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  1. Moving in a 30X80 log home to the farm and beginning in a new life.
  2. WITH PRAISE FOR AGING VETERANS By Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos A veteran's not a rookie. A vet has paid his dues. A veteran knows the hell of war just nuanced in the news. A veteran loves his country. With pride he greets its flag. He stands up straight (still soldier-like) although his shoulders sag. A veteran knows life's precious. Old memories make him cry. He wonders why God let him live when he watched others die. A veteran models friendship. His buddies know he cares. Although they live twelve states away, he'll find a way to share. In Saving Private Ryan, ci
  3. Should have canned most of this but had 4 gallons of blackberries, 5 gallons of strawberries, and lots of other goodies in the smaller freezer in the reloading room. Sure hurt my feelings when the odor alarmed me that something foul was afoot. Will put in an upright next time--but with a very audible alarm !!!! This is the second time we have lost goodies over the years. An alarm is a cheap investment. We put up two bushels of peaches last month. Glad the freezers were full now.
  4. My oldest hoped he would be retiring from Ft. Bragg(N.C.)and has a nice home there. Instead the army decided to ship him to Alaska for his next tour-really ticks lots of folks off but that is what the GI stands for. He deploys soon from there to the sandy areas for the third time. He made his 23 rd jump last week. Our 2ond son is there with him and they are going bear hunting Columbus Day (Monday 10). They both are avid sportsmen and have been catching Salmon regularly. One large one snatched the reel out of the rod. LOL, one held the rod and the other reeled it in. They said the fillets were
  5. Been a long time since last here. Great to see some of the same names. Here is something you might really like. It has been around for awhile but bears seeing again. God bless, wc--aka-6 Daddy's Poem Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today.
  6. Survivalist: How To Treat Infections One of the very first horrors most of us will face after the collapse will be an almost total lack of medical aid and medicines. Many of us and our loved ones will sicken and die over things that wouldn't have even been considered serious before the fall. The main reason for this is the almost total ignorance of modern man about our ancestral medical remedies that, up until just 60 years ago, had been passed down since the dawn of time from generation to generation. Below I'm going to teach you how to make the most important of all medici
  7. Something I do use coolers for is "range bags". I keep lots of ammo, mags, ear muffs, etc. in several old coolers. They draw less attention than black bags and are much less likely to be stolen. I call them my "grey man" range approach. We keep several coolers empty and staged in case we have to bug out. We can empty the freezers/fridge rapidly. No need to leave goodies.
  8. As a farm kid we saved our own seeds from year to year and always had good crops. We had our clover, milo, wheat all cleaned and saved enough for next year's crop. We hand shelled our best corn and used only the center perfect kernels. Today I save my seed for our garden. When I do buy new seeds they are heirlooms or self polinating as the label says. We have had seed swaps at our gatherings and plan to do the same next month again. If any here has any hard to find seeds then please let me know. Always looking for good varieties. I usually plant about a thousand Rutger tomato seeds to give awa
  9. Been a busy one, peach and plum trees planted, Three grape vines, eight thornless black berry plants, replanted the strawberry bed, garden peas, onions, and lettuce in. Took down a garage for the 2X4s and paneling and saved the cabinets/shelves. Last week we trimmed all the fruit trees. Picked up two Rhode Island Reds and two black Sex Link pullets. They should be laying by mid summer. Renovating the rental here and working on the farm ones also. Hope to be able to retire shortly--LOL, then I can really go to work. Opps, ETA: put in three trays of Rutgers tomato seeds, one each of cabbage, s
  10. This is a copy: Have the dates set finally-16-18 April. Cabins are first come first served except the handicapped equipped ones. Tenting room, RV, or Camper space free. No sewer hookups yet. The kitchen/dining hall is under renovation but we can utilize the Rec hall for the larger meetings and needs. Cooking will all be done over grills or campfire circle. We will have a fish fry ready Fri. PM when you arrive but Sat is campfire with Dutch Oven comp. Sat. evening. Ranges are open constantly. Plaques for last falls cooking awards will be given out. If weather threatens we will have a gas cooker
  11. Something that is current is that Chavis is still owner of Citgo, is still an avowed communist supporter, and still wants to see the US ruined. I no longer buy Citgo or Petro Express as the two have joined.
  12. Hope this is in the appropriate forum. This has been around for a couple of years but IMO it bears constant exposure as it affects each of our lives and the lives of our children. We CAN make a difference in this if we all stick together. Also, I am making a very conscious effort to ONLY buy American made products. We can put our neighbors back to work if we do this--and they in turn can put us back to work. The gub cannot do this--but we can. You might want to pass this on. I buy 90% of our gasoline at ARCO...................but take a look atWALMART. WOW they do it right
  13. Putting flammable Pine straw under your home is dangerous. It is some of the best kindling you can find. Scrounge some plain cardboard boxes and cut several layers to fit between your joists. Just tack them in place to secure them to your floor. Put in some panels around underneath your home of Vinyl siding, tin, etc to keep wind out and you will see a tremendous difference in the floor warmth. Trapping that air underneath will drastically slow heat loss and in case of fire will keep the flames from sweeping under neath your home. Insulation contractors often throw away perfectly good used ins
  14. Found a video on making your own Chlorine bleach that is cheap and long term. Here is a link to "You Tube". There are several others near it you might want to check out also. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fsKUyObUIs
  15. My parents often talked about the depression and war years when rationing was in force. They could not get ample sugar, spices, condiments, coffee, motor oil, tires, etc. We have tried to stock up on these items over the years. A "brick" of freeze dried coffee occasionally, extra spices, loads of sugar/salt/pepper, and cocoa/chocolate syrup transferred to glass jars. As a young man I watched a movie about post nuke times and a farmer family who had prepped up a storm shelter were living great. Squatters drifted in and butchered their cow. He went out to stop them and was asking them to le
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