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  1. I've made 4 batches of annie's salsa. 2 batches medium/hot... 1 batch medium lite, LOL and one batch of mild. We had a labor day party. I gave every family 1 jar of salsa. They were thrilled. Needless to say I need to make more salsa. OLAY>>>>
  2. Computer was down...Sorry sorry I haven't been able to respond.. Westbrook I would love to have you. Plenty of room. guess room and Camper sleep six. I don't have specifics. If anyone has a recipe I could follow I'm listening. For now, I started to freeze the tomato's garlic and onions. I hate to freeze anything because of power outages.
  3. I don't have a recipe. I use plenty of plum tomato's for our garden 1 bulb of roasted garlic and about 2 cups of onions. If anyone has a canning recipe for something like that I'd appreciate it.
  4. Can I water bath The beginnings of Penne Vodka. I would like to water bath Roasted garlic sauteed onion and cooked down tomato's to make the beginnings of Penne Vodka. Then when I'm done I can just open a jar and add Vodka and Heavy Cream to make penne Vodka. If I do have to PC this mixture...At what weight for how much time. I have a pc that measure weight not presure. 5 10 15 pounds weight... Thank you for any help.
  5. This is my second year of making Annie's salsa ...I doubled the batch. I used 12 medium Jalapano's and 1 extra cup of bell peppers. Yummy... I WB using the Vinagar recipe. Not all Jalapano's are the same. Our's from out Garden were smoken hot. Westbrook...Thank you for the help this morning. I got 17 jars. All but 1 jar sealed. I think my husband popped that jar. :spider: He poured the salsa on his toco's tonight. This is a great recipe and worth making again and again. Perhaps Saturday I'll make a mild batch so the kids and I can have some.
  6. Originally Posted By: Karen My husband had kidney stones since a small child of 6. A Urologist finally ran all kind of test on him in 1990 after I took him to the ER and the x-ray showed he had 11 stones in one kidney and 9 in the other. His system doesn't produce enough uricacid ie. potassium K. They had to do a lipatripsy then and put him on potassium K for life. Until a pharmacist here told us that we were just paying extra for straight potassium, now he takes 1000 mg potassium a day and has not had a stone since. Also he is allergic to penicillian in any form, and every ER he ever went to
  7. I'd love to see that essay too...Please
  8. Calcium bassed...I really don't know. I do have to find that out. My doctor asked the same thing.
  9. Thanks for the info... Anyone know how to keep kindney stones away. I have a 14mm stone, which is quite small for me. I'm never able to pass them. I wait to have it remove. When it comes and Im throwing up and screaming in pain then I go to the hospital to have it removed. I have my urologist on speed dial. Is there away to desolve the stones? Already tried the cranberry Juice...How much cranberry juice can you drink? Not enough in my case. Been suffering with stones since I'm 18yrs. There are so many people in need of a kidney and I have begged them to
  10. I also have been gone on and off. Life just gets so busy.
  11. Welcome from New York State. Welcome to the forum...So glad you decided to join us...
  12. First let me say congradulations. Way to go...Wish I lived closer. Could use a friend here as well. Share your excitement with others. Then (meany) smack your husband for not sharing your excitement. How dare him steal your thunder. He had no right to do that. Don't get sad. Smack that boy. Oh and don't let winning a contest cost you money...Your neighbors would be honored to help store the ice cream until the party. People always want to help. Give them a chance. JM2cents. I do love men, just not selfish ones. I good smack will always straighten them out.
  13. I'm thrilled there making these hard difficult decisions now. I'm not always in agreement with them but this will at least bring some clarity to the public as well as the medical professionals as to whom will treated ahead of time. I think the stress on the medical professionals is going to be unbearable and to have guidelines such as these, may give sanity to such guilt there going to be feeling. At least the decisions have already been made to some degree. Frankly after the first few days of an outbreak, people might as well stay home and try to treat your loved ones. Can you ima
  14. Although Government sites can be helpful they are slow to post updated infomation and at times and they leave out valuable information. There are flu forums that share information from site to site that has been translated from News Papers around the world to bring that infomation back to you in English. These forums also bring clarity to the infomation and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Plan for Pandemic: H5N1 Avian Influenza http://www.planforpandemic.com/ PANDEMIC FLU INFORMATION http://www.singtomeohmuse.com/viewforum.php?f=1 Flu Tracke
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