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  1. I have Kitchen Aide can opener the hand kind. But I want toget another hand kind thaat attaches ti the wall. I don't like the electric type at all.
  2. The first home I remember was really not much of a house. It was in the city of Cambridge Mass. We didnt have hot water ad that house was areal wreck. But it was a wonderful home. I have so many memories of wonderful fun we had. Every room, all four, was special. We couodn't have maany animals in th ciity, but we had a dog, and a variety of cats we would find hungry and cold. We weere allowed to run and play in this little home. We were poor and couldn't hhave a lot of toys but we made our fun. My brother found this large cardboard box with thin wood holding it together and he sur
  3. RenieB

    New Stove

    We had to sell our old wood stove last year as neitther of us was able to handle the wood. We are seniors and just not ajble to do that anymore. We finally were able to get th money together to get a new coal stove that will be delivered this week. We were able to get $300 of the asking price as it is getting near the end of the season. I can't believe the price of oil and gas so this will help us out a lot. Also, we will have heat if the power goes out (a common occurance here in Maine.
  4. Usually, I stock up during the summer months and everything is ready. This year I was completely unprepared for the cost of oil and we are in rough situation. We bought two ceramic heaters that are supposed to cost pennies a day. Right, our first electric bill was $480. That as in a month we had a $400 oil bill. we are retired and on a limited income. We have cut down to only necessities for groceries and my cupboard is shrinking. We heated with wood for years and are not able to do that any longer. we have decided to get a coal stove but they are hard to find in our budget. Things
  5. I like llennttils in soup and with rice. I don't like okra and lima beans.
  6. My dh and call fine dining the McDonaldds dollar menu. We don't even have to get out of the car.
  7. I knit some hats for the towns Santa thenn gives them to kids that need them. I wiill sure check all sites. THe hats, I make are tubes hats of double thick
  8. I know what you are feeling. I have times where I wish I had prepared more. I especially feel this way when I am shopping. Sine dh and I are both retired we try to do most of our shopping in one trip. Each month I fine the prices have gone up again. It is terrible. I try to keep a lot of canned goods but this month I just couldn't buy much. Fuel costs are horrible. But I look at my cupboard and see all I should have and remind myself of all I do have. We won't go hungry this winter. But stocking up is a constant concern. Even if you by a little extra it will surprise you how well you
  9. I haven't been around in a long time. A lot of illness but finally decided it was time to get back. The site looks wonderful and a lot of interesting subjects. Glad to be back. RenieB
  10. I make my pizza on the bottom shelf of the oven and before removing I check the bottom crust and when it is light brown I take it out. I was making my pizza dogh with my mixer but I found the dough for sale at Walmart for .88 and this makes a 16" pizza so it is really worth it for us to just use that. I freeze a few doughs for the month and just take out to thaw when I am planning pizza. RenieB
  11. I have had a lot of health problems and don't get on line as much as I would like. I am sure there have been a lot of changes in the site and look forward to checking them all out. It is nice to be back. RenieB
  12. This week we did get a lot of items. It was things that were getting low. We bought laundry detergent so we have enough now to go through the winter. Bought some more hamburg on sale and seperated and sealed that. Bought a case of toilet paper, two 3 lb bags of macaroni, cans of crushed tomatos and tomato paste, and chicken qtrs to get us through until they come on sale again for .29 a lb. These I paid .59 a lb. as I had just missed the sale. The freezer is almost full but there is always room when we rearrange it. RenieB
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