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  • Birthday 07/31/1965

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    Hades USA
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    Scrapbooking, survival, herbs,gardening reading, NEOPETS (yeah yeah yeah -- call me 8 years old), gardening, collecting (Delft, Beanie Baby bears for the Christmas tree, Angels and Tiny Porcelain dolls). Adoption. Geneology.

About Me


Three kids, Ricky 13, Katy 12, Tya 11. Two cats Star and Comet, both black (is it bad luck if you OWN the black cat?), one insane cockatiel named Moon. Pure Chaos. I homeschool Katy. The other two are in public school (their choices).


Disabled. I have Schizoaffect, and I am on SSI disability for that. I am also in constant pain from arthritis, and I live with sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, and numerous other ailments that have me taking too many medications a day. I live in public housing. Thank you.


My hobbies include the internet (duh), Neopets, MrsSurvival, HomesteadingToday.com, and checking my numberous Yahoo accounts on gardening, survival, cooking, canning, preserving food, couponing.


I coupon. My personal best was 97$ for 1.20 (CVS). Next personal best was yesterday. 287.94 for 112.16 -- saved 175.78! (Frys) Woo Hoo!


My garden right now is 8 tons of horse manure. Spread over the front and back yards. I plan on planting a lot of it in two weeks. First I have to decide what to plant. Where to plant it.


I love to read. Paranormal romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Romance, and just about anything else that catches my eye.

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