty when it’s growing in the spring. Then, the area turns dirt/rocks/aloe vera/prickly pear garden. Pretty without greenery. Prickly pear has bloomed well, might have enough fruit this year to make jam. We shall see. I’ve been cutting aloe to make sanitizer with 96% alcohol. Works great, when I blanch the aloe first. Otherwise it turns a beautiful red color. Lol.
  6. Funny, MIL asked the same thing. I grind leaves & stems to make the powder. Any dish that calls for celery, I sprinkle a little in. Like stuffing, if I don’t have any fresh in the refrigerator. I usually sprinkle a pinch in my tomato sauces. A dash on fried pork chops, and some stir fry recipes. Of, course, depending on the recipe, other spices. It adds a nice flavor to recipes that call for Worcester sauce, also. DH uses it to make virgin Mary’s, MIL’s favorite drink.
  7. Cut off the lower leaves of one of the volunteer celery plants, sun dried Fri/Sat/Sun. Hand ground it today, filled a spice jar. Watered the lawn. Today is house cleaning day, so I’m trying to keep the dogs in, until the muddy areas dry out enough. We topped 100° yesterday, yup.... summer has come to the desert. We have a mocking bird that camps out on the telephone pole, it sings a plethora of different songs, really loud, all.day.long. It took a month for the butternut & zucchini seeds to germinate, now there are 5 zucchini and 8 butternut plants growing. Yikes! I shouldn’t have re-planted. This week, I need to harvest the cabbage and some more beets.
  8. DH said he read where the hospitals are pushing the false numbers up, in order to receive more funding. Crushed the Greek oregano trimmings into 2 stuffed pint jars. Trimmed one celery plant, it’s sun drying today. Yesterday my vehicle said it was 102°. Only 98° in the shade on the porch. Toasty. We are already in an Excessive Heat Warning phase, the forecasted high for today is 98°. Bet it gets hotter than that. Lol. @snapshotmiki MIL says she doesn’t want to go home, but, needs to, because she needs to take care of her house, ‘or it will die’. DH has mentioned the option of selling it & living like a queen, being waited on, hand & foot. If she decides to, I will convert my office back into a bedroom for her. Which is a project that will start, as soon as I get back from TX. The garden is looking good, so far... . (Lt. to Rt.). Tomatoes, onions, beets-with a volunteer sun flower, garlic, a couple of tomatillos in the walkway, potatoes in the back of the fava bean row, tomatillos-all volunteer, finally, zucchini in the back, cabbage, and butternut squash in front of the cabbage. Oh, and the rope really does keep the dogs out. Hopefully, I will be able to start seasoning/mulching/fertilizing another area to plant for next year. Too hot to start anything else this year.
  9. It’s pushing summer here. 80’s the first part of the week, 95° yesterday and it’s supposed to be in the 100’s by next week. Harvested the camomile, because it was beginning to wilt, sun dried & filled 4 gal. Ziplock bags. One bag is being shipped to Maine. Cut back the Greek oregano, sun drying, then, I will grind & jar it up. Celery is on today’s list. The tomato plants are full of tomatoes. Last years jalapeños are blooming. Found a pink & white snapdragon in the back of the beet/carrot plot. Mom was excited to see it. Went shopping early this morning, found most everything on my list. Wanted to replace a coffee cup, but they didn’t have one to match my set. No 1/2 gallon canning jars. All the employees are now wearing nursing masks. Took them long enough, this late in the game, I don’t know if it will help. Who knows. I wear PPE, because I am high risk, and, I don’t want to bring it home to mom. Most people had one form or another on. Surprised to see how many had their noses uncovered, and the lack of personal space. The stockers were everywhere filling the shelves back up. I’ll be busy, for awhile, making small packages of prepared food, to freeze for MIL. She wants to go home by May 15th. Froze two half gallons of milk for her, she has 10 small frozen packages of bean soup. I will vacuum seal hot dogs, 2 per pkg. and freeze them. Making my list of stuff to cook, and adding to it.
  10. I removed the bottom line. Inappropriate. Welcome Bertha. I hope your roommate enjoys the article.
  11. Wow! When the panic buying subsided, our WM began doing their best to restock the shelves. I got there around 7:30 am and found TP, paper towels, Clorox bleach, dish soap, sugar, flour and meats. Missed the pinto beans, watched a person get the last bag as I went down the isle, but, our local market supplied me with 3 lbs. before my previous trip when I bought the last 2 lb. bag. They have taken the limits off on most things. No Vit. C, zinc, hand sanitizers or my liquid Dial Gold antibacterial refill, I’ve been unable to find it on line. Pasta isle had a small variety. Canned meats and veggies were stocked fairly well. Cereal, cracker, chip, and juice isles were completely stocked, cooking oils were slim, but had a good variety.
  12. Went to WM first thing in the morning, got almost most everything on my lIst. Didn’t have Dial antibacterial liquid soap refill. Meh, it’s ok, I was able to find bleach. Good enough. Then, took mom to get her prescriptions, no generic, they did good.the pharmacist talked my ear off, cause they know me. Lol. A friend came over yesterday and brought us 3 N95 masks. Awesome! Spraying mine with 96% alcohol after each use. His wife is loud, and a lot of med issues, including multiple sclerosis and so much more, she was in the hospital for the crud in Jan. with heart issues. Probably this virus, before it became an issue. Same as us Mt_Rider, I’m thinking you all have had it too. Sorry if I sound TMI, but, as I’m seeing, all the symptoms, is sure sound like a minor version of it. We had it too and it’s a minor version and we are probably immune to it by now. Lol. Anyway, mom is re-considering going home. She is liking the idea of staying here. We are providing every single things she wants. She is not lonely, she has everything she wants and our house is small enough, that she can grab a wall, desk, table, etc. no matter where she goes. DH has been encouraging her to stay, sell her house and live like a queen, for a profit. She can sell her house for over $200’000 and live like a queen. If that happens, I will convert my office into her bedroom. It will be a challenge, but for her, it will be worth it. Today, our neighbor across the road, yelled out to me, if I liked coliflower, yikes, she gave me 4 heads, I blanched them and made 6 vacuum sealed bags, when I brought them back to her, she gave us 4 more heads. It made another 6 bags. Then, I blanched 5 beets, and vacuum sealed the beets & greens. Busy, busy, busy. Yikes! Gotta love the way God takes care of us! &
  13. We saw Space X’s Star Link, last night, MIL got to see about 20 of the satellites. She hadn’t heard about it, but enjoyed the show. I had to harvest a few beets that were starting to bolt. I need to blanch and freeze them today. Took mom to her bank, a two hour drive. Got her out of the house for a bit, and she enjoyed seeing how quickly the “city” is spreading out across the desert towards our little town. Nice to hear everyone here is staying safe.
  14. I was in the back yard, early yesterday, and heard one of the church pastors singing, in the distance, “He Lives”, “Old Rugged Cross” and another one, then, he gave a sermon.... all I could understand was...HE’S ALIVE!... Blessed my soul.
  15. It’s been pretty here, mid 60’s at night, 80’s during the day. Went to Walgreens & WM to get Mom’s prescription, makeup and a few items on our lists. There were more people wearing PPEs this time. Kinda annoyed that one person asked, “...are you really worried about the flu?...”. IDK, maybe they think they are invincible. The fava beans have sprouted. Transplanted the volunteer tomatillos and beets. Considering what to plant in the last 3’x3’ section. Replanted the butternut squash because none of the first seeds sprouted. A few heads of cabbage are huge. Our gardener came over and trimmed the evergreen trees next to the house. I am hoping it’s enough to please the insurance company. Next, we will be saving for a new roof. They said they’d give us a little time to replace it. DH opened a delivery box, immediately asked me to get the Lysol.... the first thing we saw was a black box with white lettering....”Made In China”. Doing daily chores, keeping MIL comfortable. Made her shrimp scampi last night. Lent. Then, DH & I went for a ride in the desert. I needed a bit of time away. The desert is in bloom...
  16. Goodness, last week was busy. Countless phone calls. Constant customers. My hands got tender from putting on gloves and masks, and wiping everything down with Lysol, including the gate. I wear them, every time I go out and wipe down everything we get. We don’t want to take any chances. The paper tends to curl after being wiped, we are calling it, “the Corona Curl”. The Lady at the post office loved my mask cover... it’s a dust mask with a skull on it. We chatted about taking extra caution, because of our elderly mothers. The PO has a ‘shower curtain’ type of barrier in front of them, but I am constantly seeing people move it aside and lean in to talk. Circle K finally installed a barrier at the counter and quit cashing out customers at all 4 counters, now, only the 2 farthest apart are being used. People still aren’t respecting the 6’ distancing. Really? Sheeple without a clue, IMHO. Keeping the owner of the dog rescue in our prayers, in isolation and having kidney problems, doing video doctor visits. He’s still has 20+ dogs to care for...by himself. Made chicken pot pies, from scratch, last night. They seemed to like them. I have enough leftover to make 2 more for the freezer. I’m looking forward to resting today, but, we still have an appointment coming in. I might just stay inside with MIL and the dogs. A plus, Storm sounds off every time someone comes, it is encouraging to see people react to his gruff bark. If they know we have guard dogs, it is less likely they will want to do us harm. DH was concerned about our TP supply, we are good for at least a month, even with 3 people using it, but, he ordered 80 rolls! Mainly because, I said I didn’t want to deal with WM, until all this settles down. I’m still waiting to see some seeds sprout. I may have to replant some. Of 14 zucchini seeds, 2 sprouted. IDK. Trusting God. The weather has been beautiful for Mom, high 70’s to low 80’s. She sits on the porch swing in the sun and naps. WE2, sounds like you are really busy. Glad your DH was able to clean out the water heater. Our last one cost us a lot and a lot of muscles. kappydell, I love flowers, the camomile flowers are scattered in the yard around the spice garden, and the roses are blooming profusely, Mom loves the pink Chicago Peace, but loves the smell of the Lincoln roses. And Storm, looking sad for his rescuer.... Nice to hear everyone is taking the necessary precautions and handling the stress of this all. Just a side note... listening to the news yesterday, some high up doctor was asked about how hard the social distancing was to plan and implement, he said.. oh, it was fairly easy to plan, TPTB had designed it in 2000, but, had never had the opportunity to implement it, until now. Where’s my tinfoil hat.... planned economic collapse.... planned population control....
  17. I called them, they said “No!” flat out, because, ‘they don’t like our type of business’. Go figure. No biggie, we have great coverage, now, at a lower rate.
  18. Busy day yesterday. Mowed and edged the front lawn. Then cleaned house and did most of the laundry. Made some camomile peppermint tea. Went to the P.O. and had to dodge people that weren’t heeding the social distancing, got a couple scowls and ‘humph’ from a couple of people. I don’t care if I hurt their feelings. We were notified yesterday that the prison here has the virus. DH’s friend came over to get supplies. I gave him some Greek oregano branches and several volunteer tomatillo plants. Couldn’t give him eggs, because I had already given a couple dozen to our neighbors. One lady, in her late 70’s hadn’t been able to find any, and she was the one that gave us 3 doz. bread sticks & two pounds of fresh broccoli. Oh, I changed insurance companies, all our policies. And, the payment is lower. We wanted to go kayak fishing today, but Game & Fish has closed the lakes. DH really, really wants to get out of the house for a day. Take a break from all the craziness. Mom will have her personal protection and the big dogs to keep her safe. I had the feeling to fill the minor holes in our supplies last week, DH didn’t think it was necessary, at that time, but, now is glad I did. We went on line to order TP, earliest delivery date....May! Wow. Then, on the news last night, they said the Amazon workers walked off their jobs... that’s just gonna make things worse than they already are. Most of the grocery stores are hiring stock clerks. Stay safe everyone.
  19. Effective yesterday. https://azgovernor.gov/file/34365/download?token=6YdWos-F
  20. Happy Birthday Lady.
  21. Thank you Homesteader, and everyone else, for your encouraging words. I know, this too shall pass. Seems like I’m praying constantly every day. Trusting God, trying to let go of my anxiety. Mom & DH, seem to have made a truce, not to nitpick around me. He says I’m too sensitive, no, I just don’t like contention. Most of the time, I push myself to be busy doing something, anything to keep myself out of the way. It really isn’t that bad. Except for DH constantly telling me to ‘slow down, not to do so much, take a break... ‘ Went to the store, and was able to fill a few gaps in our supplies. Except TP. The employee supervising the area, said I missed it by 5 minutes. The store opened at 7am, I got to the isle at 7:15. Packaged the food and put it away. Made the P.O. run, got on the phone to find out what was up with the insurance cancellation notice. REALLY!?!!!? because I was a week late, this month, paying... the first time in 10 years! The letter showed that payment, but, if I don’t make next months payment early, as of 3/31 at midnight my auto insurance will be cancelled! The agent said he was sorry, but that is their policy. I am so very upset. I have a strict payment schedule, and payday is on the 1st. Called another provider, now, I need to sort through their email, to make sure we are getting the coverage we need. They will be calling today, to follow up. Still have a pit in my stomach about that. Gotta stay strong. Gotta keep my chin up. Gotta let the stress go. Gotta try.... Sorry for the rant. I know we are all dealing with stressful times. I am keeping everyone in my prayers, God knows.
  22. SueC! Hope all is going well with you. Been wondering....
  23. Peg & Deb2of9 Was thinking about you both the other day.
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