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  1. It may sound heartless, but quarantine the affected areas until Ebola runs its course. Some of the population is undoubtedly immune and will survive. Some who contract it will survive. People who refuse to modify their behavior to avoid spreading disease are a threat to everyone. Let natural selection sort it out.
  2. Now we have a cruise ship under scrutiny because someone who handled the first Ebola patient's (Duncan's) blood decided a cruise was a good idea. It came to light because Mexico refused to allow the passengers to disembark.
  3. I would go with my Scout leader pants and web belt which has my Leather man on it. The pants are heavy duty cargo pants with zip off legs. Tee shirt with a flannel over it. Add my heavy chill chaser jacket with the zip out liner. I keep a few items in the jacket like a mini first aid kit, tissues, and film canister size fire starting kit. Usually have gloves in the jacket too. Finally my Boonie hat. Oh footwear would be hiking boots, sock liners and hiking socks. All of this stuff is easy to reach and quick to put on.
  4. They were found trying to cross into Canada. The captains were only 18 and 20. Pretty young to be "officers".
  5. Bakeries often will give away the plastic buckets frosting comes in. We use them for storage of things like sugar. I've never had white sugar get hard, only brown.
  6. It seems to have reached Arizona from news reports.
  7. I signed up for an advanced first aid/CPR class. My card expired and I wanted to renew it because I am a Cub Scout leader, but one can never have too much training. I also ordered water gel and water gel dressings for the medic bag. I have been updating our supplies and adding some too. This year all of the Cub Scouts and parents will receive some basic first aid training and the boys will make personal kits. There's only so much I can do to help people be prepared but I take opportunities as they come.
  8. I saw a woman on the news whining because a wash flooded and she couldn't get out of her neighborhood for two days. She said she wanted to be taken out by helicopter and would move if a bridge was not built. What is wrong with some people?
  9. I don't currently have a larger than life family but I have in the past and currently work with Cub Scouts. On camping trips we are feeding a lot of people. Organization, schedules, and one pot meals are key. If you can cook outside, foil pack dinners can be a life saver. Just get a bed of coals going and have everyone assemble their own meal in a foil pack. Use heavy duty foil. Put a cabbage leaf on it, add cut up veggies and whatever protein (sliced thin or a burger patty), and some liquid (gravy, broth, water, etc.). Top it with another cabbage leaf and seal the foil around it like a
  10. As far as specialization goes...yes, it is valuable. However, I am happy to say that I have all of those skills mentioned in the blog. Do I always use them? No. The important thing is I am able to do those things when I choose or when I must. There are many people who would be lost without convenience foods. Show them a pantry of ingredients and they wouldn't even be able to whip up some pancakes without a mix!
  11. 1. Looters will use any social unrest as well as natural disaster as cover for looting. This can also happen, usually to a lesser extent, if their team doesn't win at a sporting event. 2. People don't have the sense of a grape. Destroying businesses in a neighborhood hurts the neighborhood. The only statement it makes is that those doing the damage either don't live there or are incredibly stupid. 3. My family MUST establish a bug out location ASAP. We have discussed it for years. We are currently looking for property. 4. Everyone in our group must be prepared with BOBs and a clea
  12. The National Terrorism Advisory System replaced the terror level color coded alert system with the new system which merely informs us if there is a problem in progress. Go to http://www.dhs.gov/national-terrorism-advisory-system. You can sign up to be notified by Twitter or email. It's rather like the weather alerts people get on their cell phones. This is from the DHS website. Apparently the last time it was updated was Sept. of 2013. Last Published Date: September 5, 2013 Current Alerts There are no current alerts. Expired Alerts There are no expired alerts.
  13. Well, I guess silver is one of many things to keep under wraps and off the general radar.
  14. A lot of people are keeping silver for a backup if currency is greatly devalued. It would seem prudent, however I don't believe that silver would be that useful if what people really needed were goods. Silver would be more useful once things started to recover. What do you all think? Is silver a good thing to have?
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