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  1. I also use a LOT more cottage cheese this time of year....add to mac & cheese for "two cheese" version; to mac salad to power boost the protein; over toast sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar (a very old Weight Watchers recipe) for breakfast; stuffed into baked potatoes; made into mock sour cream; mashed with yolks for deviled eggs; mixed with some pineapple; in the center of a 'flower sliced' tomato (my moms favorite diet lunch); etc, etc, etc. Quick, lowfat (if you buy it that way), protein packed, and COLD. i even sprinkle on some Mrs Dash garlic & herb salt free blend and it tastes like ranch cottage cheese to me. To think, I used to hate the stuff!
  2. On 8/3/2020 at 11:12 AM, out_of_the_ordinary said: Don't get one with the PUL backing...those slide. We have a flat crib mattress pad cover (supposed to go under the fitted crib sheet) that worked well. That company has since made them much thinner and the newer ones slide around. I can't find the site now, but there's a company that makes washable chux-type pads. They are heavy and looked quilted. Some hospitals use them under mothers in the days after childbirth. Think as wide as a twin bed, but not as long. I had it bookmarked on my old computer, but I can't find it now. They were made in the USA. Something similar to these https://www.northshorecare.com/incontinence-products/incontinence-bed-pads/washable-bed-pads '= = = = = I can recommend these; got them when my husband was very ill and they worked well when I developed urge incontenence, until I finally gave up & used diapers. Sticks in my craw, but nothing I can do about it, LOL. These stay in place well and are easily washed. I still have 3. in my sick room preps. This is from the current dr leonard's catalog (yes it is on the internet, too) which has the best aids for various medical issues (prices are not bad either......one 10th what the insurance company wanted for a co-pay for a product nowhere as nice.) My hubby did not like to lay on them directly so I put them under the top sheet for him, but I did not find them too uncomfortable when I tried them. Home > Health & Beauty > Incontinence Products Roll over image to zoom in Quilted Waterproof Bed Pad 4.7 (71 reviews) Twin Bed Pad (Item # 22867) Price: $16.99 Quantity Full/Queen Bed Pad (Item # 22875) Price: $22.99 Quantity King Bed Pad (Item # 37452) Price: $29.99 For a DIY version, quilt a couple pieces of flannel (old sheets) over an old piece of vinyl tablecloth (fuzzy side down). The fuzzy side of the tablecloth helps with slippage; the vinyl stops the liquids, and the flannel topping makes it more comfortble to lie upon. Its a little hot in the summer but does work. That came from an old book called "aids to make you able" on how to make your own mobility and other aids. Very educational.....lots of good ideas. Moving along.....first time Mama lost 2 of her 5 babies, do not know why. Others are starting to open eyes and run around "their" room. The earlier batch are old enough (12 weeks) to move outdoors with their mama (or give to anyone looking for a pet). Cute little fluff balls. The local pet shops do not accept babies from non-breeders. too bad, ours were very popular in Wis because we socialized them well and when picked up they would purr and kiss you instead of hissing & scratching. Their loss. Butterscotch (occasional visitor) seems to be female; saw her drop in for a cold drink when it was 102 degrees, and almost did not recognize her because she was un-pregnant. Our training of Jack continues; he is doing better with his aggression issues. Took him down to the lake today to swim with us. One happy and tired pup! We have been more attentive to Jack's triggers and are working to de-sensitize him on those (food, and "his space"). We are currently struggling to put up a temporary garage - a tubular frame covered with heavy vinyl - everwhere in the yard is slanting, so we are building a level platform for a base/floor, and will bolt it down to that instead of setting on the ground. Our gravelly clay soil breaks those cheapo augers they provide for tie downs anyway, so we figure a floor will work better. Mary got some spray on grass/mulch for our hillside once it is up, to try to hold some of the little rain we get in the yard rather than simply running down the hill so quickly. She made a nice burn pit from cinder blocks for paper garbage burning, and I will add a composting area this fall for compostable stuff. Why waste it? I'll just make a compost pail for the kitchen, and lug it out in the morning when I check the gaden to see what is ready each day. I guess you could say we have become accustomed to our new hotter summers; we work in the morning, take frequent breaks, and a siesta from 1300 to 1500 for both people and critters seems to work best. Now if I could just get my arthritis to calm down in this humidity.....Im back on the cane again since it flared up. Oh well, it is what it is. Happy August.
  3. With states being shut down yet again, and the heat of summer upon us, I thought I might share some of the summer heat recipes I use a lot....keeping the kitchen a bit cooler to lessen the strain on our old air conditioner is a priority for us when the temps get over 85 degrees! Im sure I am not the only one that grew up pre-air-conditioning and learned to cook this way as a matter of course....(remember sleeping on the porch??) So for those of us not lucky enough to have a summer kitchen here are the things I do: BASIC TENETS 1. Use the grill as much as possible (naturally) 2. Cook in the morning when it is cooler, and refrigerate until dinner time 3. Keep iced water & treats (freezer pops are cheap) on hand for cooling snacks 4. Crock pot recipes really shine in the summer....as do recipes for electric frypans. This way you heat the pan, not the room! SOME OF MY BASIC GO-TOS 1. Macaroni Salad: mine is a basic one, cooked macroni elbows, miracle whip, minded green peppers, celery, onions, and pickle relish if you have it (or chop up a pickle) Add whatever you like to jazz it up - leftover cooked meats are great. 2. Potato Salad: potatoes, dressing of choice (I like hald sour cream, half miracle whip or mayo) chopped celery & onions. Add eggs for protein. The men I make this for on occasion like chopped bacon (for them bacon is a separate food group!) or bacon bits. This is sturdy enough to satisfy as a main dish 3. Baked beans, chili, butter beans, etc in the crock pot. Hot or cold these are relished (yes even cold chili). 5. Cooler corn: Husk corn, boil up a large pot of water. Do this in the morning. Put the corn and the boiling water in a cooler (Make sure it will not be ruined by the hot water, styrofoam might not work, but an igloo type should). Close it up. It will cook and be ready in a couple of hours, for lunch. You might have to reheat the water if waiting for dinner, depending on how much the cooler cooled down. This is a variation of haybox cooking (older than dirt) popular for large corn feasts, as a cooler can hold a lot of corn. Again I remember eating corn as a main meal, with sides of baked beans and pickles. We ate what was plentiful in the garden, and this time of year it was....corn, with watermelopn iced down in a washtub for dessert. If tomatoes were overrunning the kitchen a "fire and ice" salad (tomatoes, sliced onions, dressing). Good for large family reunions. 6. Soft tacos or quesadillas: put whatever you like in it. Grill the quesadillas on the grill. For soft tacos, just fold over (easier than wraps) and chow down. 7. Cold cut roll ups: nice for those watching their carbs. Lay out slices of cold meat, layer with cheese slices, smear with mayo if you like it in there. Some folks use a pickle spear to roll around in the middle, others don''t. Pretty on a cold cut tray with pickles. 8. Grilled cheese sandwiches (with whatever you have around to put inside). With an electric frypan the heat is more direct, like on a grill, and the kitchen does not heat so bad. (heck, take it outside with an extension cord & cook on the picnic table!) We use grilled cheese with ham, or bacon, or chiken cold cuts, or even fried eggs. Nice with fresh tomatoes, but a little messy to eat. 9. Pizza on the grill. 10. Devilled egg plate (my DHs favorite in the summer): devilled eggs, well chilled, with cheese fingers, and assorted garden veggies cut for eating by hand, with a dressing to dip in (he loved ranch). Arrange restaurant style in a circle on a plate. (Add a hot cup of coffee if you are one of those folks like me who does not feel they "ate" without something hot, LOL. ) Im sure there are many more hot weather meals I have not thought of. But with our wonky economy right now, keeping the air conditioning bills down is a real help with stretched budgets, and the old timey summer recipes are helpful once again.
  4. That looks wonderful! Outdoor kitchens are all the rage nowdays and having a covered one, well, that looks terriffic. Please put up a pic when it is set up for us all to ooooh and aaaah (and drool) over! What a sweet husband! Wish mine was handy like that...Im still trying to figure out the gearing to convert a ceiling fan to turn with a chain and sash weight system, kinda like the old cuckoo clocks. I got the picture in my head, just cant figure out how to DO it.....
  5. After a couple days of not eating, our oldest chihuahua (Snickers) ate breakfast. He was missing his long time pal. He will probably be next to go he is almost as old. I am researching training options for Jack. We narrowed down his problem....he is possesive and aggressive against the shep-malnois and our ex-fight dog chihuhua. (Of course it does not help that the chihuahua is also jealous and looks daggers at Jack every chance he gets. Unfortunately there are a couple things he is possessive of....food (that is easy to handle) and ME (not so easy to handle). I fear that disciplining him after an outburst results in the attention he craves, albeit negative. So tomorrow we go back to daily obedience training practice, with an emphasis on "down", "settle", and "kennel". Im hoping that getting positive attention for good performance will result in less desire for negative attention for naughtiness. I have not tigured out how to get him to be quiet yet. First we tackle the aggression, next the noise. I really do not want to give him up, he is a good boy....MOST of the time. So I will devise a "job" for him - going to training - hope it helps. The garden is suffering in this long heat wave. We finally had a decent rain - about 1 inch - usually it misses us. Our water bill is going thru the roof but we are determined to save the garden. Supposedly we are getting another stimulus check...we are going to have to put in a greenhouse over our raised beds, and get a shade for the sun. Researching our prices & options for that too. Who says retirement is boring????? Not I!
  6. Rain! We FINALLY got some rain! How awful though that others have to get clobbered by a huge storm for us to get a decent rainfall. And the heat wave has decided to give us reprieves at night, so we can turn off the air conditioning and keep the units from icing up due to the humidity. Good thing all around. Our elder Aussie is gone. His tremors got worse, he could not hold his urine and could not eat without us holding the dish in a particular manner, and then only a little. He was frustrated and gave up. But we did get him to eat some of his favorite - chicken - and take a good drink of cool water. He especially hated not being able to get outside before peeing. He cried. So Mary & I took him to the vet, wondering if he had a stroke. No stroke, just advanced age and unlikely to improve. More likely to worsen. So vet gave him some sedation and we loved on him until he fell asleep, then the euthenasia solution. Tears all around. He was 16 years old - very advanced for an aussie, and we are in mourning, as are his closest doggie buddies. His oldest friend, Snickers, would not eat for 2 days, but today had something. The others keep looking for him. Mary wants another Aussie....I was hesitant, asking if we did not have enough dogs (6) but she wants one very much. So....we will probably get another aussie. Aussie Jack is calming down a bit (either that or we are learning his triggers and managing them better) but either way he is improved. He takes his pills like a champ - I dont think he even knows they are in those goodies he relishes so much! Mama kitty and babies all doing nicely. They look like mini-holstein cattle - black and white - but are marked quite attractively. Some are LOUD when Mama washes them up but if I had that rough tounge on my tender parts, my gosh, I''d probably yell too! Went to the doc, she changed my bloos pressure meds to a lower dosage - my blood pressure was running too low (I did not know there was such a thing as too low, lol). I take my BP several times aa day and keep a chart for her - I noticed years ago that doctors love those long term blood pressure records, it helps them to see what is going on day to day, rather than guessing based on a single reading ot two at the office. Its just one more thing in my going to bed and waking up routine, so no biggie.
  7. Another day. Mama and kittens are doing fine. Our oldest aussie, Max is starting to fade - he is 15 - and he has been blind & deaf for about 6 months, but was chugging along working on scent. Last night we noticed he is starting to stumble, and this morning he is very restless and unsteady on his feet. We are expecting him to pass on today, but opted not to go to vet for the euthenasia, as he does not seem to be in pain. Instead we are petting him, making him corfortable, and simply waiting. Chainsaw Mary wanted the shot, but i asked her why, if he is not in pain, should he not go comfortably at home instead of in a scary setting of the vet (though he does like the vet). Some dogs are special and Max is one, so he deserves to just slip away among friends and family. He will be cremated and hi memory honored. Sovial Seurity day today. Paid up the last of the month's bills. Not much left, but then again, it is enough, aand it is all I ask....enough for bills and food for me and mine and I am content. No good sales on groceries, so we will see what develops for Pension day. Yep, we named those days....our mini=holidays...kinda like Thanksgiving, we give thanks for making it another mile down the road, LOL.
  8. Well, brand new mama kitty decided to have her litter last night. Under the front steps where nobody can reach them. Where it bakes in the 110 degree sun afternoons and water rushes in when it rains (both of which we were supposed to have today). They caught her unaware - first time mother & Im not sure she knew what was happening for baby #1 - I found him screaming on the concrete driveway pad where she likes to lie down in the cool evenings. Rescured him. Hunted for and heard her under the front steps. Got a crowbar, pried off 1 board and got her and 2 more little ones out into a prepared bed (she was familiar with it because it was under the shed where the kitties sleep). Because we handle & pet our outside kitties a lot, she trusted me and did not fight when everybody got boxed, taken indoors and put in the bathroom tub (safe, dry, climate controlled). For a first timer she was doing well - cleaning and nursing the new babies, even the one she had lost getting to her under-porch place (I was relieved, they are too little to hand feed so young). Shut the door so she could have privacy, after making sure she had fresh food & water where she could reach it). Left a note for mary about the booby trapped front step and went to sleep. Surprise! woke up and Mama has 5 little ones (no wonder she was so miserable)! All looking like strong little wiggly peanuts, pushing in to nurse. Mary fixed the step (I had pried it up carefully, not even bending the nails, so we could just pound it into place, which she did while I made our breakfast pancakes). Mama is tending the babies, eating canned cat food (extra rations because she is nursing) and loving it. She loves being petted when we look in on her. Yay! It looks like she will be a good calm mama.
  9. found another one.... UKGuy October 5, 2005 Sour Wiener Gravy ( recipe by DomesticGoddess ) This is an unusual kind of gravy, made with sliced wieners, served over mashed potatoes. The first time I had this, was at my sister-in-laws over twenty years ago. I've changed a few of the ingredients just abit, but since then, it's become a family favorite. Our daughter Jenny prepares this for her husband, who loves it. 5 3/4 cups cold water 1 medium onion, finely chopped salt and pepper, to taste 30 store bought gingersnap cookies ( I used the Ripp in Good Brand. Do not use home baked gingersnaps. ) 1 1/2 cups 5% white vinegar 2 lbs. thinly sliced hot dogs hot-cooked mashed potatoes In a large deep 12-inch skillet, combine water, onion, salt, pepper and gingersnaps. Let sit for a minute or two. Stir until cookies have dissolved. Add the vinegar and sliced wieners. Heat over medium-low heat, until it almost boils and is some-what thick. Serve over the hot mashed cooked potatoes. Serves 8-10. Note: I butter my potatoes first, before spreading on the sour wiener gravy. Ingredients to this recipe use to be: 6 cups cold water 1 small onion 20 gingersnaps 1 1/2 cups 5% white vinegar 1 lb. sliced wieners I thought the gravy was a bit too runny, and there weren't enough sliced wieners. I think my modifications to this recipe made it even better.
  10. I love my hot dogs! especially when they go on sale under $1 a pound. Even the food bank has a freezer for hot dogs & bologna.
  11. our prodical cat returned - i heard him calling at the door the 2nd night after he disappeared and he happily came in and headed for the waterer. Not surprising, he had been outdoors in 100+ heat and a thunderstorm. IDK why he tried to run out the door when he does, but the last 2 times he has ended up outside in downpours. You think he'd learn. He is very lovey dovey, glad to be home I think. Lost another kitten to a recliner fatality. I use a hassock as I am afraid of hurting our smaller critters, but CM does not, and she forgets to check before slamming the leg rest down. Very sad, but at least it was fast (broken neck). She is heartbroken, she liked that little one. Another outdoor kitty is getting bigger & bigger....trying to keep an eye on her in case she needs help as it will be her first litter. Also steeling myself for a high loss rate, first timers are not always good mothers. Oh well, cant tell a cat what to do any more than some people. The okra is starting up - I have been waiting with bated breath for fresh okra. Now I have to teach CM that bigger is NOT better with okra....she brought some in that would have made good daggers, they were so large & hard! But oh, the smaller ones....delicious! Now the beans & tomatoes are starting to go on strike due to the high temps. CM wants to pull, I say wait until you have a replacement ready, they may perk up when the hot spell passes. Peppers are showing calcium deficiency so we will give them antacid watering a couple times to stop that nonsense. We are also waiting on finishing up our construction projects until the temps get below 95 degrees, and are trying to keep the air conditioning from icing up due to the high humidity. Ahhh....summer.....I keep telling CM it is over-rated, LOL. She says shut up and lets go swimming. Good idea. '
  12. more prayers ono the way and continuing. cancer is nasty.
  13. yes it shows what the mainstream media is putting out on the international wire for other countries perusal. No wonder they think we are nuts. Disinformation used to be a bad thing, back when it was called propaganda, and the OTHER guy was doing it. Now our press is doing it, and not even trying to disguise it. No facts, just political agenda......
  14. We do self check out and are getting quite fast at it. But I hate the cashless thing....I want my purchases ANONYMOUS and that does not work with plastic. Money might be filthy but that is what hand sanitizer is for. That is one reason I liked the self check out; there was no third party noticing what I was buying. It is not any faster...the lines are just as long at the self check outs as at the old style ones. And the latest wrinkle around here is what I call the hoarding control....the check out machine stops if you buy more than 12 items, and a clerk has to come over to restart it. Probably setting up that in advance, so they can make sure you are not 'hoarding'. (apparently we are all supposed to shop daily or something in the new order....) Next thing you know we will have to cut and wrap my own meat...oh wait....we do that anyway.....by choice, though, not because it was foisted upon us. Apparently service is not something anybody provides any more without a pricey "upgrade"....otherwise, just struggle alone with the other deplorables. I use to have smile lines....now I have scowl wrinkles. I wanna be a hermit, by gum (on bad days I want to upgrade to a ranting, nekkid hermit with flowers in my hair....and a 30-30 close at hand to run off interlopers) Not a purty picture. I think it is time to go re-read "brave new world" and "1984" to improve my mind set.
  15. Note to self...Mr Murphy is alive and well, and a PITA as usual. We are trying to assemble a 10x13 foot temp garage as a storage shed. Not going according to plan. Chainsaw Mary (says Hi, BTW to all you here at Mrs S) is not one for following directions, and is prone to just up and start working while she has the energy and the day is {relatiely" cool, which sometimes makes our projects more involved. So far we assembled the framing, then discovered that the place we wanted it was not level.....so we DISassembled the framing and started again. We tried putting it on concrete blocks, after hauliing several loads of them from an abandoned pile we spotted. Put them in place, ahd...yep, still needed leveling, so had to move them all over again. Finally the directions were referred to. Oooops, we cant even use those blocks, as then there is no way to anchor the shed against wind without major and questionable modifications. Oh well, now we have a nice big fire pit. Heck, several of them. Ok, got out the tiller and a shovel. Till, till, till, rake, rake, dig, dig....not enough. Repeat two more times. One side done (only took all day, lol). Three more to go. Knocked off for a siesta, as it was 96 in the shade where we were working (thank goodness for that nice breeze!). Sometime during all this M laid her hand open working by herself. She is not as careful when working alone, and she was too impatient to get going to wait for me to finish loading the dishwasher so it could run as we worked. Fortunately no stitches. Slapped on some triple anti-biotic and a stretchable bandage big enough to cover. Now she is working Michael Jackson style (one glove) to protect it. M is watching You Tube videos of men putting together the same kind of temp garage. They do not follow directions either, which encourages even more variations (and do overs). But we are still working away at it. The directions say it will go up in one day. BALDERDASH! is all I can say to that one. AND one of our cats was gone a-wandering. Hope he comes back, he was a sweetie and I fret about my critters. The latest kittens are at the scurrying around getting underfoot stage, he may have left for some peace and quiet, LOL.
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