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  1. I have a pair of Hi Tecs that have lasted years http://www.hi-tec.com/ provided they still 'make them like they used to' they are a good buy
  2. The best gift I received was two pairs of wigwam wool socks. For someone who is perpetually cold, these socks are a God send. I gave my husband work jeans, winter hat/gloves and the seat for a luggable loo. We purchased for us and the kids more board games and cards and have been enjoying them immensely. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.
  3. The only seeds I have ordered so far are Ghost Chili (bhut jolokia) seeds for DH. Personally, I think hes nuts but will grow them to humor him. Have my list made and my garden planned, just waiting for the New Year to order. I bought so many last year that I really don't need any but cant resist. Gives me something to look forward to while we are freezing our butts off!
  4. Suz

    Iowa Flu??

    The readers opinions posted at the kcci.com article are interesting. Seems MSM doesnt attract only sheeple The article itself has scared the daylights out of me. I am guilty of sort of putting H1N1 on the back burner of my radar as I've been so busy with school. great post Katz!
  5. I was on the fence about going shopping mainly because of the crowds and the atmosphere of what I feel is not the meaning of Christmas (the whole greedy grabbing nastiness lol) I never gave one thought to contamination! Thank you for raising this point, I am going to stay home and buy whats on my list via the internet. We are only buying for our children this year and a limited amount at that. Works for me! ps. keep the news coming
  6. God bless you and yours. Praying for both a speedy recovery and a happy Thanksgiving for you!
  7. here's a link for information regarding the NC tamiflu resistant cases in case anyone's interested. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091120/ap_on_...s_med_swine_flu
  8. Quilty - see if you can get a free inkjet printer off freecycle. If that doesnt work maybe weigh the idea of getting one of them $25 door busters during the holiday sales. I have an inkjet and I buy the ink bottles with syringes to refill them myself. Cheapest option I've come up with. Less expensive than even the refilled aftermarket cartridges. Being in school full time I tend to print reams! depending on the day, I feel more nervous and less prepared then others. Guess it depends on the headlines and all. Best I can do is keep my eye on the ball and keep plugging.
  9. Whats scary is the sheeple who apparently don't have anything better to think about. Think about how many more are out there? Obviously these people will be totally unprepared if TSHTF. Mind boggling someone could be that far removed from what I consider real life to find laundry offensive. I cant even wrap my mind around that.... the clothing hanging on the line is offensive.... hmmm wonder if their delicate sensibilities are offended when they see clothes hanging in the mall? Perhaps big brother can fix that one for them too
  10. Without dying from laughter... what would it taste like if it was rancid? I cant believe I just asked that
  11. totally off topic but all this talk of feet made me go measure mine. Now I am officially weird (with a 4" foot)
  12. I copied your list Momma and will hit the stores tomorrow without my kids!
  13. When my daughter's class has park day its just her class of 18. The parents all willingly volunteer TONS of food, supplies and supervision and everyone has a wonderful time. The teacher coordinates and brings the hygiene/first aid supplies. Its hard to tell who is having more fun... the parents or the kids. Perhaps as we are at the edge of a rural county in a tiny town its different? I couldn't imagine having park day with 300 kids. Sounds like an Excedrin moment. The time out should have been brought to a teachers attention. I would voice my displeasure and suggest the next outing b
  14. ((((((Angela))))))) from a been there still doing that perspective, PCOS stinks. The most beneficial thing is to lose weight, easier said then done I know. If you want a virtual weight loss buddy/sounding board on say the word. We could always trade rogaine/wig secrets LOL Keep your chin up!
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