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  1. That's fantastic! So happy for you. Hope it works out for you. Take care, Reb
  2. Well, thank you Mt. Rider. Good to be back. Now that I finally put my retired hat on, blown the cobwebs away and started acting normal...haha right.. Anyway, been retired since 2012 but didn't know what to do with myself. I had all this time on my hands and sat in a corner, asking myself "self, what the hell we gonna do?" I have SO missed you gals and guys so here I am.... Thanks again, and take care, Reb
  3. Well, Good Morning Cat! Jumping in to say hello! I've not heard of this gentleman but you've peaked my interest. I need to seriously get back in to my prepping. Take care, Reb
  4. Aw Shadow, I'm so sorry that I'm replying this late. I just wanted to sayTHANK YOU for posting the Happy Birthday wishes. Thank you "membering" me! Take care, Reb
  5. Beautiful! My poor girls and boys look like they live in a "Sanford and son" home...... I'm saving my pennies for a bigger coop.
  6. I'm with you gals. I started out cooking for the family of 8. After I got married, I cooked for the my kids, their friends, sometimes their parents etc. After we moved back to the country, I've had to REALLY cut back to 2, maybe 3 weekly or the whole herd will come over for Sunday dinner..... Hubby will only tolerate 1 day of leftovers and then it goes to the chickens or the dogs. Now, I just cook when I want to.....lol Reb
  7. Thank you Cat. This is definitely something I going to go and get. I have fallen off the prepping wagon with all that I've had going on lately but now I going to get restarted.... Thanks again, Reb
  8. Hey MtRider, Tank you berries for the cake, hope all is well with you and the fam... Reb
  9. Hugs to you all and thank you for the warm welcome back. Yes, I do still have the beagle(s), lol. In fact, we just had a litter of blue tick pups. They all went to good homes and hopefully, will be out there hunting soon. Take care, Reb
  10. Hello everybody. My, my it's been so long. I just wanted to check in and now, after reading through a lot of what I've missed, I feel like I'm back on even keel. I've been so busy with new babies, lost my Mom and Brother last year, retired, knee surgery and a lot more. I have truly missed you all. I cried reading some your posts, I laughed and cheered to see the strength and courage of some of your girls. I now realize when I'm down I borrow a little of you all to help myself. I have never known such humble, courageous, strong and skilled women as I have met on here. Thank you Darlene
  11. :hidingsmile:I'm so ashamed...... I'm sorry for missing my birthday greetings Shadow. Between surgeries and new births, life is really a mixture. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Reb
  12. Oh how I wish I could go. Once I get my Stead in order, and critters going in the same direction, I plan on taking roadtrips with hubby and see the Country. I've finally retired and need to kick my self into gear. You all have a wonderful time and hopefully I'll be there next time! Reb
  13. So sad. This is a wonderful tribute to him. Thank you
  14. So tragic.. I agree, family is family. I'm sure they would truly appreciate your being there. Take care, Reb
  15. Aw shoot, I'm wishing you a VERY HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY and sending you and hubby many prayers and hugs and keeping you all in my thoughts. Heal quickly and come home to us. We miss you. Reb
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