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  1. Yep, Monsanto is as close to an evil corporation as they come. They have even sued farmers for finding traces of their seed's genes in the farmer's field. The reason the genes were there? Pollination. Want to hear about how evil Monsanto is? Here's a good podcast, this episode is about Monsanto.
  2. We get some water from the store. I get the 2.5 gallon bottles with the tap on the front. I've found that 2 of these fit perfectly in a milk crate and the crates will stack just fine.
  3. I was a 4 BIG cup of coffee a day person. This was always at work and I rarely drank it at home. But on a 3 day weekend, I would have horrible headaches from caffeine withdrawal. So about 6 months ago I switched to tea. But I don't like black tea, so it's green tea all the time. Green tea has less caffeine than black tea. I will often use a single tea bag for 2 cups of tea. Not always, but most of the time it works for me.
  4. I recommend Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  5. Not yet. I'm zone 7 and last year we got started far too soon and ended up with spindly plants. I do need to get my seeds ordered, though. I have a lot left from last year, but we are still hoping to be able to move before planting season.
  6. Good luck with your situation. That said, my OPINION is that if you can arrange to get a wood stove and a kerosene heater, get them. Put the wood stove in that living room and the kerosene heater in the basement. The kerosene will only have to be on low, your goal is to keep those pipes just above freezing, not heat the house with the kerosene heater. For the wood stove, use it to heat the main level. Blanket sleepers for the kids, flannel for you. Extra quilts for all the beds. On the coldest nights, move everyone into the living room. I know it isn't easy to hear, but if you do the wood stove, have it installed professionally. A neighbor of my MIL had a wood stove installed by a non-professional and it caught her house on fire. Could have happened to a pro, but the difference is with a pro, insurance would have paid. Since it was a non-pro, the insurance isn't paying to repair the house. And definately get the carbon monoxide detectors.
  7. Several years ago I pulled a bar of Ivory soap out of a bath bag that was in the attic for about 5 years. It was dry and deeply cracked, but it was usable. As for the salt, it will suck moisture out of the atmosphere. This will make it clump up, but won't go bad. If you are worried about it, vacuum sealing it won't hurt anything. I'd do like CGA said and put it in empty juice bottles. Mind if I ask where you got your sea salt? All we have in stock right now is regular iodized salt.
  8. I've never seen an official shelf life, but I've seen it mentioned a couple times that it is 24 months. Storage Live of Groceries
  9. I'll second the recommendation of the homemade earth box type of containers. That's what I had my peppers in. I used a plan similar to that instructables page, only slightly different.
  10. Good luck with your plants. The only advice I can give is to make sure you don't start your tomato plants too early. Also make sure you have the plants close to the light source so you don't end up with spindly plants.
  11. We had a container garden this past Summer. You can get a lot off each plant. We only had 2 plants and were able to make up a batch of Annie's Salsa to can. We also used our peppers in this as well. For me, the peppers produced much better than the tomatoes did. About the only real advice I can offer is to just give it a try. Get a feel for what you can grow in your area and how much each plant produces. I've seen people grow 50 or more tomato plants all in 5 gallon buckets.
  12. Excellent find. Thanks for this. I'll be making some of these, but I think I'll probably use a thin wood instead of cardboard.
  13. I do have some O2 absorbers. I figured it would put the vacuum on it and make the Gamma Seal hard to remove. Is it difficult to remove the Gamma Seal with the vacuum? LeeAnn, yes, if you vacuum seal everything and then put them in a bucket with a Gamma Seal, you are good to go.
  14. I have several buckets of oats that I bought packed and purged with CO2. I've opened one of these and put on a Gamma Seal lid. But I don't use up the oats all that fast and want to ensure that the oats don't "go bad." Does anyone have a way of purging the oxygen out of the buckets prior to putting the Gamma Seal back on? I thought about dry ice, but the amount I would need would be a couple of small chunks and I can't get less than a half pound. That's just too wasteful. Is there some sort of attachment that I could put on those CO2 cartridges that go in bb guns?
  15. Is that book a good source for building your own? We are still hoping to be able to move and one of the first big projects on my list would be building the root cellar. My grandmother had a "closet" off her basement that was the root cellar. Kept potatoes a long time.
  16. Quote: A Bantam is smaller in size than a Standard breed. They also lay smaller eggs. How much smaller are the eggs? Are we talking small vs. extra large like in the grocery? Or is there a bigger difference, like a quail egg to a chicken egg?
  17. That's a good idea with the food boxes. Of course we all know it would never fly. There would be complaints about the types of food. The shipping on food would cut into the amount that they could supply. Not to mention, what politician would sign on to it? The opponents would spin it that it says that the people in need aren't smart enough to handle the money. It is a shame that there's so many people that aren't really in need that are receiving the benefits. If not for the people that don't really need it, more of the people that do need it would be able to use it. The abuse of the system is what makes many people speak out against the assistance programs. As for what will happen. I think that the states won't be able to increase their benefits. I think that the federal government will give additional funds to states that are hit hardest. The money will come from where it always does, taxes. What they can't get from taxes, they will print up. This will just deflate the dollar more than it is now.
  18. I use an 10" chefs knife, a paring knife and a 10" slicing knife. Two years ago my wife and I decided it was time for a good set of knives. We ended up buying Henckels. They make a world of difference in the kitchen. Fit the hand, well balanced and cut like nobody's business. I highly recommend a good set of knives, changed the way we prepare all our meals.
  19. Originally Posted By: Andrea Now, I don't think I could butcher a rabbit or even a chicken unless there was a desperate need. But, I am researching raising egg layers in my backyard. If I get turned in, they go to our close friends who already have chickens legally, even though they only live on the next block over! That's how I am with butchering. I think I'd have an issue unless we were desperate for food. We are still hoping to be able to sell our house. And when we do, we want some property. I'll have egg layers then.
  20. Quote: On one site I'm following they started a thread asking for people to report on any strange animal behavior or anything abnormal with sky or water. I'm pretty sure I know which site, and I read that thread. Seemed to be a lot of info coming in from Kentucky also. I don't think of earthquakes when I think of Kentucky. I haven't noticed any strange animal behavior in the mid-Atlantic. Of course the only wild animals I see on a daily basis here are the birds and squirrels. They seem to be acting normal. They haven't been avoiding the feeder, I haven't seen any huge flocks, etc.
  21. Thanks for posting this. Interesting information. Maybe something to look into growing. I guess since it has no gluten, it can't be baked into yeast breads, but I would think the whole world of flat breads is wide open.
  22. I know you said that they won't eat whole wheat. But this recipe is fantastic, Honey Wheat. If you go over to that site, take a look around, they have lots of recipes. They also have a bread machine section.
  23. I found this Washington Post article mentioned on another forum. Basically, the farmer allowed people to come out and pick what was left in the fields. 40,000 people showed up to pick the free veggies. I think that this says a lot about the state of much of the population. It amazes me that 40,000 people would show up at a farm to pick some produce. I'm sure there are some that will take it to a farmers market to sell, or otherwise make some money off this, but it still says something about the economy. Washington Post article
  24. Originally Posted By: ArmyOfFive4God Not me, but I wanted to say AWESOME that it lasted so long!!! Peppers will come back if they don't freeze (they may even come back since they did), but maybe you can either dig them up or plant next years in containers & bring them in for the winter? I intended to dig them up and pot them in the house. However, they froze several nights. They are also very noticably dead. I do have seeds from them for next year.
  25. Well, this past Thursday, we had some freezing temperatures. That spelled the end of my garden. All we had left were Keystone peppers, jalapeno peppers and tabasco peppers. There were 3 peppers left on the Keystones, they didn't make it and we didn't get the peppers before the plant froze. The jalapenos were left on the plant to dry them out. I'm not sure if they will sprout next year or not since they did freeze. The last of the tabasco peppers were just there, I didn't plan on picking any more, but was leaving the peppers on the plant to ripen the seeds also. So ends our first container garden. We had great success with the peppers. Our tomatoes didn't do well. The beans did ok, but we didn't plant near enough of them. So, anyone still have a growing garden outside?
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