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  1. I'm a retired chef...sign me up..I'll help any way I can. I have a few dehydrated recipes that are really good.
  2. Here is a better link smokin turkey Here is the link on how to make the smoker and how it works. how to make a smoker I've used the smoker for lots of little stuff like chicken, pork chops and homemade sausage. This was my first try at something of size. Well the smoker worked great, but the dowels didn't hold up too well. after about 6 hours of heat the weight of the turkey caused them to sag and the turkey was almost sitting in the wood chips..lol No big problem..I just took the turkey out and finished in my roaster. It still had a wonderful smokey flavor. Of c
  3. Turkey Smoker click picture for slideshow This is the trash can smoker we built. there is a link on my blog for the instruction on how to make it.. The turkey is the biggest thing I've tried to smoke..I'll let you know how it turns out. I've smoked a lot of little stuff with great results..es
  4. cigarettes will stay fresh in the freezer. It would be better to buy vacuum packed loose tobacco and keep it in the freezer. Having to roll his own ciarettes will make him smoke less. I would keep a couple bags of the tobacco plus gum and patches for when he runs out. He will have to quit sooner or later if the doo doo hit the fan.
  5. The Pictures are wonderful Thank you for sharing
  6. Thank you all very much..What a great bunch of people.
  7. Our grown children know that ITSHTF to come to us. We have stocked up for them also. I never stopped canning or preparing for them after they left home. I've been at this for a few years. Whenever they come home for a visit they bring a little something to add to the supplies. Other than a couple of friends who we got into preparing, no one else knows
  8. Originally Posted By: Leah If anyone is unhappy with the cleanliness of the house, that person is encouraged to pick up a broom or mop, and have at it! here here..I'm so far behind I think I'm first. es
  9. Well thank you..I turned 50. I'm not about to complain about getting older. It's the not getting older that's bad.
  10. As a family we do our best to buy American made products. We do as much of our shopping as we can locally. We are firm believers in supporting our community, and our Country. I don't see it so much as boycotting other countries products, I see it as supporting American Made Products. es
  11. We have 4 grown children and 5 grand daughters.
  12. thought I'd pass it on. we are getting a membership this week end so that we can buy these for ourselve and our friends. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11219554
  13. Thank you VERY MUCH for the warm welcome. You have a great board here lots of great info, lots of friendly people. es
  14. I don't know about water barrel in Ga, but I can tell you how we have storage water. We get 5gal buckets that have had detergent and bleach in them from a local Nursing Home to keep sanatation water. For drinking water we get buckets from a bakery they are food grade and only cost us a buck each. An other place you might want to check out is a drinking water company. most of them will sell you their scratched up 5gal blue water jugs for next to nothing.
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