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  1. Hi, has anyone used fresh jujube fruit and how did you use it? I have a tree that is loaded with fruit just turning red and wondered if you can eat it fresh like an apple. I saw a recipe on the internet for Jujube Butter and will give that a try, but wondered what other ways there are to use it fresh. Please visit me at www.highknollhomestead.com
  2. Hi RR, when your husband retires he will probably be on the AZ State Retirement system for health insurance. I pay over $600 a month just for myself with them and it doubles to add a spouse. When I was teaching, my premiums were much like yours now; after retiring they go way up and I'm too young for Medicare.
  3. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We lost our German Shepard two weeks ago and still feel the hole in our lives. I absolutely believe we will be reunited again, but still have this grief to go through. Prayers to you and yours. I wrote about him at www.highknollhomestead.com
  4. Your post hit home for me too. I'm 58 and just moved onto 5 acres of high desert land which is fenced with our home, but no outbuildings. My first goal is to get some land cleared for a raised garden area and put a chicken coop next to that. I've been considering goats (used to have them 13 years ago)but am wondering if I will have the energy to do everything. My health is good, but we don't eat as much since kids are grown and gone. So I guess I have been considering whether the expense and work for goats or a mini-jersey will be worth it. I sure do miss my own raw milk and cheese though.
  5. Hi, does anyone have a good recipe or way to fix butterbeans. My boyfriend is from the south and he remembers them from his childhood; he is adamant that they are not lima beans. Can't wait to try the skillet cornbread and black eyed peas recipes in this thread.
  6. I am in southeastern Arizona and we recently had terrible fires here. A community Facebook page really helped us with updates on evacuation areas, donations, people and pet shelters, free spaghetti dinners by local organizations, etc. I don't personally use Facebook or Twitter, but I can see now the advantages of a coordinated social network page in a crisis. Glad you got your power back, having lived in the Valley for many years I know how dangerous the heat can be.
  7. I am getting 40 pounds of apricots this Saturday and will be canning them as well as making jam. I've been looking through the Ball canning book, but wondered if anyone has any favorite recipes they'd like to share? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I like reading through the sproutpeople.org web site. They have so much information on sprouting and recipes as well as neat sprouting gadgets and seeds.
  9. Yes, I got an email from Red Roof Hotels that my email address was compromised by this breach. Guess I need to get my contacts and any other important information out of there in case it gets high-jacked.
  10. I am just curious as to using broth instead of water when canning meat. Do you used disolved boullion cubes for the broth? I canned the chicken soup a while back and didn't have near enough broth so used disolved chicken cubes for the extra broth. Next time I will use more water than called for in the recipe when boiling the chicken. I'd like to can the hamburger meat - the tutorial link below made it look so easy but I have heard it is better with broth.
  11. Loved your story Necie. It reminded me of when I kept Sanaans. I'd put the doe in the backseat too to get her to the breeder and she would lie her head on my DD's lap all the way there. Thanks for the memory!
  12. I'm glad this topic came up as I am thinking of getting a SS Big Berkey too for daily use. We have very hard city water and I am wondering if it will filter out the calcium? My little coffee filter is white every morning from the calcium it is designed to filter.
  13. Darlene, when I use this address, http://drum-runners.survivaltimes.info all the working links show up for me. It looks like it may not be up for long though.
  14. I have seen those ads for infra-red room heaters, the kind that say you can touch them without being burned, but I wondered if they really worked. It sounds like you have had a good experience with them. Do they heat an entire room or just if you are sitting close by it?
  15. My friend is looking for an effective treatment for nail fungus that is on his toenails and now a thumbnail. He wants to avoid the heavy drugs suggested by standard MDs. Anyone know of effective alternatives?
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