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  1. DenimDaze


    15% off at Harmony House foods - having a stash of commercially dried and sealed in a plastic jug vegetables, freeze dried fruit or precooked beans is a wonderful thing. In everyday life, the 'pantry stuffer' is amazingly convenient. If you happen to be out of celery - no problem! rehydrate some. Recipe call for shallots? or leeks? You've got it covered! I love it. Having a jug of jalapenos has also been convenient for my heat loving teenage sons <g> The free shipping is nice too... 'MOM' is the coupon code.
  2. Gardening season has finally started here in Northern NY, and I've been busy! My garden beds are all expanded, a new bed for raspberry has been made - and I've had to scramble to learn about and get preps for flu. What a week! Bleach, handsanitizer for everyone and refill jugs, N95 masks for the adults,gloves, antibacterial wipes, OTC meds and 2 more thermometers - and lots of reading in Fluwiki and other places. What a huge prep hole to find out you have! I'll be learning about flu and other germ-type possibilities for the next month or so. My goal is to know enough and be prepped e
  3. It is early evening here, and I am beat. It has been a beautiful sunny weekend with highs in the mid 60's, perfect gardening weather. With my 2 teenage sons help, I planted: 12 heritage raspberry, 6 nahavo blackberry, 2 Canada red rhubarb, 6 jerusalem artichoke and 20 asparagus. We are so tired and sore and suntanned! We also mowed the lawn and raked out the decorative plant beds around the place. Things are shaping up around here! Last year's two apple trees have lots of pretty flowers, it looks like I have a good chance of getting apples this year.
  4. DenimDaze


    15% off Honeyville grains April 9-14th, BUNNY is the discount code
  5. Yes, you do. It is incredibly difficult to avoid soy in any prepared food or bread now. It is difficult to eat in a restauraunt, and don't even bother going to a fast food place! Soy is everywhere. It is 'vegetable oil', it is soy or soya lecithin in mixes and chocolates - this situation has been giving me lots of grief since I realized it was soy that was my food allergy. I am fortunate in that I will 'only' have intestinal issues and headaches for 2 days if I accidently ingest soy. It is unpleasant but not life threatening. Your only defense is to cook from scratch.
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/breakin...y-collapse.html Dollar defies recipe for currency collapse The US Federal Reserve is printing money. The US government is also spending wildly today so there won’t be a depression tomorrow. It sounds like a recipe for currency collapse. Yet the dollar keeps picking up. And the trend seems unlikely to change soon. What’s going on? Well, consider the competition. By Ian Campbell, breakingviews.com Last Updated: 4:08PM GMT 10 Mar 2009 Start with the dollar’s predecessor as reserve currency – the pound. At $1.38, it is close to setting
  7. I bought 2 extra large zero rated sleeping bags at end of season prices. I also bought long underwear for DH eldest son and me. I've found the littler kids pajamas work fairly well for that purpose, so I am just watching for cotton pajama sales. My seeds are coming, ordered now due to a heads up from Darlene and Cat. I'm going to be a bit more adventurous then last years green beans, cucumbers and zucchini
  8. Thanks for the heads up- I plant very late compared to most of you, I could easily be looking when things are gone. My order is in.
  9. DenimDaze


    This will be another step back to being the Land of the Free! http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2009/...ts-say-con.html There have been people refusing to fill Birth control scrips because they do not believe in Birth Control. I found this completely unacceptable. If you work in a pharmacy your job is to give me my meds, no matter what your beliefs. Otherwise, you are inflicting your beliefs on me. What is next? not believing in pork? not allowing working during muslim prayer time? Scientology doesn't believe in mental illnesses(I
  10. this one is fantastic:
  11. Yart - you can buy rubber rings for the old canning jars at Lehmans. I use them to store my home-dehydrated veggies and fruits in. They look very pretty. I made a Honeyville grain order for 2 cases of powdered milk and 25lbs each of small red and small northern beans. Their bean prices are the same as grocery store price here. I bought 100lbs of rice at Sam's club. I added what has become my usual 6 cans of store brand fruit, jar of peanut butter and 7 quarts of home canned meat(chili this week)
  12. DenimDaze


    I now own 3 hand canopeners, 6 p-38 GI can openers and the electric one that is in the basement somewhere...
  13. My knives came and we did some slicing and comparing with my old set. Holy cow! I was cutting paper thin slices of onion effortlessly. I had sort of assumed that doing that needed more training and patience then I posess. I thought 'finely dice' was something my impatience and not-so-great fine muscle control made impossible. My oh my oh my. I am so glad I indulged myself. It was not me, it was my cheap and old knives! However - if you need knives and cannot drop the money for the whole set, consider this: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=224 Y
  14. So I have been learning to make everything from scratch in the 15 or so months I have been busting my butt learning to prep. I've learned a lot, perhaps even doubling my knowledge of cooking. I have been using a set of revere knives very similar to this: http://www.builderssquare.com/xp_12073652-...et_FR61107.aspx So Sunday I bought a super nice set, one that will last me the rest of my life. Here they are. http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=14171 Yes, it was a LOT of money. But...for the rest of my life, I will be set. And I worry that I will not be
  15. ...to expect to be able to talk news or politics rationally. I will only use this board for food type prepping information from now on. Survivalistboards.com is a far better place for news and discussing just what is going on. The people there are far more polite and accepting of other viewpoints. A fair amount of them think about the news and try to figure out what is going on. Heck, even Zombie Squad is a better news and opinion source. Even a lot of the people posting from the far right think! Wow! I can ask 'What does this mean? What do you think is going on?' and get r
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