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  1. Nobody seems to care about that until it is THEIR home endangered. You dont want to know what I would do if I caught someone causing something like this...coroporal punishment if they are stupid...worse if they are intentional. No reason for that at ALL. We did little bits of this and that around the place today. I hunted up a source to replace my obsolete pressure cooker rack. Fortunately I can get one the right size. Then sourced steamer racks and inserts. I have a 5 quart waterless cooker pot which would be perfect for steaming whole meals. I was reading about steaming o
  2. We found the carport kitties!!!!! Momma hid them inside the carport out of all the bad storms we had just after she moved them (phew!) We were afraid she had picked an outside location, but for a first time momma she is very smart. We did some lettuce, kale, collards, and cabbage picking (some radishes, too) and delivered fresh veggies to the delight of our friends. I was a little embarassed because I was in my gardening clothes (dirty and dirt under nails as well) when Mary said "lets go!" but nobody apparently minds when the scruffy person bears fresh veggies, LOL. W
  3. I ran across my haybox recipe collection. I must have 150 index cards, but what I use most is the basic wrap cooking times chart at the front: FOOD BOIL TIME WRAP TIME anasazi beans, soaked 10 min 3 hours beef, cut in 1 inch pieces 13-15 min
  4. Baby steps, Momo, baby steps. You are coming along at your own speed. I was a hermit for a while too. It was easier than explaining over and over again where my husband was. So no worries. We love you.
  5. OW MtRider! I have had pain plus since stepping up the PT. They always wake up muscles I did not know I had. And cramping, too. One of my docs suggested I drink some quinine water (also known as tonic water) for those and it helps greatly. Then add in that we always save the more physically active chores around here for days I am not going to PT and I have been pretty sore lately. Waking up is easy, moving around after waking....not. But I see progress with the PT so I keep going even when my body says, "oh, no, not again". When I cant get pt orders anymore, Im off to the gym to keep g
  6. I went to your facebook site, MRSJACKSPRAT and it is excellent! Thank you so much for steering me there, I will be following from now on. I notice some time ago you posted about using hamburger grease for cooking. It works beautifully for frying as its smoke point is higher than other fats. I read somewhere that McDonald's famous french fries used to be cooked in beef tallow (a natural enough idea as they were frying burgers and had all that nice fat on hand, lol). They changed when public opinion became anti-hard fat oriented. The fries have never been the same, I can attest to that (I
  7. I loaded them a way I dont usually do....back to basics and hope this works (it is stormy here, internet is gimpy) TH Lets try again. Last time I hit send and the internet went down & it was gone. #1 ghreenhouse #1 - summer squash in front, then blooming pepper plants, spectacular lettuce at the far end. #2 2nd greenhouse, this one has vcabbages in front, then some seeded areas, blooming tomatoes, and at the far end....collards. #3 carport babies, about 10 days old. Mama moved them somewhere, hope she picked a dry spot! #4 Our big honkjin
  8. Oh Momo. I hurt in sympathy, remembering how it felt to be widowed. Even when it is expected it still hurts. There is still part of us that cries out "Wait, wait, not YET" but to no avail. The time is not for us to choose. It does get better. Focus on the happy times, it does help. Until death do us part seems like it will never come. Then it does and along with the pain and emptiness there is a feeling of "now what?" That too passes, as you get used to being just one person again instead of one of a couple. We are always here to talk and even if all you want to do is lurk, do d
  9. Actually Midnight Mom printed them, but yes, thats exactly how I learned beginning fractions. And I can still do those ratios and translate ounces to tablespoons faster than anybody I know, LOL. "A pints a pound the world around."
  10. My mom just taught us to bake at that stage, and we learned fractions as we went along. Also all those teaspoon-tablespoon-ounce ratios. And eating the class results was a nice reward, LOL.
  11. Jeepers, for purple flowers I replanted some wild heal-all (prunella vulgaris) It grows, well, like a weed and the purple flower spikes are quite large - 2 inches in my wild area - plus it is a well known herbal remedy for quite a few ailments.... I was just tickled to find it growing wild in my yard, so transplanted some to my wild herb area lest the lawn mower get them! On the physical body it acts as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, mild antiseptic, detoxifier, diuretic, hemostatic and vulnerary (a substance used to help heal external wounds). It is also used for mouth and
  12. Please do. Thids keto thing is the only type of diet that works well for me. No more falling asleep after eating carbs (from my reactive hypoglycemia). And when Mary suggests that I have been good and can have a donut, or some potato chips I am more easily able to say (calmly) "No thank you". She actually gets more upset that I don't join her in eating some of our high carb favorites than I do. I just tell her, "No, too many carbs for right now. Maybe down the road when I can allow myself more carbs....." She is able to eat nothing but homemade bread for dinner with no adverse resu
  13. There are also many kinds of city "game" as Mother mentions. Pigeons, Doves, Iguana (notoriously running wild all over Miami). Crows have a web site with interesting recipes but reportedly only the breasts are meaty enough to bother with. I understand it is illegal to trap sparrows but it has been done in England and you can still find directions to build traps for them on the internet. Mighty tiny though, you would have to trap a LOT OF THEM. Fishing is another possibility. Many urban parks have ponds with fish, and allow fishing. Just remember, those non game fish you might not
  14. I have been toing with making a wonder bag but I do not have to. I just like the neat patterns I got off the internet. But I have a haybox like the video shows already. Years ago (a good 20 years, lol) I found a pamphlet by the aprochevo n.m. research station on hay box cooking (along with rocket stoves). One of their full time members had made one in a deep cabinet drawer in her kitchen, using pillows on top and bottom, and quilt padding lengths to wrap around whatever pot size she was using to a minimum of three inches thick. She used it on days when clouds interfered with he
  15. Well we are moving right along into our summertime operations. Get up, let the dogs out, feed the outdoor felines (check the babies!! they make me smile they are sooooo cute!) Then open up the greenhouses if we closed them down due to cool nights. The plants love it in there. Tomatoes are blooming, the lettuce will be ready to pick soon (beautiful bibb lettuce, I only get it when I grow it). Everything except sweet corn is doing well. The corn, well, I guess it isnt warm enough for it. We had to plant it outside as we ran out of inside room. Today Lowes had veggies & he
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