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  1. Has anybody noticed the recruitment efforts for government hired or contracted "contact tracers" underway? I thought about it BUT then I thought about all that data and just who would be accessing it and how it could get mis-used. No way I am party to that. I understand that already the military is considering having had covid, even though cured, as a denial factor for those who want to join the military. What happens if covid exposure becomes a "pre-existing condition" for insurance denial purposes? I see all kinds of ways for unintended consequences (as they like to call them) arising from having/being in close contact with a covid person. NoNoNo....hope my cynical side is wrong, but Im not getting in that boat! There are already those who are pushing for 'mandatory' vaccinations and microchipping for treatment & tracking. Holy Brave New World, Batman! So I have stepped up my training program to get as healthy and strong as I can just in case I have to barter work/hunting/physical labor if they get crazy enough to tie my social security and/or pension to mandatory vaccinations. Now I sound like a candidate for a tinfoil hat and a net...so keeping my misgiving to myself, and NOT participating in this "contact tracing".
  2. I am grateful to be where I am (georgia) the governor is lifting restrictions as fast as he can. I am also convinced I got out of the nursing home just in time to avoid being a hostage to covid. As frustrating as it is to deal with coginitive issues, it is far better than isolation, which ALWAYS makes it worse. Hang in there ladies....God always sends just the right amout of grace to strengthen you just when you think all is lost. My prayers always include you and your families. I am heartened by the reaction of our little kitten. Scruffy (with the itchy face....vet said we would have to put down if it was a immunity disorder) has reacted spectacularly to the anti fungal medicine she gave us. Not only is he easy to medicate (just hide it in some chicken shreds, and there ya go ... all gone!) but he is so much friskier and happier now that he is healed up. His itchies are nearly all gone and he is quite handsome; and he is the first one to jump up in your lap for some loving if he spots you sitting outdoors. Looks like we dodged the bullet - that is twice now, that we did NOT euthanize an animal and things turned out fine. Phew! We are picking "conehead cabbages" now (Jersey Wakefield). Mary has never seen a conical cabbage...she calls it a "comical cabbage"....but they sure taste good. The lettuce is all picked and eaten; collards, kale and broccoli are going strong along with snap beans starting (Mary likes the yellow wax beans) and the tomatoes are blooming and making little ones, IF we can keep the aphids at bay - we knocked them off with a strong water spray and that helped. We have Dawn soap spray waiting in the wings. The irish potatoes have a grub issue, but the sweet potatoes (so far) are coming along nicely. They were slips I picked off a sweet potato from last summer, that I rooted just for jollies (to see how they would do). They are growing nicely. The big thing right now is ANTS everywhere. We have to spray the outdoor kitties' food dish with Pam spray on the outside & bottom every few days to keep them out of the cat food. Its the best solution we have found that does not involve poison, but we have to keep an eye on things. No trouble, since the weather is warming enough to require me to put out cold water & ice cubes in the water reservoir every morning. All the kitties, both ours and the wandering neighbors appreciate a nice cool drink. I refill everything with cold water again in the evenings with the night feeding and dish spraying. That along with diatomacious earth dust drawn in "circles of death.....bwa-ha-ha-ha!" around the food & water seem to work at least for a couple days.
  3. oh homesteader, my heart aches for what you must go thru. the tendency of the state politicians (the bean counting kind) to want to run every aspect of life (especially now that they have the authority to meddle in EVERYTHING) was one of the reasons Chainsaw Mary & I ran when we had the chance. (That and the ridiculous taxes up there). We would be afraid to come back (even for a visit lest new travel restriction inhibit our return) now that the powers in charge are stretching their tentacles and showing their true faces. I pray constantly, daily, for an end to this covid thing and the destruction it is spreading in more and more aspects of our lives. I have serious misgivings about whether the election will be un-tampered-with especially with all the state execs calling for mail in ballots....I for one have not forgotten how easy it is to tamper with mailed in ballots by 'losing' them (and nobody ever gets punished for that kind of shenanigans, you know....). I will gladly mask up, glove up and bathe in rubbing alcohol if need be to cast my vote...in person....since the despots need to be voted out. I better get off the soap box before the internet thought police come after me....
  4. you are blessed that she trusts you enough to tell you and to come to you while she figures out her future. She is feeling her way through things, and it is very hard, especially nowdays when gender choices are often fluid and changing. She is blessed to have parents that love her unconditionally - she sounds like she is not certain of her choices right now and it is frustrating, since I am inclined to think her friends are pressuring her to commit more than she is ready for. Adolescence is also a time of experimentation - she may change her mind several times - and even later in life she may do so. Giving onself permission to change can be a hard thing for someone craving consistency and control of their life, and wanting approval from others. You are right to let her know that whatever happens, whatever choices she makes, you will always love her because love truly trumps everything - fear, disappointment, frustration, confusion.....love is the beacon that shows the way through. I am not sure I am getting the right words, but hopefully you understand the gist of what I am saying. (I have several gay friends who were afraid I would judge them and were relieved to find I still care for them just the same. We laugh about their fears now, but they were overwhelming fears at the time.)
  5. Helped put together the new grill we bought. It was frustrating - the directions were simply drawings. We had to re-do several things, several times. But we did get it done. Now we have to take it outside - we worked inside due to rain. Dogs were cranky because they do not like to do their business in the rain (and we certainly do not let them do it inside, lol). Played referee most of the day. Oh well, Im sure the new apple trees & pomegranate bush liked the slow, soaking rain. The cats hung out in the carport, muttering & grousing. Not much to hunt or play with in there, but it is dryer.
  6. I have heard of fashionably late, but I admit 11 years is a little much LOL.....sorry!
  7. Today was an 'easy' day. Ha! Yesterday was supposed to be easy but there was too much yard work to do. Poor M was running around trying to get things done altho I tried to get her to pace herself a bit. Made fresh home baked bread as a reward. Dinner was pork chops & cheesy rice. Today I de-fatted the chicken broth from the night before, and put soaked lima beans in it. Butter beans tonight with our steak. I can think of a better use for that lovely chicken broth I had from cooking those huge chicken breasts. (I made it double strength - kind of - by simmering the bones in it another 8 hours.) So today is a 'kind of' quiet day. Our propane grill died last night so we got another. Now we have to put it together but will do it indoors as it is getting rather warm. Spent some time chasing off the big black cat that is showing far too much interest in one of our females. Not that I would mind some cute black kittens, but I do not want the males fighting with him over territorial rights. So we keep chasing him off. Besides, he keeps eating all our cats food. We share with neighborhood kitties, but they gotta be polite, and he isnt. So scram, kitty. Spending extra time with Scruffy - one of my kitties. He is being treated for a skin condition, if it does not improve he may have to be put down, which would be very sad, as he is quite the personable little guy. He even takes his pills without too much struggling, though he does not like it. Doc thinks he may have an incurable auto-immune disease, but on the chance he does not we are trying the cure. But we cant have him suffering if it is incurable....so....I may have to bite the bullet. I will cuddle him at the end if need be, so he is not afraid. The least I can do. Then I will have a good cry.
  8. oooooooooo-kaaaaaay. I will avoid any sudden moves.......
  9. Welcome, Karelle! We will overlook any uncontrolled giggles when you read what Dar has to say....feel free to chime in any time.
  10. I have tipped drive thru clerks with wrapped sterile masks - I had extras. They are shocked, but grateful. Just got the urge out of the blue -
  11. It is shaping up to be quite a work week. I got up early on Monday to shop - glad I did, got nice score on toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning disinfectants, and some 2 lb chicken breasts from the grocery - they have become our go-to place for chicken because it is very good. Then we started on our homestead project, putting in our two apple trees. We picked a spot. and planted them without too much trouble. Then the hard work started.....we planned on fencing them to keep the deer away. We had 6 foot tall fencing and nice heavy steel posts. but for the life of us we could NOT get the post placement right. We pounded in those posts, took them out again, then put them in again, then took them out again.....we ended up getting one tree fenced, but there was extra fencing overlapping, so we were going to make the circle a bit larger today. So, today we try again. This time we only had to dig out all the posts ONCE, but it was still hard. Finally we got them done. FINALLY. The running joke tonight is that we got hit by a truck driven by two ladies....Anna and Gala (the apple cultivars). Someone drove up as we were finishing the fencing, and asked if we wanted a pomegranate bush. Her friend had given her one, and she said she was not going to plant it and did we want it. OK....a pomegranate is a good thing....so tomorrow we will be scoping out where to plant it. Dont know if we will have to fence it in too. Do deer nibble pomegranates?
  12. Our puppy is doing better and scarfing her boiled chicken & rice twice a day. (Phew - relief - we lost one older dog to gastroenteris before so we were kinda nervous...) Yesterday was satisfying....our gallon jugs of hand sanitizer liquid came (we ordered the liquid for wiping things down, as well as hands). Wow! We gave one to a neighbor whose son is a deputy, and two to our doctor. I think she had a tear or two in her eye. She was stretching what she had with alcohol and things were getting low. Her suppliers were all back ordered. We told her that we could not sew masks, so those 2 gallons were our contribution to helping fight covid....the place we bought them (with guaranteed delivery dates) has raised its prices 50%. We have been monitoring sources for sanitizer constantly so have been able to order it reasonably well. So we took her a 16 oz bottle of sanitizer gel for her personal stash, and another bag of vegetables (always a hit). All in all, a satisfyingly good day.....we needed one!
  13. You mean the news folks finally noticed & reported it? Meat rationing of some meats going on here for over a month. Now that the guv has "opened up" the state the local food groceries no longer have the covid granny hours where you could get in early before things were picked clean. Now they just open later, and the whole world is in there looking for meat. I have to decide what i need most and literally run with the car to that aisle...most limited/rationed things last 15 minutes. M and I go together now so we can split up and check more places at the same time. But that is not what I came here to mention.... I am hearing disconcerting reports of neighbors turning in neighbors for "hoarding"....ie, having more than they have...and have some concern about potential food confiscation. Hope you kept your preps quiet, ladies. Either that or process things at home (re-can, dehydrate, re-package? ) so they are obviously NOT "boughten" I am putting locks on my freezers (especially the new larger one) as my neighbors are more likely to be light-fingered than to be snitches. Good heavens! What unsettling times are upon us! Opsec is not a popular or nice thing, but one set of loose lips could un-do your work. I sincerely hope NOT but as ever, am preparing for the worst. We are also stocking up on things that USE meat (dog food uses meat by products, for example); and on alternate protein sources (when they are available....many are starting to get hit hard also as meat prices skyrocket). Cheese to be waxed, frozen or shredded & dehydrated; dry beans; mac & cheese (M likes kraft); nonfat dry milk (when I can find it); pasta & rice (to stretch things).....AND dig out those less-meat menus and making them to get diners used to them..... I also see a wryly amusing difference in what items are being sold out between urban and rural grocers....urbanites buy up the pizza, hot pockets, and frozen foods....rural folks tend to buy up the more basic flour, yeast, and stuff that stores longer. I imagine because they are accustomed to not going shopping daily due to distance issues. I certainly hope my big freezer gets here while there is still meat to be had! If i was inclined to put on my tin hat I would wonder if the dark side wants us food-dependent....easier to control you know....
  14. Not a terribly productive day. Day two of my new non-pt exercise regime. Some muscle soreness, but not the bad kind. Had to take our little chihuahua to the vet today, she is sick & not improving for 2 days and is very teensy, so we did not want to waste time. She has gastroenteritis, was given antibiotics, no food except boiled chicken & rice. So that is what we had for dinner, all of us, since I don't want to cook just one piece of chicken. Good breasts too, 2 pounds each so I had plenty left over rice & chicken blend - enough for a couple days for little Bella. That took most of the afternoon - our vet is doing social distancing by having clients call ahead, then drive into parking lot. The staff comes out and picks up the pet, and they go inside for their checkups or whatever. Then back out to pick up payment & return the animal. Not too inefficient, but more running around than the staff is used to, LOL. Tomight I ordered more hand sanitizer (gallon refill size) since it takes so long to get any. Hopefully the guaranteed delivery date on the last batch we got will be kept, so we can take our doc a gallon tomorrow when it is due to show up. She is frantic, trying to get sanitizer, masks, tests, etc. (but she was tickled with the three bags of vegetables we took her!) Things are spread pretty thin. Hopefully a gallon will help her out at least a little. We also got some 16 ounce size bottles to give to a deputy who we know quite well. He was complaining that the stuff they were issued was made by a distilling company and donated to the dept. The amusing part is that it smells like booze! He was telling us everybody is looking at the deputies like they were drinking on the job, since they were practically bathing in the sanitizer after each contact, LOL. He will be relieved to get some UNSCENTED sanitizer. ( Not that bourbon smells all that bad, but there is a time and a place for reeking of it, after all...)
  15. I found this recipe on the back of a SACO nonfat dry milk powder box. It is cheap to make (no exotic ingredients) and makes a small batch (easier for portion control for 1 or 2 folks) SACO POTATO CHEESE SOUP (makes 4 1/2 cups) 3 cups cubed potatoes 1 1/4 cups cold potable water 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 small onion 1 1/2 teaspoons cooking oil of choice 3/4 cup instant nonfat dry skim milk powder 2 sprigs parsley 1 1/2 cups cold water 6 tablespoons shredded/grated cheese 1 tablespoon margarine 1/8 teaspoon pepper pinch of garlic powder if desired Cook potatoes in 1 1/5 cups cold water with salt until tender. Drain but save cooking water. Chop onion, saute in oil until soft. Put cooked onions, some of the Apotatoes, some of the cooking water, and 1/4 cup of the skim milk powder in a blender, and blend smooth. (Don't fill blender over half full) Repeat with remaining potatoes, water and parsley until all are blended smooth. Pour all puree in a saucepan over medium heat. Separately combine remaining dry milk with the 1 1/2 cups cold water in the blender until smooth Add to mixture in saucepan. Stirring constantly over med heat, add cheese, margarine and seasoning. Heat and stir until cheese & margarine are melted and blended in well. DO NOT BOIL. 1 cup = 169 calories, 6 g fat, 22 g carbohydrates, 7 g sugar, 652 mg sodium, 2 g fiber, 8 grams protein and 15 mg cholesterol. I cant make a big potato soup recipe, I like it too much ... but this one is just right and the 8 grams of protein per cup make it a nice main dish soup. I like that is uses pantry ingredients.
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