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  1. Oh....I like the middle one, but it would take alot of ink to look right. :-)
  2. I was SO afraid of my pressure canner the first two times I used it. LOL I made sure I was the only one at home and I sat in the doorway of my kitchen "watching" it the whole time. Once I realized it was not going to blow up on me.... it's nothing for me to drag it out and put it to work. :-) You will get hooked!
  3. We used openoffice at our school. For a free program, it is very good.
  4. Ahhh - but we're back to the same point I made earlier. There would be no mankind had A&E not fallen from the GoE. So we owe our existance to his disobedience. If God intended us to exist, then A&E's fall must have been in his plan. Just a thought . . . I see it in that we would still have mankind, but a perfect mankind in an earth-wide garden of Eden.
  5. Oh goodness.... I am sorry, but if a person states that Jehovah planned for Adam to sin when he created him, then that is to say that Jehovah God deliberately set in motion all the wickedness that has happened in human history. He would be the Source of all the wars, the crime, the immorality, the oppression, the lying, the hypocrisy, the disease. But the Bible states: “You are not a God taking delight in wickedness.” (Ps. 5:4) “Anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates.” (Ps. 11:5) "He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love." (1 John 4:8) Adam cho
  6. My heart breaks for you, but know that H will always be with you in your heart. {{HUGS}}
  7. I put 2007 on the poll up top, but I know I was here longer than that.... just don't remember. Wasn't there a move to a new server before 2007? I was thinking that I was on the previous one, but I could be confused with another board I was a member on. LOL
  8. My walmart has never clearanced the jars. Now, I have gotten the canning salts and other supplies on clearance, but never the jars.
  9. I had both of my kids at home with a certified nurse midwife and an assistant. I loved that we had control of the situation!
  10. I'm not Darlene, but I just wanted to let you know that I use my water bath on my flat top stove all the time. Almost every item I have done in my WB canner takes less time than when I am making stews, soups or spagetti sauce. Whereas the pressure canner takes alot longer at a higher heat than most "regular" cooking.
  11. I have tried to search the internet, and have tried to search MrsS. to no success! Does anyone know of one? I am asking because we have fallen in love with "Newman's Own" Black bean and corn salsa, but at almost $4 a jar... that is just too pricey for anything but a treat. LOL Thanks in advance for any help. I plan to keep searching......
  12. Hi there! Good to see you again...PM inbound!



  13. Oh my.. that is beautiful! I have done a couple renaissence dresses, no quick task. Please share any photos of the bride when you get them. Please! :-)
  14. Cat, I just signed up. I am the same there as I am here, just without spaces or capitalization. LOL
  15. Originally Posted By: MommaDogs Molly, How did you smoke them? Details, please. Not a whole lot of details. LOL My DH LOVES to smoke our Turkeys...so we have a "smoker". The type that are sold in the grill section of the store. He did some with hickory and some with mesquite. After about two hours, he would check them to see how they were. I do not remember how long they took... just until he liked them. LOL Then we brought them in and put them in the dehydrator to make sure we got all the liquid from them. I have them stored in a glass jar (well, multiple jars!). I put some in
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