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  1. Happy those are some good suggestions! I like the idea of getting them used to a harness.
  2. LOL that gulpy thing is cute!! I did a little research and I don't think the saddlebags are the way to go for us..our dogs are greyhounds and it isn't reccomended for them to carry stuff on their backs, since they're so thin. But buckets might work. Realistically if we were headed out on foot we wouldn't be taking the pets. Greyhounds aren't endurance animals and they would get fatigued way too quick to head out on foot.
  3. I like the idea of the saddlebags I'll look into that.
  4. Ok so hear me out. It's just me and my husband at home (no kids and don't plan on any). We have 2 dogs and 3 cats who we love to death. I realized that we havent really prepared for them at all. I don't mean prepping to survive the zombie apocalypse. But in case there were a sudden emergency where we needed to leave with no notice, it'd be a good idea to have. Anyone have one of these? Besides food, water, and extra leashes, what did you include? Other than heartworm preventative they aren't on any meds? Thanks for the input!
  5. As I was cleaning out my pantry I found 2 packages of Biscuit Gravy mix. Needless to say it's expired, but I think it's still fine (it's just a powdered mix, after all) but I'd like to use it ASAP. I was thinking of putting it over rice (or maybe pasta) but what else could I add to it that would be semi healthy? Don't say put it over biscuits b/c we don't really eat biscuits (I'm not sure why I bought it!). Any ideas? Simple is best. Thanks!
  6. Well I bought it! It is this one (http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/9-Tray-Large-Excalibur-with-26-hour-Timer-3926T-28-37-regular-prod.htm) and it seems to work just fine (the fan comes on) and looks brand new. No manual though but that's ok, I figure I can find one online. The only problem is it's missing those screens (it only came with one) but I'll replace them. Since I saved about $200 I figure I can afford to replace the screens! Violet in the end I decided to go with it b/c it was cheaper than the Nesco (though only by 20 bucks) so at least if it ends up we don't use it too
  7. Here's a different picture..it shows the trays. It kinda looks like everything would fall through the normal trays (not hte mesh one) is that true or just the picture looks?
  8. Honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with the one on Amazon but we decided we didn't want to spend the money on one right then. Then I just happened to see this one on craigslist and was curious. I'll have to go back and see what the one on Amazon costs. She emailed me back, it's 9 racks.
  9. Hey someoen's selling this on craigslist for $25, said it's never been used but doens't come with the manual. I don't know how many racks it holds, I'm emailed that question but haven't gotten a reply. It looks pretty old but should it be good? Here's a picture.
  10. So money will be tight for the next few weeks and I'm looking for some frugal, bean based meal ideas. They can have meat but it won't be much. I'd also like them to be reasonably healthy as I'm doing weight watchers. Here are the few ideas I've had- Burritos-beans, homemade tortillas, peppers Tomato/bean soup (this is more for me at lunch) Chli with beans/TVP/Peppers/Corn Pasta with sauce/TVP/Peppers Pizza-homemade dough/tomato sauce/peppers/whatever meat I can scrounge up **I can also add some homemade bread to any ideas to make it a bit more filling for my hu
  11. Well I dont' have a dehydrator so I can't make fruit leather.
  12. OK someone told me they had some pears I could have, for canning. I asked what kind they were, they did not know, and said "they don't taste the best, they'd be fine for canning". Am I wrong in assuming that if they dont' taste great, there's not much point in canning them? Is there something in the canning process that will make them taste better? They'd be totally free, so I'm tempted b/c of that...but I dont' want to go to the work of it if it's pointless.
  13. I admit, I use a breadmaker b/c I'm too lazy to make it by hand. I did get it free from my parents, but if I had bought it, I'm not sure I'd make my money back very quickly, since I don't buy or use much bread anyway. And the bread I do buy at the store is super cheap. BUT I can say the bread I make in the breadmaker is fresher, healthier, and tastier than the cheap crap I'd buy at the store. And it makes great pizza dough! Again, you could make it by hand, but I'm lazy. If I had to make it by hand, I'd probably go buy an expensive frozen pizza. SO it works for me! If only I hadn't los
  14. Would this work for my preps for dental hygeine? When prepping I like the idea of having things that do double duty. I use baking soda for several things and so always have a large box on hand, and keep hydroge peroxide on hand in case of a cut. I know they wouldn't taste good, but in case the SHTF, will this be good enough? Oh, with floss of course.
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