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  1. Do they taste like the regular "blue lake" bush beans? That is the common variety here. And does the canning water stay purple or clear/green? I'm interested in this bean too. Do the "yard long" beans taste like the blue lake beans when canned? All I know about are the blue lake green beans.
  2. That's the way I remember it too Amber. I was in my early 30's and had an elementary student son and a college student for a husband. Those were the times my MIL passed around the laundry basket to the family and told them to fill it up. She took it around to all of the family on her side. She waited for them to go gather up the canned goods. LOL. She was a force to be reckoned with. MIL and FIL bought us a medium size freezer and we filled it up with mostly fruit that we picked free. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, pears, raspberries etc. No meat. We canned green beans (gasp...water bath) and pickles. Sugar prices went sky high because people were making a lot of jams and jelly to have on bread for lunches. We made grape jelly and apple butter. No jar lids were wasted on jelly. We used a layer of Gulf wax. Husbands grandmother even gave us her block of government cheese. That was sacrifice! My family helped us out also. My granny was gathering canned food too. Now that I think about it. No one (in our families) was concerned with money. It was food. Hummm.
  3. "To live sensibility in our current world... while ready for even drastic changes" Powerful sentence. That pretty much says it all for most preppers. I've often put my real life on hold for prepping and done without 'wants' because I 'needed' to buy prep things I'll probably never use. Most of my emergency meds have already expired. I feel bad that happened but I'd feel worse if I didn't still have them. Sorry I digressed...again.
  4. WE2 it's very true about the canning lids and rings. Times were getting pretty rough then. People didn't panic, that I remember, but people were scared. Carter was in office. That was the year son and I spent a summer with the in-laws while D-ex was in summer school catching up from the Air Force. They plowed the whole back yard up and we gardened and froze and dried all summer from it. And picked fruit and berries along the railroad tracks. Most women had stopped canning but when things got bad they wanted to resume canning and there wasn't any stock piled. Stores didn't have them and couldn't get them. Odd, we lived about 50 miles south of Muncie where all the Ball canning stuff was made. Forget buying or bartering for them. Women held on to those lids and rings like they were a first born son. Of course the price reflected the supply if or when they did get some Glass canning jars weren't so bad. They are sturdier and you can reuse them a lot more often. Coffee jars, spaghetti jars and peanut butter jars were a favorite back then. Everybody still water bath canned about everything back then. Those were the years they tried the plastic bands. I would love those because they wouldn't rust. Wish they would start trying to get something beside those metal rings. And also the one piece lids. I didn't like them at all. Lid and rim were one piece. And pretty flimsy.also, you couldn't remove the band to wash the jar. To top it off there was an oil embargo going on and food trucks were doing what they called a convoy. Their way of striking without actually waking off of the job.on the interstates they would drive side by side with two or three wide and go about 10 miles per hour down the road. Good job on your hauls!
  5. Thank you ladies. We have quite a few of those around here. OReilly's, Auto Zone and another I can't think of are close by. Someone said Rad Air might do it. There's one of those close to me too. Auto maintenance is pretty foreign to me. I can check the oil and fill the washer fluid. That's about it.
  6. LOL Homesteader. I posted about that a few months back. Great minds, huh. I was surprised by how frightened of Russia they are. That is until I saw the documentary. They are a lot more forward in their attitude on prepping than we are. They aren't nearly as prepped for the long haul as we are though. Its a good documentary. Well there ya go Annie. Now you know why you prep. You can't help it. It's in your blood.
  7. Ugh Annarchy. That's horrible! It isn't right when doctors blame the patient for things out of their control. I have a boat load of brown spots. I know it's sun damage. I used to be one of those who laid in the sun basking. Nice glow then. Now...not so much. I have a few other symptoms too. Especially the tiredness, arthritis and my nails have changed shape. The one I have used to be dime size and now it's nickel size. Plus many more are cropping up. Only on my forearms. She might want to rule out skin cancer since I used to be in the sun a lot up until my late 30's. I don't think it's that though. Well, if I have to get a tattoo to cover it I've got a few in mind. I always wanted one but was too afraid of the needle. I was thinking more in line of a tramp stamp though. I lazed around this afternoon catching up on the computer and doing bills. I need to go to Wal-Mart sometime tomorrow. I'm out of the diabetes test strips and I need a fan. I thought I bought one a couple of weeks ago. I can't even remember. Suppose I should check the garage first. Sigh. And I still haven't gotten that blasted turn signal fixed. Not really sure where to go now. I miss Lube Stop. They did stuff like that too.
  8. Mt. Rider, I looked up the MediGap and I think it's the same thing I'm referring to as 'supplemental insurance'. If so then I do have that. I have Plan F. Good coverage but a high deductible. I usually don't meet it but I would if I had a catastrophic illness...I think. That's the only reason I keep it. For future health. I got in as soon as I was eligible so I got in at a lower rate than if I started it now. Different states have different premium rates so it could go up or come down. Give you three guesses which one it will be. It starts with a "U" and ends with a "P". They said come in 10 minutes early to update ID's etc. So I did and sat there for 45 minutes past my appointment time. It could have been because as soon as I pulled in the parking lot, a pizza delivery guy pulled in beside me and made a lunch time delivery. At 12 noon. Hummm. She did spend a lot of time with me though asking a lot of questions. Urinalysis is being cultured. I had blood drawn. Twice. She took 5 vials of blood. The first jab netted one and a half vials then the vein blew. Sigh. So she had to stick the other arm too. She said she was sorry but I didn't blame her. Stuff happens. She was surprised by how many things I was being tested for. Good to hear. That's what I wanted. Doctor is thinking adrenal gland issues. She gave me a script for an x-ray of my back. Finally. Now maybe I can find out what is really wrong with it. I suspect arthritis. I asked if an MRI wouldn't be better. She said probably but first they have to do an X-ray. Medicare again. Mammogram is due but not over due. I'm going to wait on that until I get lab results, x-ray and biopsy done. It's just too much to think about right now. I still need my two shots from the pharmacy too. One step at a time. Oh yeah, I need a biopsy on my arm. Three more needle punches. I have a couple of white circular patches that COULD be an indication of lupus. Probably not but it needs to be checked. She also said I am eating too much fruit. It's because of the sugar content. I guess grabbing a peach was worse than grabbing a pudding pop. Sometimes you can't win for losing. Ya know, for the last couple of years I was thinking I'm 66. I figured it up last night. I'm 68. Crimony. How'd that happen!
  9. Smart thinking Annarchy. I didn't have much of a choice going on Medicare. I'm not disabled...just old. I waited until age 66 before I took Social Security and they automatically deduct Medicare from that. The government giveth and the government taketh...and taketh. Since I'm single and hadn't worked in awhile, I had to pay for my own health care. And with the new health care act, if I didn't have insurance I'd be fined. A few years back I was paying over $1,500.00 (not a typo) every month. No eye no dental and no prescriptions and a copay. I never met my deductible each year so I was still paying for everything. Those were hard years. Will look into MediGap. Thanks. I hope your horses get a good home. I know you will miss them though. Changes can be hard and confusing at times. Even if it's for the best.
  10. Thanks Guest Amber. LOL, hope you get your computer back soon. And that it stays working! I have prescription insurance I pay extra for but it doesn't seem like my cost is that much lower. Maybe it's the deductible. I know things are going to change if I ever get moved. I just saw some of the prices on the no doctor lab. Dang. Believe I'll have to stick with Medicare care. Too bad poor folks can't afford the good stuff. Thanks Obama Care.
  11. The doctor (nurse practitioner) just called me herself. She had a note saying I needed to talk to her before the labs. That other person didn't even give her the list I rattled off. So I started again and she said because I'm Medicare they need to know the reason it's being done or else they won't pay for it. If they refuse it then the supplemental plan will probably refuse it too. I told her I didn't care. Just order the work done and I'd pay the rest. She said no problem she'd do what I wanted. I told her I just wanted a 'blood work physical'. She doesn't know I'll be moving out of state and want to get stuff done now. So I guess I'm getting blood work done tomorrow? Tomorrow is likely going to be a painful needle day. I hate needles. I asked about the tetanus and shingle shot. She said because I'm on Medicare it has to be done at a pharmacy. Medicare isn't what it's cracked up to be folks. Don't depend on it. Now I'm sort of interested in that 'no script' lab. Or what ever they call it. They will do a vitamin/mineral test and a test to check for heavy metals etc. If I'm going to have to pay anyway.... I'll wait to see what my doctor comes up with first. Suppose I should ask for a stress test. Stress...I got em. She probably thinks I'm a hypochondriac. I'm really not.
  12. Doctors office called to confirm my appointment. I told her everything I wanted tested for. Luckily I had it written down and handy. Whether it's ordered or not is another matter. According to her I have blood work scheduled for tomorrow and not a doctor visit. I told her I wanted to talk to the doctor concerning the blood work done but since she just took down the info I probably don't need to see the doctor. Who knows? It's hard to tell what will happen tomorrow. I guess I'm just along for the ride. Sheesh, what do they want...blood. Oh wait....
  13. What are the odds. Well, with me about 99%. I called the doctor back and got the same person. I recognized her voice. I got that feeling of dread come over me. I don't know if she remembered me by my name or what but she couldn't have been nicer. Maybe she was having an off day yesterday. Anyway, I spent over an hour online looking up stuff that you should be tested for when you get your blood drawn. I'm going for it! I made a list of about 15 things I'd like to be tested for. Mostly normal things like kidney, liver, heart, CBC, vitamins and minerals, inflammation level, sugar, anemia etc. If I have to get stuck I want to make it count. One jab. Shudder. Also a urinalysis and a tetanus shot. I told that woman that I didn't know if they would order it all or not but I just have some suggestions. She said if I have a concern about something they will definitely order it. We'll see. So, I decided I'd go ahead and talk to the doctor before the blood test so I can discuss my issues first. The UTI is still hanging around too. I go this Friday afternoon. Something I didn't know is you can go to certain labs and have your own lab work done without a doctor script. The way I think it works is you order what you want done and pay right then. Not at the lab.Then you go to one of their affiliated labs and get the blood drawn. Then I guess they send it off. I didn't spend much time on the website. I was just curious, but I did look up my area and there were quite a few participating labs all around me. I don't see any reason I'd do it and it's probably pretty expensive but it is an option I didn't know about. I'd link it for fun but I'm on the Kindle.
  14. I'm not much for Asian food. Give me a plate of spaghetti though and my eyes will roll back in my head and I'll drool worse than a old hound dog walking past a butcher shop. I love Italian food. We were sort of lucky. The military had a great commissary every place we went so we always had name brand Murican food. In fact they encouraged us not to eat local in both countries. The favorite fertilizer of choice was human. Liquified. Not humaneur. Straight from the back of their indoor/outdoor toilet. All of our neighbors did that with their long handled bamboo dippers. Men would urinate any where they wanted and some of the women did too. Potty training was easy. Most pre-school kids were nakkie. This wasn't in some back country little town. In Japan we lived just across the bay from Fukuoka and in Taiwan we were just a couple of miles outside of Taipei. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world though. Once I saw a little lady with bound feet. I had a picture someplace. If course I'm going back nearly 50 years. I fell in love with Sumo wrestling when we went to a....don't know what it's called. Meet, match, game, contest or event. It was a big finals to-do. I wonder if "George's Happy V. D. (not to be confused with V.A.) Clinic" is still in downtown Taipai. That sign always cracked me up. Memories...
  15. Great picture of a hard workin' man. You.are very lucky. I'll bet he feels pretty lucky too!
  16. I'm so glad to hear the VA has stepped up their game! Ugh.The Viet Nam War. it still sorrows my heart when I hear those words. I was coming of age all through the midst of it. I personally knew some boys (not yet men) who lost their life. True hero's because they were drafted and had no choice but to go. By the grace of God my D-ex didn't have to go to Nam. His number wasn't called. We were stationed in Japan and Taiwan for the two year over seas tour. Two years stateside and a two in Asia. I still blame Agent Orange for my BIL brain cancer he was right in the thick of it doing two tours of duty. Sheesh. I don't know where that came from. A little PTSD rearIng its ugly little triggered head tonight I guess. I didn't get Ms Sunshine's name. She probably gave it when she answered the phone but that's long forgotten.I think she thought our conversation was over but clue number one should have been me still talking. I think there should be a law that both party's must clearly say goodbye to each other before anyone gets to hang up. Maybe a little have a nice day or how are the grand kids. Or how about those Steelers this year. Has it been hot enough for ya? I told the furniture guy I loved him a few weeks back. It was an accident but he felt happy awhile. I forgot I wasn't talking to my son. I could tell the minute she started talking her heart wasn't in it. Slow talker and asking the same questions over. Like my name address and phone number. I had a similar issue a year or so ago with one of those desk people. Told me my scan was to be external and go ahead a pee. Turned out I had to sit there chugging water to get the bladder extended for an Internal scan. I wasn't prepared for that and was pretty unhappy because the scan girl acted like I should have known the difference. I did what the.prep people told me to do. I think someone.has a tude tonignt..
  17. Been kind of slow around here lately. Seem like we are getting storms every evening. I've been gorging on fresh fruits while they are still in season. Probably not so great for the blood sugar but what's ya gonna do. Even the healthy food is bad for you any more. I'm also trying to fight off the dreaded migraine again. Ugh, my jaws ache. First sign. I tried to make a doctor appointment but wasn't very successful. When you call you don't get the doctors office anymore. They route you through the big Metro Hospital they are affiliated with. She asked me my first and last name two different times and for my phone number two different times. Pay attention to me woman. Nothing changed in the last five minutes. It was down hill from there. I need blood work before I see the doctor. Used to be you just walked in to the back part of the building. It may still be that way. I couldn't get an answer out of her. She said I needed a doctor appointment. I said I need the blood work first. She said okay, you need an appointment. WHERE? Doctor or a lab? I said okay and she just hung up. I'm not paying for an office call just to have the doctor tell me I need blood work before I get prescriptions renewed. I'm going to have to go over there tomorrow and talk face to face with someone to figure out how to get blood work done. Crimony. Why does everything have to be so difficult. I really dislike the medical field now. I have no faith in it. Not that I was ever lock step with it but now you have to go through too many people to get one simple answer. I'm not paying for an extra appointment for nothing. One of the problems is that switchboard services all the doctor offices they are affiliated with so they have no idea what the procedures and quirks each office has. Now if I was in charge......never mind. Bankruptcy. She said a strange (to me) thing. She said, I see you have Medi-Care and a supplemental plan. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Not sure what she was thanking me for. Not like anything was coming out of her pocket. And I pay dearly for that insurance plan. That was the nicest thing she said to me the entire conversation . And I still haven't got that turn signal light fixed or got my hair cut. Sloth.
  18. Thanks Ambergris. I never thought to check mine. I didn't always use it butted up against a wall. Sometimes I measured from a window frame to the corner of a wall. It runs on batteries that were included. It takes two. I left it at the Indy house but I think they were just AA. Could have been AAA but I'm pretty sure they were AA. The actual tape measure is a really nice thick one too.
  19. Wow. That Grey Wolf looks like a single wide trailer. My idea of camping!
  20. I got a new tool a few months ago and just had the chance to use it last week. Its a laser tape measure. You can either use the laser or the regular tape measure. It worked so fast and easy. No more crawling across the floor counting and recounting the 'feet' as I go. The new house has some odd shaped rooms with an open floor plan and the laser really made it easy to measure. I just had to remember to add a couple of inches if I had the measure butted up against the wall. A couple of walls were long but I just wanted to measure a part of the wall so I put a box where I wanted to stop measuring and it worked great. The laser stopped at the box. It will come in handy for hanging pictures straight too. I really like tools.
  21. I have a couple of those Fix it and Forget It books too and I really like them. I picked them up cheap at Ollies. A Taste Of Home (or something like that) has some pretty good cookbooks too.I got a huge hard bound book at Ollies for about $8.00 or so. It's really big. I have a hard time with crock pots because I can't hardly stand to wait for the food to cook. I start to smell it and I want to eat it right away. Agony.
  22. I don't like those kind of storms either. Sounds like a lightning bolt is landing right outside the door. They do scare the stuffin's out of you. Poor little Abby Girl. I hide under the covers so I don't see the lightning flash. Berries look beautiful! Lovely jars. Most time I'd rather pressure can than water bath can. Don't know why though. I bought a big glass lid a few years back to use for my WB canner. it's really nice because you can see right down into the pot to see how hard the water is boiling or if it's maintaining a rolling boil. I don't remember if it only fits my !little canner or the big one too. Got it at Wal-Mart. That kind of heat scares me. Hope there are plenty of gas stations on your route. I hope I can find someone half as good as MrWe2 when I get moved. I have a ton of little things that needs done. Some not so little. I've got a list started. I'd like to hire someone to come out for a few days in a row and get it all over and done with at once. Best laid plans... I hope someone can fix my kitchen base cabinets. They are very poorly designed. The one shelf inside of them is only about 18 inches wide. That wastes a lot of space plus I can't reach anything on the shelves because everything has to sit so far back. I would like one or two of them like that for tall pots but not all of them. Probably drill holes in the sides for some pegs and a shelf to sit on top? Next year outside work has to be done. The landscaping looks like Grey Gardens and the deck needs replaced and it needs some sort of shade over the deck. Pergola maybe? Screened in porch would be nice but that ain't gonna happen. Need some fencing too. All the screen wire needs replaced too. I can do that though. New light fixrures. New mail box....sigh.
  23. I heard that on the radio going down there last week. I told DIL it would be a good time to get some back to school clothes stocked up on.
  24. Sorry you bumped your noggin. I know the feeling of doing one thing and having a multitude of other things go wonkie on you. I stepped off one little incline in a parking lot and my whole back, neck and nervous system revolted. Hand signals are still valid. They were on my last driving test. I know how to use them from years of sitting in my grandpa's back seat on Sunday rides. He used both. Only problem is I forgot all about them. DUH. Hope hubby's new meds will help when he gets it Miki. How is he doing with his hearing now?I Sorry about your ankles TheCG. Drink plenty of liquids and elevate those puppies. If doctor allows, maybe an OTC water pill. Diru-Ex or something like that. Hot tub cold tub...it all sounds delightful to me. I want a small pool for next summer. I tell myself that floating in the water will help my back and aching bones. Maybe even some water exercising. Justifying! I know less than zero about pool maintenance. We2 my pickles didn't do very well last year and I did use pickle crisp. I don't know if it was the cucumbers I bought or what. They were the small pickling cukes. Not the small gherkin size though. I cut the ends off and sliced each cuke into 8 spears and used Mrs. Wages kosher dill pickle mix. Then I added a very small amount of pickle crisp. By small I mean less than a pinch. Really just a couple of little beads per jar. Then waterbathed. The jars were the half pint size. Anyway, they were so bitter I ended up tossing most of them. They weren't all that crisp either. I figure it was either the cucumbers, Mrs. Wages or the pickle crisp. They were so bitter. Wish I had a good Vlassic kosher dill recipe. Time to start Googling.
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