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    New Miles, 2020

    Wow! That’s awesome Snapshot. I’m impressed. I am looking forward to seeing how you do, Ambergris. Friday, the 10th, It said, 2,367 steps, .67 mi. Saturday, Jan 11, 2,249 steps, .63 mi. Sunday, I finished reading a book and didn’t pick my phone up. Seems close to 4 miles for the week. Better than I expected, but my hip is screaming at me any time I try to lift my right leg. (I soooo need Mt_Rider’s chiro, tho, he wouldn’t touch my back either. My chiro X-rayed me and said, no, no, absolutely not. ) Today, is house cleaning day. We shall see how many miles I can get.
  2. Jeepers, I am assuming he has a typical German Shepherd voice. WE2, when we first found out about him, DH said, they rescued him from a family that kept him outside on a chain all the time, she got pregnant and they got rid of him. Semper Fi dog rescue pulled him out of a shelter, somewhere around KY. It made me think of the story you told of your neighbors dog.
  3. They are arranging transportation from KY to TX. Tentatively, I will be picking him up next week. As the arrangements are being made, I’ve gotten a couple more pictures. Looks like he does well in a vehicle. Here he is modeling his new vest. Leash training...
  4. The first pics I got of him.... I’m assuming he’s dog friendly.
  5. After his surgery... poor baby.. Going for his checkup...
  6. Annarchy

    New Miles, 2020

    It’s been a while since we have tracked our daily, weekly and monthly miles. Each of us have a reason to keep going. Whether it is chasing kids, keeping our hearts healthy or just staying fit and limber to keep going. Mine, is because I have a messed up back. Recently, spasms have put me on the ground, wondering if I could get up and walk again. Not fun, when the dog is standing over me, breathing in my face. Lol. So, this year, I am trying to walk more. Walking the dog, thankfully, he is a slack leash heeler. We walked 1.5 blocks and turned around, on 1-2. .46mi. The next day, I took a break because I was sore, only walked .07 mi. Sat.1-4, I pulled weeds, mowed, etc. and walked 2.2 mi. Mon. 1-6, walked the dog 1 square block, totaling the day at 1.4 mi. Tue. 1-7, not much, then, I didn’t have my phone on me. Then, Wed., paying bills, running errands and such,I managed another mile. Today, 1-9, going to the store, errands, and canning, 1.1 mi. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but my muscles are sore and I feel like I have been rung through a ringer. Proves to me, I really need to get back in shape. I let myself go and am determined to try to get back my strength.
  7. Been busy, as usual. Pulled most of the weeds in the front lawn, mowed, edged & blew off the clippings. I was able to use the bags of rye cuttings to cover the bare areas in the back yard and was able to dump a bag in the mulch bin. Pulled out all the dried tomatillo, butternut & cantaloupe plants, mulched. Then, trimmed the desert willow, pine, and chaste trees. I have a nice pile for the trash pickup, next 1st Wed. Started pulling weeds in the back yard. I’d like to find out if the prolific weed is an edible, but haven’t been able to find it on line. I know its seeds are, I’ve eaten a lot through the years, they taste sort of like Lima beans. Lol DH is slowly recovering. He’s still weak, but, getting better. Then, another hen passed in her sleep. One before Thanksgiving and then this one. Curry was over 7 years old, wasn’t laying anymore. The other one had to be separated, because all the others would beat up on her. When she was a chick, one of the older hens bit her tongue!? I have had to keep her separated ever since. Now, we are down to 4. I’m going to try to figure out who is laying, as soon as they start laying again, then, it’s chicken soup for the ones that have quit laying. It was cloudy this morning and is now raining. I had to go to the store this morning to get some more canning jars. Ball jars were almost $9. doz., Kerr were $6, and an off brand were $5. I got the Kerr because I don’t want to rely on something I have no experience with. The cheap ones were probably good, but I am relying on the food for long term storage. DH’s retirement was slashed, because they had been 1/2 matching his social security. I had to push some bills ahead. His social security came in, and I paid the rest, and had enough to get the jars and some chicken. Amen! I’m preparing things for my trip to MIL’s next Wednesday. I still need to clean the van from last years trips with the dog. I’m designated driver for the CoC’s installation meeting on Thursday, and it NEEDS to be nice for the Ladies. Black clothes + dog hair isn’t nice. Lol Speaking of dogs... it seems my trip home from TX will be with the rescue dog DH agreed to. He’s a 2 year old German Shepherd, his name is Storm. I’m not thrilled, I didn’t want another. Gunny is barely beginning to warm up to me, and DH has been telling the rescue and everyone else, he’s going to be my dog...!!?? Sigh. Time to get some sleep, it’s been a long day.
  8. I have never seen it done that way. All the trees we did, when I was young, were cut at the base & let fall where the wedge was. It was amazing to see them done & gone in 3 hours, including clean up.
  9. Processed 7 lbs of tomatillos and made 7 pint of green chili enchilada sauce. Still have another 7-8 lbs. of tomatillos to process. It was a bountiful harvest.
  10. He cut each branch just enough for it to bend down, then made the final cut, dropping it directly under him.
  11. We’ve watch this tree lean, and lean, and finally they decided it was time to remove it before it fell on the neighborhood, taking out their brick wall. I came out about 8am Sunday... Refilling the chain saw.... an hour later they were done...
  12. I’m so very sorry for your loss.
  13. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    ariachris56! You are right, a lot of those recipes sound delicious.
  14. I thought we shouldn’t use oil on the rubber gaskets. ?
  15. Boy, do I have a story to tell. Yesterday, we decided to stay home and enjoy a quiet fire pit night. Made cinnamon rolls, for the hen Lady and French bread for our French dips. Around dusk, I lit the pit. DH came out a few minutes later and mentioned, the structure the neighbor across the alley built, was a chimney, and they had a fire going. We are skeptical, because we watched him, stand up 2x4s, wrapped in tarpaper, chicken wire, and stucco.... erm... not very fireproof, maybe. Ok, so, we are tending our little fire, and keeping an eye on his chimney, when the next door neighbor girls, older teens(?) go into the back yard and chattering. No biggie. Until.... I noticed they lit a fire too. Maybe, 3 foot away from their back porch awning. Up went the flames and back down. About 7-8 times before it finally stayed lit... but.. they put pallets on it... the fire went way up! We heard them commenting, ‘it’s hitting the awning’... !?!!?! Ok... we were considering getting our garden hose ready to save our house, if their house caught fire, but it calmed down a bit. The other neighbors kids climbed up on their brick wall, laughing and watching the fire. Their Mom & dad made them get off. The girls got louder and louder as the night progressed, until their landlord came over, their voices got subdued and we could hear him raking the rocks around the fire. I went to bed around 10 pm. I’m assuming it was midnight when fireworks went off. DH said I missed the fun stuff. The girls ended up in the road, laughing and talking loudly, until they were yelled at by another neighbor, “.... I told you to get the f*** out of here”. Oh, my, I’m glad I missed that. And our other neighbor, it was his birthday and they had silly string wars in the street. Lol. The road is covered in bright fluorescent streaks. This morning I peeked through the fence at the girls yard, red solo cups scattered in the yard and the pvc pipes for their misting system was slightly melted. Oops.. Today... got up, went to get my coffee, and noticed my socks didn’t slide on the floor by the water dispenser. Turned on the light.... the dog didn’t go out!!! My eyes weren’t open yet! I hadn’t even had a chance to sip my coffee! Got my bucket and cleaned up the mess. Except, it had soaked the box my meat slicer came in. Sigh. Cleaned the slicer after I threw the dog and box outside. Drank my cup of coffee and brooded. Stupid dog.... freaks out on fireworks and has separation anxiety.... harumph. I made him stay out all day and chastised him for scratching at the door, because he was insisting on coming back in. Not! I wasn’t a happy camper. I made menudo for lunch, then, hickory smoked a ham, while cooking black eyed peas for dinner. Sliced the ham and Vacuum sealed 16 packages. Tomorrow, hopefully, DH will get his retirement, or I’m gonna have a fit, and be making a very upset phone call. Time to crash....
  16. May everyone be bountifully blessed this year.
  17. for everyone. Home safe. It rained a lot here, at least 2 inches. Unpacked and have been busy getting laundry done, all day. Our hen lady fell, doing a face plant on the sidewalk going home. She says I owe her. No problem. She’ll get a dozen homemade cinnamon rolls and... I’ll think of something else... Dark clouds are moving in. I hope to get one more load done & cover the washer & dryer before it hits. It’s been off and on, cold windy, between spaces of sunshine. Supposed to drop close to freezing tonight. Cabbage, beets & carrots seem to have loved the rain and cold. The spices are hanging in there. Camomile is growing like a weed in the spice garden and all around the outside area... a weed in the lawn I will let grow. Mmmmmm, camomile tea.
  18. Yesterday. Didn’t sleep well. Mom keeps the house at 77* and I didn’t open our window early enough, plus, I was concerned about not getting up early enough for my 8 a.m. appointment. Gunny got me up 3 times to go out. 2:30, 3:30, & 4:00. I stayed up after the last time. I guess he was a little stressed not being home. Got to the dealership on time & got my oil changed, they even rotated my tires. A pleasant unexpected perk. I noticed the odd looks and stares from people, in the waiting room. I was reading a real paper book. After getting back to the house, DH was up and had a list of things he wanted to do. When MIL got up, she added to the list. DH & I left to do some shopping. We went to Savers, he got a fleece jacket and a couple sweatshirts, all for less than $20. The jacket was $10. He found it online for $60! Score! Then, we went and got some craft beer for his friend. They only had two six packs and his friend wanted a case. Came home and picked up Mom, went to the jewelry shop, to replace her watch batteries, but they were closed until next year, then we went to Dillard’s in the mall, she needed her makeup. While she was doing that, I headed to Lens Crafters. The glasses I got in June, were the wrong prescription. Gave me a headache and nausea, and, I lost 10 lbs. from not eating. DH went to TX in July, giving me a month’s break. He brought back the sunglasses, Mom had picked up, because they had to send them out to get them made for me. During my August trip, I went back to try to have my glasses fixed. They gave me the run around, because it had been over 30 days. I explained, I live out of state & that was my first opportunity to get back to their store. They checked my prescription and said it was fine. I went next door to the optometrist. They said they were fine also. That’s when I blew. I handed them the old pair I was (and am still wearing), and said No! They are NOT right! He took my glasses and came back, asking me to be re-examined. He messed up.... Really!? You think? Anyway, Lens crafters said they would re-make my glasses, but, needed to send them out and they would mail them to me. I got the package 3 weeks later. When I put them on, they worked, however, I kept getting shimmering light around the top edges and along the left bifocal. I pulled out my 6+ reading glasses and examined them. There are shattered cracks around the top and up the bottom. At that point, I became weary about wearing them. What if, a piece of that got into my eyes? So, I told the guy, gave him my receipts, he told his assistant manager, she started to say it had been too long, I interjected, she told her manager and came back saying the would remake them. DH said No, they don’t work, are a possible hazard and we want our money back. “Yes or No?” She started making excuses and he asked several times again, “Yes or No?” “No”. We left. Sooo, when I get back home, I’m calling corporate. I am not going to stand by and do nothing and waste $400.!!!!! And that price is using my own frames! Sorry, that was kinda long winded. On the lighter side of life... I’ve brought Mom a couple of the Abraham Lincoln dark red roses when I visit, she kept asking for one of the pink Chicago Peace roses, but, there wasn’t any nice fresh ones whenever I was coming. This month there was only one rose on the bushes and it is as big as my hand. Mom got her pink rose. Today is Christmas Eve, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  19. Keeping you all in my prayers. Safe in TX. Tired.
  20. It is windy and cold this week. Don’t laugh, I know, I know, 40-50* is not cold to 99% of you, but, I’m used to 110*F 1/2 the year. The wind is making it feel, bone chilling, to me. DH said it’s in the 20’s at mom’s house. I’ll definitely be bringing my drover, hats and gloves. Today, I need to make cinnamon rolls and personal Dutch apple pies. Our neighbor texted me yesterday, asking if it was cinnamon time yet. When she had a medical emergency, we brought them a precooked food care package that included a couple frozen packages of the rolls. Ever since, they always ask if I am making anymore. Last year, I gave her my recipe, hoping they would make their own. Danggit, that didn’t work. Lol. It’s fine, that’s their Christmas present, plus between DH & MIL, 12 rolls disappear in just a couple of days. They are way too sweet for me. Then, while the dough rises, I will package more rice with refries and bean soup. We didn’t leave quite enough for mom, from the first batch, I made another batch last night, but we had some of that with cheese crisps. Hopefully, there is enough to finish mom’s packages. Managed to cross several things off one list, completed another list & trashed it, and added more things to the “To Take” & “ToDo” lists. Time to get the rolls started. Our house is going to smell like Christmas today.
  21. Good Morning everyone. I hope you all don’t get snowed in. Frost on the spa lid, 39*. Definitely winter in the desert. Harvested most of the tomatillos, 3 more pounds, at least. Jalapeños are about done, got 1/2 pound off the bushes. Pulled all the radishes and carrots, and separated the cabbage plants, where both seeds sprouted, and transplanted them. God willing, we should get 10 heads of cabbage. Oh, and that little clove of garlic, is now a foot tall! Wow, it certainly wanted to live. Lol Today, I am gearing up to prep for our trip to MIL’s, plus, clean the house from top to bottom, before the customers start coming in. So much to do....
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