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  1. Well, my washer broke yesterday. It’s always had a problem balancing, since day one. Even a small load of just socks, has been unbalanced. At first, it would stop itself, refill, and try again to spin. One load actually took 5 hours to wash & spin. Then, it decided to just walk itself across the porch, until I could get there & push the button to stop it...wait 10-15 minutes before it released the locked lid, readjust the load & try again. I’ve been finding small pieces of broken plastic around it, for about a year. I knew this day was coming. It scared our gardener when he was mowing, when it went off balance. Lol. Our gardener texted me this morning, saying someone at work is selling one. Perfect timing. DH will have to check it out, because I’m leaving for TX today.
  2. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    I use light olive oil when DH wants popcorn. I use only enough to coat the bottom of the pan & lightly coat the seeds. Then, slowly bring up the heat, shaking the pan constantly, and remove it from the heat promptly as soon as it seems to quit popping. Thanks Midnightmom, I didn’t know that about veggie oil.
  3. Yeah, I’ve had an account over 10 years, but rarely go there, occasionally to see what the family is doing. MrsSurvival is my on-line home.
  4. Recycling.... it was a way of life for us too. Grandmother would make us unravel stuff too, to make something new. Lol! I still unravel sewing machine bobbins for hand sewing. And, have a button box, a zipper box, hook & eye box, and a Velcro box. Funny, I will be digging in the garden, and find a button... and add it to my box..
  5. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    I’ve used the virgin olive oil with good results. Extra virgin seems to work better. Veggie oil works better. Since we changed to olive oil & butter for cooking, I’m hesitant to use my olive oil to light the house. (Oh, & our health has improved greatly.)
  6. So very sorry. I hit the Update button, it began processing, asked me to log into the master account, and wouldn’t let me. I tried several variations, still nothing. I had a major interruption, shut the computer off, took care of it, tried to come back to fix it, & saw we were down! I tried all my support links and info, then, submitted a service request. They replied 12 hours later. It seemed like they took Sunday off. I made a post on FB, constantly monitoring the service request. Around 10pm. I finally crashed. 5am, I was back at it. They had to fix the glitch, and did promptly after I sent a second message to them. I probably tried to get here, over 100 times. Thank you all for your patience.
  7. Memories... lol I loved the long flannel nightgowns Grandmother made us each year, it inspired me. Mom let me pick out my pattern for the sewing project, a pair of overalls, and she got me some denim. My teacher had to help, setting the tension on the machine, due to the heavyweight material, both tensions had to be adjusted. She suggested I had chosen a pattern too advanced for my skills. And because the class was a mix of 7-12th graders, my older sister was in my class, (she was very critical and needling me, most of the time.) That made me try even harder. After I finished it, I hand embroidered a design on the pockets. I only got an A on it, because of needing help with the tension. I wore the overalls until I out grew them, then, my sister wore them for over 20 years. She made me feel, all that work was worth it. Every time I make a salad, I remember being taught, rip the lettuce, don’t cut, and we were graded on the size of the pieces, they had to be fork size, just right to fit in your mouth. Ripped lettuce stays fresh longer than cut lettuce. We had an amazing teacher.
  8. Numnumnum....pumpkin.... I’m waiting for the sales to hit on whole pumpkins.
  9. Oh, & BTW, welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.
  10. Maybe we could help. I thoroughly enjoy restoring cast iron. Ohhh, I’d enjoy a CI wok too. My stainless steel one is amazing, but still. Bad reviews are usually because they don’t know exactly how to take care of it.
  11. Blue Jean Chief’s latest topic.... Cast iron cooking... https://bluejeanchef.com/cooking-school/cast-iron-cooking-101/?utm_source=Blue+Jean+Chef+Insider&utm_campaign=88fe2ab603-CAST_IRON_COOKING_101_2019_10_03_06_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5918bbf08d-88fe2ab603-152981337
  12. There is A LOT I am unable to do. Lol. My Grandmother taught me to sew, then, Home economics class in school.
  13. Annarchy

    diy fat lamps

    I have some, where you fill 1/2 with water & half with oil, the wick was on a piece of plastic that floated on top. I guess they are called water candles. This one uses a bottle cap...
  14. Oops put this in the wrong thread.... I wonder if I can move it from the diy fat lamps topic...... Seemed to work....
  15. Whew, it’s been busy around here. Mowed, edged the front lawn. The city repaved our road... chip sealed, 2 days later, it looks shiny. Went grocery shopping, went over budget, however, we needed the food. Paid monthly bills, and began preparing for my trip to TX, next week. Received a new stainless steel pressure cooker, washed it, but didn’t remove the over pressure valve, figuring cleaning the inside was good enough. After cooking, I pushed it in and it sliced my finger like a hot knife through butter. Probably about 1/4 th inch along my fingernail. Bleeding like a spout, I poured peroxide, alcohol and slapped a tight bandage on it. Really?!? Sent Presto an email.... Today, they called me back, “return it, prepaid”,and they will send me a new one. Asked if I went to the Dr. Naw, tight bandage was good enough, however, it was still bleeding rather profusely during my shower last night. DH said I should have gotten a stitch or two. Meh, I don’t like the doctors here. They said they would pay the medical bills. Our friend, the landscaper, scalped our front lawn yesterday and planted winter rye. Humph, after I did all that work... Anyway, he asked if I wanted some bags of composted mulch, that was over a year old, in his trailer, because the bags were breaking open. Oh you bet ya! 3, 50lb bags! So.... This morning, I split them open & spread it around the garden. Removed some Chaste trees, put them in 5 gal. buckets, (if any one wants one, let me know.), and transplanted my iris bulbs. They didn’t like the intense heat where they were. Hopefully, they will like the area I moved them to. Then, I was able to finish DH’s UTV top, to match the seat covers I made a few months ago... he is pleased. That is all that matters. Wanna see?
  16. Their various videos were listed for me. IDK why it didn’t work for you.
  17. Nature is wild, it will hurt you. No it isn’t a happy little puppy! We have bear, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, Mexican leopards, rattle snakes, Gila monsters, etc. not including deer, elk & such, and we hear stories every year about people thinking the creatures are cute and would make such a good pet.... just before it attacks them. Do not let a gila monster bite you! It’s saliva has chemicals in it that causes intense pain, plus, once it bites, it doesn’t like to let go. Interesting facts about the gila monster... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gila_monster
  18. It’s finally raining here. It’s a nice gentle rain, PTL. Yes, Mt_Rider, it is the remanent of the hurricane. Mario is advancing from the outside of the Baja. Yesterday, the rain skirted around us, giving us only a dust storm. Glad you found your paperwork. DH asked me to make another paperwork bob. JIC. My trip home was uneventful. Spent yesterday doing laundry. Next month I will go a week early. I will miss the annual fashion show at the CoC, because we will be babysitting Luna, a 3 year old German Shepherd, for 3 weeks. Sorry about your freezer, Ambergris. That has to be disconcerting. Nice to to hear you are feeling better Jeepers. Age + pain = normal in my life. I wish they did give us an option, Homesteader. WE2, your pantries sound wonderful. I’ve been planning the winter garden. Hopefully, it’ll produce enough. Kappydell, your garden endeavors intrigue and motivate me.
  19. Managed to get some weeds pulled, between rain clouds. The plumbing, ended up simple, but time consuming. Calcium buildup was impeding the water flow, almost completely. Thank God, it’s done.
  20. Annarchy

    Win 7 Updates

    Microsoft: Free Windows 7 security updates for 2020 election https://www.stltoday.com/business/national-and-international/microsoft-free-windows-security-updates-for-election/article_81965eda-a1a6-5a56-b7e0-7142b5ada1bb.html
  21. It looks like it is going to rain for a while...
  22. ...best laid plans of mice & men..... It’s raining, I won’t be able to pull weeds until it stops.
  23. 5 robo calls yesterday from MY landline number.... and, of course, I can’t block my own number. The first one, made me call DH .... Yeah, right, my “IP has been compromised”.... but, wait, we use VPNs. Part of my ToDo list, yesterday, was to replace the cord in one of MIL’s curtain Travis rods. What would have cost her big bucks to hire the specialty curtain company, my total cost was less than $3.00 for the new cord. Today’s ToDo, is pulling more weeds, then, plumbing.... God willing it will turn out to be a simple fix. Her regular plumber charges mileage, hourly rates and loves to talk. You get the picture. Mom is actually getting used to using my tablet, with a stylus. All month, every cute and interesting animal video I’ve found, I saved for her. She spent a couple hours watching them. Then, asking questions to search the net for answers, lol. Like, who makes the Genesis car? What is tofu made from? What does butternut squash look like? Etc. Makes her smile to find out. But, she still insists she doesn’t want a smart phone or any type of computer.
  24. I leave my ringer off on my phone because I get so many of those calls. The trip here ticked me off, because I have the Bluetooth on and 8 soliciting calls interrupted my music. 3 calls left this message: “..$99 dollars will be auto debited from your account for the computer maintenance .......please call us for a full money rembarrassment....”. I’ve never had anyone do any computer maintenance, and what the heck is a money rembarrassment? Obviously, she mis-pronounced the word. I looked the number up and found the full message: It’s marked as a severe computer scam.
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