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  1. What she did was wrong, and she knew that, hence her "I'm sorry," but who knows the depths of her despair. I find it very sad that she felt robbing was her only way to get help. I really don't like to discuss religion because I will invariably make people mad and for that I am sorry, but I know people who claim the blessings of God and Jesus as their savior all day long and they spend thousands of dollars on vacations (beach multiple times a year, Disney every year, and many more places, while living in their $350k house), putting in new patios with fire pits, etc and it is their right to do
  2. We made the pot heater and were disappointed at its output. Maybe our expectations were too high, maybe it would help to layer more pots inside each other... maybe we'll do that and see what difference it makes.
  3. I'm sorry they are struggling, I know so many homeschoolers who are themselves struggling, they don't need more expenses either.
  4. our county extension office analyzes soil for like $8, and they will tell you what amendments you need. Might be worth checking into and seeing if they offer, and for how much, in your area.
  5. Not to be an alarmist, but if this is true it is something to take seriously. Brace yourselves... http://www.sott.net/article/277104-Russia-and-China-announce-decoupling-trade-from-Dollar-The-End-for-the-USA-is-nigh Russia and China announce decoupling trade from Dollar - The End for the USA is nigh‏Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners - no longer in dollars - see Voice of Russia Russia's t
  6. hadn't seen that, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the movie American Blackout, we watched it end of last year I think. The grid went down for 10 days. The dramatization takes you through the lives and experiences of different people. Some not so good... Here is the link for anyone who hasn't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrNGotEslaw
  7. shredded more papers, this time 1 1/2 bags, shredded 2 bags a few weeks ago (going through the filing cabinet right now, will be going through every nook and cranny of this house by the time I'm done). Reorganized the hanging files. My problem is paper so I'm being ruthless, and its looking so much better. Still have a ways to go but I'm pleased with my progress. Was at the grocery store and they had the storage bags for sweaters that you use the vacuum to suck out the air, so I bought two boxes @ $2/apiece (two bags per box) so I'll be trying those out soon. My daughter was given several
  8. LOL, gotcha! I should have know that. My mind was going everywhere but that. TY!
  9. <blush> can you tell me what HBA stands for? We have started tucking money away, need to get better at it. A big ole pickle jar that my son made a label for, "Paradise Falls," which stands for <insert dream location of choice>
  10. how much did you take? I've been thinking about that. Might need to do a partial 'eat down mode' too. But I'm not comfortable wtih the idea of going through all of it. Not yet anyhow. But moving it 2000 miles sounds like a big deal too. Sigh.... I hated that the 2 times we moved cross country (kept most for local-ish moves). I'll be rethinking for our next move :/
  11. I posted in another thread about my decluttering, should have posted it here! We are hoping to move by the end of the year so now its decluttering and organizing so we can get the house ready to list. We have a shelf in our storage room where I stick my "pretty" things for more formal dinners and such that aren't used much, so I washed things and wrapped them up in paper and boxed them up --- 14 boxes (they are not very big) of misc things so far. Vases, picture frames, candlesticks, serving platters, baking pans, etc. The things that weren't my faves were donated. Had 2 boxes of donated
  12. I'll reverify the ones on this side. There was one in Norcross, maybe off of Peachtree Parkway or something like that, I'll have to ask my husband. It was small, not nearly as big as the one you shared.
  13. good advice. I used to have a decent stash but we used it up when tight times hit. Slowly trying to rebuild it back up, don't have much yet but am starting to more seriously add to it. I've thought about "well, what if we really do move clear across the country this year, what about moving a bunch of preps?" Moving that doesn't sound like fun but I'd do it, why give it all away? That is money! I'll worry about the details when we are there and the details matter. In the meantime we'll prep, 'cause we don't 100% if we'll be able to get out of here this year.
  14. thank you! We thought it was a great thing to do too. Some of the people attending were from the Philippines, so she also brought in the recent typhoon there as a reminder for us all to prepare. Hopefully some walked away feeling empowered to take care of their familly. This is so great! Leading by example is the way to go!
  15. LOL, maybe we can keep each other on track! I've gone through a few closets already, saved the worst for last. Boy will I feel good when this is done! It's looking so much better already which is encouraging. I want to paint this Spring, gotta get this house ready to put on the market, want some acreage... I use MrsS as inspiration, too! I also need to organize my pantries & freezers. Been meaning to do this for WEEKS. We're expecting snow (HA!), so maybe I'll do it today, since the only thing I have to do outside of the house is take oldest DS to work. I'll let you know i
  16. I'm on the other side of town (for the meantime, hoping we get ourselves outta here!). I did know there was a prepper store in Marietta, can't remember if that was the name, could be. There is (I hope I get their names correct) American Prepper and Urban Survival on my side of town, have only been to AP.
  17. I went to Costco in the morning of Tuesday, it was packed. Should have gotten there when they first opened the doors... it was quite busy, but they were organized and I made it out unscathed, they did have most of their cash registers open. Later that night hubby and I went out and hit the grocery store on the way home, just to get mayo, forgot it earlier... it was probably around 10pm. I've been in the south for many years now but it still amuses me to see all of the bread, milk, eggs, bacon and oj gone... not sure about the tp, but its just funny to me. And yes, scary because you see ho
  18. Sidenote: not really for me, but for others.... a friend of mine gave an intro to emergency preparedness class at her home and I assisted her. After the horrific traffic issues down here when the ice storm hit a couple of weeks ago her timing (pre-planned by weeks) was impeccable. We put the word out, have a winter car kit, extra water, food, BOB, etc. Now will anyone do it? We know the odds, but at least it was brought to their attention. Our mission was accomplished.
  19. I need to make myself come here every few days, that will go a long way in helping me prepare. Keep me encouraged and on track. Well, lately its been more of an organizing kind of prep, but important nonetheless. Our master bedroom became the dumping ground for boxes and misc items and the storage room off of our master bedroom became junky too (basically that wasted slanted space above the garage but not really worth including in the master bedroom was made into a storage room). I never had the energy to take care of things, so they were piling up, ended up with a big diagnosis (th
  20. a friend of mine has her license and has told me that my husband and I really should get ours. In case of an emergency she said its invaluable. She said the test here is easier than the country where she is from, it was much more technical there (unnecessarily so). I need to look into it and see what it entails.
  21. might be a weird "what have you done this week" post, but I attended a women's shooting club meeting last night! Last night's meeting went over state laws and then there was shooting practice. They meet once a month and I'm thinking about joining. Next month the topic will be about being aware of your surroundings.
  22. forgot to mention, I had a big diagnosis last year, the "c" word, and I'm doing fine now, but of course I worry what the future will hold... my oncologist sold his practice to a local hospital and I had to quit seeing him for checkups... last Fall I saw him from August to December and paid him $79 twice, that is it. I saw him 2-3 times a month, lab work, meds, etc. Paid for. This year, under the new hospital ownership, my payment went up to $100/visit! I don't go as much but still, I was getting back-billed for a visit or two I had at the end of last year so I didn't know what was happening
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