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  1. After I lost my hormones, I quit taking any. It made such a drastic difference after my bod decided to get normal.
  2. 1,500’. But, if the gasket works, DH ordered, it’s all good. Either way, I did figure, an 1/2 hr. should be plenty, at 15 lbs. They did get a little well done. Lol.
  3. 15 lbs for 45 min. Yeah, it cooked them, maybe a little too much, but it made them soft enough to provide her the bean soup she wants. I’m excited, I tried the canners ball gasket, and it fit on my cooker! DH ordered me one for $4.00 & it’s supposed to be here tomorrow. After all that work, removing the stuff on top of the box, pulling it out of the box, (knocking the microwave plug out of the wall, under the kitchen table & re-plugging it in, re-setting the clock), cooking, straining the beans, cleaning & re-boxing it, putting it back, re-stacking the stuff on top. Then, packaging 2-3 cups per ziplock bag, 10 bags, and freezing them & the bean hulls for refried beans. Whew! I told DH, I need to strengthen myself. When we got the canner, it certainly did not feel as heavy as it did today. I keep it in the box it came in, because it is easier to store in my tiny kitchen. And, because the instructions mentioned that keeping the lid on the pot, could cause it to warp and cause the gauge to need to be re-calibrated. I rely on it to provide healthy food on our shelves, I don’t need it to fail on me. Sooo, I have used it 2 times now, for cooking. Not bad. Anyone know where I can find a stainless steel pressure cooker? Mine is aluminum and it tarnishes in our water. I have to scrub it with all my might, to get the black water build up out. I only use bottled water when I cook in it, but cleaning it still turns it grey/black. I’m tired. Made fried rice to go with the beans and barbecued Andoulli sausages for dinner.
  4. Thanks Jeepers. We are around 1,500’. Because I couldn’t find anything on the weight to use for just cooking them, I’ll use 15 lbs. MIL only wants the juice, so, if they come out too mushy, I can adjust from there. This is only the second time I am using my canner as a cooker, trial & error time.
  5. Good days, bad days and cranky days. Me too. Sorry you had one, WE2.
  6. I saw where it’s snowing in Utah & Montana. Cold winter coming? It smells like fall here. The temperature is below 100 already. 75 in the morning is almost sweater time for me. Lol I almost cried in complete disappointment with myself. I lost the little rubber gasket on my 15 year old , off brand, pressure cooker. DH searched the net for a replacement, but the company is no more and they don’t make replacement parts. Thankfully, DH bought me the All American 921 canner. It’s heavy, but, I need strength training. Tuesday I made a batch of chicken bone soup/broth, using 2 year old carrots, that are growing in the refrigerator, and volunteer celery from the garden, then, canned it. 2 quarts, 8 1/2 pints. DH enjoys anything I’ve cooked with it. He says it tastes so much better than ‘added chemicals and preservatives’. Possum was visiting, from Washington, while I was doing it. She got to watch most of the process. Even the removal of the jars from the canner, when 2 jars were spraying broth out the lids. Ack! Those jars sealed just fine. I’m hoping it isn’t an issue with shelf stability. Today, I am hoping to cook MIL’s bean soup. Does anyone know, what pressure to cook them at? 5, 10, or 15 lbs.? With my pressure cooker, I’d fire it up, reduce the temp, until it rocked consistently.
  7. WM is prepping for Halloween and Christmas stocks. They are doing it at our store too. They moved the frozen potatoes, out of the vegetable isle, in to the pizza and ice cream isle... why? Pup got the throw ups Tues. Wed. he was fine, but DH was queazy & tired, but not sleepy. Thursday they were both fine. Friday we took a day away, and went to the lake. Several arroyos and hill tops were burnt out, from that big fire, in July, not quite as bad as I expected. Didn’t catch a fish, instead, we relaxed, plus, Gunny kept wanting to swim out to get my bobber, I guess he thought it was a tennis ball. You should have seen the large fish that jumped, within a foot of my line, taunting me. Yesterday, I got what they had, thanks guys, I really was hoping I wouldn’t get it.
  8. Yeah, Jeepers, they are definitely going to get a piece of my mind, with an attitude...take my money without saying anything.... The penicillin worked great! We are now thinking the infection was years old from the other molar, between the wisdom tooth and the molar, next to the middle one they removed, about 10 years ago. The wisdom tooth fell into the gap and was sideways pressing on the other molar, they removed this time. I’ve quit waking up coughing at night, and my overall health is improving. PTL! And, I’ve lost another 5 lbs. go figure. Just learning to deal with 2 dry sockets, keeping stuff from getting in. We are hoping to take Gunny to the lake tomorrow and do some fishing. I really hope we catch some fish.... I’m craving fresh fish. Lol
  9. Indeed! We can’t see the smoke today, so we are hoping they put it out. Most of the area that burnt, in the Woodbury fire, was mountainous, uninhabited area, where most of the wildlife lives. Hunting this year, in our area, is not going to be good, in that area, which is where most people have gone in the past. Got my chores done, waiting to resolve an issue that came up. Left a message... Yeah, they are not going to hear what I have to say. Wrote a letter to my Aunt. Yes! People still write letters, in cursive. I have to be careful, tho, she was an English teacher.... my sister and her used to tease me about my grammar, spelling and cursive habits. Harrumph! At least I wrote letters, and they didn’t complain when I edited & published their books. Birds & hens are fed, got an egg today. We are having leftovers tonight. Mine was squished tater tots with an egg on top. Tasty 😋
  10. Hopefully, the hurricane won’t be as bad as they are predicting. It’s beginning to get light out. I’ve a ToDo list going. Balanced the books, got some groceries, and made tater tots & breaded shrimp, in the air fryer for dinner. DH was craving shrimp, yesterday. That boat fire is sad. When DH was diving regularly, we took a trip on the sister ship, the Truth. Conception was moored next to our boat. I can’t imagine the terror. Today’s plans are to make my rounds...water the garden, go to the post office, bank, market, then, on to the next priorities on my list. That storm, that that went around us, started another fire to the east of us. I am hoping/praying they get it put out soon. That part of the Sonoran desert is/was so beautiful.
  11. Just read a very sad article. The dive boat Conception caught fire & sank. https://time.com/5666944/coast-guard-california/
  12. Good Morning, Happy Labor Day. It is a wonderfully cool, humid, 75 degrees this morning. Mostly clear skies. Yesterday, we had vicious winds, dust, clouds, lightning, and thunder. And, the storms swirled right around us, again. We got a couple rain drops, literally. I’m glad I decided to water the garden anyway. Today’s agenda includes paying bills, and doing the monthly books, plus I will need to go to the store for our monthly supplies. Dove season seems to have started yesterday. The gun shots started around dawn. They were/are out there this morning also. I wonder how many dove I will see when I feed them this morning. Considering, most hunters only take the breast, it seems like a waste of time, but, if I needed to hunt them for food, I believe I’d use the whole bird...bone soup is nutritious. Miki, that’s a cute puppy. I guess you are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Time for for me to get back at my ToDo list...
  13. I use tomatillos in green salsa and green chili enchilada sauce. Tomatillo info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomatillo https://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/a19526696/tomatillo-nutrition-facts/ Tomatillo recipes: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/slideshow/tomatillo-recipes https://www.saveur.com/tomatillo-recipes/ https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=tomatillo
  14. Purple ones seemed to be more heat tolerant, here. They were the only beans that produced, that year I planted beans.
  15. It’s a beautiful 82 degree morning, the sun has come up, doves are cooing, sparrows are having a group chat in one of the trees, hummingbirds are chasing each other around the feeders, and I’m getting ready to begin house cleaning, yes, it’s Saturday. Mt_Rider, I hope you got some good sleep and are feeling better. Don’t feel bad, Jeepers, one year, in the 2000’s, I kept writing 1998 on my checks, until a cashier caught me. I frequently loose track of what day it is. Kappydell, I’m looking forward to hearing about your fall gardening. We won’t be able to re-plant until mid-September, when it should be cooling down. The 4 stalks of corn, have ears, when I felt them, the kernels are sparse. DH suggested we use the seeds for next year, because they should be a little more heat tolerant. So, that’s what we will do. I am hoping the area the fava beans grew this spring, will be sufficient for the corn. Still no tomatillos. It has been much too hot. All but one tomato plant fried, and it’s doing it’s best to survive. I am grateful we canned last years harvest, 10 quarts still on the shelf. Critters in the garden, are annoying! We get bunny rabbits, round tailed ground squirrels, moles, & mice. Thankfully, they haven’t decimated anything yet. The rabbits have focused on the perslaine growing wild in the yard. I’m good with that. It is time to feed the birds their breakfast. I see them in the trees, patiently waiting. Lol I hope everyone stays safe in the storm.
  16. Good Morning Everyone, It’s going to be another hot day, here in the desert. Forecast is calling for an excessive heat warning of 110F*+ for the next two days. I’m sure, Phoenix is going to be terrible, because that ‘storm’ dropped buckets of rain on them, increasing their humidity. The sky is barely lighting up on the edges. My agenda is to make sure the birds have water, soak the garden, and get a load of laundry done, before it gets too hot. Then, come in and stay in the cool house. Picked the first butternut squash yesterday, we might get a couple more, I hope. Update on that accident, where the car went through the brick wall, DH said he saw the report, it said she fell asleep. The road is only about an half a mile long, with a stop sign in the middle, two block before the end of the road. Yikes. Time to get motivated.
  17. Weather forecast.... hot. Not a chance of rain. We are located 16-30 miles into the flat desert lands, from the Superstition Mtns. Most storms, catch the mountains and follow them. 60% chance of rain yesterday, gave us high winds, dust, and enough light sprinkles to make the vehicles look like we never washed them. Because our town is in a valley, we watch radar storms come right to the edge of town, and the clouds will divide, dissipate, and go around us. The storms clouds that were around us, provided much needed rain to a lot of areas.... just not here. We found a wall mounted, barometer, humidity, temperature gauges, back in the ‘80’s while cleaning an 1960’s vacant house. We rarely actually look at it, because it’s just plain hot most of the time. Nice to have it during monsoon season.
  18. Praise God! What a difference one day makes! A heavy dose of penicillin and almost no pain! Soreness, yeah, but not that mind bending pain, confusion and dizziness. Plus, my new glasses came in yesterday and I can see clearly again! Thank you all for the well wishes. Sorry you’ve had to deal with it too. DH made me laugh... he said the side of my face that’s swollen, doesn’t have any wrinkles. Ha ha ha. Doc said it will be a few days before the swelling goes down. I’m good with that, as long as it doesn’t hurt anymore. Got a great nights sleep too. Made me think about being prepped for tooth issues. Imagine how hard it would be, to extract the broken root? Yikes! Very grateful for an honest dentist, who also gave a discount, on the 2nd extraction, “because it would hold the infection and I’d probably be back in a couple of months, to have it removed also”. Also, with as deep as the infection was, it could have been deadly, if it hadn’t been taken care of it when I did. That tooth had been tender off and on, but, I figured I’d chomped down on something wrong, I kept brushing the snot out of it and it would feel better the next day. I hope never to have to deal with that again, God willing. I hope all all goes well with your specialist, Homesteader. I wouldn’t wish tooth issues on my worst enemy. That’s what nightmares are made of. Beautiful day today, sun is shining, birds are singing, and I feel better than I have in quite some time. Praying for your DH, Mt_Rider...
  19. Well, I woke up yesterday with another toothache. Tried to eat a cup of soup, ouch! Couldn’t eat dinner. What a way to loose weight. Lol. Kept waking up all night, trying to go back to sleep. This morning the whole side of my face was swollen. Dentist got me in, pulled 2. A molar & the wisdom tooth, that had fallen into the gap left by the last molar they pulled. Mainly because, the infection incorporated both teeth. I’m such a baby, I cried, and was shaking like a leaf, by the time he was done, one tooth was broken at the base of the root, causing the infection. He had to dig it out. Prepping, maybe, 6 front teeth & I can get my full upper denture. TMI, I know. All my relatives lost all their teeth, both sides of my family .... heredity sucks. He said it will take about 3 days for the swelling in my face to go down. Silly DH, said, “your wrinkles don’t show on that side.” Ha ha ha, yeah right. I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to eat. Other than that, it was a beautiful orange sunrise, and didn’t pass 100* today. I didn’t do much of anything with the massive headache I had. Thank God, it’ much better now!
  20. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    Cool! A party!
  21. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    I love sugar, it doesn’t like me, at, all. I cut most of it out of my diet a couple of years ago. I still go for a piece of dark chocolate or a cookie once in a while, but, I can guarantee I will get extremely tired shortly afterwards and ache the next day.
  22. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    Fixed it.. ....and congratulations!!! I’m only down 10... but, I am still working on it.
  23. Goodness... I’m 1/2 Swedish, lol. Even had to speak & read it to my great grandmother. She made me read her newspaper to her. I’ll check it out in the morning..... thanks....
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