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  1. Mmmmm looks yummy! It looks as though there is a white residue on the outside of your jars. This is common with pressure canners, but one way to prevent that from happening is to put a little vinegar into the water before you put your jars in to process. Adam
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone!
  3. I still have a ton of tomatoes coming in, but unfortunately this late in the season they will never ripen. Does anyone have any ideas so I can use up all the green tomatoes? Thanks in advance Adam
  4. I stopped by the orchard yesterday to pick up some cider for making hard cider, and grabbed some apples. I started off by making apple sauce, but then I remembered how much I already have, so I put it into the crock and added some sugar, and cinnamon. WOW, I can't believe how much this stuff reduced, I started with a full crock, and by this morning it had cooked WAY down, and the color, flavor, and taste got very intense... Here's a pic. Out of a full large crock, I only ended up with this...
  5. Originally Posted By: westbrook when SHTF.... they come over to beg.. shoot them! knock an opening into their side... move your family and friends in over there! As morbid as that sounds, if you aren't prepared to take drastic actions, they WILL be your biggest most immediate threat, and will kill YOU for what you have...
  6. I store meats from Costco. I actually found the their brand tuna and chicken are superior in taste to most every commercial brand you find in grocery stores!
  7. Thank you Darlene! Question, do you feel you retain more of the nutritional value of the apple by cooking down the apples with peels, cores, and seeds as opposed to peeling and coring the apples before hand? Also, do you think it effects the flavor? Adam
  8. Originally Posted By: Darlene Adam, I did a picture tutorial in the Preserving the Harvest - Recipes forum. I just posted it so check it out when you get time. Thank you!
  9. Originally Posted By: nmchick Originally Posted By: Adam_MA One of the few times I was questioned by anyone other than in my family was at the grocery store. They were having this sale on those 1 lb bags of beans. The final price cam out to something like .15/lb, so I did what any sane prepper would have done, and emptied the shelves of all the beans, lentils, and split peas that they had. While I was unloading my cart, the cashier was just staring at me, and this lady behind me was getting annoyed because I had something like 200lbs of beans in my cart, and was sighing loudly. She asked m
  10. Thank you for another great chapter!
  11. Darlene, Would you also mind posting your recipe for us?
  12. Thank you happygirl! A great chapter, that I have been looking forward to!
  13. You can try here.. http://www.audiobooksforfree.com The free versions are low quality, but they are still usable.
  14. Congrats! You will soon be so addicted to canning, you will be busy every weekend making something else! Trust me, it will happen, no use resisting!
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