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  1. From the heirloom seeds, I have gotten purple, red, orange, pink & white. They all taste the same. Makes for a wonderful colorful salad & other foods. Twilight suggested, I dye some whites, blue, for Memorial Day & the 4th of July. O my goodness! Gonna try! Lol.
  2. Gassed up… ouch. $3.419. Premium was $3.799!
  3. We’ve had issues all month, it’s been around 100° for a few weeks. Ouch hot! Gotta let it run, somewhere it won’t kill the plants, before filling the dog dishes, birds dishes or watering the yard. Hot, hot, HOT!
  4. 10 pints of beets, 2 white, 8 red, plus, 2 red quarter pints & 1 white for MIL. Need to clean the rings after they cool.
  5. Need to re-fill since my trip. Procrastinating…. Because I know what our prices are here.
  6. Today I began peeling & slicing beets. Looked at the canning instructions… yeah, right… cook & peel… sigh. So I got a blister for nothing. Lol. They are in the canner… Yesterday, I washed & blanched a five gallon bucket of greens. Waiting for my timer to go off & DH to get up. Night owl, he is.
  7. Threw a bunch of seeds, from my first planting, 3 years ago, into the garden this spring. Transplanted a bunch, because they were too close to each other. Harvested some today. Yikes! I only pulled the ones that had a good sized bulb, 3 five gallon buckets! And that was only 1/4th of what is growing. Re-planted the ones that were too small, that pulled with the bigger ones. Filled a 5 gallon bucket with greens, after blanching, made 6 big bags of greens. Separated the white beets from the reds, & will peel, slice, blanch, & can them tomorrow. MIL wants 1/4 cans of beets too. She really liked them when she was here.
  8. Another volcano erupted… https://www.foxnews.com/world/congo-volcano-erupts-goma-residents-flee
  9. Keeping you in my prayers, that you get the treadle machine! I’m still hoping for a wringer washer. Days gone by……
  10. Our water man said his co-worker got the 2 shots…. He took a magnet & it stuck to his arms where they injected him.
  11. I hope to read all the posts I missed, being out of internet service and busy. Home safe. Lots of very strong winds on the way home. Saw lots of ‘spring bucks’? Lots of them. Fat cows and rolling hills with no trees or bushes. I didn’t expect that, at all. AZ has more bushes & trees than WY or MT near Hwy 25. Laundry is churning, car seriously needs to be washed, because of all the road salt & grime. I had to use my windshield washer fluid to clear the windshield! Rain, rain, snow, sleet, wind, & dust storms. And, I thought going in May, I’d miss the bad weather. Ha! Not!
  12. …vacation…. Thanks Mother, rest is on my schedule…after unpacking, laundry, etc.
  13. Last fill-up, in Lordsburg, NM, $3.699! Home safe, PTL!
  14. I do too, Joyfilled. That’s awesome. When I filled up at home to leave, it was $3.4999/gal. Truly sucked. IMHO.
  15. Glendive, MT, $2.89/gal. Just inside WY, $3.19 Northern CO, $3.19 Denver, $3.49. I’m calculating, gas gauge, price per gallon, and mileage. I’m getting, 25-27 mpg. Tomorrow, should be much better, headed down the rocky mountains to Las Cruces, NM & heading to Deming. Spending the night with my dear sweet friend, for the night, then heading back to AZ….. I should make it to Deming before needing to gas up again. We shall see. Forecast is mentioning storms through the pass on hwy 25 just past Pueblo, CO. I’m hoping & praying to miss it.
  16. I “read” somewhere, the earth is slowing down on its spin, a second a year. Need to find the scientific report again. Sigh.
  17. Baby brother took me to see the local museum. Here, they have the Makoshika State park, he says is huge, over 11,000 acres, however, they find dinosaur bones in the area. The museum sponsors local fossil digs in the badlands. The museum is set in the context of Biblical history. T-Rex…. (A person on the stairs, for scale) And the most interesting part, for me, was the Bible room. then, The have several very very old versions also, one in Latin from the 1700’s and a couple older than that.
  18. Made it to Montana. Brother, SIL & kiddos are happy I’m here. Other brothers are already giving me crap for coming here first. Nerds! But they don’t visit me! Weather sucked! Snow, lots of snow in CO. Rain, lots of rain in WY, and a fire. Rain, rain, and more rain in MT. Thank God for GPS or I’d never gotten here.
  19. Getting on the road in CO Springs.. $3.1999, filling up in WY, $3.439…. In MT, $3.1999. Yeah, I’m here. We shall see what prices are like when I head home.
  20. I got hit with a snow storm!!! Snow in the fields…and then, almost a white out, that turned to sleet and rain, for about 100 miles in CO. Mt_Rider wanted this desert rat, to experience some of her Rocky Mountain weather. 9 more hours to go, to get to Montana…..
  21. TX fill up, $3.1999, Los Vegas, NM $3.1999. We shall see what the price is, tomorrow, here in Colorado Springs.
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