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  1. ....... and, yes......... still.....
  2. I will start doing it again. I miss him soooo very much. However, he gave me the links, but...... I really hoped he would come back.
  3. Managed to get 7, 1/4 pint jars of hot jalapeño green chili Salazar jarred. Picked another 3lbs. Of tomatillos. Looking to find a green enchilada sauce canning recipe..
  4. Oh my, yes. Beef, thin sliced, sauté, in butter, oil, such, remove, add veggies to the pan, sauce & spices, etc. Stroganoff, stir fry.. roasts, chicken, soups, pancakes, bacon & eggs. Oh my so many meals. We lived, about 4 years , using just sterno, backpacking in the CO mountains and northern AZ northern wilderness. But, I still enjoy using a camp fire or BBQ with wood for longer cooking. Maybe we should start a thread about cooking outdoors. Lol.
  5. Midnightmom, I have two charcoal grills like that, one in TX & one here. Also, we have a compact sterno grill. We could use it in our tent while backpacking, and it didn’t seem to get hot enough to scorch the tent. I have cooked a LOT of things on it. Mt_Rider, great to hear you were able to dismantle Maggie Mae’s shelter. You enjoyed her company, you know it.... Jeepers? How are you doing? Thanks for the kind comments on that pastel chalk painting. My customer, a very very patient person, sent me the photo as a reference, however, it is only on my 2005 laptop computer and moving the screen alters the color. And... after I sprayed it to “fix” the chalk, the AZ dust dulled all the colors and grayed all the light colors... DH said I was NOT done. So.... that’s what I have been spending most my time doing.... I need to go to the store today, then, make & can more green chili salsa for him.
  6. I seriously do not believe the FDA has much involvement in the foods that are being currently produced. Factories, processors, & packagers are inspected periodically, when they pass inspections, then, time goes by before another inspection occurs. In the mean time, people make mistakes, equipment fails, etc. Our responsibility is to be vigilant about finding out what has been recalled, reasons for the recalls, etc., in order to protect our families from harmful products.
  7. I’ve seen Signature Farms products in Safeway & Albertsons.
  8. Here is 3 years of work. 24”x18”. Would have been less time, if one of the ferrets hadn’t decided to walk all over the first one, leaving whisker, toes and nose prints. Time to frame it... unless I keep fiddling with it.... oh, and, sorry, I always seem to take blurry pics.
  9. Wow, Homesteader, that looks awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished work.
  10. Your pictures are beautiful, WE2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Littlesister, seem like you are making a lot of progress. OOTO, our doctor just quit. No notice, no forwarding address, nothing. He was one of two doctors that took care of me when I was born. Now, the office is a care facility, a lot of NP’s doing the work, and they seem to be overworked and stressed. It’s made me not want to go there. We only have one other doctor in our town, and I am not too impressed with him. Long story... Changing our cleaning day has been an intellectual challenge. Lol. I was all set Saturday, then, remembered. I ended up sweeping and tidying my office. After cleaning on Monday, I began to appreciate the day off we used to have on Sunday. I’m toying with the idea to change it back to Saturday. We’ll see. Speaking of changing... we don’t change time here. I hear how everyone has trouble with it. When we go to TX, we have to adjust to the time difference in the summer. I usually try to leave home an hour early, to miss rush hour. Now, we are in the same time zone with MIL. She has us fix a few of her clocks, when we first get there. The garden is sprouting! I harvested about 2-3 lbs. of tomatillos and 1/2 lb. of jalapeños, and will be making another batch of green salsa. A handful of the jalapeños were beginning to turn red, those will be diced & dehydrated for the spice jar. Smells like rain outside this morning. Lightening way up in the mountains. A few clouds around us, and crystal clear stars above us. IDK if we will get anything out of it, but it certainly would be a blessing. I covered the washer & dryer, JIC. Lol, maybe I should do our AZ rain dance...wash the vehicles......nope, I don’t have the energy to do that today. I’m getting anxiously excited. After 3 years, I’m now on the finishing touches of a pastel painting. If...if....if... I hadn’t procrastinated as much as I did, the AZ dust storms wouldn’t have dulled the darkness on it. With pastel chalk, it’s not like I can just dust it off... Hopefully, I should be able to finish it today, then, it has to be matted & framed. After taking update pictures, all this time, I’m tempted to make a flip book... that’d be something else.. but a lot of work too. Ha. I hope you are feeling better, Mt_R. Jeepers, did you get your shopping done? The sky is just beginning to lighten up, time to get to work.
  11. Canned 4, 1/4 pints of green salsa. Looks like I might be able to get double that amount, in the next week. (DH loves green salsa.)
  12. Tonight, Anniversary dinner, BBQ ribeye steak, butterfly shrimp, baked potato, and Texas toast, then as an added bonus, requirements from an old site.... shucks, missed the placemat & cloth napkin. He only got a +9. Lol.
  13. Luna’s “daddy” came. I gave her a big hug & cuddling. Gunny seems a little quiet tonight. Soon, he will have another “forever” playmate. His name is Storm, a German Shepherd, about 1.5 years old. I have to train another dog. He is being neutered and chipped. Then, hopefully, my baby brother, a long haul truck driver, will be able to pick him up in KY and drive him here to AZ in 2-3 weeks. He has a pup, she’s a deaf boxer that rides with him. On the, wonderful, lighter sigh of life.... DH proposed! Again! On his knees! Every single year! 37 years & counting! I’ve been blessed!
  14. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished work.
  15. That’s terrible. I guess that’s why we have MrsSurvival. Things like that happen, it’s horrible, but, we need to be prepared, to survive, ...the politicians, out of control laws and natural disasters. Sigh. How many people don’t know how to deal with it? Things go bad, freezers defrost, refrigerators warm up, food spoils, and how much of the food available in stores has been effected, because they aren’t prepared. I know I have been setting things in order, just because of all the catastrophes that are happening. I’ll shut up....
  16. Mmmmmm....hot tub..... very relaxing. I hope you don’t get a migraine, Jeepers. And that you feel better quickly. WE2, I hope your wrist quits hurting. Luna’s owners flight got delayed, so they are due in today. We had a fire pit last night. This morning I used the coals to make chicken & biscuits in the Dutch oven. Then, the wind picked up and has been blowing all day.
  17. Good Morning everyone. Crystal clear stars out, a cold 40*. I will try to get the frames in, to be able to cover the gardens. Nothing special, just some tent stakes, to hold the sheets off the foliage at night. Even in the winter, most day time temps are in the high 60’s to low 70’s. I usually remove the sheets during the day. I hope I didn’t wait too long to plant the winter garden, we’ll see. The jalapeños and tomatillos are producing a lot. Not quite ready to be picked yet. Oh, and there are 3 cantaloupes now. Luna definitely knows the command, “Go pee”. Yet, she is still having a leakage problem when she has to go. I’m going to mention it to them, about having her checked for an UTI, it’s starting to develop an odor, and she’s drinking a lot of water. I doubt she would if she didn’t have a problem. They should be here, tomorrow afternoon, to pick her up.
  18. I’ve been collecting spice leaves and drying them. I doubt I will need to buy those spices, anytime in the next few years.
  19. Yesterday it was very windy again. I noticed that kite had fluttered down the tree branches more and the tail streamers were within reach... so... I now have a huge kite. It only had a couple scratches in it. I was almost sure it would be really torn up, but it wasn’t. It’s made out of tent type material. It is 6 foot wide by 4 foot long, and the tail streamers are over 9 foot long! DH said, “Now, when someone tells you to go fly a kite, you can.”
  20. I’d believe that. Especially since some new phones can only be unlocked using that tech. Plus, IMHO, FB has a part in it too. Can you imagine how many people are in the face recognition databases? I don’t like the idea, at all. Too many to maintain and protect from vandals. The thieves have already found ways to hack credit/debit cards, it won’t be that hard to hack that system.
  21. I’ve been working on a project for 3 years. Getting it done, all of a sudden, become a desperate need to finish it. IDK why, but a lot of things are making me feel like this———>
  22. Turned the soil in a section of the big garden. Planted both plots, Detroit Red beets, Chantenay Red Core carrots, All Season & Copenhagen cabbage, Scarlet Globe radishes and Blonde de Paris lettuce (-Thank you, Christy for the lettuce seeds from 2011 Spring Fling Exchange.). Time for a break, then, back at it... And... I hope NOT, but, Luna might have a bladder infection..... mine is bothering me today.
  23. Thanks Jeepers, for the info, I vaguely remember hearing about it too. I will be checking my jars.
  24. Jeepers, that’s exactly how we thought and feel. She’s not our dog, but, I am going to be the best dog sitter I can, and give her the best care I can. She did good yesterday, she ate a whole bowl of food, and drank normally. Gunny played with her for almost 2 hours, before they both got tired and went to their beds. Even though we’ve moved cleaning day to Monday, we will be cleaning anyway today. Wow, 2 dogs shed a lot. Hopefully, when I wash her blanket in vinegar today, it will remove that intense laundry soap smell. God, I hope so. Then, what’s up with taking a mouthful of food out of the dish and dropping it on the floor, before eating it? She doesn’t eat the little balls in her food. (Blue Buffalo, lamb & rice.). She does not like Gunny’s food, at all. Last night I soaked a couple handfuls of his food in bacon grease. She licked it a few times, spit out the food and walked away. Gunny reaction was like, “.. I don’t mind her now...I get two plates.... “. Lol. The “...very breezy...” day yesterday, Santa Anna winds, was a very windy day. The night before, I heard a noise, sounded like a large garbage bag flapping in the wind. When the sun came up, I went out to the edge of the yard, to see what it was. WOW, it turned out to be a large kite caught in the neighbors tree. Half of it has to be 3 foot wide. During the day, it managed to flutter, (pun intended) down the branches. It’s still about 15 foot high above the ground. Later in the afternoon I heard the little neighborhood kids get all excited about it, saying they wanted to get it. I managed to turn the soil in one of the gardens, but, with the strength of the wind, I didn’t plant. I was concerned about the seeds blowing out of my hand, before I could plant them. Hopefully, I will be able to plant today. Picked a dozen jalapeños, 2 dozen tomatillos and a butternut squash. The squash plants are dying back now, but we might get one or two before they die completely. It’s dawn, the pups are out playing, running circles in the yard and I need to get motivated.
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