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  1. Thanks everyone; I've been really enjoying doing it; hadn't done any quilting in a long time, and I'm having fun getting back into it! Getting used to this photobucket thing, too...Here's two new pictures of the most recent progress that I added to the photobucket "album..." Don't know if you can tell, but I just have a couple of blocks left to do, then I need to add borders and quilt it...it's taking me longer than I thought it would, but it shouldn't take too much longer. The embroidered circle is something I've been playing around with for the center of the quilt. My machine has an attachment for circular machine embroidery that I've been wanting to try out. I'm still working the kinks out, as you can see...the ends of the circle aren't joining up just right, but you can still get the idea. For some odd reason, when I copied the link from photobucket, the writing looks "reversed" when I posted it here, although it looks fine on the photobucket website? Odd... Good idea? Bad?
  2. Lunamother, I didn't get anything from you yet; I just went through my list to double check, too...when did you send it? I really hope that it comes on Monday; that's my last day in this house! Well, if it doesn't, I'll tell the new owners I'm expecting something and to give it to one of my old neighbors for forwarding...I'll be in the area for several days at least, so I'll be sure to get it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will be delivered on Monday!
  3. PICTURES!!!! (I think....this is my first photobucket attempt) Thanks to Amishway Homesteaders for help in doing this! Let me know if anyone is having problems viewing... http://s338.photobucket.com/albums/n422/Abigail_B_photos/
  4. How lovely! What a wonderful home...
  5. Very good idea; I've started something similar; I have about two dozen cloth diapers and a couple packs of pins...I also have downloaded and saved on my hard drive patterns and instructions for making all in one style diapers...with waterproof covers and velcro. I'd need to learn the ins and outs of cloth diapering myself, though! I tried it and gave up in frustration at the overwhelming chore I found it to be...I'm afraid I'm one of those who added to the landfill problems with disposable diapers for my four children... Oh, well, at least I breastfed...very few formula containers from me! I have a couple of cookbooks for toddlers too...saved from when my kids were young. Maybe I need to keep them with the "baby" things, rather than with the cookbooks! Another thing I have is a couple of references on breastfeeding. Hopefully when the time comes for my three daughters and one daughter-in-law, I'll be here to give suggestions and advice on this subject if it's needed. But if I'm not, having access to this information is critical, IMO. I think that many people give up trying to breastfeed when they run into problems due to a lack of practical help and encouragement. In hard times, having an unlimited supply of milk, with no need to worry about sterilization or bottle paraphernalia, would be worth more than gold...passing along the mother's antibodies to the baby would also help prevent illness...valuable anytime, but particularly during difficult times. Trouble is...breastfeeding isn't completely an instinct. It's a learned skill in many ways. Your post reminds me of the need to print out key articles I've saved on my computer. I often hesitate to print things out right away due to the high cost of printer ink. I need to go through what I have and print out key articles, though. Another thing...I sew, and have saved patterns for baby clothes. This may be a good prep...a few well-chosen multi-size unisex patterns for baby clothes...for clothes of ANY age, for that matter! Like you've pointed out, it's impossible to store enough clothes for growing children...they could even be made from worn-out adult clothes, if need be...but the project would be SO much easier with patterns to follow! Great thread;
  6. Me too!! I'm really not a picky eater, but beans have never been my favorites. Finally, a couple of years back, I figured out that I liked cold, firm beans much better than "creamy" type beans. Sam's club has big gallon glass jars of four bean salad that I like chilled. It has red kidney beans, green beans, garbanzo beans, and wax beans. There is white onion in there too, as well as spices, which obviously include vinegar. I've seen canned bean salad in the groceries as well for smaller servings, but the big jars are cheaper... When I get settled, I was thinking of trying this as one of my first adventures in canning. The texture of the beans is so firm that I'll bet anything that the beans are not pre-cooked prior to canning, but that's just my very UNeducated guess... Any more recipes??? I'm all ears...
  7. What a coincidence that you know the guy...out of a bazillion links on the net!! Who'd have thought it! Love the conversion idea for a serger. Saving that page...need to keep my eye out for a deal on an old singer and a mechanical serger... If TSHTF, I'd miss my electronic machines almost as much as the internet...well, almost...LOL
  8. Originally Posted By: westbrook they took treadles and adapted them to electric.. but you can't take an electric and make it a treadle unless it is made for it. just go buy a treadle. Make sure it is complete .. base, machine, cabinet. the manual and attachments can be found on ebay. Don't try to get a machine then try to find a base and so on. try to stay with Singer as there are lots of repair parts and attachments and manuals still available. If you want to get really fancy... look for a Singer 401G ( I have one) but... you need to get one with a belt cover and a hand wheel geared for the belt. (I don't have those two parts. If I could get the specs, I would have them machined) Hey Westie! Take a look at this site. I googled the model number to see what machine you were talking about and up popped this page. This girl has BOTH a treadle power AND and electric power Singer 401G, and she discusses the differences with pictures. She even shows parts...thought you'd find it interesting. Here's the site: http://www.toolfool.org/sewing/401G-Treadle-and-Electric.htm
  9. NO INTERNET???????????? Personally, I'd sooner find alternatives for TP than for the net!!! Just sayin'... One thing to think about...communications problems after disasters (like Katrina) are guaranteed. During the evacuation, the internet was invaluable to get info on the disaster area. It was the ONLY reliable source, in fact...few ppl have ham radios, but most do have internet access. No internet??? Hello. My name is Abigail and I am an internet junkie...LOL Abigail P.S. Seriously, though...thanks for the ideas and links! They're great!
  10. Continuing to remember Gage and his family in my prayers. How very scary for you all; I think it's encouraging that he's not worsening... You know, my youngest just had an appendectomy this spring, and it was only in the early stages...she took quite a bit of time to recover even considering that we were lucky enough to catch it early, so try not to worry about Gage not bouncing back very quickly from this. Like I said, it's encouraging that his condition is not worsening. I know that the Lord has him in the palm of his hand through this.
  11. Beautiful carrots! I can't wait to see what a furry yellow hog looks like! Be SURE to post pictures of them!
  12. ((((Tracie)))) Bless your heart is right...the situation was enough to get on your last nerve! Hope you went to the BBQ AND took Mother's advice on what you HAVE accomplished. Just NOT being a sheeple and being aware of the problems around you concerning our food distribution networks is a VERY good thing! My jaw dropped at the $4.88 I just paid for no-brand-name store MILK. I was muttering comments to fellow shoppers and the cashier...I guess they were thinking I'd lost it too!
  13. Pre-boiled eggs. I couldn't believe what I was seeing...how hard is it to boil water???
  14. Praying for you...please get this done ASAP...we'll be praying!
  15. Praying for complete healing and for comfort for his family... ((((HUGS))))
  16. Originally Posted By: foresthome Abigail, I am also printing out your fantastic list! Maybe you would know about watercress and the unusual craving most men and young boys get for eating it? My husband says it makes him feel better when he eats it. He gets to craving it every so often. Hi foresthome! Glad you liked the list. It's not an original work of mine; just something forwarded to me by a friend. I thought it was very cool and thought all of you would enjoy it too. Watercress isn't something we've ever eaten...not sure why, really...I do have a homegrown theory about food cravings, though...I think it's your body's way of telling you about come kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency of some kind. I think that's why pregnant women often get cravings; the baby is putting extra demands on their nutritional stores. This site: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/63314.php says it's an anti-cancer superfood! That's a good thing to be craving!
  17. http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthr...ge=1#Post219594 This is the one with instructions for the one I'm doing. I've finished cutting now and am working on the piecing! That part should go faster... Abi
  18. Yesterday...Papa John's Pizza...today: SUBWAY...eat fresh!! LOL Hey...we've eaten down the fridge and freezer for moving...plus I'm quilting!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
  19. DEADLINE FOR FABRICS Hi everyone! I've gotten a little more than half the fabrics in from people who've p.m.'d me to request my home address. Ordinarily, this would not be an issue, as I have enough people who've come through with their fabrics to do the first quilt, but I'm going to act of sale on my house by the end of July, so I need to make sure that I have all fabrics on hand by July 15, to ensure that nothing gets lost in any mail that would be forwarded to my new address that I don't even have yet!! I will definitely have the first quilt on its way to Westie before the move, but unless everyone gets their fabrics in SOON, I likely won't be able to complete the second one until after the move. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing...doing it this way will give plenty of time for everyone who wants in to participate...even those who haven't been around much due to summer activities. On my end, it will give me more time to incorporate everyone's fabrics to best advantage in the "sampler" quilt, making for a much better finished result. Sounds good? Any suggestions on how to better manage this are welcomed and appreciated!
  20. Originally Posted By: OldMaineBear So do you need more fabric Abigail? I'll send my wife this time if you do as I will not venture in there again. Oh, goodness no! I've got plenty for both quilts and even the side projects we've been talking about...like a bag, pillow covers and more. I have enough "participants" now to complete the first one, so I'm going with the simpler autograph star pattern (the blue quilt on this thread is the example of what it will be like...only in green prints.) For the second quilt, which will incorporate "original" blocks that people are doing on their own, it's just a matter of having everyone who wants to participate getting their fabrics and/or blocks in so they'll be represented in the second "sampler" quilt. I have enough leftover fabric from the first one to do sashing and borders on both quilts, so all I'll need are your personal fabric choices for the block itself...a fat quarter (total) is fine. For those who aren't into quilting, a "sampler" quilt has uniquely designed blocks, rather than the design being all the same. In this case, we probably won't have enough "original" sample blocks to make up an entire quilt, so I'll use the fabrics sent after I have enough for the first quilt, plus leftover fabrics from the first quilt to do enough "different" blocks to complete the second quilt. This takes a lot more time than simply doing the same design for each block, so I've opted to do that one second, so I can get the first one on it's way to Westie quickly. Also, when designing quilts like these, it matters where particular prints are placed in the overall design for the best effect...so hurry up everyone!!!
  21. It sure did...I've almost got the first quilt cut out...finally got enough people's fabric in the mail to have enough squares for the first quilt. Will be posting "progress" pictures maybe sometimes later today. By the way, everyone...I've only gotten about half of the fabrics from people who wanted to participate so far...the "stragglers" will have their fabric incorporated into the second quilt. Actually, this one will be quite a bit more complex, so here's a time when procrastination pays off!! The game plan is this: I'm doing duplicates of the same autograph square blocks for those who sent fabrics early for the first quilt. The second quilt will incorporate the "original" blocks...I'll do that in kind of a "sampler" style with each block different. I have lots of excess fabric to do this. Reason being...it's easier and what's more important, FASTER to strip-cut and piece the same pattern for every block. Since we want to get Westie the first quilt quickly, this is the best way to go. THEN that will give those who've expressed an interest in doing original blocks a bit more time to do their thing...I've only gotten four "original" blocks so far...two from Amishway Homesteaders and two from Dee. However others have said they're working on more. I can "fill in" with enough "original" squares from the remaining extra fabric to have enough for a second quilt...but to design, cut, and piece each original block takes more time, so I felt this was the best way to go. Clear as mud? Hope not! Off to finish the last of the cutting and start piecing the first blocks...will post pics as I go!!
  22. Thanks for the great links, Tracie! I've been chipping away at my first really ambitious project...a sweater. I'd really like to be able to "design" my own knitting projects and these books should help. I've been "stuck" on knitting scarves...my daughters love them, and it's so easy to do them on "autopilot..." especially with the novelty yarns the girls like. Anything but plain garter stitch would get lost, and gauge isn't an issue. But it does get boring... Have you used the "lighted" knitting needles? I love 'em for working on a mindless project while watching TV and such...no need to turn on the lights... Thanks again for the great links...
  23. Ahhhh, but wait until you see what's out there. Google "adult trikes" or "surry bicycles" and lookie at what's out there!! For some reason, I can't link to the images, and post the pics directly from this site, but check out this site: http://www.industrialbicycles.com/4%20wheel%20bicycles.htm Put the solar panels on the roof...and plenty of room for people and stuff. This wikipedia article has lots of info on the subject of trikes and what's out there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricycle Here's one type: two wheels in front and one in back with a huge carrier in between the front wheels. http://www.industrialbicycles.com/
  24. How cool is this? This guy stated in his product review of this bike (wal mart's website): Quote: Heavy Duty, Well made. A little unstable at high speed. Excellent at 0 - 25 MPH. I converted mine to Solar Electric with a a 10mile range at night and 32 miles in bright sun. Recharges in two hours plugged in or 8 hours in the sun.
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