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  1. I live in the UK, a lot of grocery stores have empty spaces on their shelves, a lot of people are blaming this on brexit though it has nothing to do with the UK detaching itself from the European dictatorship. Whilst it is true the EU are making things difficult for truck drivers leaving European ports to return back to the UK there are problems with illegals stowing away in the back of trucks, The drivers are fined 10.000pounds per stowaway, these illegals contaminate the goods being brought back by urinating and defeacating on the goods which has to be garbaged. My brother in-law drives trucks for Aldis he works a 8 day shift with 4 days off since the advent of covid drivers are expected to work 16 days working then 8 days off, but what is happening is day 2 of their time off they are getting called back into work, they are exhausted my brother in law now goes to their trailer in the Lake District as there is no cell phone reception and his boss can't get hold of him demanding him to work. This past couple of months 14 drivers have handed their notice in. Other drivers are either thinking of buying holiday let's in areas without cell phone reception or handing their notice in as well. They have asked for a pay rise and been told they are easy to replace, yet they still have vacancies for the 14 drivers who quit. This problem is not exclusive to Aldis all stores are suffering similar problems. My nephew is a bus driver and is saying the same thing there is a shortage of drivers, many of the drivers were from the EU and have returned to there home countries. In my area there is issues getting refuge and recycling bins emptied because of a shortage of drivers, i hope they can sort things out soon, as the same garbage truck drivers drive the gritter trucks, and snow plows not that we get much snow in winter, it will be just our luck we have a hard winter. A article in the express paper dated 30th of August states Germany, Spain and Italy are all experiencing driver shortages. Would have liked to give a link to this article but I'm using a tablet and have no idea how to do this. The media is constantly reporting there will be shortages for Christmas which is going to cause panic buying and price gouging when people realise little Joey can't have his mountain of Christmas presents. Perhaps now is the time to start your gift shopping.
  2. Saw news report this am that the age range in Italy has changed, there are more 30-40 year olds being hospitalised. Also the numbers of reported deaths are rising in Spain.
  3. Please excuse grammatical errors using tablet and productive text will keep on changing what I write, and I don't always notice the sneaky changes.
  4. Watching news of Italy, 3405 have now died, they are having over 100 deaths a day the hospitals are over whelmed China have sent medical supplies to them. The doctors there are making the decision of whether to treat over 80d because of medical shortages of this is the case my heart goes out to the families and the staff having to face such difficult decisions.😂 The death rate seems to be increasing by over 30 a day in the Uk, the last 2 days there has been 2 deaths at my local hospital, my sister-in-law works there As a axillary (candystriper) she is off work I'll hoping it is a heavy cold and nothing more, the ward she works in is male medical which is usually a feeder ward where patients are admitted whilst they find beds in other wards. hospital wards here are usually 6-8 bed rooms with curtain dividers only chronically ill or contagious have single bed rooms so you can imagine how fast a contagious bug will infect everyone especially if staff are not following hand hygiene rules. When I trained as a nurse 30 years ago the wards were 24-30 bed wards, hygiene rules were strict and everyone was afraid of matron including junior doctors, a phone call alerting wards matron was doing her rounds would have junior staff scattering and hiding in various cupboards to avoid her was a sight to behold, alas I am 6foot tall and could rarely find a reliable place to disappear and so would be a unwilling victim of her icy stares and condescending comments as I have made a ward report on all patients. If your patients messed your neatly made bed either by sitting on it or getting back in it or the bed was not in line with all of them then she would strip it and order all beds to be remade. A nightmare which would mean you missed going for breakfast. all places of education will close this afternoon, "it is being described as closures for some considerable time", I am hoping people will be sensible and ensuring there off spring stay at home and not playing on the street or visiting shopping centres as teenagers do. the store shelves continue to be emptied faster than ship workers can get goods on the shelves. My brother-in-law is a truck driver for Aldis and is one of the few drivers license to hawl double trailers he is supposed to work 4 days in & 3 days rest period this has been suspended and they are no longer getting time off, the distribution centre has hired a further 60 staff to help load the trucks, he says there is plenty of stock the problem a people are like locus and stripping stores bare with panic buying, feel heart broken seeing elderly people not being able to buy basics for there weekly shop, on My street there are young couples with new born babies and toddlers and they are worried as they are having difficulty finding formula and diapers for there off spring. so if you have families who don't have there sucks in a row now is the time to give them a quick kick up the backside as things are becoming difficult here in the U.K. As well as the rest of Europe. would like to go into the garden and do some tidying up but mother nature is not being very compliant and keeps sending us rain, ground is saturated and going to take a few weeks to dry up. So instead i am using a large stock of fine crochet cotton on a pattern unfortunately named a virus shawl😁 very addictive have made 7 since december, may as well work on my Christmas list. Praying that you and your families stay safe and well.
  5. Spoke to my Doctor today, daughter and I are to self isolate for the next few months. The death rate in the UK has risen to 104, All schools are to close Friday afternoon until further notice. Store shelves are looking bare impossible to find hand sanitizer, facemasks, there is going to be restrictions on how many items you can buy. Transport of buses, trains and trams are being reduced from weekend to a Sunday service timetable. Things are excelerating fast here and most people are not prepared. As for us our finances took a major hit 2years ago and I have had to use a lot of our stores, so we are on rations, plenty of rice and pasta for us just a shortage of sauces going to have to be creative. Take care all, I hope you and your families stay well.
  6. Another cruise ship affected this time Greece. Details rather sketchy at the moment an Austrian passenger that had disembarked has tested Covid positive 3 days latter. Passengers on the ship was visiting I think Athens, when they was told to return to ship because of security threat. Captain informed passengers and crew of Austrian passenger, the cruise is continuing though no one is allowed to leave. The ship is heading to Corfu next, Corfu has a very small hospital in the island. my brother and his wife live in Corfu, a few years ago he had a serious accident and the hospital wasn't equipped to deal with his injury and he had to be taken too Athens via the ferry. my brother is coming to the UK in 2 weeks to see our mum who is not in the best of health and is nearly 90. She is excited her son is coming too see her soon and I am feeling selfish that I am hoping that ship doesn't stay in Corfu and that everyone will be healthy on board.. I hope everyone will stay safe and well here, feeling antsy at the moment, I don't drive so use public transport the amount of people who don't cover there mouths when they cough or sneeze is alarming. An additional 36 people have been tested positive in the UK in the last 24 hours. Italy has decided to close schools and university for the next couple of weeks. 1at death in UK has just been reported it states that patient had medical problems and it is thought they have contracted virus in the U.K.
  7. Dose anyone have info of a cruise ship in Greece, 2000 passengers and crew, yesterday people went out to I think Athens on day trip and was recalled back to ship early they were told there was a security emergency. Once all back on board Captain informed them a Austrian passenger who had disembarked 4 days ago had contacted Covid19 the ship is continuing the cruise but no-one is allowed off ship them were heading to Corfu next stop. Really hope they won't anchor at Corfu as Corfu has a small illequiped hospital. My brother and his wife live on Corfu, he had a serious accident and had to be ferried off the island and transferred to a hospital in Athens for treatment. So hoping all onboard stay healthy as my brother told our elderly mum that he is flying over too the UK in 2 weeks, she is excited she is seeing one of her son's, but , I am feeling apprehensive as my daughter and I have health issues, sister is diabetic her granddaughter was in hospital for 19 months she has short bowel syndrome after being born with intestines outside abdomen all but 4 inches if bowel had to be removed. 10 other family members are asthmatic, so want to keep this virus at a distance. There are 90 cases of the virus in the UK there was a big jump in cases yesterday of over 30 cases. More talk on TV on the virus telling people they don't need to panic buy. And to wash hands frequently with soap and hot water or if you are out use hand sanitizer ( there is a shortage of this product). Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or use crook of your elbow. We are being told not to shake hands or hugging people when greeting them. I have always ordered a little hand wave and a hi greetings. I am hopping we all stay safe and well.
  8. Wow can't believe the EMT are moving people who have the potential medical condition to infect many, without wearing face masks or protective clothing, hope they don't get sick and put there families lives at risk.
  9. Reported on Sky News that a male in his 40s in the Philippines has died, first case out of China. There are close to 1700 infected now. I wonder how long it takes for the virus to burn out of the body so the person can be considered recovered. On a separate note a farm in China is having birds slaughtered because of bird flu.
  10. Could you please give more information. Cruise ship in Japan has had a increase of positive tests I believe there are 61 cases now and they are awaiting results from a further 100 tests. Not heard anything about the ship in Italy so hopefully no more new cases there. A 3rd case in the UK. contracted it in Singapore, self quarantined when he got home but has tested positive so has been transferred to a hospital in London. Death rate is over 630 with a increase of infected. Saw on face book about the doctor who first questioned the amount of illnesses had died, he was a Dad and his wife is expecting there second child. Also seen a second doctor had died aged28 it is said he died from exhaustion, wondering how many more medical staff have died and it having not been reported.
  11. 2 cases found in the UK, both related staying in a hotel in York. York is a popular tourist area. Schools take students to the Viking centre and to the Cathedral in the centre of York. The death total 213.
  12. The paper products i was referring too are facial tissues, kitchen clean up towels and food serving napkins. Went shopping this afternoon to Aldis, they had no flu, or cough meds on the shelves, just a few boxes of analgesic pain relief left and just a dozen boxes of facial tissues. There was no bleach or disinfectant on the shelves. A lot of people shopping for groceries, full baskets (but that could have been because a lot of people have been paid there wages). i have been doing an itinary of easy cook foods in the freezer and cupboards, as my daughter needs easy foods if I am I'll she has a brain injury is epileptic and asthmatic, so I have had to simplify everything. I have also realised I need to put in prescription requests for us both. watching sky news it is reporting 56million people are under lockdown, public transport has been closed in 18cities in China. 31 people have tested negatively on the U.K.. There is to be a second large hospital to be built in China as it is thought the 1000 bed hospital will not be enough.
  13. Thanks midnight Mon the link covered all I had been looking for, incubation period, non symptomatic period, possibility of infection from light switches door handles food packages, had not thought about the toilet seats. There has been a coughing virus that has been going about in my area before Christmas, people had a horrific cough that lasted 2-6 weeks Gps were advising over the counter meds and stay warm, where ever you went people were coughing and feeling miserable, cough medicine did little to relieve the symptoms i have given up using commercial products and was using my Nanas medicine lemon juice, honey and a measure of brandy it didn't do much for the cough but it helped me to sleep. This morning news report 41 deaths, 3 cases in France and undisclosed number being tested in the UK, i think it is time to buy more bleach and paper products to replace what was used in December. I dread to think how people here would react if they were told they were under quarantine order, I don't think most have a week's groceries at home, my neighbours seem to order food take out most nights.
  14. On the news (tv) so can't down load a link that Wuhan province is building a hospital which will be completed Monday that will. have 1000 beds. This has made me twitchy that they need medical facility so fast after putting the city on lock down. There has been 14 people tested in the UK thankfully they are all negative, but feel it will only be a matter of time before the virus is detected here. France has 2 confirmed cases. Very little is being said about this virus 2 separate reported statments states that incubation period is 4 days and 10 days, but not exactly how it has been transmitted. Is it airborne or from contaminated material, just not enough information for my liking. Time to buckle up, it looks like it could be a bumpy ride. stay safe and well people.
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