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  1. may you find peace and THANKS for posting here. We will all be missing you.

  2. Hey there Bear! Just stopped by to check up on you. I see I missed seeing you online by only a couple days. Hope you are doing ok!


  3. Ok folks. I’m back even though you did not knew I was gone. . I was at dialysis on Wednesday. Suddenly had a sharp pain across my chest. Felt like a football helmet hitting me full tilt. I was immediately taken off the machine and put on a EKG machine and taken to the ER. Nice place to crash, right in the hospital. . Wednesday continued with CAT Scan, Echo Cardiology and X-Rays of heart and lungs. Results- negative damage. Then a fine breakfast of latex scrambled eggs, lousy coffe, a really nice blueberry muffin and a bowl of pretty good oatmeal. Daughter brought food. Thursday continued with a second full Cat Scan focusing on lungs. Results - negative damages. Full dialysis after. Lunch tray called for at 10:00AM, 11:00AM and 12:00 Noon. It arrived at 1:45PM ten minutes after I got off the machine. I told dialysis staff to feed it to the pigeons, but then realized that the ASPCA would be all over them. Supper was a slice of some kind of dead animal covered in a brownish mucus and veggies. Wife ate veggies. Mystery meat returned. Wife and daughter both brought food from then Free World.. Friday was a Heart Catheterization. Sticking a camera on a long sharp device to peek around arteries and inside the heart. They made me stop eating at 9PM. Woke me at 5AM to get ready hurry-hurry. Laid there in the room for 8 hours. I am diabetic and started going sour. I got mean and miserable. Finally got my doctors in range and reamed them a new one. Threatened to leave AMA. They ordered some D5W for me to get blood sugar up. Then they said they would rush things along. NOT! I finally went down at 3:00PM ( 18 hours no food no water) and finished by 4:30PM. Results - negative. Had a little plaque but generally only had a small amount. Wife brought food. Supper was veggies and something resembling a slice of medical waste. Wife ate veggies. I am a carnivore, but medical waste returned Doctors promised to be there by 6:00PM. They then called Nurses station to let me know it would be 7:00PM. I had room nurse call Family Practice at 7:30PM and a doctor finally showed up at 8:30PM. Nurses then got paperwork done quickly after Doctor signed me out. Apparently the only entity in a hospital that works quickly is the Billing Department. Nurses were SUPER. These RN and CNA/NT’s work hard and always with a smile and caring attitude. They worked hard and I appreciate their efforts. In the end no real diagnosis. Thousands spent running me through several machines. No answer. 10:00 FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST
  5. Get some ice creepers for your shoes or boots. If you have ever tried walking on an icy luge run we jokingly refer to as walkways or driveways, you'll appreciate those little steel teeth keeping you upright. Stock up on those little hand heaters. They work well in a bed or sleeping bag. Hand cranked radio will save on batteries. Many radio stations were on the air during our big Ice Storm. They had generators and volunteers coming in helping clear ice. Some of the radios have flashlights also. Batteries!! Flashlights for everybody. If you plan to use the so called Space Blankets, remember to not sleep in them for the whole night. They are short term and best used as reflectors for outdoor campfires. They are mylar and do not allow moisture to get through it. You will sweat and can actually freeze to death wrapped in one. Some houses were abandoned as people went to shelters. Looters, yes we have them in Maine, took advantage. So keep your defensive items close at hand. If you have a number of adults in the house, sleep in shifts. Generator's must be run away from the house. Not in the attached garage or basement. Outbuildings not attached to the house ar OK. Just vent them well before you go in to refill the tank. Guess that's enough.
  6. Muslim Brotherhood and all the other extremist groups run by Iran are hoping that Egypt swings to extremism and they know Israel will not stand for that next door to them and will take action. Then the whole Middle East erupts in a renewed Jihad against Israel. If you don't think that will not effect oil prices and supply and cause a major upset in the world then you need to start paying attention to the news.
  7. I'll just stock up at the yard sales starting Dec 22, 2012
  8. Acessing the net right now from the apartment. :-)
  9. Do not go back to work on that hip. See the specialist first. You may jepordize your case by returning to work. The Workman's Comp should be assigning you a case manager who is usually a nurse to help you with your medical appointments and arranging any therapy. Youmay be eligible for up to 7 years of salary compensation while out of work. In my case I drew the entire 7 years and worked with my nurse case manager. He was extremely helpful and even though he was employed by the carrier his first duty was to me the patient. May not be as nice depending on the carrier. Your state should have a Workman's Compensation Board. If you run into any poroblems call them. They love getting in the face of WC Insurance Carriers. In extreme cases you may have to hire a lawyer to protect you and your health. Take Care of your health first. Don't endanger it by going back and reinjuring that hip again.
  10. Finally home and feeling well. Dyalisis isn't as bad as I thought. Although I wondered if they were driving the big needles to the vein and artery or if they were looking for Chilean miners. So now I have to have regular dyalisis every Monday - Wednesday and Friday forever. Also unfortunately this means I have to live in Bangor near the Dyalisis center for 5 days a week and only come home weekends. That's the rough part, being away from my Sweetie, Mrs. Bear. Her job allows a lot of free time though so I foresee many long trips. Thanks to all for kind words and thoughts. Much appreciated. Vic - 10-4 loud and clear :-) OMB
  11. I titled this after the movie because of the end of it. Going right off the edge of a cliff. On Tuesday I laid down with a headache and slept for a few hours. I awoke with my head spinning and severe nausea. Ended up in an ambulance and the local ER. The stabalized me and transferred me to the larger hospital in Bangor. My glucose meter read over 500 and after insulin treatment I stabalized. The thing I have been avoiding for 4 years is now a reality. I had two dyalisis treatments and am scheduled 3 days a week. I spent 3 days in the hospital and am now home. Feeling much better. The crash was that sudden. Just like driving off a cliff. The Old Bear is finally slowed down
  12. Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT poking around Madison's room!! My spirit was there, but it hung out mostly at the range and the dinner table :-)
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