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  1. Originally Posted By: Leah You've sewn a secret mini-BOBs into the bottom of your children's school backpacks. Now, wait just a second. This is a great idea! I just told my a kids that I was going to be doing this! I didn't think about hiding it, I was just going to put it in the bottom in a plastic bag.
  2. Hey, I don't even have canning supplies -=-= except a 12 pack of quart jars for 'when I can'. LOL
  3. Originally Posted By: FLGardenGirl Hi ! And welcome from another newbie. Don't under estimate your storage preps. I was discussing mine with my LDS neighbor & I mentioned that I thought I had about 2 to 3 months supply. I am looking at what I have and I think I have 2-3 months right now. But lacking in a few key areas. Originally Posted By: FLGardenGirl When I listed off to him, he said it sounded more like 6 months. I don't discuss what I have with most folks, but my neighbor is like minded. I don't even try to talk to my MOTHER about food storage. She would think I was crazy. (She isn't happy about the fact that I am 'involved in that church'). Forget my neighbors. I am going to be greedy and not tell anyone what I have. Play it cool... and poor. Like I am.
  4. Originally Posted By: ArmyOfFive4God what have YOU done this week to be prepared? Well I joined here and a few other sites that have advice and are pretty big to get as much input and information as I can. In two weeks I will be buying some things (about 6-800 dollars worth) and I need to decide where the money should go. I inventoried our food stores that we have now, and now I am looking for a program that will keep track of the food stores for me.
  5. Originally Posted By: HSmom I love that site! Thank you for posting it! It is perfect for me. Do you know of a site that has where I can input what I have already and figure out what I still need? Or a program that I can down load to keep track of what I have?
  6. Originally Posted By: Deb2of9 Others will probably be able to give you better advice I think you did an excellent job. I am planning on buying water barrels since I have room in my garage for them. They are just so pricey! The lowest I found was about 58 dollars and then shipping was almost as much!
  7. Originally Posted By: Deb2of9 Getting a dehydrater and then getting fresh produce is a good idea. I have a dehydrator. It is a really large one with about 4 large racks made from screens. I have done raisins in the past. Bananas and vegetables. However, produce is so expensive here, I think it might be less if I buy from online or something.
  8. Originally Posted By: Leah Cheap? Dehydrate food! I have a dehydrator in the garage. A Big one I got at a yard sale years ago. Problem is I can't find inexpensive food to dehydrate! Here in Arizona produce is expensive and fruit? Wow, really expensive. The grape farm we picked at and made raisins out of years ago is gone, bulldozed to build homes. :-(
  9. Originally Posted By: SueC If you are crazy then so are the rest of us here! welcome to the family I am happy that I have found crazy people to hang with. I just took an inventory of my food stores and surprised myself at what I do have. Amazing what a little each month will add up to.
  10. I must be. I actually think that sometime in my lifetime I am going to need to have food storage for a year, and use it! I have nightmares about natural and unnatural disasters. I plan on surviving them all. So, I just found you all. Nice to meetcha! I am a disabled Mom of three kids. They are the stars in my life. 9-10-11 years old. I love them dearly. Right now I am going to school full time. Starts up again in two weeks. Not looking forward to it, and that is a fact. I might get more enthusiastic about it as time gets closer, but I enjoy sleeping in, being with my kids all day and generally being lazy. Thats is the truth. So, from school I will have a couple thousand extra dollars lying around begging to be used. Out of that, school clothes, for myself and the kids, air conditioner on the car... a hole in the wall fixed and room repainted. I will have 6-800 dollars leftover. So I asked over in another forum what to do with that money. I want it to go for food storage (freezer) or food storage (Long term food), or 72 hour kits. I am not sure where to put the money. However I would love to be able to get all of it done. Not likely on that little, but it is a start. I am LDS, so I have access to food stores. Being disabled, I can't garden any more. I had to hire someone to come in every other week and take care of the little we do have. I also have a housekeeper who comes in every other week. Don't ask me how I manage to pay for them, I still haven't figured that out. For the most part I am a packrat. I have thousands of books (most of them I have read), I have food storage started (enough for a month), which I have had to use over the past few months, so that why I only have a month left. I usually buy things when they are on sale (Like right now, Dollar General has Spaghettios for 1 dollar for a HUGE can. I bought 10 cans and plan on buying more -- yes I know it is crap, but it is crap that the kids and I will actually eat, so it is GOOD crap!). I also bought 2/1 canned vegetables today. Just a few cans, all I could afford really (Until that school money comes in). I long for the days of 4 or even 6 for a dollar canned goods. So, anyway, I am state certified crazy. SMI that is me. But not dangerous to anything but crickets, and the occasional spider that lands on my desk. Glad to meet you all, and hope I get at least one of two people commenting to know I didn't waste time writing this and giving myself a hand cramp that won't go away for a couple minutes. LOL! Seriously, nice to meet ya.
  11. I am fairly new to food storage and I am having a hard time trying to decide where to spend the 6-800 dollars I will have in a few weeks. (school money) I don't have a 72 hour kits for myself and my kids. (Three of them). I have enough food in the house to feed us for about a month, maybe two. That goes farther while the kids are in school (next week) because they eat breakfast and lunch there. I am LDS so I have access to the church's food storage program. I have about 15 cans of various things from them. (My kids have eaten the apple slices, half the bananas, all of the fruit drink, all of the hot chocolate, half of the vanilla pudding, some of the chocolate pudding, all of the sugar, but they haven't touched the rice, pasta, potato pearls, dehydrated onions, etc...) I am looking to buy food to rotate in my regular food stores, to use them each day, so I am not interested in purchasing a bulk food order unless it is a terrific deal. (IE I know I won't bake on a regular basis, so there is no sense in getting myself wheat except as something I would store long term and never use. I have a really large food deydrator and a tilia (did I spell that right?) I have in the past made raisins and dried vegetables for storage. Now in Phoenix Arizona however I can never find really good deals on fruits and vegetables. I don't have a freezer. I have thought about using some of the money for an inexpensive chest freezer. So help me decide. Where should I spend the money? What should I spend it on? What websites do you recommend I go to?
  12. Aint2nuts


    Well a lot can happen in a short period of time to change a life completely. Sometime tomorrow I will be getting a call to tell me when I can sign on the dotted line for a new home. My new home. The house is a 3255 sf, 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath in Tartesso Buckeye Az. As the crow flies I am just minutes from a Nuclear power plant. figure if it goes,. I will go fast. the back yard is big, with some raised beds already in, they just need to be supported by some bricks (Summer project), I am thining of turning the entire back yard into a beautiful edible landscaping garden with the help of my NOW next door neighbor. We move in on the 31st. of the month. so what happened to enable me to buy a home? A death. My husband (we were seperated) died unexpectly of a heart attack, and now the kids and I are recieving SS benefits. We need to live frugally so we can do the right things and pay down on the house. That is going to include a bunny, or two, inside, for fertilizer. We have a dog now, and on the first my son is getting his beagle,. a lemon beagle that is cute as can be. My daughter is getting a rabbit (she thinks she wants a hamster, but I am going to change her mind for her and get a rabbit or two lol) I might get a breeding pair, and sell the babies for the meat. I actually like rabbit meat, but don't know if I could do the killing and skinning. I want a chicken, but the rules for the development say no. sniffle. When the kids are out of the house I am going to run a boarding home for women who want to live in a house but can't afford one. They will have run of the house, and be able to live in a room upstairs, with a sitting room upstairs *(loft), dining room and pool table, and a television room and kitchen. I am thinking about getting a spa tub and a swim pool, not a lap pool, but one that you swim in place and it blows the water at you. \ Anyway,. lots of plans. little money we shall see.
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