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  1. Hi Judy, haven't been on in a while. Just checkin in.

  2. Hi Judy...did you at one point have a website about your homestead? I'm tryng to find a website that I thought belonged to you...the Amish Homestead...? Can you let me know if that was you? Thanks so much!!

  3. Angela is doing okay. She is waiting to see if she needs to have her thyroid removed. It is not cancerous, but may still need removal. She got approved for a device that will help with the pain in her joints. She is busy and doing a lot of productive things around the house such as painting (friends are helping with a paint party) and also scavenged some really neat stuff she is fixing up. She's helping someone in her community learn to use the computer, her kids got scholarships to the area recreation center and take cool classes. Angela is trying to exercise there also when she can.
  4. Some might have wondered why I haven't been posting or writing here in this forum. It was all part of my grand experiment. So, you will be seeing less of me, as the experiment showed me that not being in this forum makes me happier and I accomplish more and feel better. This place does not build me up. It's sick and dysfunctional and censored. It's crippling to be here, like walking on eggs with crutches. I love many people, but I don't love being here anymore. I tried, and prayed, and really honestly put my heart into posting for a couple of years. So...it's b
  5. I am with you there. We just got word that my car will need $2500 in repairs. It is still cheaper than a new one, though. So....tightening the belt tighter around here...and not happy about it as it is our 21st anniversary tomorrow and that means...canceling the dinner out.....which I So looked forward to, because we hardly ever go out. So..focusing on the good things...priceless..LOL
  6. This happened in a town near me. These are small towns around here and everyone knows everyone else even in the next town over. The parents of the boys accused are mostly good people, churchgoers, conscientious.One of the boys is adopted and his adoptive mom is hiding in the house, afraid to go outside because of the hatred and blame directed at her and her husband. This should not be. The whole situation is ugly. But the parents of these kids are also victims. And I really am sick of the "Hang them high" comments I see everywhere and the "Fry the parents too" remark
  7. I pressure can the squash in cubes like pumpkin, then use it in soup later on. (I"m not freezing soup.....not after that long power outage last year, LOL) You can can your broth, your squash and pumpkin, then it is easy to quickly make soup from those and adding other ingredients when you want the soup. it's not the same as making it fresh, but it is pretty good.
  8. When I first started prepping I didn't do anything funny. I was freaked out about Y2K and went and studied all I could about prepping before I did anything But...a stupid thing I did was to buy too much rice and beans and then not understand how to store it properly. I was afraid to do it wrong so I kept a lot of rice in the freezer until I figured out where to get buckets and mylar bags. Oh wait..I did do something funny...I ordered some pre-sealed buckets from Emergency Essentials and was worried when they arrived that seemed "concave" LOL (That means the air was sucked out by t
  9. Tomatoes... and the last batch of relish from the last few cukes in the garden. All the crops were late this year with the weird cold summer we had so I'm not usually canning tomatoes this late. I am going apple picking this weekend which will mean sauce, pie filling, apple rings. I already picked pumkins and squash. Yet, I have many green tomatoes I covered with plastic in case they will ripen before we get frost. (which is probably soon)
  10. Hey girl...thought I would drop bye and say HI!

  11. Recently canned pie peaches, peaches, peach jam, green beans, yellow beans, and tomato sauce, salsa, tomato juice. I will be getting more tomatoes this week and it's apple picking time!
  12. LOL I wasn't THAT bad, but I confess to thinking "What's up with this Violet chick" when I first started reading here AND THEN I realized I was using old canning books, and it had never occurred to me to consider that things might get updated since I learned. What's even worse is that I was writing about contamination control in the food industry and knew full well that THEY get updated all time, LOL So even the "smartest" canners can learn a LOT. You'll do great C4C....you go, girl! (and once more, thanks to Violet for keeping my family alive and well)
  13. A solution to the peanut butter dilemma (which I shared) Store peanut butter in jars for the short term. Store powdered peanut butter in #10 cans for the long term. A good way to use up peanut butter is to make PB cookies and distribute them among appreciative neighbors, kids, etc.
  14. I have been reading about this case with interest....I am curious about what the denomination the mother belongs to. It appears that this case is being pushed by the ex-husband, who doesn't likehis ex-wife's religion. I hope that NH superior courts tear this case to shreds. They have a good record of swiftly undoing things like this, but I'm shocked that it got this far to begin with. ' Somehow, I'm not surprised, though that this case went the way it did. It's an old story. Our record of the law butting heads with religious groups is long. And lately, there seems a movement a
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