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  1. Hi, MotherEarth...Can you tell me how to vacuum pack canning jars? Thanks, Jeanne
  2. Thanks, Violet! I knew that, but just HAD to try it anyway. I had the second batch in the water bath when I got your reply. Before the jars cooled down very much, I chickened out and reprocessed them for 15 minutes with Ball jar lids. Some had sealed, others might have if I had let them cool down all the way, but I feel much better hearing the PINGS and not having to worry about it. I now have 12 quarts of juice ready for winter!
  3. I have a pretty large lot of old glass Presto canning lids, rubber rings, and the screw tops that go with them. Most are in excellent condition. At one time, they had the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval. I know that things have changed, and I use the Ball lids and rings for all my pressure canned foods, but I am thinking of using these for my grape juice. Has anyone ever used these?
  4. I am wanting to make grape juice...I will be getting my grapes from the grocery, and they have red globe seeded grapes and California green grapes on sale. Does anyone know if these varieties would make good juice?
  5. Today, I canned 10 pints of chicken and broth for chicken noodle soup...or any other soup that can be made by adding a few simple ingredients when a quick lunch is needed or someone has the flu! A couple of weeks ago, when I first started canning again, I bought 101 ounce cans of tomatoes and Italian green beans at Sam's Club and re-canned them into quart jars. I haven't been able to have a garden for years now, and these are economical and ready and waiting in dinner size jars. And besides that, they LOOK so nice on shelves in the basement! I love getting back to stocking up on homemade
  6. I've had a couple of VERY busy days drying and canning! It's been years since I've canned, but I have been inspired to try it once again! Today I made and canned 7 quarts of bean and bacon soup! Yeah!! I also tried out my new (used) dehydrator yesterday and dried pineapple, cantaloupe, and bananas. All turned out yummy. And in between, I've been helping my DH paint a room over the garage that he has been working on for me for a year and a half. Whew! His projects are always a lesson in patience!!
  7. Hi, I just found your emails about your sick kitty. I suppose by now, she is well (or not)...but I hope everything is well. I have taken in 2 kitties...one a stray, so skinny, and we found out a few days after taking her that she was PG! And I thought she was so small that she was about 4 months old. Anyway, about a week after finding this out, she began to spot blood. We found out when we had her spayed that 3 out of 4 kittens had already died inside her. She was so sick and skinny that she didn't need kittens to try to nurse anyway. To make a long story short, she is now a healthy, beautif
  8. Can someone suggest a good way to venture into dehydrating foods? Can it be done with a convection oven, or should I go in for an electric one to start with? Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the good information! I know of a couple of feed and seed stores in the area, so I will try and call them next week. Have a Blessed Day! Jeanne
  10. Hi...Jeanne here! Can you please tell me where is a good place to get the 55 gal. barrels for water? What should they be made of? I am also thinking of purchasing a water purifier to treat water before drinking. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. I have just started storing food and water in the basement. I did just a little after 9/11, but stopped and let some of it go out of date...I didn't rotate the food items like I plan to this time. I am planning on getting the 101 ounce canned green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes and re-canning to quarts. I don't have a garden to gather from...
  11. Hi...first timer here! I was looking at the topics yesterday, but didn't see what I need to know. I am going to Sam's soon to buy LARGE cans (101oz) of green beans and diced tomatoes to re-can in quart jars. I want to get a start on my storage of groceries for an emergency, and I thought that this would be a reasonable way, for now. On re-canning the tomatoes...they will be Red Gold, and I was wondering... if I am RE-canning, can I do it in a water bath canner (all has been sterilized previously at the manufacturer), and should I add a tablespoonful of lemon juice to each quart? Does anyone t
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