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  1. Saw news report this am that the age range in Italy has changed, there are more 30-40 year olds being hospitalised. Also the numbers of reported deaths are rising in Spain.
  2. Please excuse grammatical errors using tablet and productive text will keep on changing what I write, and I don't always notice the sneaky changes.
  3. Watching news of Italy, 3405 have now died, they are having over 100 deaths a day the hospitals are over whelmed China have sent medical supplies to them. The doctors there are making the decision of whether to treat over 80d because of medical shortages of this is the case my heart goes out to the families and the staff having to face such difficult decisions.😂 The death rate seems to be increasing by over 30 a day in the Uk, the last 2 days there has been 2 deaths at my local hospital, my sister-in-law works there As a axillary (candystriper) she is off work I'll hoping it is a heavy c
  4. Spoke to my Doctor today, daughter and I are to self isolate for the next few months. The death rate in the UK has risen to 104, All schools are to close Friday afternoon until further notice. Store shelves are looking bare impossible to find hand sanitizer, facemasks, there is going to be restrictions on how many items you can buy. Transport of buses, trains and trams are being reduced from weekend to a Sunday service timetable. Things are excelerating fast here and most people are not prepared. As for us our finances took a major hit 2years ago and I have had to use a lot of o
  5. Another cruise ship affected this time Greece. Details rather sketchy at the moment an Austrian passenger that had disembarked has tested Covid positive 3 days latter. Passengers on the ship was visiting I think Athens, when they was told to return to ship because of security threat. Captain informed passengers and crew of Austrian passenger, the cruise is continuing though no one is allowed to leave. The ship is heading to Corfu next, Corfu has a very small hospital in the island. my brother and his wife live in Corfu, a few years ago he had a serious accident and the hospital wasn't equ
  6. Dose anyone have info of a cruise ship in Greece, 2000 passengers and crew, yesterday people went out to I think Athens on day trip and was recalled back to ship early they were told there was a security emergency. Once all back on board Captain informed them a Austrian passenger who had disembarked 4 days ago had contacted Covid19 the ship is continuing the cruise but no-one is allowed off ship them were heading to Corfu next stop. Really hope they won't anchor at Corfu as Corfu has a small illequiped hospital. My brother and his wife live on Corfu, he had a serious accident and had to b
  7. Wow can't believe the EMT are moving people who have the potential medical condition to infect many, without wearing face masks or protective clothing, hope they don't get sick and put there families lives at risk.
  8. Reported on Sky News that a male in his 40s in the Philippines has died, first case out of China. There are close to 1700 infected now. I wonder how long it takes for the virus to burn out of the body so the person can be considered recovered. On a separate note a farm in China is having birds slaughtered because of bird flu.
  9. Could you please give more information. Cruise ship in Japan has had a increase of positive tests I believe there are 61 cases now and they are awaiting results from a further 100 tests. Not heard anything about the ship in Italy so hopefully no more new cases there. A 3rd case in the UK. contracted it in Singapore, self quarantined when he got home but has tested positive so has been transferred to a hospital in London. Death rate is over 630 with a increase of infected. Saw on face book about the doctor who first questioned the amount of illnesses had died, he was a
  10. 2 cases found in the UK, both related staying in a hotel in York. York is a popular tourist area. Schools take students to the Viking centre and to the Cathedral in the centre of York. The death total 213.
  11. The paper products i was referring too are facial tissues, kitchen clean up towels and food serving napkins. Went shopping this afternoon to Aldis, they had no flu, or cough meds on the shelves, just a few boxes of analgesic pain relief left and just a dozen boxes of facial tissues. There was no bleach or disinfectant on the shelves. A lot of people shopping for groceries, full baskets (but that could have been because a lot of people have been paid there wages). i have been doing an itinary of easy cook foods in the freezer and cupboards, as my daughter needs easy food
  12. Thanks midnight Mon the link covered all I had been looking for, incubation period, non symptomatic period, possibility of infection from light switches door handles food packages, had not thought about the toilet seats. There has been a coughing virus that has been going about in my area before Christmas, people had a horrific cough that lasted 2-6 weeks Gps were advising over the counter meds and stay warm, where ever you went people were coughing and feeling miserable, cough medicine did little to relieve the symptoms i have given up using commercial products and was using my Nanas med
  13. On the news (tv) so can't down load a link that Wuhan province is building a hospital which will be completed Monday that will. have 1000 beds. This has made me twitchy that they need medical facility so fast after putting the city on lock down. There has been 14 people tested in the UK thankfully they are all negative, but feel it will only be a matter of time before the virus is detected here. France has 2 confirmed cases. Very little is being said about this virus 2 separate reported statments states that incubation period is 4 days and 10 days, but not exactly how it has been transmitted.
  14. As a city girl, I hadn't given much thought about wire fences and how far a lightening strike could travel. But I can recall a heavy storm 48 years ago whilst in school, 4 boys aged 12 where playing truant, kicking a tin can to each other whilst cutting across the cricket field, lightening struck and all 4boys were killed, it was such a tragic accident as the boys where cousins. When ever there is a storm i head indoors, lightening is pretty to look at but I prefer at a distance.
  15. Daisy I am also increasing the contents of our pantry for the same reason. Homesteader I live in a small town just a few miles from a area that is nicknamed little Bradford, where the normal dress wear is a niquab/ full face veil and where the men leave the mosque and spit at the feet of lone women, there is no integration and few will speak English. My niece and husband have been on the housing list for over 3 years and are not a priority even though they have a 1 year old, asylum seekers have priority on the social housing list, and there are few private rental homes because landlords know
  16. I do this in 6 month incraments, starting with £26 working down to £1 and then a further £26 to £1, I just couldnt find £200 in a month. My friend also splits hers into 6 month savings but she starts with £26 the first week £1 the second £25 the 3rd week £2 the fourth ect she says it is easier for her to budget and we both save the same amount either way
  17. No fruit and veg in the garden, they have drowned, I guess 6 weeks of rain will do that, June has been recorded as one of the wetest in over 60 years and July dosen't seem to be much better. Thankfully I don't live in a area that is prone too flooding. It was also reported on last nights news that Russia has had the worst amount of rainfall in 60 years, there are over hundred people dead and these numbers are expected to rise dramatically over the next few days, My heart and prayer go out to these familys.
  18. I too have a French press as back up, a word of caution when using them though, after pouring the water on the coffee grinds leave the plunger off whilst you let the coffee brew, then give the coffee a good stir and put plunger in place, slowly press the plunger down. I didn't stir the coffee before pressing down plunger and ended up with a scald that blistered. Lesson learned.
  19. She is very sweet, had 2 calicos first was a rescue and I think she was ferral, it took a while to win her over and for her too stop biting and scratching, and our second and present cat belonged to a police officer and his new wife and cat didn't get along, she can be a little madame will only have a cuddle if my daughter is wearing her red dressing-gown, she also spits at my other cat if he walks past her and can be quite grumpy. Friends who have calicos have said there cats are grumpy and have catitude. wouldn't change them for anything, enjoy your new furry friend
  20. A shower curtain can be used as a mattress protector
  21. CrabgrassAcres, Lint here is not the fluff you find at the bottom of pockets or in dryer collection draws, It is a brushed cotton type fabric that was used as a secondary dressing, ie sterile dressing a piece of lint padding then a bandage. Lint dressings are not used as often these days, even though they are quite absorbent they have a tendancy to stick to wounds and require the dressing to be soaked off.
  22. solar garden lights, pathmarker in the yard, ambient light indoors during a power outage, recharge rechgargable battries.
  23. My daughter is a difficult eater, she was hospitalised many times when she was younger because of dehydration, she neither feels hungry or thirsty, food and drink has to be put infront of her or she would neither eat or drink. At the age of 10 she declared that chicken was evil and pigs were canabils and has never eaten chicken, eggs , or pork since, no idea where these thought came from but she knows if you put these products into her food and is pysically sick. Now I know some are thinking what a fuss pot I wouldn't put up with that [i have family members say this including my parents].
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