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  1. for your DH, Littlesister. for your parents, Mt_Rider. for your Mom, Homesteader. Life is tough sometimes, especially on the heart, for those we care so deeply for. MIL is doing well. The store is going to bring her makeup to her car so she can buy it. And she is eating the food I brought her, so she doesn’t need to go to the store.. We took yesterday off! Went kayak fishing on Canyon Lake. Caught 6 Sun fish (perch)... one got away, and one was less than 2” long. Lol, DH couldn’t see it when I held it up. We enjoyed the time away from everything. Then, the shore filled up, cramped, with people. AZ is back in business, and with the holiday, they were packing in. I had fish & rice for lunch today. We saw 3 does in the parking lot, when we got there around 6am. That was awesome, and saw a golden eagle, sand wren, & loons. It was so relaxing. I’ve been spending most of my time, going through old paperwork and pitching the unnecessary stuff. So far, I’ve trashed 50 lbs. of it. Good grief, I didn’t realize how much was there. DH got me a filing cabinet... IDK if it’s gonna be enough. Then, he got MIL a twin bed. The mattress is here, but, the bed is coming next week, I am busting it to make room in my “office”. I will still need the small cabinets, stacked on top of each other, in order to file it all What a challenge. OMG, it came in pieces and I had to put it together, with glue, dowels and screws. That took a whole day. Then, yesterday,DH sold his 95 Chevy Tahoe. It went to a young man that has always wanted it. Plus, he has 3 kids now and needs the extra vehicle, because they both work. I hope it lasts for him, as long as it did for us. God willing. Next weeks schedule, includes, harvesting the carrots and cabbage. They are about ready, plus, with our heat, it’s time. The temp. was 90° yesterday and today, but, we’ve been above 105° for a couple of weeks. Time to get some sleep, tomorrow is my day off, and I’m really looking forward to it. Keeping everyone in my
  2. Need to do more research.
  3. not measuring mine. Today, is finishing the laundry and hickory smoking a brisket. Didn’t do too much yesterday. Crashed early and slept in. The sun is shining, the mockingbird is on the electric pole, singing away. And it’s 91° in the shade.
  4. Good Morning, Home safely, traffic was mostly lighter than normal. Saw a lot more people wearing some type of masks, even if they weren’t covering their noses. DH took me out in the desert, to “get away”, just in time for a phone call and have to come back home. Lol, Murphy’s Law. Oh my! You should have seen Storm, he was all over me when I walked through the gate. I missed my Velcro tail, DH picked another ripe Roma tomato, we will be needing to can them shortly, if they keep producing like they are. Today, I will be unpacking & doing laundry. Just little things, because I am beat down from everything that needed to be done for Mom. Keeping everyone in my prayers.
  5. Wow, just wow. I’m shocked with the way people, who need real help, are being treated. It’s a shame, in so many ways. Got the oil change, no charge. Sam’s Club didn’t have any roasts. All hamburger and steaks. Got two 5.5 lb. packages of hamburger, a brisket, and two packages of lamb chops, usually expensive, but, this time, under $5/lb. Went to WM for the rest of Mom’s list, on the way back. Stopped at Harbor Freight, no gloves, still, we are ok on gloves at home. Vacuum sealed a couple 1/4 lbs of burger for Mom, and cheese into small one serving packages. Then, let MIL drive her car, to make sure it was running right, to Walgreens for her prescription & came home. She got upset because they gave her the generic thyroid med. I let her go back by herself, just to make sure she could do it by herself. She was rather pleased. She also, changed her bed sheets, and I showed her an easy way to put them on her bed & the pillow cases. So, ... she’s not going to need the maids to come any time soon. They come from Mex. and she is not going to chance getting the crud from them. I’m relieved. Big sigh of relief. Tomorrow, I am heading home........ guess what? I will get to sleep in my own bed, for the first time in 2 months!
  6. DNA harvesting... population control.... money grubbing... scare tactics.... it all seems plausible to me. I’m not going to quit wearing my PPE. Nope. If others don’t care about their health, that’s their problem. If they don’t feel it’s a real threat, that’s their problem. I’m near the Mexican border, right now. I am doing everything I can to not get anything that may be going around this area. BTDT. So far, I’ve seen children wearing mask, but, not the parents, really? <— me in my N-95.
  7. If’n you remember, last year MIL’s neighbors house burned, melting part of her house? Well, I put in a report to the city, last week. Monday evening a city truck was parked next to it. This morning 2 other city vehicles were there. And the chief inspector came out also. Her other neighbor walked over & talked with them. Then, I did, mentioning the retaining wall had extreme heat damage and mom is concerned about it falling down and effecting her foundation. I even showed them pictures of the burn damage on her house. Later, one of the inspectors came over & said the retaining wall was bowing some. I signed the report to have it included in their report. I feel a little bad for the owner, but, he hasn’t done anything about it in over a year. He said he got the money to fix it, back in July ‘19. There are squirrels & rats living in it now. Rodents attract predators, burnt paper & debris blow into her yard, and it smells nasty. I’m not sorry for turning him in. Maybe I should be, but it’s horrible. All the windows are broken, burnt furniture in the front yard, weeds, waist high, in the yard. People are trying to sell their houses, kids playing in the hood, it is a hazard. This pic was taken right after the fire... Anyway, watered her back yard, fed the turtles, poisoned some ants on the sidewalk, took mom to the bank & picked up a drive through burger for dinner. Then, got an appointment for an oil change for my van, and watched TV-local news, mom’s favorite, Nightly News, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Love it or List it, until now. Time to get some sleep, early morning appointment for the oil change, and then, DH & mom have given me a list of things to pick up.
  8. Oh my! ‘s for everyone. Got to TX safely. PTL! Less traffic on the road than I have ever seen. Hair... I cut MIL’s hair twice, and died it once to cover the grey. Filled in her nails twice and re-made one that fell off. Yeah, it’s been a challenging time... Wearing the N-95 mask & 9 mil. Nitrile gloves everywhere, in 109°F heat, has also been a challenge, but necessary. I cannot take the chance. Bad lungs, I have COPD & have had viral pneumonia several times, add my age in, and yeah, it wouldn’t be a good thing. MIL’s neighbors stopped by, they stayed outside, chatting through the screen door. Please remind me to send them a “Thank you” card. It took over 3 hours to empty the car & put away all the food I brought. Then, IDK what happened, but the toilets were completely empty of water and the faucets sputtered and the power had been off, because the clocks were flashing. When she listened to the 30 messages on her phone, there was a couple, from the city about an earthquake. Hung her plants back up, cleaned the tub, put sheets on my bed, texted the mechanic to get an appointment to have an oil change, scheduled the plumber to clear the drains, and forgot to eat the sandwich we got from Arby’s when we gassed up in Lordsurg, NM. MIL & DH both cried their eyes out when we left. I’ve got a lot to do. But, she’s home.
  9. Popping in, to say, we are heading to TX today. My car is going to be stuffed with all the prepped things I have made for MIL, over the last month. She shouldn’t have to go to the store for anything, God willing. Even tho she has Dr. appointments, etc., and she needs to take care of some things. Gloves & masks.... Stay safe and healthy, everyone. I will check in, after we get to her house.
  10. I hope everyone had a blessed Mother’s Day.
  11. I just gave myself more work to do.
  12. DH’s friend brought us A radish!!!!! I am not sure what I’m going to do with it.
  13. Annarchy

    Garden 2020

    The garden is growing well this year. Roma Tomatoes Tomatillos
  14. Pulled the beets, about a dozen, that were starting to bolt. Got a gallon of greens, blanched & frozen. Processed the beats, only to discover 1/2 were already turning pulpy. Sigh. Got 2 pints canned. I’ll leave the rest of the beets in the ground for greens.
  15. Mt_Rider, DH firmly believes, we got it when we went to TX around Christmas. All the symptoms, kicked us down hard. Our Dr. tested for strep & the regular flu, and gave us amoxicillin, 3 times! We still have the cough. Every time I go out, it is with mask, gloves and my hand sanitizer. I don’t care what people think, I do NOT want to chance getting it.
  16. DH’s mom, born in 1930... she was coddled... Her mom lost her only other child. MIL was sheltered, in a huge city, by the rest of her family. She tells stories how her parents worked so hard. Her Tata, was in WW1, then, worked on the railroad tracks that go from TX to CA. She stares at me blankly, when I tell about living on a self sustaining 80 acre farm, that didn’t have running water or electric. Perspective, yeah, life is extremely easy, now days.
  17. Hmmmm. No outdoor kitchen here. We do have a small refrigerator on the porch, but electricity to keep it cold, in our heat, is more than it is worth. It could be used for drinks, when we have company. I dehydrate outside, using aluminum foil, on the bottom to reflect the sun. Done in a couple of hours. We use the barbecue/smoker a lot in the summer, breads, Dutch oven and cast iron. We don’t use propane, because DH doesn’t like the taste. I learned to cook on a wood stove, so, keeping the temperature constant, comes naturally to me.
  18. Wow, sounds like you have a plan, Joyfilled. Our celebration traditions have depleted, over the years. Everyone lives so far away, it isn’t practical any more. Cards are our normal now.
  19. Grateful to hear your DH is home, Littlesister. Our town sent letters out, threatening fines for not mowing & poisoning the weeds. Yeah, right, like they do anything about their empty lots. Our gardener came & sprayed the area by the road. I had already mowed them down, but, they were already regrowing quickly. Got all the monthly paperwork done on Friday. Went to the store and got MIL a bunch of ‘prep’ items, just so she won’t need to go out, when she gets home, on the 11th. She wants to take care of her house. I have 4 half gallons of milk in the freezer for her, several, tiny packages of prepared meals, a dozen bags of bean soup, 2/package of hotdogs, single servings of frozen veggies, and other foods frozen for her. Yesterday I cut her hair, again, and, more than likely, will need to fill in her nails, before she goes back. She has N95 masks & 9 mil nitrile gloves. She eats more candy than I have ever seen any one eat. I’d be in a diabetic coma, if I ate that much sugar, all the time. Lol. It doesn’t seem to bother her, in the least. At 90 years old, who am I to tell her she shouldn’t. Mowed and edged the lawn, early yesterday, and proceeded to get heat exhaustion. Spent the rest of the day recovering, shaking & quaking, weak as a baby. Drank lots of fluids and stayed inside in the AC. Seems like I do that, at least, once a year, after having my heat stroke, years ago. Beautiful day, today. Warming up quickly, as usual. Lol, we would take any amount of rain, just as long as we don’t flood.
  20. Tomatillos seem to adore sun & heat. I missed some, last year, that had fallen to the ground, and one that got over ripe and ‘popped’ it’s seeds. I wish I had taken a pic of that, it was as pretty as a flower, lol. So, this year, all the tomatillo plants are volunteer, several, I had to transplant into their designated area. The plants start out like a tree, then, go “vining” . One tomatillo plant’s branches spread over 6 foot radius. It is hard to give advise how to make them grow, because I live in the AZ desert, and our temps are above normal. Friday, my car said 108°F. We are already watering every day, sometimes twice a day to keep the yard & garden from frying. Oh, and 2 Roma tomatoes are ripe, with a lot more on the plants. Looks like I will be canning them soon. And, beets, because they are beginning to bolt.
  21. Happy Birthday!
  22. Annarchy

    Garden 2020

    Possibly heat? I am unable to grow lettuce, it bolts almost immediately. I might try it in the late fall, after the temps drop back into the 80’s.
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