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  1. Yeah, city codes stink sometimes but its the responsibility of the citizen to abide by those laws regardless. One can easily check that info before deciding to move to that area. There are just as many areas that allow front yard gardens. She's not going to win this case.
  2. I don't think this is a point of whether or not the homeowner is allowed to grow a garden or not, but rather following the by-laws of the obvious homeowners association she belongs to. When a homeowner belongs to an association in their neighborhood, and pays the dues that accompanies said membership, the association has the right to enforce the by-laws regarding where and how high to put a fence, where gardens can be grown, how they expect your property to be maintained, etc. I lived in such a neighborhood so I am familiar with these laws, but now I don't, and I have every right to plant anything, anywhere I like (within obvious reason of course). Its just a matter of where you live and what you agree to when you move in.
  3. Are these safe to use for children? My youngest is 5. I would like to add water purification tablets to my BOBs but I don't know if its safe for children to drink.
  4. What informative links! Thank you for posting this!
  5. What is the best way to buy silver for upcoming perilous times? Junk silver, rounds & ounces, or another way?
  6. cootie

    Just a FYI...

    Ohhh camping! Test and practice some prep skills! Have fun!
  7. A small hatchet, knife or something like that in case you can break yourself out of a trapped circumstance.
  8. Well, its a pretty cool race! Why wouldn't one be interested? I like it too.
  9. Those Amish horse and buggy carriages are looking pretty good to me right about now.....
  10. LOL! You guys are funny!
  11. $3.55 here in the suburbs outside of Chicago
  12. Welcome to Mrs. S, Free! Canned Nerd is correct... unfortunately you can't freeze dry at home, but there are lots of places to purchase them. My favorite place is www.beprepared.com
  13. Yay! Better health and a better budget!
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