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  1. Thanks! I haven't seen this one before. catskinner
  2. I found the eggs! Time to put on my thinking cap. catskinner
  3. This looks like a really good brain workout. I'm stumped already. There are no eggs on the list! catskinner
  4. Robie I'm with you. I signed up for their challenge. I like to think I'm pretty well prepared, but it would be nice to find out exactly where my holes are. Monday I filled the car with gas because I was getting low and the price was down. I went to the store and got a gallon of milk, 2 loaves of bread (DH doesn't like homemade) and a bag of sugar. I was out of fresh milk and would have had to break out a 5 gallon bucket of sugar because I was out in the kitchen. I was also out of bread. I don't feel like I was cheating because I would have gotton those things anyway and the challenge hasn't started yet. The one thing I have an objection to is on the days that I can't use fresh eggs. Why do they think we keep chickens? Yes they are cute and fluffy and oh so entertaining, but that's not why I have them. It's for the eggs. I'm not sure if I'll be willing to open a #10 can for eggs for an experiment when I have so many fresh eggs right now. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge. My oldest son is on board. He's in college now and I will still allow him to go to class and do his required work on his laptop because they have to turn in all their work by email. It's my 8 year old that I worry about. He will be bored, but we have lots of board games to take care of that. DH refuses to participate...."until something happens and I have to." I hope to learn alot. Only time will tell. catskinner
  5. Deer Slayer, where did you get those cheap glasses? My prescription is so strong that I just paid $200 for the lenses alone. That was after shopping around for the best price. catskinner
  6. Did you say stuffed pepper soup? Can I have the recipe please? Please,please,please with sprinkles on top. That sounds so yummy for the fall and winter. Thanks, catskinner
  7. Thanks CN, I just talked to FIL and he says there will be even more corn in a few days. I think I'll wait to do the relish then. I have the SF pectin from my Kroger jackpot (LOL) So I think I'll try it with the jelly. Thanks for all your help. catskinner
  8. Ok, I've decided. I'm going to freeze some of it on the cob, and I'll scrape some of it to make cream style corn to freeze. No canning. (I'll admit it's a relief not to have to deal with all of that.) Is there any advice ya'll can give me for making the cream style? Is there a certain technique? DH wants me to make some corn relish, so if you'd be so kind as to post your recipe Canned Nerd, I'd appreciate it. I'm also going to make the jelly with snapshotmiki's recipe. I just have one question, can I use Splenda? I hit the jackpot at Kroger yesterday. They had all kinds of regular and sugar-free pectin, as well as fruit fresh in the "got to get rid of this junk" basket. About two months ago, they got rid of their food saver rolls in the same way. I was overjoyed to help them out. This was really handy since my blackberry bush is loaded down and we love blackberry jelly. We've never had corn cob jelly before, but I'm willing to try anything, you never know, it may become our new favorite. Thanks! catskinner
  9. Help! I had nightmares last night. DH is working out of town and his "boss" offered to give him some fresh corn. Then FIL called and said that his corn is ready. What do I do with it all? My main question is can I freeze it and then can it later? If so, do I need to scrape it first? I know I want to put up some cream style, but Dh really likes it on the cob. Can I freeze the whole ear? There is just no way I can get to all of it right away, so can I freeze the rest somehow, or do I give it away? I really hate for it to go to waste, but I've never had to deal with corn before and have no idea what to do. Please make the nightmares stop, I could use a good nights sleep. Thanks, catskinner
  10. This is the view I was telling you about. catskinner
  11. I always try to make out a menu plan for the weeks to come, but it doesn't always happen. Here's a sample: Breakfast is always oatmeal or grits, toast and 1/2 grapefruit or a banana Monday through Friday right now. On Saturdays Dh likes biscuits, milk gravy and either bacon or sausage. Sundays we have pancakes with syrup and bacon. Dinner Monday through Friday, Dh has a salad. Baby boy has something like grilled cheese and soup, a hot dog and mac and cheese or chicken of some sort with fruit cocktail. My older boy is in High School now and so he has to take his lunch. Today I packed for him a PBJ sandwich, 3 slices from a block of cheddar cheese, a small container of some of my home canned pears, a small container of pudding, a few potato chips and a home made granola bar that I made from the granola I made. He gets a soft drink too. His school has no kitchen, only a few vending machines and some microwaves. I refuse to let him eat from a machine. Saturdays and Sundays, we will have hot dogs or hamburgers or sloppy joes for lunch. This is what we ate last week for supper. Monday: frozen, breaded flounder fillets. I try to have some kind of fish every Monday. Usually it's salmon patties or catfish. It helps that we live on a catfish farm. Tuesday we had pork schnitzel with fried potatoes, sour kraut and green beans. Wednesday we always have beans of some kind. This week it was great northern and I served it with cornbread and left over green beans. Thursday we had chicken lickin' pork chops. I made a double batch so I would have left overs. I served them with potatoes and crowder peas. Friday we usually go out to eat with FIL, MIL, SIL and BIL along with the cousins. It's never anywhere very expensive, but it still takes a reall bite out for us. I'm feeding a teen age boy and a fast growing toddler that likes to give his brother a run for him money sometimes. He always wants whatever "bubba" is having. Satruday night is leftovers. Whatever leftovers are left in the fridge get put out and everybody serves themselves buffet style. Sunday night we had a hamburger casserole and more green beans. Can you tell we put up a lot of green beans last year? LOL Occasionally I will make a pie or cobbler from the pears or peaches we put up. That's not often though. Right now I'm trying to clean out a freezer, so just about everything we eat comes out of it right now. I'm trying to make room so we can get a side of beef and/or a pig to put in it this year. catskinner
  12. Awesome! I'm passing this along to everybody I know. Thanks! Great find. catskinner
  13. Thanks for the heads up ncnewbie. I use the frozen concentrate and while I only mix up one pitcher a week, I think Dh would not be a happy camper if I cut him back any more. I'll go by the store and stock up today. My grocery budget is already tight, I hate to think what it will cost to feed the family in the months to come. catskinner
  14. Originally Posted By: Fritz_Monroe I know you said that they won't eat whole wheat. But this recipe is fantastic, Honey Wheat. If you go over to that site, take a look around, they have lots of recipes. They also have a bread machine section. Thanks Fritz! I've saved the site so I can go back to it and give it a good going over. That honey wheat bread looks and sounds yummy! I may have to make some to give as gifts. catskinner
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