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    Scrapbooking, survival, herbs,gardening reading, NEOPETS (yeah yeah yeah -- call me 8 years old), gardening, collecting (Delft, Beanie Baby bears for the Christmas tree, Angels and Tiny Porcelain dolls). Adoption. Geneology.
  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I was googling to find out who might own aint2nuts.com, and found the wishes. Miss you all, lots going on, too much to write now. Hugs Angela
  2. For the past several years I have been, off and on, loosing weight. Went to the doctor in December and I had lost a total now of 105 pounds! I still have a long way to go. I walk three times a week, even when my knee is killing me, for a half an hour. Doesn't seem like much but my friend and I are both on the weight loss train and determined to get into some skinny jeans by this time next year. LOL Just kidding those will never look good on me! I dehydrated a load of bananas. Broccolli and now I am doing some zucchini! Each day is prep day because we lost almost 700 a month in income. We are surviving on church and preps.
  3. Today is SPRING CLEANING DAY. Throws my kids at the mess. I am doing my room. The kids are doing the rest~!
  4. It has been a month and a half since HUD Accepted our bid on a 6 bedroom, three and a half bath 3255 sf home in Buckeye AZ We are WAY?YYY out there and it is a beautiful home! We are moving in the end of the month! There is room for a garden, and a pool (water!) We will be renting out a room in the house, and one room will be a pantry. The other four rooms are kids rooms and mine. Two cats, two kittens, two dogs, a bird three teenagers and ME! Whew. On the side yard we are going to hide a few chickens. :-D LOL and maybe a few rabbits for eatting.
  5. "My very best advice is this - get yourself a mormon friend. Seriously. No, I'm not kidding, stop laughing. You done yet? " I just thought from the first sentence, there was some disrespect. Why would laughter be happening because you found a friend -- who was LDS, who specialize in food storage? Though to be real, I have to say, only about 10 of LDS store food. I thought I said things gentlly and without too much anger or finger pointing. Sometimes I feel like it is WHO says things around here, no matter what is said. I will bow off posting for now. Have a very merry Christmas. I am sorry that you have having issues with your keyboard and most expecially your eyes. I am happy that it only effects the middle of sentences. Have a good one.
  6. Religions are usually capitalized, Mormon, is one of those words we capitalize because it is a proper name. I agree. We are good at the whole food storage thing, and the food is very good.
  7. This year is a lot better than last year, despite some problems with son (broken arm, and now having to change schools, and I will have to drive him) and my health. For presents each of the kids got a cell phone -- I consider them preps and here they have Cricket and it is really inexpensive. So they got phones for Christmas, and I painted the kids rooms...another Christmas present. There are many things we want, and many things we need, but God has provided for us to have the things that are necessities.... which is the most imporatnat thing! My firend Judy is sending me Christmas in a box for me... wrapped presents for me to have to open on Christmas! Life is good.
  8. Life has overwelmed me, but I am NOT taking it lying down. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The doctor has not ruled out Rumatoid arthritis and Sjogrens. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (I am losong my hair and have been for years, and I am VERY overweight). Next month they are doing a biopsy of my thyroid, and the doctor says I need to face the reality that it will very likely have to be removed because it is so overlarge. I dd a sleep study because I am exhausted all the time despite having my sleep apnea machine. The sleep study showed I am NOT getting ANY REM sleep at night. They determined that when I fall asleep I do have sleep apnea, (which I knew and might be in part due to the overlarge thyroid). When I start into REM sleep, I apparently wake up. So I get very little REM sleep. Obviously this is a huge problem. I found some lumps in my arm. Dr is taking a wait and see additude. I have a lump on my tongue -- that is being scheduled to be removed. Monday I go to get glasses. My first. I can't afford them, but I can't see to read any more, even with the magnifying glasses. My diabetes has been out of control for a long time (months) because I have been so tired in the morning I haven't been taking my medications. My liver is having problems -inflammation- probably because of the diabetes. My triglicerides are through the roof. Weird thing is -- despite all of this physical stuff, I haven't gotten super depressed. (I am schizoaffective - bipolar type) and I haven't had any panic attacks for more than a month. Life wise. My son ran the car into the garage door and I had to replace it. I am helping him start a business picking up dog poop so he can pay me back. Lots of things happening. Life is flowing forward. I have made a list of things I want to accomplish the rest of the year, and I am budgeting each month to do a little at a time. This month is painting the kitchen and redecorating it. I budgeted 100 dollars. I am hoping to get some help from freecycle for plants and silk plants for the top of the cabinets. Christmas is coming fast. It is a time of stress for me, but I have decided to make it an opprotunity for the kids to learn about giving instead of recieving. Anyway, life continues, I think of you all alot. Hugs to you all.
  9. My daughter's (11,12) both woke up sick this morning. Fevers, sore throat, and cough. Just started with the sore throat, now they have the fevers and cough. We will see what developes through the night. Friday I was diagnosed with Rumatoid Arthritis AND my doctor thinks I also have Sjogren's. What is totally weird is my best friend has it and for over a year I have been putting off telling my doctor about the symtoms I have had, since SHE had it -- I thought I was just seeing myself in HER diagnosis (kind of like reading down a list of symtoms online for some dreaded disease and saying "Wait -- I think I may have that!) LOL My dentist last month told me I have a very dry mouth. My eye doctor last month told me my eyes are dry when he did my diabetes exam. SO... here I am, with two auto immune diseases with no cure. The pain in my hands, wrists, back and feet is horrible. I am having what is called a flare up the doctor said. Low temp and all. I was attributing the lack of energy, fatigue and always wanting to sleep as my sleep apnea or the medications I take for asthma, or allergies, or ADHD, or Schizoaffective, bipolar type, or the diabetes. I was attributing the pain to just plain old arthritis. Now I also have an enlarged thyroid and two large nodules that they don't know what is going on with. I have to see a Rhumatologist and an Endrocronologist. Fun stuff. NOT. I was joking with the doctor and said, "Why not just bury me here and now" and he said, "I think that treatment is a little premature." LOL You just have to FIND things to laugh about right now, because when you add in the added diagnosis of Excema. the carpel tunnel and tendonitis and pinched ulnar nerve in my elbow, the hernia,the leaks when you laugh, and hernia and migraines.... I just want to cry all the time. SO to keep my 'think good thoughts' going, I have been reading jokes online and playing on Facebook, I just have to find other things to think about.
  10. HEY YOU ARE WRONG!!! Come live in my head for a few weeks. MY kids tell me I hum while I am eatting. Songs are constantly running through my head, and if they aren't in my head, they are just outside the window -- though the medications take care of that for the most part. LOL
  11. We’re sorry, but SafeLink Wireless does not currently offer Lifeline Service in your area. We are currently offering service in parts of Alabama, Connecticut, D. of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin with plans to begin offering service soon in the States listed below. Apparently it is 'coming soon' in Arizona and a few other states so I will put it in my favorite places and check back. Thanks for the link~!
  12. Large family ideas. I came from a family of just four kids. LOL "JUST" When I was a fostermom I had 6 kids. Here are some things I did to make things easier. Each child had their own clothing basket. They lugged it to the laundry room, if they were old enough they did the laundry and folded it, and then they lugged it back to their room and put it away. Even the four year olds could put laundry away! Each child was assigned a color. I had toothpastes, tshirts, towels, cups, all in thier color. Each of the kids shared white socks. It is still the ONLY color I buy. We have a sock bin, and we match socks daily. No arguements. All the socks go in one load, and they get hot water and bleach. Luckily all my kids are in 'basically' the same size since they were little. There has been little variation in sock sizes, but they manage. All the kids have chores. They have a chore chart and chores are rotated. My kids (Now) are 11, 12, and 13. Each of them cook dinner, clean the kitchen, and mop their way out of the kitchen twice a week. I have Sunday dinner and breakfast. The kids are helpers in the front yard and back yard. They take out the trash, they feed the animals, help with picking up, and do their own laundry.
  13. VERY cool! I am taking my kids to the Biospere2 next week and I am really looking forward to it!
  14. Thank you all. It was a fairly good day.
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